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Somewhere in the distance I hear a crow sing
Darkness settles on my soul as the toll bells ring
And I sit here in my room as I block out the night
The tremors start to come while I'm filled with fright
The footsteps are approaching coming down the hall
I try to get out of bed but all I do is fall
The footsteps stop, there's a rapping at my door
I try to get up with this pain, I still hit the floor
The copman has cometh with the answer to this pain
I get up off the floor and answer him in vain
He says he is here to help me get by
He leaves me alone so I can get high
I stand here with tremors, staring at the wall
Wondering if I do have a problem after all
The answer to the problem is the drug itself
Not to take this drug and put it in myself
I lay back in bed blocking out the light
As the darkness settles in and I lose my sight
I lay here as I start to go numb
As I wait to die, I know no one will come
And somewhere in the distance I hear a crow sing
The Angel of Darkness comes to my room, the toll bells ring

2005, Allen Scott Culp I