The download is not currently available, but hopefully will be soon! I just like the way it sounds... especially the harmonics in the intro... overall the song reminds me of a mix of some early 90's grunge mixed with some california punk... folk style! ~_^ - SJ

Lyrics› What Have I Done?
Oh Where,
Oh Where has my Love gone?
It seems to have slipped away from me.
Oh why did I say such things?
I really screwed up big this time;
That's for sure.

One day everything will feel fine.
Around her I have never felt so alive.
But days will come when I'm just not myself.
I'm left thinking;
"Oh, What have I done?"

And if she leaves me, I cannot blame her for anything.
Everytime, Everything has been my fault.
And if my girl will not take me back,
I will pack my broken heart
and I'll be a headin' out that door.

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