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What God Wants

What does God want?  I wish I knew
I've sacrificed so much, too much to chew
I've lost my house, I fell behind
Most of all I've lost my mind
My wife, my son, the one's so dear
They've left my life, so afraid I fear
The job is gone, the rent is due
Don't have any food, what should I do
I'm going broke, I'm slipping fast
All that's left are my memories past
I'll by some smokes, have one here and now
Time to pay some bills, I don't know how
One step forward, two steps back
The faith I need is what I lack
The night has come, time to go to bed
My problems are racing in my head
The trouble's aren't solved, it's time to sleep
What God wants, only He can reap

2005, Allen Scott Culp I