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Live Member Sites:

Live Fan Sites:

  • Friends Of Live: Live official site. Be sure to check out chat and the message board!

  • LIVE Links Database: My other site featuring a massive collection of Live sites on the internet, both old and new.

  • Live Collector's Resource: Exactly what it states. Complete and informative site for the die-hard Live collector. Props to Swami.

  • The Live Lounge: NectarDan's website. Contains updated news, Live TV appearances, pictures...not to mention a very cool message board. And sign up for The Live Lounge Newsletter!

  • MVDB Live: Beautiful, well-organized site. Contains news, many Live downloads, and more.

  • Pillar of Davidson: My friend Matty's Live page that features lots of personal pictures from 2002's Musikfest!

  • The Subculture of Live: Home of the Dutch Live Fanclub. Has updated news, pictures, message board, and more. In Dutch.

  • Where Fishes Go: Beautifully done and well-organized site. Contains updated news and much more.

  • Where Freaks Go: Nicely done site. Lots of downloads.

  • Where the God Sleeps: The Brazilian Live site is back and with a nice new layout! Features most recent news, interviews, downloads, and much more.

Bass/Music/Musician Links:

  • Bass link database containing many online resources.

  • Bass news, links, message board, and more.

  • The Bass Player Garage: Lots of bass stuff here: lessons, links, and much more.

  • Bass Player Online: Online resource for the popular magazine.

  • Jaco Pastorius: Dubbed "The Greatest Bass Player in the World", this is a cool fansite with lots of info on the late, great bassist.

  • Michael Manring: Solo bassist (not to mention a real nice guy!) with a unique approach to his music. Listen to him play his Zon Michael Manring Hyperbass (*sigh*).

  • Musician's Friend: Affordably priced basses, gear, and supplies.

  • Solo Bass Network: Wanna go the outer limits with your bass? Go solo! Check this site out and sign-up for their newsletter.

  • Steph's Homepage: this is my little bass page to promote myself as a musician.

  • Steve Lawson: A buddy of mine from Talkbass. Solo bassist and all-around cool guy.

  • Talkbass.Com: My favorite bass hangout! Updated bass news, CD reviews, lessons, and much more. The best thing is their forums. Lots of friendly people and lots to learn! I love this place!

Click here to check out webrings I belong to and find many more wonderful sites!

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