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[All That You See]
[A Lonely Tuesday Night]
[Aunt Jemaima]
[Bonnie and Clyde]
[Cats Cradle]
[Cingular Fuck]
[C'mon Dad]
[Cold Coffee]
[Come Down]
[ Dancin' in the Dark]
[Death Row]
[Drop Anchor]
[Everything Will Be Okay]
[I Keep Her in My Heart]
[It's a Raindrops a Fallin']
[Just Another Black Painting]
[No Future]
[Raspberries Awakening in a Field]
[Say Goodbye]
[Stuck in the Fishbowl]
[Talkin' Lady Blues]
[Through the Skylight She Falls]
[What Have I Done?]

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All songs, lyrics, etcetera are self Sam Johnson (1998-2006) unless otherwise noted.