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The Hidden World of the Fae
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Changeling : The Dreaming
The Seelie Court
The Unseelie Court

C:tD Character Creation
Getting Started
1. Character Concept
2. Traits
3. Advantages
4. Tempers
5. Birthright and Frailties
6. Freebie Points
7. Merits and Flaws
8. Specialties
9. Musing / Ravaging Threshold
10. Spark of Life

Vampire: The Dark Ages
Drinking Faerie Blood

Role Playing Systems

World of Darkness
Step Three : Advantages

        Your characterĺs Advantages encompass her Backgrounds, those things from her environment that she draws on for information and aid, and her Arts and Realms, the components of her faerie magic. You do not prioritize the different categories of Advantages as you do Attributes and Abilities. Instead, you have a designated number of points to assign within each category.


        Each character gets five points to allocate among the various Backgrounds. You spend points to buy dots within these Traits. One point buys one dot.

        Your background, like everything else, should fit with the concept that you have chosen for your character. They can be used to round her out and should be explained in detail in her history. Some of the Backgrounds will require some development, such as Treasures and Companions. Because your background rating may change before you have fully completed your character creation, do not worry about defining them in detail right now. Come back to them later.

        The storyteller may wish to restrict certain Backgrounds, depending on the nature of the chronicle. Conversely, the Storyteller may require that you take certain ones in order for your character to fit with the chronicle.


Chimera - Chimerical objects that you own or chimerical creatures with which you are allied.
Contacts- Information sources available to your character.
Dreamers - Mortal artists whom you patronize.
Holdings- Faerie freeholds you can claim as your own.
Mentor- Another changeling who advised and supports you.
Remembrance- Your connection to the Dreaming and the unconscious knowledge of the fae.
Resources - Mortal wealth, belongings and monthly income.
Retinue- Enchanted humans and retainers with whom you associate.
Title - Your rank within the nobility.
Treasures - Glamour-imbued items that you posses.

        Arts are special secrets and powers that allow changelings to cast cantrips, or faerie magic. You have three points to spend in Arts. Before choosing your characterĺs Arts, it is recommended that you read Chapter five: Arts and Realms. The Arts themselves are described there in detail, as are the rules for casting faerie magic.


Chicanery - Allows the casting of cantrips associated with trickery and befuddlement.
Legerdmain - Allows the casting of cantrips involving pranks and illusions.
Soothsay - Allows the casting of cantrips involving healing and resilience.
Sovereign - Allows the casting of cantrips associated with command and rulership.
Wayfare - Allows the casting of cantrips involving movement and travel.

        Realms describe the subjects a changeling may affect when casting her Cantrips. You have five points to allocate among the Realms. Before choosing your characterĺs Realms, it is recommended that you read Chapter five: Arts and Realms.


Actor - Describes your affinity with people.
Fae - Describes your affinity with fae and changelings.
Nature - Describes your affinity with things of the natural world: animals, plants, air, water, earth.
Prop - Describes your affinity with manmade things, from necklaces to matches to computer.
Scene - Describes your affinity with a particular location or setting.
Time - Describes your affinity with the realm of time.

The above information was taken from the Changeling : The Dreaming Second Edition book. All of this information here has been copyrighted to White Wolf Publishing.