A song that I like to listen to, every now and again; the guitar solos are reminiscent of Paige, though I'm really just using a scale that Stevie Ray Vaughan used in a lot of his songs. - SJ

Lyrics› Death Row
looking back now
the fight was just a show
to prove my innocence
from what i really know
but now that's gonna change
into the static past
to be forgotten with the
works of the last

it doesn't matter now what
the judge said that day
all that makes my world
are these bars that never seem to change
my death is just
around the corner
to be seen and passed
to be shut down in the past

death row
can be such a lonely fate
my last chance to see the time
and to take the time to contemplate
what my mind holds now
will be put away for good
with the sealing of my life
and the slitting of my throat...

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