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I wrote the lyrics while I was going to UW Madison, but never applied a riff until after my traumatic brain injury. - SJ

Lyrics› Cats Cradle
Said the Reaper to the Man,
"Your time is all but spent,
you've got many years
ahead before
time has come and went."
"But I don't have cause
to live"
said the Man to the Reaper,
"because life is just
bringin' me down,
and it's only
dragging me

In the clouds
lay the one eye
To watch us in our sin
and to flaunt in the wind
Never again
Never again
Never Again.

And we're tangled in
this cats cradle
to cut off all
our arms
To swim in pools of
and feast on
love and charm.
This bondage
we call "life"
can be so refreshing
as a dream
just to remind us
that we're stuck here
just to escape
this gravity.

All songs, lyrics, etcetera are self © Sam Johnson (1998-2006) unless otherwise noted.