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See: Global Marijuana March. ~600 different cities since 1999. First Saturday in May. City lists: 1999 2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 2010. 11 ...Search them. Add city name to search.
With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Page 1. Evil Republicans lead U.S. Drug War. Democrats follow Republican evil. Corporatist Rule. Huge links list. U.S. Drug-war Industrial Complex. Republican fundamentalist holy war. Friendly Fascism. Drug war leaders are the rabid right, hate radio, hate television, NRA (National Rifle Association), religious right, (snortin') George Bush the hypocrite, etc.. Amnesty for Bush, Clinton, Gore, and other drug offenders.
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*Introduction and related web pages.
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*U.S. incarceration rate timeline.
*Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) and Nancy Reagan.

*Mandatory minimum sentences.
*NRA (National Rifle Association).

*Drug War charts, and more.


Introduction and related web pages. [TopLink]

Here are some related web pages on this website:
*NIXON'S War on Drugs. and

*Inquisition. House Republicans versus MPP (Marijuana Policy Project). March 27, 2001. Rob Kampia of MPP addressed the assembled forces of evil. Medical cannabis attacked by Bubba Bob Barr and other Republican dumb-asses in the US House of Representatives. DRCNet, MPP, and press reports. and

*Republicans 1998 USA drug war legislation. The "Year of the Newt." Newt Gingrich. REPUBLICANS (GOP) sponsored nearly all the bad drug war bills in 1998. A detailed summary of drug war escalation, madness, and demagoguery, ... Newt-style. Newt's evil. and

*"Good Republicans." Rules for being a good Republican. Or "why we need an email czar."

*Republican to English Dictionary. Drug war political spin control links, too. Deciphering political and corporate rhetoric is useful in the fight against the Drug War.

*Religion 101. Drug War = fundamentalist Holy War. Theocracy today. The Religious Right most strongly supports the U.S. Drug War. Links, polls, history, etc.. and

Latest links are added to the top here as they are found. [TopLink]

This page is not kept up-to-date. Go to MAP-DrugNews and CannabisNews for the latest news. Both have search engines. and

When applicable, the most recently found links are also placed in other relevant sections of this web page. See sections farther down.

*12-2001. HEA bill. Racist Republican drug law. Student aid cut. 40,000 this year alone. Higher Education Act's drug provision. Dec. 2, 2001 MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) list mail forward of DRCNet status report on HEA. Another in a long line of racist Republican-led drug laws. and

*1-2001. John Ashcroft. Drug war history. Attorney General of President Bush (George W. Bush). January 31, 2001 TLC-DPF (The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation) Action Alerts. Links. Confirmed by US Senate February 1, 2001. and

*10-2000. Ohio. 15th District Challengers Protest Drug War. "The two candidates running against Republican U.S. Rep. Deborah Pryce in the 15th District will attend a 'Stop George W. Bush' rally on Nov. 4 sponsored by groups seeking to legalize marijuana. Bill Buckel of Clinton Township, the Democrat, and Scott T. Smith of Grandview Heights, the Libertarian, both said yesterday that marijuana sales should be controlled similar to the way alcohol is regulated. 'We should stop the prohibition program and change it to the informed adults program,' Buckel said, contending legal sales would remove the profit from many drug-related crimes."

*10-2000. Rep. Frank Calls for Shift in Nations Drug Policy. Barney Frank, Democrat representative from Massachusetts. "But there are people in prison today for doing what I believe Al Gore and George Bush did, when they were younger," he said. "It is not that I mean Al Gore and George Bush should be in prison. It does mean that young, uneducated, poor and particularly minority youngsters should not be in prison either."

*8-2000. DRCnet. Los Angeles Shadow Convention Energizes Reformers for November and Beyond. "But the Democrats appeared less spooked by the possibility of being identified with drug war critics than their Republican rivals in Philadelphia, as elected officials including Rep. Maxine Waters, who represents nearby South Central LA, Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, who is in line to head the House Judiciary Committee if the Democrats seize control of the House, New York Rep. Charles Rangel, and, surprisingly to many, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who gained recent notoriety for canceling that city's DARE program, all addressed the event. And more people wearing tags identifying them as delegates to the major party convention were in evidence than in Philadelphia."

*8-2000. MAP. "On Tuesday, August 15, key [Democrat] black members of the House of Representatives appearing separately at the Shadow Convention disavowed the drug war and pledged as individuals to do all they can to either undo or mitigate its punitive provisions. They all explained their statements - the first unfriendly to the drug war by elected federal officials in recent memory - as inspired by mounting credible evidence that the drug war is not only ineffective, but racist... John Conyers of Michigan, Maxine Waters of California, and Charles Rangel of New York... The three were seconded by Jesse Jackson, ..."

*7-2000. "Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus, is preparing an omnibus bill to respond to the drug war's follies on a comprehensive basis. That bill will, according to a July 27th press release, address mandatory minimum sentencing reform, treatment as an alternative to prison, and means to facilitate the reentry of former drug war prisoners into society." Conyers is a Democrat from Michigan.

*7-2000. Illinois [Democrat] Congressman Bobby Rush Puts Decriminalization "On The Table." "On the eve of a conference on black-on-black violence set for Chicago this weekend, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) has called decriminalization of drug offenses a 'possibility worth exploring,' "

*6-2000. Washington State Convention Platform & Resolutions. Democratic Party. From the Washington state email list called Hemp-Talk. Platform excerpt:
"... We oppose racial profiling by law enforcement.... We support decriminalization of marijuana. We believe drug use to be a concern for the medical community, not a criminal issue."

*6-2000. IACM. UK to legalize medical cannabis? Greens? Petro-Pharm Power. Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Complex. DEFEAT RIGHTIST DRUG WARRIORS WORLDWIDE!

*6-2000. US WA. Democrats Take Big Step To Left In Their Platform. Washington state. "The platform calls for ... decriminalizing marijuana. A resolution adopted on a close vote goes further, calling for complete legalization of marijuana so it could be sold through cafes, bars and state liquor stores, with the tax money being "spent in the fulfillment of health and human needs." and

*Religious leaders for a more just and compassionate drug policy. [An alternative to those Republican fundamentalist false prophets of the Family Research Council and their bloodthirsty drug warrior crusaders. This web page is a breath of fresh air].

*5-2000. Senators Councilman Support Drug Penalty Reduction. Progressive California initiative is on the ballot. It is endorsed by many Democrat legislators.

*4-2000. Vietnam Executes Canadian Woman. Drug Warriors, communists, and Republicans. Drug war gone mad. Newt's fruits of evil.

3-2000. March 31, 2000 DRCnet weekly ezine. Colombia article:
A quote from the last paragraph follows. Note the preponderance of Democrats voting (unsuccessfully) to strip out the military drug war aspect of the bill.
"An amendment by Rep. David Obey (D-WI), eliminating the military portions, received 186 votes, 127 Democratic, 58 Republican and one independent (results at )."

*2-2000. GOP Colombian Drug War. Search SHORTCUTS! Vietnam War again. McCzar. More mass murder of brown-skinned farmers to please rich, far-right American Republican fascists. Death Squads again. DEA/CIA's new version of Operation Condor.

*2-2000. McCain bares his GOP drug warrior teeth. John McCain, next president of USA? Press articles. John McCain, possibly the Republican nominee for U.S. President in 2000 election. True colors emerge as GOPer fanatic far-right drug warrior!

*Republican ex-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on death penalty for cannabis. 1996 & 2000 electioneering, demagoguery. Death penalty and life without parole for cannabis. Many people with life sentence now.

*DRUG WAR ROOTS forum at the illustrated message boards.: Where one can discuss the many roots of the Drug War, including Pinochet-Nixon-CIA in the late 1960's and 1970s, Reagan's redeclaration of drug war, etc..

*1-2000. v2. Pinochet-Nixon-CIA Drug War Roots. Chile, Colombia, death squads. Republican President Nixon's creation of the mass-murdering Pinochet dictatorship. During the same years as Watergate, and his declaration of a "War on Drugs."

*10-1999. DC. Goss Blasts Clinton for Mixed Message on Drug Use. Medical cannabis &: clean needles, AIDS. "D.C. residents, meanwhile, bristle at being told what to do by [REPUBLICAN] members of Congress who live in other parts of the country."

*10-1999. National Agendas Color DC Marijuana Debate. GOP & Medical Cannabis: "The Republicans, the party of states' rights, are only for states' rights when they agree with what a state or the District of Columbia is doing."
*10-1999. AP. Ohio Senator Opposes Marijuana Plan. REPUBLICAN senator George Voinovich: "introduced legislation Monday to overturn a referendum in which District of Columbia voters overwhelmingly approved legalization of marijuana for medical uses"
*10-1999. DPF: DC Appropriations Subcommittee Holds Hearings in Response to Veto. "Congressional Republicans vowed to keep the riders in the DC appropriations bill in spite of the President's veto. Meanwhile, Barr introduced a new bill..."
*9-1999. USA. DC: A [Clinton] Veto To Defend Home Rule. "vetoed measure contains congressional [Republican] bans on medical-marijuana legalization and a needle-exchange program... Some Republicans also resorted to the scare tactic of..."

*9-1999. Florida Association of REPUBLICAN Mayors. & GOP's Bob Martinez, ex-governor, & ex-drug czar (1991-1993 under GOP's Bush). "battle to combat the move to legalize MARIJUANA for MEDICINAL purposes." Drug Free America Foundation.

*9-1999. DRCnet. COLOMBIA. Those Helicopters. "Republican drug war ringleaders, like Dan Burton of Indiana and Bob Barr of Georgia." Amnesty International. "explicit cooperation between Colombia's army and its paramilitary death squad forces."

*7-1999. New Mexico Republicans Stop Short of Repudiating Governor Gary Johnson. He's Republican and desires a reassessment of drug war, cannabis penalties, etc.. GOP officials loudly distancing themselves from him. Wide media coverage.

*7-1999. USA. Drug Debate Heats Up! GOP governor criticized by Republicans for calling for public debate of drug policy - including decriminalization. Applauded by some key Democratic legislators.

*7-1999. HT. GOP Drug Warriors Highjack Colombian War Policy. Far Right, Taleban wing of Republican Party accuses Democrats of "narco-coddling," while GOP takes arms companies' donations. Death Squad atrocities ignored.
*6-1999. US. OPED. Balance Check. 'racial disparities in criminal justice generally are worse today than they were in 1950, when segregation was legal.' Republican Senate likes their drug war.
*6-1999. DRCnet. Bob Barr and House Republicans compare medical cannabis advocacy to pedophilia! Taleban wing of GOP still against majority of Americans. Barr seeking to prosecute George Soros for advocacy!
*4-1999. HEA Reform Campaign Gets Boost. [30 organizations endorse Barney Frank bill to overturn Republican-created HEA laws that deny student aid if one possessed cannabis].

*Sun Myung Moon - Moonies - Cult - Unification Church. [Here is a weird link. Seems like the GOP is influenced by another set of religious fanatics besides the rabid religious fundamentalist Christian right].

*1-1999. Drug Policy Foundation. Network News--January 1999. [See section "Drug-Related Legislative Activity of the 106th Congress." Detailed summary of draconian GOP bills introduced January 1999].

*1-1999. Senate Republicans Push a Drug-Free Century Act. [utterly draconian. Attacks advocates of hemp, harm reduction, controlled drinking].|

*1-1999. UPI. Human Rights Watch Slams NY Drug Laws. [Republican 1973 Rockefeller laws and nonviolent drug offenders. 1973 GOP laws were first drug mandatory minimums in the USA].

*12-1998. New York. Prisons now cost more than higher education yearly. GOP's 1973 Rockefeller drug laws to blame. Racism.

*Human Rights Watch: Prison Conditions in the USA. [Awesome. Many links. Drug offenders. Mandatory minimums. Torture].

*Larry Flynt reveals the hypocrisy. Of far-right Republicans, GOP Drug-Warrior Bob Barr, and many more GOP fascists.

*1-1999. Reuters. New York Mayor Wants Anti-Fear, Pro-Work Pills. ["aimed at children with absentee fathers or those from broken homes. ... Giuliani, considered a possible Republican presidential contender in 2000. ... suggested doing away with methadone treatment"].

*12-1998. U.S. Republicans Triple [Death-Squad] Military Aid To Colombia. "all sides in the conflict are benefiting from drug profits."


United States, 1980 onwards. "Just Say No." The "Reagan Revolution." Republican-led quadrupling of the U.S. incarceration rate. [TopLink]

*12-1998. The Prison-Industrial Complex. [Atlantic Monthly magazine. Huge article detailing the incredible corruption, horror, and power of US incarceration].
*Incarceration Rates. USA. Timeline CHART. Drug War Incarceration Nation. The U.S. incarceration rate has QUINTUPLED since 1971 when Republican President Richard Nixon declared the "War on Drugs." and
 *Charts. Drug war and more. Incarceration, murder rates, poverty, healthcare costs worldwide, minimum wages, drug arrests, drug use, overdose deaths, prison costs, ethnic breakdowns, total taxes, average sentences, total inmates, etc.. New and old chart pages. All chart pages on this website. Plus links to charts offsite. Chart formats and their uses explained. The latest chart versions are usually found by going to the "mirror" links listed with a chart. Quick links to many charts. With short descriptions. Mirror pages:

Nancy Reagan. A short history of the Republican Drug War, and modern fascism. "Just Say No" to Bimbo Antichrist. [TopLink]

BR. AR. Before Reagan, and After Reagan. 666

"JUST SAY NO!" -Nancy Reagan. From page 100 of the 1998 book "Drug Crazy" by Mike Gray: "In June of 1982, [Ronald] Reagan reopened the War on Drugs with a broadside from the Rose Garden. 'We're taking down the surrender flag that has flown over so many drug efforts. We're running up a battle flag.'"

*8-1999. Ireland: OPED: Drugs War Invented By Nixon To Extend His Power.

"The Drug War is the United States' version of the Berlin Wall that effectively separates those of higher consciousness from those who have yet to experience it." -- Julia Carter at the San Francisco MMM Cannabis 2000 rally May 6, 2000.

"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." -- Plato. [and women too!]

"Just Say No" to Republican bimbo propagandist drug warriors like Nancy Reagan, Judge Judy, etc.. Nancy Reagan, one of the first "hate-radio" and "hate-television" Republican scapegoating spin-doctors.

January 1981, the year of the Bimbo Antichrist and her entrance into power by riding the Beast of
Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6)

and his inauguration into the U.S. presidency in January 1981. The invoking of the old Nazi forces of evil scapegoating started during the 1980 election campaign.

A short history of the Reagans' Drug War, and Nancy Reagan's quadrupling of the U.S. incarceration rate through Republican drug war hate, hysteria, and propaganda.

" 'I implore each of you to be unyielding and inflexible in our opposition to drugs,' Nancy Reagan is quoted at the entrance to the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum in Arlington, Va."
--from first paragraph of Ron Dicker article: Museum of substance. Sept. 28, 1999 at

*12-1998. US: Just Say 'Wait a Minute' 'The Fix' and 'Drug Crazy.' The New York Review of Books. Review of the book, "The Fix," summarizes Michael Massing's history of parent groups against marijuana in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and their "Just Say No" escalation of the drug war via their puppet, Nancy Reagan.

Michael Massing (author of The Fix) writings about Reagan drug war escalation. Quotes from his articles. Bold italic formatting, and comments [in brackets] were not in original articles.

*2-2000. February 2, 2000. US: Web: The Elephant In The Room. By Michael Massing. From and:

----- beginning of Michael Massing excerpt ------

In 1971 [the same year Republican President Nixon declared the "War on Drugs"], the Nixon White House set up a special-action office to prevent drug abuse and, to head it, named Dr. Jerome Jaffe, a psychopharmacologist widely recognized as the nation's leading expert on drug addiction.

Jaffe was given hundreds of millions of dollars to open up treatment facilities around the country, and by the summer of 1972 treatment was available on request.

Almost immediately, crime, heroin overdose deaths and hepatitis transmission rates declined.

And the treatment network Jaffe had set up was given much of the credit.

That network remained intact throughout the 1970s, and the nation's drug problem remained largely under control.

In the 1980s, however, the Reagan administration -- believing that the government had no obligation to help addicts -- gutted the federal treatment budget.

By the time crack hit, in the mid-1980s, treatment facilities were completely overwhelmed, and the many new addicts who wanted help were turned back onto the street, there to commit more crime and cause more mayhem.

-------end of Michael Massing excerpt---------

*4-2000. April 4, 2000. US: Web: LTE and [Michael Massing] Reply: US Drug Policy- Are We Doing The Right Thing? From Michael Massing excerpt:
In fiscal year 1982, the first full one under Reagan, the federal treatment budget was cut by 25 percent, and it remained at that low level for the next several years. (See Page 217 of "Treating Drug Problems" by Dean Gerstein et al., a study of federal treatment policy published by the Institute of Medicine in 1990.) The devastating effect those cuts had on the ability of rehab centers to treat addicts was the subject of several congressional hearings (e.g., "Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention 1984," House Select Committee on Narcotics and Substance Abuse, June 26, 1984, and "Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration," House Appropriations Committee, May 10, 1984). and:


1986 Mandatory-Minimum Sentencing for federal drug offenders. [TopLink]

Ronald Wilson Reagan was president from January 1981 to January 1989. Here is a quote from "The Fix" an excellent recent 1998 book by Michael Massing. One may not agree with all his prescriptions for drug reform, but his history of US drug policy is enlightening. The [bracketed] info was added

from page 184 of the book "The Fix":
"Most significant of all were the changes voted in the criminal code. Since 1970, the federal government had had no mandatory minimum penalties for drug offenses. Led by such hard-liners as [Texas bubba-Republican] Senator Phil Gramm, however, legislators approved [1986] a series of whopping new sentences tied solely to the amount of drugs involved. ... Specifically targeting crack, Congress voted to impose a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for the sale of just five grams of the drug. ... With the passage of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, the parent [Atlanta Georgia-rooted, bubba-P.R.I.D.E., Nancy-Reagan, Republican] model of drug abuse had become, in effect, the law of the land." Actually, it is five years just for POSSESSION!

The book goes into VAST detail about how drug policy under Nancy Reagan (yes, Nancy) from 1981 to 1988 shifted from an emphasis on dealing with the hard-core drug users in a slightly more public-health way in the 1970's to a focus on zero tolerance, far less treatment, far more prison, "Just Say No," the gateway theory, and an all-out attack on cannabis. This was all BEFORE 1986 mandatory minimums at the federal level. Of course drug mandatory minimums were first massively installed in 1973 in New York by the Republican Rockefeller laws. The whole "drug war" mentality has nearly always been led by Republicans. The corporate mass media and the corporate-owned "new" Democrats nearly always follow their lead. In war, one goes after the officers whenever possible. SO DON'T VOTE REPUBLICAN!!! AND GO AROUND THE MASS MEDIA!!!

This from the "Snitch" PBS site:
"After bouncing back and forth between the Democratic controlled House and the Republican controlled Senate as each party jockeyed for political advantage, The Anti Drug Abuse Act of 1986 finally passed both houses a few weeks before the November elections." Emphasis added.

*Mandatory-Minimum Drug Sentences. U.S. CHARTS. Non-violent possession only. Drug War concentration camps for "undesirables." Sentences that usually do not allow parole until at least around 80% of the sentence served. Federal laws, and most states, have mandatory minimums. New York Times: Length of sentences causes the huge U.S. inmate count that dwarfs other nations. 2. and


National Rifle Association (NRA), and their hard lobbying for state-level mandatory minimum drug (and cannabis) sentencing laws. [TopLink]
*National Rifle Association (NRA). Their campaign for longer sentences, mandatory minimum sentences, truth in sentencing. For both violent and non-violent offenders, DRUG offenders, etc.. A far-right Nazi-like cult for the U.S. prison industrial complex, whether they know it or not. Ban handguns, so we can keep rifles and shotguns legal. Wimpy handguns don't defend against tyranny. We can end the drug war and mass-incarceration tyranny a lot faster if murders, handguns, and drug war violence were at Canadian, Australian, and Western European levels. and

Drug War charts, and more. [TopLink]