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Here's your chance to sit down and get personal with Pat. Pat has agreed to answer fan questions. For info on how you can get in on this interaction please check out the Ask Pat FAQ. Let's have fun!

Update (2/19/04) - I am not accepting questions at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Pat, What made you choose Trace Elliot amps instead of for example an Ampeg SVT classic and are the Lakland basses you use active or passive? [submitted by: Bram (Holland)]

PD: All right Bram, you've got two questions. Firstly, I chose Trace Elliot cabs because they seem not to color the sound of the amp. More so......they look cool right? Second, all the Laklands I use are not ACTIVE. They are passive....i.e. No batteries.

What kind of effect did you use in Lakini's juice? [submitted by: Bram (Holland)]

PD: I used a Trace Elliot V Type head that had loads of overdrive happening. We mixed in a line with an MXR Overdrive and a direct signal plus our mixer Tom Lord Alge, threw his own distortion into the mix.

I want to ask Pat about a really weird thing that happened in Poland recently. There is a group/band called "18L" and they now have a song "Jak Zapomniec" with music from "Overcome", and what is more - 18L is a hiphop group!! Is it legal that they used "Overcome" to make their own song?? Does Ed and the rest know about this?? [submitted by: Acia (Poland)]

PD: Shiznit.....I'll call my lawyers! [Steph's note: Pat's sarcasm is alive and well! LOL]

Did you ever encounter stage fright or nervousness when playing with others? If so, how did you overcome it? [submitted by: Me]

PD: I try and let my fingers take over if I'm feeling nervous when I'm playing. Hear the groove and go with it!


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