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Allen Scott Culp I's Poetry

You have found a very special place I keep hidden away from the poetic injustice happening in the world today.


Who Am I?

I am just your average person.  I really don't believe in my eyes that I hold any talents at all.  But according to the International Society Of Poets, I have talent in my poems.  To the date of writing this (10/01/02) I have had four of my poems published in collections of other poetic works.  I was just recently nominated as Poet of the Year 2002 and I am requested to read my poetry at the single largest gathering of poets in history, where I will also be formally inducted as an International Poet of Merit and Honored Member of the Society for 2002.  I have just been contacted by Noble House to publish my works Internationally which is quite exciting.  Keep you posted....

    Again I have been contacted to publish two works of my poetry, "The Deal" and "The End Is Near".  The published book of my poetry along with over a hundred other poems will not come out in hard back until December 2004.  Again this is very exciting.  As I hear more, I'll keep you up to date...

 Listed below are some of my poetic works, excluding 'The Journey' which is a short story.

bulletQuips updated
bulletA Day In A Life
bulletA Man of God?
bulletA Whisper
bulletAddiction - Part II
bulletIn My Room
bulletMy Son
bulletNight Time
bulletThe Deal
bulletThe End Is Near
bulletThe Hurting
bulletThe Lonely
bulletThe Realms In The Vortex
bulletTwo Worlds
bulletUs And Them
bulletWasted Years
bulletWhat God Wants
bulletDedication To Dad
bulletThe Journey

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Just a legal reminder, all poems and short stories are copyrighted by the author.

2005, Allen Scott Culp I