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See: Global Marijuana March. ~600 different cities since 1999. First Saturday in May. City lists: 1999 2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 2010. 11 ...Search them. Add city name to search.
With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
MMM Reports. Million Marijuana March. Global Cannabis Liberation Day. In May. Since 1999. First Saturday in May. Or that weekend, or some day close to it. Any march, rally, event, meeting, concert, rave, etc..
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*1999 - 2004 MMM rally reports.

*MMM search shortcuts.

* searches.

*Drug war charts, and more.

Introduction. [TopLink]

There are many types of MMM links, images, reports, videos, etc. found through the pages linked below.

Many more GMM-MMM links! Add links yourself here: and

*MMM. Many LINKS. Million Marijuana March. World Cannabis Day. Global Marijuana March. Cannabis Liberation Day. Hundreds of different cities worldwide since 1999. The first Saturday in May (or that weekend, or thereabouts). Rallies, marches, concerts, events, meetings, parties, raves, info-tables, etc.. Links for event navigators, alphabetical city lists, contact lists, email lists and archives, photos, flyers and posters, rally report compilations over the years, media coverage, videos, MMM history, search shortcuts, FAQs, and more. Where to send your MMM city info, corrections, reports, etc.. Confirm your city yearly! MMM mirror links: and


1999 to 2004 MMM cannabis rally reports. [TopLink]

There are also many MMM reports and photos on the web pages linked on the pages in the section above.

*MMM reports. Million Marijuana March. Global Cannabis Liberation Day. First Saturday in May. Since 1999.

*Please send in personal or published MMM rally reports to Dana Beal and to the MMM Reports email list and public archive:

*MMM rally reports. --Public archive.

*2004 MMM rally reports, links, and compilations. and --FoM (of compilation.

*2004 MMM rally reports archive.

*2004 MMM. Freddie Freak (of Norway) compilation of worldwide reports.
*MMM 2003. Buenos Aires, Argentina MMM. Million Marijuana March. Music drew 12,000 for cannabis liberation and harm reduction drug reform. This rally and the London MMM were the largest MMM 2003 rallies worldwide, according to available info. and

*2003 MMM Norway reports.

*2003 MMM. Rally reports worldwide. Various compilations. --FoM (of compilation. 2003 in last half. world wrap-up.

*2003 MMM rally reports archive.

*2003 MMM rally reports for German-speaking nations. Translated into English: and

*2003 MMM. German-language reports chart. Click 2003 column links to go to entries farther down the page. 

*2003 MMM rally reports worldwide. High Times article: --Archive. and with comments:

*2002 MMM rally reports archive.

*2002 MMM. Freddie Freak (of Norway) has a compilation of links to MMM 2002 rally reports worldwide. You can also click his homepage page link below, and then click the MMM 2002 link sometimes found there:

*2002 MMM. Rally reports worldwide. Various compilations. --FoM (of compilation. --Compilation archive. world wrap-up.*/ Wayback-Machine-archived wrap-up.

*2001 MMM. world wrap-up.

*2001 MMM. Rally reports worldwide. Preston Peet compilation. and

*2001 MMM. Freddie Freak (of Norway) compilation of worldwide reports. 

*MMM 2000. Also A16, J4J3. Drug war protests worldwide.
____Alphabetical rally reports for 2000. Photos, audio, video____

-- May 6. MMM. Million Marijuana March, Cannabis 2000. 104 cities.
-- April 15. A16 prison industrial complex rally. Washington DC.
-- March 2000. J4J3. Journey for Justice 3. Florida. Medical cannabis. and

*2000 MMM. Compilations of rally reports worldwide. FoM (of compilation. City list and reports compilation.

*1999 MMM rally reports and city list. Alphabetical order. 30 cities. and

*1999 MMM. Rally reports worldwide. FoM ( of compilation.


MMM search shortcuts. Google, Google News, CannabisNews, MAP, etc.. [TopLink]

After clicking the links below you can delete the quotes around "million marijuana march" and get even more results by searching again.

* MMM articles shortcut:

Some Google News search shortcuts for MMM. Google News archives news links for a few weeks. So it is important to archive the actual media articles elsewhere on nonprofit sites such as or MAP-DrugNews or other nonprofit sites. The shortcuts will probably not pull up any more MMM articles by early June. The top 3 shortcuts are the same shortcut written 3 different ways. Only the top 2 of the 3 will be consistently made clickable in most email. Google will use the search term marijuana-day to pull up Marijuana-Day or Marijuana Day. It will NOT pull up MarijuanaDay (no space). The search term marijuanaday will NOT pull up Marijuana-Day or Marijuana Day. The search term jay-day will pull up Jay-Day or Jay Day. It will NOT pull up JayDay (no space). The search term jayday will NOT pull up Jay-Day or Jay Day.|+cannabis-rally+|+marijuana-march+|+cannabis-liberation is same as: or"marijuana+day"+OR+"cannabis+rally"+OR+"marijuana+march"+OR+"cannabis+liberation" (i.e. Birmingham and London. UK). General cannabis news.

Shortcut below pulls up results with: marijuana OR cannabis OR dagga AND rally OR protest OR liberation

More Google News search shortcuts to try: and and and

*MMM search shortcuts for the web. Search all years or specific years."million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march" and

*Google search of -- Note that the MMM phrase or the year may be from a comment, and not from the article itself."million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march" 1999"million+marijuana+march" 2000"million+marijuana+march" 2001"million+marijuana+march" 2002"million+marijuana+march" 2003"million+marijuana+march" 2004

*For more Google help, search tips, advanced search, and many more options: and

*Google search of MAP/DrugNews. Not many MMM media articles were sent in to MAP until 2002. Though there were many MMM media articles worldwide starting in at least 2000."million+marijuana+march" and"million+marijuana+march"+v99 1999"million+marijuana+march"+v00 2000"million+marijuana+march"+v01 2001"million+marijuana+march"+v02 2002"million+marijuana+march"+v03 2003"million+marijuana+march"+v04 2004

Some less specific search terms are used in these search shortcuts using the MAP-DrugNews Power Search form. These search shortcuts are set to search from April 24 through May 31 of each year. 4-24-03 through 5-31-03, for example. Add the following text below to this URL address:

Click the links below to see the yearly search results:









-------------------------------------------- MMM search shortcuts. [TopLink]

MMM search shortcut for archives. Results in chronological order. Latest on top. Unfortunately, some results are for MMM mentioned only in a comment.

* press and media archives. Expanded search form.

The expanded CannabisNews search form has a checkbox for phrase searching. Or you can add "&PS=on" to the search shortcut URL. In either case phrase searching is not perfect, because when searching for 3 or more terms, the search engine pulls up articles with any of the terms adjacent to one of the other terms. All the terms must be in the article or comments somewhere though. But not necessarily all 3 terms adjacent to each other. 2 adjacent seems to be enough.

You can set it to pull up any number of articles up to the maximum number of articles allowed (320). Just add &H=320 (or a number under 320) to the search shortcut.

Results are in chronological order. The default order for results is by date of the article (not the comments). So it is fairly easy to figure out the year of the article by running your cursor over the result URLs and noting the numbers.

This sometimes produces better results than using Google MMM search shortcuts for CannabisNews, and with a specific year in the search shortcut. Google results do not arrive in chronological order of the articles. So it can be difficult to find the year of an article without opening the article. Because the search term for the year may only be found in the comments. Comments will sometimes mention years other than the year of the article.

The CannabisNews search engine searches the articles AND the comments. So some pages are pulled up in which the search terms are found only in the comments.

Open the article. You can use the "find" command in the edit menu of your browser to locate whether the search phrase "million marijuana march" is in the article or in the comments.


Drug War charts, and more. [TopLink]