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York Sunday News
An interview with our boys (as Public Affection) before they were even out of high school!!!


Music Monthly
An early interview with Live. One of my faves! I just love reading stuff from the good 'ol days!


Hits Magazine
Pat and Chad Taylor talk about Throwing Copper and the philosophy of +Live+


Birmingham Sun
Pat and Chad Gracey talk about image and 'nerdiness' and more! LOL

RIP Magazine
Pat and Ed discuss the success of Throwing Copper

SOY Interview
an amusing interview with Pat...Is he the 'stable' or 'different' member of the band? LOL


Rolling Stone
Large Live interview with lots of info, preceding the 1995 Billboard Music Awards


Metal Hammer Magazine
Neat interview with Live with some interesting (and funny!) Q and A

Reverberation Site Interview
Great interview with discussions of Secret Samadhi, Live's comparison to U2, and much more

Instant Mag Interview
Discussions about Secret Samadhi, it's recording, tour, etc.

Bass Player
A surprisingly serious and interesting interview with Pat! Discusses songwriting, gear, and much more!

MTV Online
Q and A with Pat and Ed from a past online chat!

Rock N Roll Reporter
prologue to the 8/11/97 Pittsburgh, PA show

Swoon Magazine
Live, relationships, and....cross-dressing?


Interview with Pat about the upcoming album (TDTH of course) and the writing of some of the songs

Rock Publication
...what it's like to be a 'bass god' LOL..ok, there's more to it

Las Vegas
prologue to the 10/24/99 House of Blues show

The Badger Herald
Pat talks about the current tour and album.

City Search
Pat discusses songwriting, Live's popularity, and The Distance to Here.

The Music Monitor
Pat and Ed discuss The Distance to Here and much more

VOX Online
It's all about naked chicks on poles! LOL (Ya know I'm joking, right?)

Eternalux E-Zine
An in-depth conversation with Pat. Jolly good! :D

Rockpalast Online Chat
Chat with's in there somewhere


Hip Online
This is a decent sized, informative interview with Pat.

The Weekender
A prologue to the 8/12/00 Scranton, PA show.

Lancaster Sunday News
A prologue to the 8/26/00 Hershey, PA show. Mentions the forthcoming album.


The RockFM Interview
Frog-lickin good! :D

Selector Magazine
Pat and Ed talk about V, and the present state of the band.

Undercover Magazine
An interview with Pat given while Live were in Australia. Talks about the making of V, the tour, etc.


Nieuwe Revu Magazine
Good Dutch interview with Pat and Chad G.


Out On The Town
Pat talks about the beginnings of Live, Birds of Pray, and more. Good interview!

Aardschok Magazine
Pat talks about being in a band and having a family, the new album, and the whole sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll thing.

Underdog Online
Pat speaks about how Live have maintained their relationship through the years.


Atlantic City Weekly
Pat discusses the current state of the band. Inncludes brief album history.


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