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"Time is like a rope...given enough time...we all hang ourselves."

"I enjoy certain things, no one else has to enjoy them, and I see things in a certain way, but no one else has to see those things in the same way.  And, then again, no one has the right to tell me it's immoral or selfish or wrong to do what I do."
"To please is to follow. To follow is to please the people.  If you please the people, how can you please yourself?"

"People ask me why.  I say why not!"

"I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad, in which the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had."
"Failure is God's way of saying, 'Excuse me, you're moving in the wrong direction'."
"If you don't have enemies; you don't have character"
"The real drunks, the alcoholics, that quit drinking...they're the real heroes today."

2005, Allen Scott Culp I