Our 19th century boys got along way better, it seems, than their later selves cared to admit ;)

Ficlets and fics focusing on Spike and Angelus and their history together. There will be blood, there may be violence, there will often be sex... ;)

+ = added 31st October 2006 x = updated 31st October 2006

Turn The Page

Art Of Seduction *mature*
Black Cherries *mature*
Brush Up Your Shakespeare *mature*
Hanging Around *mature*
I Know What You Like *mature*
Joyeux Anniversaire *mature*
Just Scream! *mature*
La Belle Epoque *mature* x
Never The Heart *mature*
Old Times *mature*
One Of Us *mature*
Plaything *mature*
Stains *mature*
Storm Warning *mature*
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This *mature* +
Take What You Want *mature*
Taste Test *mature*
The Policeman's Lot *mature*
You And Whose Army? *mature*
You're The Top *mature*

The Figgy Series

1. Figgy Pudding *mature*
2. Turning Up The Heat *mature*
3. All In The Mind *mature*
4. Dirty, Bad and Wrong *mature*
5. Transparent *mature*

The Peaches Series

1. Breathless *mature*
2. Peaches and Cum *mature*
3. Peaches Bruise *mature*
4. Terms Of Endearment *mature*
5. When Owls Do Cry *mature*

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