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This song is about... well, love and women, I guess.
 To clarify: "as I lay and bleed" does not necessarily mean actually loss of blood, but rather, just the feeling... of losing oneself, perhaps in the moment? - SJ

Lyrics› Just Another Black Painting
I see the blue sky.
I wish it would turn black.
It's like my father said,
"There's just no turning back."
Tears from her eyes fall
Against all her pleads.
Time rushes through me
As I lay
And bleed.

All people want
is what they need.
Take away black
All that's left
is Greed.
Love is how she makes You Feel
Blackness holds
All that was ever real.

I see her blue eyes
I wish they would turn black.
Our hatred never changes
As jealousy
Stabs me
In the back.
The moments
Strung together
With the passing of
The day.
Subtle illusions
As my flesh
Starts to decay.

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