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I'm never alone but alone all the time
I am at one, no sense to even whine
Like living in a wheel where everyone steals
Snuffing out everyone as bad drug deals
To find someone to love will it ever come true
I have done all my time don't you think I am due
And when I turn around to hold you, you're gone
Why can't we ever seem just to get along
I sit here looking out the window thinking of you
And I can't get over this feeling of being blue
The emptiness is such a big void filling my heart
I cannot stand living alone and being apart
Will you come back to me and make my life whole
Before I take another hit from my bowl
And numb myself and ease all the pain
While I flush my emotions down the drain
And I'm left alone to become numb
I'll wait in my room for someone to come

2005, Allen Scott Culp I