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death of a dictionary
Public Affection - The Death of a Dictionary - 1989
Live's first recording when they were known as Public Affection. This album, released only on cassette, is out-of-print and has become a rarity among collectors.

mental jewelry
Live - Mental Jewelry - 1991
Live's major-label debut. Funky slappin and poppin on such songs as "Pain Lies On the Riverside" and "Operation Spirit."

throwing copper
Live - Throwing Copper - 1994
Live's hit album. Rootsy rock with strong, visceral basslines makes this a favorite among Live fans.

sweet relief II
Sweet Relief II The Gravity of the Situation: The Songs of Vic Chesnutt - 1996
On this fundraising album, Live perform Vic's beautiful song "Supernatural" (recorded from their MTV Unplugged peformance).

secret samadhi
Live - Secret Samadhi - 1997
Haunting third album from the band. Pat lays out some experimental basslines underneath the surreal, stream-of-conscious atomosphere of Ed Kowalczyk's lyrics.

distance to here
Live - The Distance To Here - 1999
A quite melodic album. Pat uses a wide variety of colors from his palette. An album perfect for dreamers and lovers.

Live - V - 2001
Experimental album with some driving basslines. World-influence on such songs as "Forever May Not Be Long Enough" and "The Ride".

good rockin tonight
Good Rockin Tonight - The Legacy of Sun Records - 2001
On this tribute album, Live perform a great cover of Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line".

texas jerry
Texas Jerry - You & I - 2002
York-based band comprised of Pat's bass tech Shawn and his girlfriend, Elyssa. Pat produced this EP as well as lending a hand with guitar and bass.

birds of pray
Live - Birds of Pray - 2003
An album that is "back to basics" with Live, again serving us with some rootsy rock reminiscent of Throwing Copper.

the best of Live
Live - Awake: The Best of LIVE - 2004
This greatest hits CD/DVD package features the previously unreleased song "We Deal in Dreams" as well as their version of "I Walk the Line". The DVD is a must have, as it features all their videos as well as an interview with singer Ed.


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