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Patrick's main bass of choice these days are Lakland basses. He began using them sometime before The Distance to Here was released.

The picture on the left shows 4 of Pat's Laklands (from front to back):

--Natural finish Joe Osborn with Maple fretboard
--Blonde Bob Glaub Signature (P & J pickups) with Rosewood fretboard
--Black Joe Osborn Signature with Rosewood fretboard
--Transparent White Bob Glaub Signature with Maple fretboard.

Not shown are Pat's Sherwood Green Hollowbody with Rosewood fretboard and Lake Placid Blue Joe Osborn Signature with Rosewood fretboard...Many thanks to Lakland's own Dan Lakin for all the info he has given me!

New! - Black Darryl Jones Skyline Lakland

Bass Collection and Other Gear


During the Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi tours Pat relied heavily on his Fender basses.

Pat and Gibson bass
Pat has used Gibsons to bring a softer tone to songs such as "Ghost" and "Lightning Crashes". Pat used a Hollowbody on Birds Of Pray as well.

Other Basses used:

Pat has been a Trace Elliot user since Live's very first tour. Up until the Secret Samadhi tour he used SMX350 Tube Heads and AH600SX Heads (seperate power amps), which he then changed to 220-watt V-Type. He has also used Shure KSM 32 Bass Cabinets. According to an article in Bass Player (Dec. 1999) Pat "plugs into two Demeter VTDB-201-L tube preamps and four 300-watt Demeter VTHF-300M tube power amps driving two Trace Elliot 1158 1x15 cabinets and two Trace Elliot 1048H 4x10s."

Pats effects

Effects: "EBS Octabass, Electro-Harmonix Bassballs, and Boss CE-3 chorus; a Demeter VTDB-2 tube direct box hits the PA". DOD Chorus and Octave Pedal stomp boxes were used for the Throwing Copper tour.

Pat uses Dean Markley strings and one of his Lakland Joe Osborn basses is strung with Lakland Flatwounds.

Pat's EBS Octabass
EBS Octabass
This pedal allows Pat to create a single note an octave below the pitch of the note he is actually playing. (Click on picture to see a bigger version)


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