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See: Global Marijuana March. ~600 different cities since 1999. First Saturday in May. City lists: 1999 2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 2010. 11 ...Search them. Add city name to search.
With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Saner Cannabis and Drug Policies Worldwide. Some historical info.
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*Introduction, search tools, recent news.  
*Saner cannabis Policies Worldwide.
*Saner drug Policies Worldwide..
*International summaries of laws.
*Global Coalition for Alternatives.
*More alternatives to the Drug War.

*Drug War charts, and more.


Introduction, search tools, recent news. [TopLink]

This is an older page. For more recent info please do searches for various nations. Use the main search engines, and also try searching at cannabis and drug news archives.

Note that dates are often indicated by the month number and the year. 10-1998 stands for October 1998.

*Cannabis. The UK was the first large English-speaking area to begin serious discussion and official implementation of serious decriminalization (not even fines) of cannabis. Official decriminalization is starting in parts of Great Britain and follows already-existing policies of police in many parts of Great Britain to ignore (or just give a warning about) possession and use of small amounts of cannabis. Search shortcuts below pull up slightly different lists of press articles: and

*7-2001. Many British Back Marijuana Decriminalization. Dallas Morning News, July 2001. "Some trace the movement toward a loosening of marijuana laws to a call this spring by Anne Widdecombe, a hard-line Conservative Party leader, for an intensification of the police campaign against marijuana users. Almost alone in stance. Ms. Widdecombe expected approval for her tough stance, but found instead that virtually no one in the public agreed with her, said Bruce Anderson, a columnist for The Independent newspaper." and

*5-2001. May 2001. Only Four [out of 15] European Union Countries Still Prohibit Cannabis. This is a more recent, concise, and very useful summary of cannabis and drug laws in Europe:

*For a European country-by-country breakdown of the exact drug laws and penalties now in force in Europe check out this site:

For the latest drug reform news in the media search for the names of various nations using the MAP/DrugNews and CannabisNews press archive search engines:

*Search Drug War and more. Shortcuts. Search engines. Directories. Press archives. Search forms. and

There has been significant cannabis and drug reform in several European nations. For example, search MAP/DrugNews for "switzerland" or "belgium" or "portugal" or "uk" in the form above, or just click the shortcuts below.

*Here are some MAP/DrugNews search shortcuts for those nations. Just click: and and and


SANER recreational cannabis POLICIES WORLDWIDE! [TopLink]

*4-1998. World Cannabis Laws Today. Also, US-Canadian History.

*CLCIA presents cannabis around the world.


*Effects of Marijuana Decriminalization [US and Australian states].

*5-1998. Australia. Decriminalising Dope Produces No New Highs. [several states -- for years now].

*7-1998. Australia. The [marijuana] Law, State By State.

*7-1998. Australia. Drug Shift [Cautions and treatment].

*7-1998. Australia. Marijuana 'A Social Issue.'


*4-1998. Belgium and Italy Move To Decriminalize Cannabis, Moving Further Toward Dutch Policy.

*4-1998. Belgium Decriminalizes Cannabis [April 21, 1998].


*2-1999. Cambodia: Elderly Cannabis Hawkers Arrested. ["These women have been there for years quite harmlessly." "Interior Ministry's anti-drug chief, Nguon Soeur, said police should worry more about big-time drug smugglers."].


*8-1997. Ontario. Peace looms in the war on pot. [Arrests down].

*10-1997. Canada. Decriminalize drugs for own use, officer says.

*10-1997. Canada Cannabis [CNN show "Impact" transcript].

*11-1997. British Columbia survey shows 51% believe smoking cannabis for any reason should not be a criminal offense. 83% believe smoking it for health-related purposes should not be a criminal offense.

*1-1998. Canada. North Vancouver [wants MJ sold like alcohol].

*3-1998. Canada. LeDain Stands by '71 Report.

*3-1998. Canada. Courts Weeding Out Marijuana Offenders.

*4-1998. Canada. Politicising Pot.

*1-1999. Canada: Wire: Bloc Wants To Legalize Marijuana For Medicinal [Purposes. "Debate is supposed to begin on Feb.19" in legislature].

*Usage thrapeutique de la marijuana : une question de compassion. [Bloc Quebecois site in English. They are a Canadian political party that supports medical cannabis].



*4-1998. Czech Republic. Havel Vetoes Law Banning Drug Possession.

*10-1998. Prague, Czech Republic. Thousands Demonstrate against new law making possession a misdemeanor. {was legal.}


*10-1997. ECDP NEWS [France: Stiff laws, unenforced. Medical MJ].

*1-1999. Reuters. French Government Says Non! To Legalizing Marijuana Despite New Committee Recommendations, [But Recognizes "There is certainly no question of putting two million people in prison." Stats on drug deaths, users, incarceration]. and


*5-1994. German Government Denies Court Legalized Drugs.

*11-1998. France. L'Express (weekly). Drugs. Europeans Lack Unanimity. [Wide-ranging summary of European cannabis and drug laws. Number of grams of cannabis legal in various German states].



*4-1998. The Netherlands: Dutch Marijuana Use Lower Than US.

*Fact sheet. DUTCH DRUGS POLICY [Dutch Justice Department].

*4-1998. Sex, Drugs and Democracy Being Sent To Congress; (I'll Bet You Read This Story! You Should.) [Videotape on Holland].

*Fact Sheet index UK [Netherlands Alcohol and Drugs Report].

*4-1998. Very Accurate Description of Dutch Cannabis Policies On Front Page Of Canada's National Newspaper! Important!

*Fact Sheet 7 UK - Dutch Cannabis Policy Update.

*6-1996. Forbes Magazine article on Amsterdam [Steve missed it!].

*2-1998. Marijuana Special Report ... [Holland].

*Drugs policy in the Netherlands: continuity and change.

*3-1998. Legalize Marijuana and Improve High-School Academic Performance? Holland Ranks First -- The US Very Low.

*7-1998. Dutch Officials Say U.S. Drug Tsar Visit Useful. [Dutch Health Minister tells McCaffrey they prefer their kids doing MJ over hard drugs].

*7-1998. The San Francisco Chronicle Breaks DEAland Media Blackout On Drug Bizarro's Attacks on Dutch.

*7-1998. NORML. Holland vs USA: homicide and MJ-use rates.

*8-1998. Royal Netherlands Embassy - Washington, D.C. [STATS and SOURCES to flatten US Drug Czar LIES!].

*1-1999. Wire: Dutch Have Fewer Drug Users than Thought.[1997-1998 cannabis use HALF of USA rate]

*1-1999. National estimates, drug use in the Netherlands available, for the first time.


*1-1999. Lancet. Israeli Government to Give Marijuana Guidelines. [Medical cannabis was being used by special permit from confiscated suppies. Medical condition guidelines to be established for prescription].


*11-1997. Italians even tolerate hash by mail.

*11-1998. France. L'Express (weekly). Drugs. Europeans Lack Unanimity. [Wide-ranging summary of European cannabis and drug laws. Drugs decriminalized in Italy].


*Welcome to [sitemap for big site on all aspects of cannabis in Japan. And elsewhere too!].


*3-1998. New Zealand. Legalise Dope [CANNABIS], Report Urges.

*9-1998. New Zealand Minister of Police Calls for Legalizing Cannabis [or decriminalization]. Politicians Opposed.

*12-1998. New Zealand. Cannabis Laws Should Be Reviewed. [government health committee. "Methods other than prohibition certainly deserve consideration."].


*4-1998. Poland, Czech Republic. Small Possession Legal. Read down into article to find this out.


*4-1998. Possession Of Cannabis Well On The Way To Becoming Decriminalised In Scotland As The Law Turns Blind Eye.

*10-1998. Scottish Citizens' Commission, Including Catholic Priest, Calls for MJ Legalization, study of MDMA, heroin maintenance.


*10-1997. Spanish growers vie for best pot. [possession legal].


*1996. Hemp press review (SWIHTCO, The Swiss Hemp Trading Company) [possession legal?].

*12-1997. Swiss high court sows seed of doubt over drug laws.

*11-1998. In Switzerland the Debate Turns to the Legal Status of Cannabis. [grey market has expanded without harm].


*6-1998. UK. Strong Public Backing For On-The-Spot Drug Fines.


*Effects of Marijuana Decriminalization [USA (11 of 50 states), Australian states].|


HARM REDUCTION policies worldwide. [TopLink]

"Harm reduction" is a sane Drug War alternative. Switzerland, Holland, Germany, and other nations are having success with separating drugs according to the harm they can cause, and trying to lower that harm. Nov. 4, 1995 Washington Post: "The Dutch government insists this policy of tolerating soft drugs has protected an entire generation of young people from being drawn into the hazardous milieu of cocaine and heroin. Officials say this success is reflected in the sharp decline of young people using hard drugs; only 2 percent of Dutch addicts are under 22 years of age, compared with 14 percent a decade ago. The country's entire addict population has dropped by a third -- to 25,000 heavy users of cocaine and heroin, or 1.6 per 1,000 inhabitants. Other European countries have twice that level, and in the United States it is six times greater."

*3-1998. Drug addiction levels in various European countries.

*[6-1998. The (UK's) Guardian on Zurich and Amsterdam] "Here, if you want cannabis you go to a coffee shop."

*ECDP - Homepage [European Cities on Drug Policy. Harm Reduction].

*The Ibogaine Dossier. Links to other sites. [Links page of the site. Excellent harm reduction and non-condescending hard-drug-related pages].


*Asian Harm Reduction Network Main Page.


*2-1999. Austrian And Swiss Papers Look Favorably On Cannabis Reform and Dutch Policies. [Austrian policy of emphasizing healing over punishment. For both hard and soft drugs]. and and


*7-1998. Australia. Rethinking the Drug Problem [cautions].

*7-1998. Australia. The [marijuana] Law, State By State.

*7-1998. Australia. Agencies Support New Police Approach [Diversion].

*7-1998. Australia. Drug Referral Option To Be Investigated.

*7-1998. Australia. NSW Police Commissioner [60-70% of crime is from drugs. STATS. Harm Reduction].

*7-1998. Drug Cocktails The Real Killers [1st Australian study of Heroin Related Deaths. Options. STATS].

*7-1998. Australia. New Plea On Youth And Drugs [CAUTIONS].

*8-1998. Australia. Mayors Prescribe New Tactics In Drugs Battle. [MJ cautions, heroin maintenance, treatment,...].

*12-1998. Australia. Sartor Seeks Support For Sydney Heroin Trial. [council of mayors. Melbourne and Adelaide already agree].

*12-1998. Australia. Sartor Backs Heroin Trial. [Sydney city council agrees].

*1-1999. Australia: The Failure Of Prohibition. [clear choice between criminal justice versus harm reduction and public health. Lives and money saved. Ideological warfare].

*4-1999. DRCNet. Heroin in Australia. A Conversation with Brian McConnell of Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform. [Harm Reduction becoming popular. Heroin maintenance idea spreading. Versus USA zero tolerance model of some politicians].

*4-1999. DRCNet. Heroin in Australia, Part Two: A Conversation with Michael Moore,
ACT Health Minister.
Creator of Australian Parliamentary Group for Drug Law Reform.


*5-1998. The Right Wing Is On Drugs [Canada's politics].

*7-1998. Canada, BC: Free Heroin Urged For Addicts As War On Drugs 'Lost.' [and methadone, treatment, services,].

*8-1998. Misusing the Evidence [on Canadian Needle Exchange. GOP and the drug czar in full election disinformation mode].


*7-2000. Colombia. Drug War Options. "Under a 1994 court ruling, adults may possess up to 20 grams of marijuana and one gram of cocaine and heroin."


*Danish Drug Users Union. [non-condescending support].


*10-1997. ECDP NEWS [France: Stiff laws, unenforced. Medical MJ].


*11-90. The Frankfurt Resolution [a breakthrough!].

*4-1998. German Doctors Vote To Prescribe Heroin To Misusers.

*Index 2 [Harm Reduction, Needle Exchange, etc. in Germany].

*4-1998. German Doctors Vote To Prescribe Heroin To Misusers.

*6-1998. DRCNet: German Police Call for an End to the Drug War.

*6-1998. Germany: The Walls Are Crumbling.

*9 Mar 99 Survey of German Language Newspapers. [Heroin maintenance programs a success in Frankfurt, Germany. And in Switzerland].


*Fact sheet: DUTCH DRUGS POLICY [Dutch Justice Department].

*Sex, Drugs and Democracy [documentary -- politics in Holland].

*7-1998. Drug Czar...Infuriates Dutch on Eve of [Visit. Timeline, homicide rates, etc.].

*7-1998. In The Drug War, Fantasy Beats Facts [McCzar, and Holland's lower violent crime and MJ-use rates].

*7-1998. US: PUB LTE: Defending The Netherlands' Drug-Control Policy [Dutch Ambassador sticks it to McCzar!].

*7-1998. US: The Drug War Can't Abide Honest Stats [LA TIMES! on HOLLAND, McCaffrey, Harm Reduction].

*7-1998. NORML Director Explains To The Dutch Why Their Drug Policy Threatens DEAland Prohibitionists.

*8-1998. Dutch, U.S. Trade Statistics On Drugs, Crime. [Dutch officials stick it to Generalissimo McGaffe (U.S. Drug Czar General McCaffrey)].

*10-1998. An Official Statement On The Netherlands' Drug Policy; Published In The Most Improbable Place. [Excellent overall summary. By Holland official].

*1-1999. National estimates, drug use in the Netherlands available, for the first time.

*2-1999. US AR: An overview of Dutch Tolerance. [Overview of Dutch harm reduction. Separating cannabis and hard drugs. Dutch views of USA policies. European tolerance in general. and

*2-1999. Survey Of German Language Newspapers. [Expansion of Heroin Trial in Holland].


*International Harm Reduction Association Home Page.

*1990: The Frankfurt Resolution [a breakthrough!].

*3-1998. Drug addiction levels in various European countries.

*ECDP - Homepage [European Cities on Drug Policy. Harm Reduction].


*9-1997. Heroin-Prescribing Program in Switzerland.

*9-1997. Swiss Voters Back Gov't Drug Policy.

*12-1997. Hooked on Dogma; U.S. Drug Warriors Ignore
Switzerland's Success With Heroin Addicts.

*1997. Swiss Heroin Prescription Report 1997 - TLC Online Library. [Zurich: Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine].

*7-1998. McCaffrey also wrong about Swiss heroin program.

*10-1998. Swiss Okay Controlled Heroin Distribution. [Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Canada, Australia in various stages].

*10-1998. Swiss Heroin maintenance program made permanent. "radically decreased criminality, suffering and mortality"

*1-1999. 60 MINUTES Feature on Swiss Heroin Successes.

*9 Mar 99 Survey of German Language Newspapers. [Heroin maintenance programs a success in Frankfurt, Germany. And in Switzerland].


*3-1998. UK. Former Drugs Squad Chief says legalise all drugs.

*1-1999. UK. Treatment But No Jail For First Drug Offence. [Implemented in London by March 2000. Possible model for rest of country later].


*The Epidemic of Drug-Related AIDS. [Clickable Links for all 50 states in USA, and more].

*2-1998. [Hepatitis C epidemic is mostly drug-related].

*3-1998. USA. Government To Warn Hepatitis C Victims.

*The Lindesmith Center. [articulate Harm Reduction advocates].


Wide-ranging INTERNATIONAL SUMMARIES of cannabis and drugs laws. [TopLink]

*11-1998. Paris. Le Figaro: "We should simply tell the truth to the young." Summary of European drug laws, debates. Cannabis tolerance.

*11-1998. France. L'Express (weekly). Drugs. Europeans Lack Unanimity. [Wide-ranging summary of European cannabis and drug laws].


Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War. [TopLink]

Go to the websites for Global Days and the UN Drug Summit. See press articles, web videos, web audios, Clinton speech satire, full-page newspaper ads, etc.. One Global Days website has links for many of the over 50 cities that had rallies June 5- 10, 1998 worldwide. The links there explain the many creative activities that have gone on, and continue to go on, in each city. The first (MAP) website has cannabis and drug policy-related press articles from around the world. Go there and use their search engine to look up GE (code used for Global Days press articles) in a title search. Check both current news and older news. In a few seconds a list of a couple hundred, indexed, full-text, press articles will be pulled up about the UN Drug Summit, Global Days, and the Global Coalition.

*[MAP] Drugnews Index [drug policy in the press. full-text].

*Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War. [CLICK ON AROUND 50 CITIES FOR INFO].

*The Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War [members].

*6-1998. Wire: Global Coalition Attacks U.N.'s Failed Drug Policies [and EX-UN CHIEF, among many others, joins call to end Drug War!].

*6-1998. WE BELIEVE THE GLOBAL WAR ON DRUGS IS NOW CAUSING MORE HARM THAN GOOD [2 full pages in New York Times. Ad against Drug War!].

*6-1998. US: Commercial Of President With Voice-Over Has White House Up In Arms [What Clinton SHOULD say at UN Drug Warrior summit].

*6-1998. USA. ABC evening news: Common Sense UN Ad, Kevin Zeese, Ethan Nadelmann [web video, etc.. Global Days].

*6-1998. USA. Transcript: Nightline: The Battle Over How to Fight the War on Drugs [6/22/98 NIGHTLINE DRUG WAR DEBATE!].

*6-1998. CANADA. OPED: UN Wages Harmful War On Drugs.


For more alternatives to the Drug War madness check these out. [TopLink]


*NetVote '98 [USA. Register to vote on-line! Yes, it's for real!].


*Free Speech Internet Television. [VISUAL TRUTH!].

*Drugs [search of Free Speech Internet Television].

*home [The Partnership for Responsible Drug Information (PRDI).

*The PRDI Drug Policy Resources Directory for the Media.

*RealVideo Weed Feeds.


*Cannabis Timeline. [from ParaScope].

*Marijuana and Hemp Story: Why Was Marijuana/Hemp Banned? (Page 5 of 10).

*Compassionate Use Act of 1996 - Chronology [Prop. 215 & after. The Year of Implementation (November 1996-December 1997)].

*Frontline: busted - america's war on marijuana: ... timeline.

*CLCIA presents a Chronology of Cannabis - Hemp. [A comprehensive, international timeline of cannabis - hemp].

*[Medical links. huge hemp timeline. --Debby Moore].

*Hemp History. [lots of history links].


*KHGCA: [Tricky History of 1937 law that made hemp illegal].

*Medical marijuana links galore. Linkname: Medical [ Cannabis Related Links]. Medical section. Page down to "medical" section if sent to top of list.

*4-1998. Drug Reactions Kill Over 100,000 a Year in U.S., Report Says.

*4-1998. [!CORRECTLY-] Prescribed Drugs Make 1 in 15 Sicker [in USA].

*5-1998. US: Give Them Their Pills, The Fuddled Masses [stats!].

*6-1998. FDA Orders Books About Herb Destroyed; No, It's Not Our Herb, But It Is Our Freedom.


*CLCIA presents Cannabis in the Bible [& some other religions].

*The Marijuana bible [MJ in many religions, cultures].

*Goddess of Marijuana and Hemp. [Bast].

*A Wonderful Exchange of Letters On Christianity and Cannabis.

*Marijuana and the Bible by The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church.

*MARIJUANA AND THE BIBLE by The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church.

*Marijuana And The Bible.

Alternative viewpoints. The Surreality of Drug War, Drug Warriors, Activism today, Fascism, Politics, etc..

*5-1998. The Right Wing Is On Drugs [Canada's players, futures].

*4-1998. "Once upon a time, I believed in America." A Letter From Will Foster, Serving 93 Years For Medical Marijuana. [sentence reduced since this letter and worldwide continuing outrage].


Drug war charts, and more. [TopLink]