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"Love must stand when raising a man..."

Patrick Michael Dahlheimer was born on May 30, 1971 in the industrial town of York, Pennsylvania. He first played bass under the teachings of Don Carn at Edgar Fahs Smith Middle School. He played both fretless and double (upright) bass, but found his home in the electric. Carn brought together Patrick and classmates Chad Taylor and Chad Gracey to perform in the school's talent show. They went on to win that talent show as an instrumental trio called First Aid. But after losing the Great York Talent Hunt under the name Action Front they decided they needed a lead singer. Another classmate, Ed Kowalczyk joined the band around the time they entered 9th grade.

In high school, Patrick continued with his love of music, playing in the school's Marching Band, Jazz Band (Serenaders), Jazz Trio, and Pit Band, all the while playing bass with Ed and the two Chads. While still in high school the band changed their name (after a lot of name changes) to Public Affection.

Bands like Public Affection were rare back then in York. Being that they were young, and knowledge of their instruments was limited at that time, they brought a unique approach to their music. Patrick's early basswork was funkier then what you might hear nowadays; he would go on to say "less is more".

After graduating from William Penn Senior High in June 1989 the band put aside college to give their music career a 'go'. In 1989, they released The Death of a Dictionary. This 10-track cassette album, released under their own Action Front Records, was limited to only 2,000 copies.

Public Affection soon caught the interest of Gary Kurfirst from Radioactive Records who greeted them backstage at New York club CBGBs one night. They were immediately signed to Radioactive and teamed up with former Talking Head Jerry Harrison to produce their first album, Mental Jewelry. Before the album's release they were prompted to change their name to something more universal and characteristic of their music. Live was it. And so, Mental Jewelry, Live's major-label debut, was released on New Year's Eve in 1991.

Around the time Live was touring in support of their second album, Throwing Copper, Patrick began to collect vintage instruments, which he continues to, although he doesn't tour religiously with them anymore. Through the years he has accumulated around 40 guitars!

In the midst of the Secret Samadhi tour Patrick graced the cover of Bass Player Magazine, as their featured artist of the month. What an honor! He was becoming a wider-known bassist, and much respected in the bass community. To Live fans he is always labeled as both the "comedian" of the band and the guy who "stands there doing his thing". If you've ever been to a Live concert or have seen the many tour diary pics at Live's Official Site, I'm sure you've noticed there are many sides to Pat: comical, sarcastic, serious, cool and composed (with a little head-grooving! LOL)....But no one can doubt his amazing basswork and great personality.

With 7 albums under his belt, Patrick Dahlheimer continues to hold down the low-end of Live with the uniqueness and passion he's always had. I believe we have not yet heard the whole of what he can do.


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