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With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
U.S. imprisonment charts. By race, gender, Hispanic origin, age, drug use, etc.. U.S. state by state, felony disenfranchisement (no voting rights) laws. Links to more charts elsewhere. Institutional racism of both the drug war, and of cannabis/drug reformers. Over 5% of adult black males are in prison or jail!
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*Institutional racism of drug war, and reformers.

*Race, ethnicity. Drug users/sellers, prisoners.
*Gender, race, Hispanic, age. Rates.

*Rates Timeline. Black, white, Hispanic.
*Inmate percents. Jails versus prisons.
*Hispanics timeline. Prison rates.
*Felony voting disenfranchisement.

*More chart links.
*Links. Chronological order.

*Links. Alphabetical order.
*Quotes and key facts.
*Green Triangle in Nazi Germany.

*More Drug War charts, and other info.


Institutional racism of drug war, and reformers. [TopLink]

For more current info see: Race, ethnicity, and the drug war.

The sections of this webpage you are reading now explain the institutional racism of the US criminal justice system, the drug war, and even some cannabis and drug reformers.

The majority of U.S. prisoners are there due to the drug war! and

Around 5% of adult black males are in prison or jail!

Most prisoners in the USA are black or Hispanic:

Incarceration rates for adult males in U.S. jails and prisons. Around 5% of black males, 2% of Hispanic males, 1% of white males. November Coalition chart. Info, data, and sources.

Above images are from and are in the public domain according to that page. It says: "These graphs are in the public domain."
To learn more about institutional racism use these Google search shortcuts: and
Most cannabis and drug reform organizations are in denial about the full extent of drug war racism, and especially about the institutional racism of their organizations, members, focus, forums, website, etc.. There is little focus, research, and few forums on the racism of the drug war.
Racists often post freely on most reform forums. Many more posters are unconsciously racist, sexist, bigoted, stereotyping, and ignorant of other cultures in general. forum threads on institutional racism of drug war and reformers. and and and and and and


Race, ethnicity of drug users/sellers versus drug prisoners. [TopLink]

The drug war is racist, and it is responsible for the astronomical escalation of the U.S. incarceration rate.

DRCNet. Sentencing: Racial Disparities in Drug Sentences the Norm in the Nation's Most Populous Counties, Study Finds. See link.

Images below are from: and are in the public domain according to that page. It says: "These graphs are in the public domain."

The above chart may take some deciphering for some people. Blue column is percent (%) of "Illicit Drug Users in America." Red column is percent (%) of "Drug War Prisoners in America." So according to the chart around 57 percent of the drug war prisoners in America are black, even though blacks are only around 11 percent of the "Illicit Drug Users in America."

"Although African Americans comprise only 12.2 percent of the population and 13 percent of drug users, they make up 38 percent of those arrested for drug offenses and 59 percent of those convicted of drug offenses causing critics to call the war on drugs the 'New Jim Crow.' " -- Emphasis added. This info was on the web page as of November, 2004. The "convicted" percentage of 59% may refer to both jail and prison. The 74 percent "sent to prison" in the quote below may not include people sent to jail.

"Blacks constitute 13 percent of all drug users, but 35 percent of those arrested for drug possession, 55 percent of persons convicted, and 74 percent of people sent to prison.(1) ... Notes: 1. Human Rights Watch Report: Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System, May 2000 Vol. 12, No. 2 (G)." -- Emphasis added. and


Imprisonment rates. By gender, race, Hispanic origin, and age. [TopLink]


USA. Inmates per 100,000 residents.  
In state prisons, federal prisons, and local jails. June 30, 2003.
By gender, race, Hispanic origin, age.
1000 per 100,000 residents equals 1 percent of residents.
4.83% of all adult black males in the USA are imprisoned
(4834 per 100,000 = 4.83%). That's almost
5 out of every 100 adult black males imprisoned.

The_Courier_New_font_lines_up_the_columns._ mirror page. mirror page. - Population. International Data Base - U.S. Census Bureau. - Prison and Jail Inmates at Midyear 2003. - 2003. See table 14. - 2003. Spreadsheets.
Note: Based on the U.S. resident population for July 1,
2003, from intercensal estimates for July 1, 2002 (by
gender, race, Hispanic origin), and adjusted to the
July 1, 2003 estimates by gender.
a/Includes American Indians, Alaska Natives, Asians,
Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders.
b/Excludes Hispanics.


Rates Timeline. Black, white, Hispanic. [TopLink]


Black, White, Hispanic inmates
per 100,000 adult male population in the USA
(of same race or ethnicity as inmate).
Rate comes from total of both jail and prison inmates.
Compare to apartheid-era South Africa.
4.83% of all adult black males in the USA were imprisoned in 2003.
0.85% of all adult black males in South Africa were imprisoned
in 1993, the last year of apartheid.

The_Courier_New_font_lines_up_the_columns.______ mirror page. mirror page. and and -See table 14. -See table 14. and and and and and
The Sentencing Project report, "Americans Behind
Bars: U.S. and International Rates of
Incarceration, 1995." has the 1993 South African
black male incarceration rate.
See the 2 links
just above.


Percent. Black, white, Hispanic, other. Jails versus prisons. [TopLink]


Black, white, Hispanic, other inmates.
Percent of inmates.

In state and federal prisons. Percent of prisoners under
State or Federal jurisdiction. Jail inmates not included in
these numbers unless under state or federal jurisdiction.

The_Courier_New_font_lines_up_the_columns._ mirror page. mirror page. __ and ___
"Earlier 2000 Census figures showed that more than 12 percent of the country's 281 million people were black. ... Non-Hispanic blacks were 42.3 percent of all local jail inmates in June 2000, down slightly from 42.5 percent in 1990. By comparison, non-Hispanic whites were 41.9 percent of jail inmates in 2000, up slightly from 41.87 percent a decade ago." -The quotes are found in the 2 adaptations of the Associated Press article at the 2 newspaper article links just above.


2002. Percent of inmates in jails.
Black, white, Hispanic, other.
Does not include state and federal prisons.
The_Courier_New_font_lines_up_the_columns._ mirror page. mirror page. and __
"Other races" are Asians, American Indians, Alaska
Natives, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders.


Timeline. Hispanic prisoners in U.S. State or Federal Prisons. [TopLink]


Hispanic prisoners 
in U.S. State or Federal Prisons.

Hispanic prisoners per 100,000 residents of the same 
ethnicity and gender. Percent of prisoners who are Hispanic.

People of Hispanic origin may be of any race. For
comparison the percent of U.S. Population that is
Hispanic (for July 1, 1990, 92, 94, 96, 97) is
also indicated. In the chart "Pop." is short for
population. Stats here do not include inmates in
jails. Jail inmate numbers would make rates

The_Courier_New_font_lines_up_the_columns.__ mirror page. mirror page. and

*BJS: "Prisoners in 1996." Hispanic prisoner data.|

*Population Data [by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin].|


Felony disenfranchisement (can't vote) laws in the USA. [TopLink]

The racist, Republican-led, Republicrat drug war disenfranchises (no voting rights) millions of voters (and especially poor people of color).


"In 1998, a study by Human Rights Watch and the 
Sentencing Project
 found that 13 percent of African 
American men
and nearly four million Americans had 
lost the right to vote due to felony convictions."

State-by-state disenfranchisement 
by category.

Adapted from chart in 1998 study. ["ExFelons" used
in chart instead of "Ex-Felons" in order to avoid
word-wrap problems (from using -dashes- in chart
rows) when chart is placed into some message
boards and list archives.]

The_Courier_New_font_lines_up_the_columns.___ mirror page. mirror page. and and and

*11-2000. On November 7, Millions Won't Be Allowed To Vote. "1.4 million African American men -- 13 percent of the adult African American male population -- have lost the right to vote, a rate of disenfranchisement that is seven times the national average. By comparison, in the 1996 general election 4.6 million African American men voted."

*October 30, 1998 DRCNet's "The Week Online" on Sentencing Project/Human Rights Watch joint report on the new Jim Crow disenfranchisement].|

*January 28, 2000. DRCnet. Regaining the Vote: Sentencing Project Report Details State and Federal Activities

*LOSING THE VOTE. The Impact of Felony Disenfranchisement Laws in the United States. [Human Rights Watch].|


More chart links. [TopLink]

Eventually, more of the tables and stats contained in the links below may be adapted for use in charts on this web page you are reading now. The charts farther down contain many more source links.
*Bureau of Justice Statistics Key Facts at a Glance. Jail incarceration rates by race and ethnicity. White non-Hispanic, Black non-Hispanic, Hispanic of any race.
*Fact sheet. Race and Mandatory Minimum sentencing. Families Against Mandatory Minimums Foundation (FAMM Foundation).
*Number and rate (per 100,000 adult residents in each group) of adults held in State or Federal prisons or local jails, by sex and race, United States, 1985-97 (Table 6.19). Whites, Blacks. Notes do not say whether Hispanic blacks are included under "blacks." Totaling white and black inmates in a year indicates a large shortfall of missing inmates obviously not classified as "white" or "black."
-- Table 6.19 pdf (14k). Adobe Acrobat file:
-- Table 6.19 wk1 (3k). Spreadsheet file. Use Excel or similar program:
*Bureau of Justice Statistics Key Facts at a Glance. Percent of U.S. population under correctional supervision by race. "Correctional supervision" indicates jail, prison, probation, or parole. Race indicated by White, Black, Other. 1986-97.
*Bureau of Justice Statistics Probation and Parole Statistics.
"Women made up about 22% of the nation's probationers and 12% of the parolees. Approximately 55% of the adults on probation were white, and 31% were black, and 12% were Hispanic. Thirty-nine percent of parolees were white, 41% black, and 19% were Hispanic." This quote is for yearend 2001.


Links. Chronological order. [TopLink]

The first 2 links below constantly pull up the latest news.

*MAP: Racial Issues. This MAP/DrugNews shortcut pulls up race-related drug war articles from the huge newspaper and magazine archive of drug-war-related news. Latest news is on top.

*Yahoo! News Full Coverage-Law Enforcement Issues.


*2-2002. Cincinnati Again Asks Federal Courts to Revive Drug Exclusion Zone. The Week Online with DRCNet Issue #223, Feb 8 2002. "Over-the-Rhine, with 7,600 residents, has had a staggering 2,300 drug arrests per year since 1995, according to CJR [Columbia Journalism Review]. ... Johnson was banned from the neighborhood for 90 days after being arrested, but was never convicted of any charge. ... Johnson was unable to care for her grandchildren in Over-the-Rhine ... the exclusion law was part of 'a tapestry of abuses that has led to a culture of hostility between the African-American community and the police.' ... CJR argued that the [April 2001] riots had to be seen in the context of 'ferocious' drug law enforcement in the neighborhood."

*7-2001. Cincinnati And The X-Factor. "how a third resident, a thirty-two-year-old Navy veteran who works at a local recreation center, had been stopped and handcuffed some thirty times by police checking whether or not he had a 'right' to be in the community. All told, more than 1,500 people were banished at some point or other between September 1996, when the drug exclusion ordinance went into effect, and January 2000, when a federal judge finally struck it down. ... Yet it requires a form of tunnel vision not to see a connection between the aggressive policing of the drug war and deteriorating police-community relations." -Columbia Journalism Review (CJR).

*11-2000. "The black arrest rate for all drug offenses is four times the arrest rate for whites." -NORML News Bulletin - November 2, 2000.

*11-2000. On November 7, Millions Won't Be Allowed To Vote. "1.4 million African American men -- 13 percent of the adult African American male population -- have lost the right to vote, a rate of disenfranchisement that is seven times the national average. By comparison, in the 1996 general election 4.6 million African American men voted." Part of full-page ad in The Nation, in November 2000.

*6-2000. Human Rights Watch: Racist Drug War. DRCnet analysis. USA. New Report. and

*6-2000. Ralph Nader acceptance statement. Drug war quotes pulled to the top. Hemp, too. June 25, 2000 Green Party presidential nomination acceptance statement. Nader condemns drug war, corporate prison industry, racist criminal justice system, and hemp prohibition.
"At home our criminal justice system, being increasingly driven by the corporate prison industry that wants ever more customers, grossly discriminates against minorities and is greatly distorted by the extremely expensive and failed war on drugs." ...

*6-2000. United States - Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs. [Actual Human Rights Watch report. Many tables and figures].

*5-2000. Drug War Advocates Are Immune To Facts. Great summary of drug war, and especially its racist aspects. From a black newspaper writer at the Cape Cod Times.

*5-2000. Article. Racial Injustice System. Drug crime, jail. "Racial Injustice System: Americans Have Become Conditioned To Link Crime With Complexion."

*5-2000. Justice Is Not Color Blind, Studies Find. Vast detail about racist nature of criminal justice system, and especially the drug war. LA Times.

*12-1998. New York State of Mind. [Racist effects of GOP's 1973 Rockefeller drug laws in New York. State prisons cost more per year than higher education. Table 2 chart there compares 1980 to 1997. The 1973 Republican Rockefeller laws are the mandatory-minimum model that ultra-right Reagan-Bush Republicans (mainly) pushed for and passed at the federal level and in many states in the 1980's and 1990's].

*10-1995. "While African Americans constitute 13% of all monthly drug users, they represent 35% of arrests for drug possession, 55% of convictions and 74% of prison sentences."
-October 1995 Sentencing Project report: Young Black Americans and the Criminal Justice System: Five Years Later.


Links. Alphabetical order. [TopLink]

*Bush coup d'etat by illegal disenfranchisement (no voting rights). Around 600 votes in Florida won the November 2000 U.S. presidential election. BBC, London Observer, March 9 2001 report of US Commission on Civil Rights, Congressional Black Caucus, Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund, etc. paint big picture of ILLEGAL disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of Florida voters. Especially blacks, Puerto Ricans, poor whites. By claiming falsely that they had previous felonies that prevented them from voting. Voters that normally vote mostly Democrat. Blacks voted 9 to 1 for Democrat Gore. Also, LEGAL Florida disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of felons via racist Republican drug laws. Laws enacted with the help of far-right NRA lobbying for mandatory-minimum felony sentencing for both violent and non-violent (such as drug possession) felony offenses. and

*Bush’s Racial Coup D’Etat and Intell Shutdown. Greg Palast and more. Illegal and legal disenfranchisement. Tens of thousands of blacks illegally blocked from voting in Florida in 2000 election. Many through illegal false claims of felony disenfranchisement. 90% of black voters voted for Al Gore. Bush won by only 600 votes in Florida. Bush lost the nationwide popular vote, and only won through the electoral college.

"After looking at my evidence printed in Britain, the Civil Rights Commission said the issue is not the count of the votes in Florida – the issue is the no-count. What the commission meant by the no-count is that it looks like maybe 100,000 people, at least 80,000 people, most of them black, were not permitted to vote who had a legal right to vote in Florida. ... A few months before the election, Katherine Harris’ office used computer systems to make up a list of people to purge from the voter rolls of people who were supposedly felons – people who committed serious crimes and therefore in Florida were not allowed to vote. We now know those lists were as phony as a three-dollar bill. That maybe approximately 90% of the people on those lists, and there were 57,700 people on that list, approximately 90% were not felons and had the right to vote. Surprise, surprise. At least 54% of the names on that list were black."

*Campaign to End Race Discrimination in the "War on Drugs." The campaign to bring international attention to race discrimination in the "War on Drugs." The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation. American Civil Liberties Union.

*Reparations/World Conference Against Racism : San Francisco Indymedia.

*Campaign to End Race Discrimination. The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation.

*Drug Policy Alliance: Education vs. Incarceration.

*Drug Policy Alliance: Race and the Criminal Justice System.

*Drug Policy Alliance: Race and the Drug War. and

*Factbook : Race and Prison. Drug War Facts. Common Sense for Drug Policy. Summarizes the gory details of the racist U.S. Drug War. With references.

*Fact Sheet: Race and the Drug War.

*Greens and the Drug War. Worldwide. LINKS. Green Party candidates, positions, platforms, etc.. Concerning the Drug War, cannabis, marijuana, harm reduction, etc.. Ralph Nader info, links. and ___
*9-2000. MAP/DrugNews SEARCH SHORTCUT for many press articles about RALPH NADER's September 8, 2000 press conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he called for legalizing cannabis/marijuana, and for harm reduction drug reform. Ralph Nader "called for the legalization of marijuana as part of an overhaul of the nation's 'self-defeating and antiquated drug laws.' ... Legalizing marijuana, Nader said, would allow the government to regulate and potentially tax its use like tobacco products." -Albuquerque Journal, September 8, 2000.

*History of The Drug Laws. [Racism of Drug War. History in vast detail].|

*Human Rights Watch. Racism and Human Rights: Racism and the Administration of Justice.

*Jack Herer - Chapter 13. Prejudice: Marijuana & the Jim Crow Laws. Excellent timeline.

*NORML report. United States Marijuana Arrests, Part Two: Racial Differences in Drug Arrests. Many TABLES.

*Race, Ethnicity & Drugs, Subject Index. The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation.

*racist_drug_war. Ras Ed Forchion.

*Republicans lead U.S. Drug War. Democrats follow Republican evil. Huge LINKS list! U.S. Drug-war Industrial Complex. Republican fundamentalist holy war. Friendly Fascism. Drug war leaders are the rabid right, hate radio, hate television, NRA (National Rifle Association), religious right, (snortin') George Bush the hypocrite, etc.. Republican-led drug war disenfranchises (no voting rights) millions of voters (mostly Democrat-voting blacks). and

*The US Gulag Prison System - the shame of the nation and crime against humanity. March 18, 2006 by Stephen Lendman.


Quotes and key facts. [TopLink]

Emphasis added to quotes.

"The war on drugs in the U.S. is waged overwhelmingly against black Americans. For example, although there are more white drug offenders than black in the United States, blacks constitute 62.7 percent of all drug offenders sent to state prison and black men are sent to prison on drug charges at 13.4 times the rate of white men."
- Human Rights Watch. 

"Although White youth sell and use drugs at the same or higher rates as youth of color,(1) Black and Latino youth are arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned at dramatically higher rates for drug crimes. In 1980, 14.5% of all juvenile drug arrests were Black youth; by 1990, Black youth constituted 48.8% of juvenile drug arrests.(2) A Black youth with a drug case is more than twice as likely to be held in police custody for a drug offense than a White youth.(3) While half of all drug arrests involving White youth result in formal processing, 75% of drug arrests involving Black youth are prosecuted.(4) Among young people incarcerated in juvenile facilities for the first time on a drug charge, the rate of commitment among Black youth is 48 times that of Whites, while the rate for Latino youth is 13 times that of Whites.(5) Black youth are three times more likely than White youth to be admitted to an adult prison for a drug conviction.(6) While the rate of young Whites being sent to prison for drug offenses from 1986-1996 doubled, the comparable Black rate increased six-fold.(7)" -- Bold formatting added.

Folsom Prison
June 25, 1965.
On June 18, 1954 I began serving a sentence in prison for the possession of a shopping bag full of marijuana, a shopping bag full of love - I was in love with the weed and I did not for one minute think that anything was wrong with getting high. I had been getting high for four or five years and was convinced, with the zeal of a crusader, that marijuana was superior to lush - yet the rulers of the land seemed all to be lushes. I could not see how they were more justified in drinking than I was in blowing gage. I was a grass-hopper, and it was natural that I felt to be unjustly imprisoned.
-- from "Soul on Ice" [bold highlighting added]
by Eldridge Cleaver



>> Table Talk >> Social Issues

Two MILLION Americans are in Prison....

- - - -
Jeff D - 12:49 am PDT - Jul 24, 2000 - #1575 of 1575

Great thread.
I worked in the prison industry for several years. Being young and naive, I bought the party line. I lived for years up to my elbows in the Human waste that is the drug war.
Has anyone ever read Stanton Samenow? You should be familiar with him, if only in order to know what you're up against. A psychiatrist who worked in Federal Prisons, he was a darling of the Reagan administration. His best known book is "Inside the Criminal Mind." His work quietly informed much of the 80's drug policy, including the creation of that most Orwellian office of "Drug Czar."
With no evidence, Samenow dogmatically insists that the "criminal" (this includes drug users of course) is a product of bad genes, period. He is unequivocal about this. He denies categorically that social conditions play any role whatsoever in crime. He never mentions race or gender, and only rarely the type of crime. He says that criminals are not capable of being rehabilitated, since they were never "habilitated" to begin with, and promotes a "program" which consists of "correcting" the criminal's "Thinking Errors."
I have seen this program in action, and it consists of nothing more than brain-washing designed to force the "criminal" (someone who is vulnerable to begin with and under the most enormous stress imaginable) to accept "responsibility" and "correct" his or her thinking. Worse, it also has this effect on otherwise well meaning health professionals by insisting that the "criminal" always lies, and is never to be trusted.
I could go on and on about Samenow, but I will tell you that his books are a staple of the prison industry, social work, and law-enforcement. I believe that a great deal of what is passed around as science about criminal behavior these days, among both liberals and conservatives and specifically with regard to the "drug wars," originates with him.
I have been watching this thread for some time, and I am always amazed at the way that people will spit out Official propoganda without ever asking the most obvious questions, like:
Who, exactly, needs to be locked up? Obviously, it is minorities and the poor. Racist Eugenics are alive and well. God help us.

---end of Table Talk forum message copy [bold highlighting added]---



"There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others."
--Harry Anslinger, U.S. Commissioner of Narcotics, testifying to Congress on why marijuana should be made illegal, 1937. (Marijuana Tax Act, signed Aug. 2, 1937; effective Oct. 1, 1937.)



TEST: What is a society called that puts huge numbers OF NONVIOLENT OFFENDERS in the gulags with long mandatory minimum sentences solely on the word of informants who are facing very long prison sentences themselves, and then subjects those prisoners to rampant rape, sex slavery, rampant AIDS and hepatitis, lousy medical treatment, mysterious prison deaths, torture, stun belt overuse, violence, long solitary confinement without any stimulation, and so on...? ANSWER: It is a TYRANNY. 2ND TEST: How do tyrannies fall? ANSWER: ??? Roman empire? Third Reich? British-ruled America? Soviet Union? Somoza's Nicaragua? Pinochet's Chile? 3RD TEST: Would you have fought enthusiastically to defend any of these tyrannies? Thus comes the decay of the American Empire.

------------------------------------------ [TopLink]

GREEN TRIANGLE. Color-coded holy wars. [TopLink]

During Nazi rule those thought to be a threat to the
Fatherland were taken prisoner and placed in con-
centration camps. These prisoners were from many
different social and cultural backgrounds. To
distinguish between the prisoners, the Nazis
used a system of color coded cloth badges.
Jews were given yellow stars; half-Jews
were given yellow triangles; feminists
were given black triangles; Gypsies
were given brown; and gay men,
pink. The green triangle was
given to 'common criminals' or
those who had been convicted
of minor crimes, including
drug law violators. At
the time of Nazi rule,
a very stringent set
of anti-drug laws
was in effect --
laws that were
very similar
to those
used now
in the


*The Symbolism of the Green Triangle.

*The Green Triangle and the Drug War. and

*Nazi concentration camp badges - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

*Exclusion and extinction - the fight against narcotics in the Third Reich.
Journal of Drug Issues, Spring 2002 by Holger Mach.

*Racism of Republicrat Drug War. CHARTS. Revised. Many links and notes. This racism page linked just below has charts for black, white, and Hispanic inmate numbers and rates in the USA; and U.S. state by state disenfranchisement (no voting rights) laws. Many drug war notes, and LINKS to many more charts. Republican evil, Democrat complicity. Republicrat drug war disenfranchises (no voting rights) millions of voters (mostly poor people of color). Modern corporate control of the poor. and


More Drug War charts, and other info. [TopLink]