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In My Room

In my room, I sit and stare at the wall
And I wonder who I can call
Time goes by slipping away
As the night turns into the day
I sit and I'm losing my mind
I wish I could relax and unwind
As the sun comes into my room
I have the feeling of impending doom
I feel that I am too shy
And I want to open up and cry
But the tears won't roll down my face
And my heart starts to really race
My nerves are shot, I'm going insane
Now the window is soaking with rain
I sit and I stare at the wall
As I hear someone coming down the hall
My heart rate is starting to recede
My thoughts are coming to impede
I hear a knock at the door
I try to reach the floor
But I find myself starting to fall
And as I slip I hit the wall
I cry out and I try to shout
Nothing I think will come out
There's another knock at the door
I can't get up off the floor
That person goes back down the hall
As I lie here staring at the wall

2005, Allen Scott Culp I