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This song feels epic, for some reason. Read the lyrics... - SJ

Lyrics› Cold Coffee
When I wake up in the morning
I sing them cold coffee blues
when I step out of my house
to smoke a cigarette
I guide thoughts into tunes.

Groovy, man!
I can dig the tune
...but the singer sounds
a bit
off key.
a "Poor man's" tune?
"Control," what?
You're crazy man!
You don't know
whatcu talkin' about!

So now I wait
when will I finally get paid
for all this karma and retribution
I've repent and repent
so many times
To contemplate;
will my death be meaningless
I wish it to be

So now you are sitting there
waiting for another words I say
but what are you
doing there
who really are you
I wonder
deep inside.

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