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A Day In A Life

The cravings are so great
I hit the ATM at the bank
Two, three, seven, eight
Don't know how much I drank
Cocaine, mescaline, phenexelidine
Try to score some valium
Maybe have a jug of wine
Or pop myself a few lithium
Anything to stop the pain
But I can't have just one
Always want more even in vain
And I won't stop till it's gone
The cycle is so vicious
I can barely hold my ground
I am so high I am suspicious
Of everyone I am around
The time has come
The end is near
Time to go home
When I finish this beer
I go home and lay down
Saying I won't do it again
Wondering aimlessly around town
Not knowing when to say when
Tomorrow comes, another day
Cravings come, tears down my eyes
I lay in bed and I pray
Can I stop to my surprise

2005, Allen Scott Culp I