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A Whisper

The voices come in the middle of the night
They tell me bad things and I'm in fright
I want to die and hang my head
Then pray to God and wish I'm dead
The spirits come and control my soul
And in no way do I feel whole
My life is being sapped out of me
Though I try I can not see
The future is dark, the present is dim
I try to fight but I can not win
Darkness enters, surrounds my eyes
I go blind and ask no why's
I'm dying slowly, I'm filled with fear
I cry for help but no one's there
Like I expected some one to care
So here I lie, drifting away
It's poetic justice to end the day
Soon I'll go I'll be no more
At the end of the hall, I'll close that door
I close my eyes, and darkness will form
As I become a whisper, a whisper in the storm

2005, Allen Scott Culp I