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See: Global Marijuana March. ~600 different cities since 1999. First Saturday in May. City lists: 1999 2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 2010. 11 ...Search them. Add city name to search.
With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Site Map. World Drug War website. Short descriptions of all pages on the site. 
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*Alphabetical list of site pages.
*Chart pages.
*Image compilation pages.
*Newer pages.
*Chart formats explained. Uses.
*Drug War charts, and more.


Alphabetical site map. [TopLink]

The list below is in alphabetical order. Charts and images are listed in the next sections.

*666. Reagan's near-quadrupling of Incarceration Rate. charts.htm
*A16 Activists Rally Against Military Aid to Colombia. colombia.htm
*Alphabetical rally reports for 2000. MMM. A16. J4J3. links.htm
*Alphabetize, backup Favorites folder or Bookmarks list. favorites.htm
*Arrests. USA. Cannabis and drug arrests. Charts, timelines. Sales, manufacture, possession. Yearly totals, percentages. By type of drug. arrests.htm
*ASA-related links. Americans for Safe Access to medical cannabis. asa.htm
*Bush coup d'etat. Disenfranchisement (no voting rights). coup.htm
*Civil Rights Commission on Election Practices in Florida. civil.htm
*Contact. Feedback. formmail.htm
*Drug war charts and more. footer-main.htm
*Electoral systems worldwide, and drug reform. voting.htm
*FBI abuses of power. Framing, blacklisting, firing, harassing, smearing. fbietc.htm
*Forfeiture. Witch-burning roots of drug war forfeiture-without-trial laws. Forfeiture to enforce religious control in previous centuries. forfeit.htm
*Greens worldwide against Drug War. greens.htm
*"Good Republicans." Rules for good Republicans. goodgop.htm
*Green Triangle and Drug War. triangle.htm
*HEA bill. Racist Republican drug law. Student aid cut. hea.htm
*Impairment due to cannabis, alcohol, drugs, fatigue, etc.. Driving and workplace. Drug versus impairment testing. impair.htm
*Inquisition. House Republicans, Marijuana Policy Project. inquisition.htm
*John Ashcroft. Drug war history. ashcroft.htm
*Luna tree. Julia Butterfly Hill. lunatree.htm
*Minimum wages in USA and worldwide. Charts, timelines, inflation-adjusted, etc.. pay.htm
*MMM. Global Million Marijuana March. Annual rallies worldwide since 1999. Links. mmmlinks.htm
*MMM 2000. Boise, Idaho. Report. Millennium Marijuana March. m2boi.htm
*MMM 2000. New York City. Hundreds of NYC arrests. m2ny.htm
*MMM 2000. Vancouver, British Columbia. Many reports. m2van.htm
*MMM 2003. Reports. Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Austria. mmm2003german.htm and mmm2003german2.htm
*MMM email lists, forums, archives. mmmlists.htm
*MMM images. mmmimages.htm
*MMM reports. mmmreports.htm
*Nader Alert. Drug war, death penalty, prisons. Oct 2, 2000. nader.htm
*Nixon's War on Drugs. nixon.htm
*NRA. Campaign FOR mandatory minimum sentences. nra.htm
*The Pharmaceutical Complex. The real drug wars. pharm.htm
*Phoenix Program in Vietnam. U.S. terrorism, torture, and death squads. Tens of thousands murdered. phoenix.htm
*Prison Gulags and brutality. Drug war, etc.. gulags.htm
*Quick Search. Multi-site search forms. News, Indymedia, cannabis, drug reform, etc.. quicksearch.htm
*Quotes. Corporatism. corporatism.htm
*Quotes. Revolutionary. change.htm
*Renee Boje. Anti-Prison Conference, Toronto, in 2000. rbtor.htm
*Republican to English Dictionary. dictionary.htm
*Republicans' 1998 USA drug war legislation. 98gop.htm
*Republicans lead U.S. Drug War. Democrats follow. gop.htm
*Search Drug War. Shortcuts, directories, archives. search.htm
*Site map. Short descriptions for all site pages. sitemap.htm
*Submit URLS for your web pages quickly to many search engines at once. submiturls.htm
*Template for site pages. template.htm
*Terrorism of USA. Death Squads, Drug War. World Links. squads.htm
*Tobacco Harm Reduction. Versus Tobacco Prohibition. tobacco.htm
*Total taxes. By nation. International comparisons. Charts. taxes.htm
*Universal healthcare. Charts. universal.htm
*Uruguayan President. First Head of State for Legalization. uruguay.htm
*U.S. aid to Israel. Timeline. israel.htm
*Web pages. Free and easy creation, hosting, submission, etc.. webpages.htm
*World drug reform. Many press articles. Harm reduction. power.htm

Chart pages. [TopLink]

*Arrests. USA. Cannabis and drugs. Charts, timelines. Sales, manufacture, possession. Yearly totals, percentages. By type of drug. arrests.htm
*Average sentence for federal drug offender. Chart. sentences.htm
*Deaths. Leading causes. Charts. Diseases, drugs, etc.. charts3.htm
*Federal drug offenders. Percentage in prisons. Chart. federal.htm
*Holland, USA, UK. Cannabis and Drug Use. Charts. holland.htm
*Homicide, murder. Rates worldwide. Charts. homicide.htm
*Incarceration Rates. USA. Timeline Chart. ratesusa.htm
*Incarceration Rates. World. By nation. Chart. world.htm
*Mandatory-Minimum Federal Drug Sentences. U.S. Chart. mandatory.htm
*Minimum wages in USA and worldwide. Charts, timelines, inflation-adjusted,
*Other charts on the web.
Drug war charts, and more. Links. charts9.htm
*Parole violations and drugs. Chart. Percentages. charts4.htm
*Poverty rates worldwide. Chart. poverty.htm
*Probation, parole, prison, jail. USA Chart. Timeline. correct.htm
*Racism of U.S. Drug War. Many charts, links, quotes. charts5.htm
*Texas. Astronomical incarceration rate of 1%. Charts. texas.htm
*Total inmates. USA and Territories. Chart. usaterr.htm

Image compilations. [TopLink]

 These image compilation pages are no longer updated much. These pages are kept for historical purposes.

*Amnesty for drug offenders Bush, Gore, Clinton. Images. amnesty.htm
*Drug war. Various free banners, graphics, Images. dwn2.htm
*Drugs, cannabis, marijuana. Images, banners, graphics. images.htm
*Got coke? George W. Bush banners, photos, images, etc.. gotcoke.htm
*Medical cannabis. Free banners, graphics, Images. medmj.htm
*Medical cannabis. More banners and Images. medmj2.htm
*Old index of image pages on this site. graphics.htm
*Renee Boje. Medical cannabis. Images, banners, graphics. rbimages.htm
*Uncle Sam wants out of prison. Banners, Images. wantout.htm
*Uncle Sam wants out of prison. Larger Banners, Images. wantout2.htm

Newer web pages on the website. [TopLink]


Chart formats explained. Uses. [TopLink]

Later chart versions are sometimes found by going to the links listed at the end of a chart.

Some charts are in standard web page format and can be copied and pasted into email, web pages, blogs, etc., and edited as with any standard HTML table. Some charts are in a plain-text-based format meant to be used with monospace, fixed-width fonts such as Courier New, etc.. They have _underscores_ and carets < > in them in order to help allow the chart columns to line up. The carets > at the beginning of some chart rows cause them to be treated as quotes in email, and therefore the chart rows are less likely to be laddered or wordwrapped in some email. Sometimes underscores are used instead of spaces in order to help prevent wordwrap, and to prevent the compression of multiple spaces into one space. 

Copy and paste the plain-text-based charts and text into NotePad or other text editor if you want an easy way to edit them further. Use the Courier New font. Add blank lines between text paragraphs, if necessary. NotePad can be put on the QuickLaunch toolbar for instant access. Here is some code below that can be added at the beginning and end of charts. It will help align the columns when pasting some charts into certain forums. First line goes on top. Second line goes on the bottom.
[pre] [code] <font face=Courier New>
</font> [/code] [/pre]

If the chart columns are not lined up straight, then the most likely problem is that you are probably looking at a version using a non-fixed-width font. So, change the font yourself to a fixed-width font such as Courier or Monaco.


Drug War charts, and more. [TopLink]