The Vision of Paradise on Earth

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This article below of 1999 was slightly updated, ie, corrected for typos, on May 9, 2006. Since writing the below, it has become clear that the quantum vacuum flux ("zero point energy") explanation does not fully explain the DePalma results about the "energy field in space itself, the space in which matter resides" which his research showed can be tapped by the new energy technologies genre to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power. For more information see:

This below article represents a summary of my last 25 years of work as a global peace, environment, social justice activist, and as a scientist (specializing in the theoretical chemical physics of human consciousness) and spiritual practitioner. This document outlines my reasoning and comprehensive plan for the creation of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth. It has been posted as this December 13, 1999, version which may be updated at above website from time to time, so after your first visit to this site please update your browser each subsequent visit to get the latest updated version whose date will corrected above.

"We are approaching the sunrise of a new dawn of human thinking in harmony with nature and the natural law that describes the oneness of all life, the relationship of humankind to all life, the "All My Relations" of our family of life whereby all matter and energy and mind are understood as related by the operation of consciousness itself."


December 13, 1999 (footnotes [#] bracketed)

by David Crockett Williams
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, California State University Northridge 1969
Chartered Life Underwriter, American College, Bryn Mawr PA, 1971
Graduate of Mind Dynamics Institute

Global Emergency Alert Response

As humankind begins the third millennium of its history after the advent of Jesus Christ, and many of His faithful await and pray for his "Second Coming" to change the course of human history off of its path towards total destruction towards a future of peace and harmony and prosperity, objective observers are progressively more worried about the dangers facing life on planet Earth in these times from environmental degradation, weapons of mass destruction, wars and violence, the rule of laws created by "sovereign states" enforcing them by violence and the threat of violence or imprisonment, and the abdication of personal responsibility to various systems of collective responsibility led by people whose thinking is confused by addiction to the arrogance of "superior status" and "prestige", and to the human sensory pleasures -- people whose primary concern has become their own personal welfare, "security", and pleasure at the expense of oppressing others and exploiting human and natural resources for personal gain and "status".

Yet in these times of the greatest dangers ever faced by life on Earth, including the human species responsible for these dangers, the deepest essential teachings of religions and the post-modern science of consciousness offer in common the solution to all of these problems and the promise of a way to heal the Earth and the mind of humankind by correcting human thinking into accord with the natural law, the Divine Law by which even God operates in this world. At the end of this rainbow odyssey of human evolution lies a future of Paradise on Earth, a literal condition of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance, available from the recognition of the nature of The One Truth common to all religions, ideologies, and science itself -- the basis of the correct application of faith and belief to realize the highest aspirations of humanity including highly advanced human capabilities heretofore thought of as "paranormal".

How can such a goal be accomplished by mere human beings applying their minds and efforts together? The key to success in reaching this goal is to understand that human beings, through application of the infinite divine power of "mind", can tap into and apply this power by recognizing that "ego" identification of one's "self" as existing only in a human form only limits the power of the mind. When one identifies one's true "Self" as merely a "spark of the divine flame of life" then one may tap the infinite energy of the universe with a pure mind to help accomplish any good goal that benefits all life. To recognize and apply this principle might be called "adopting Global Consciousness and Responsibility".


For over twenty five years the results of my research into a chemical physics description of the nature of human consciousness has led me to suggest the future existence, and present-time creation of The Plan (called Torahk) for the "direct cause" of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth. [1]

The bridge of understanding between present-time, past-time, and future-time may seem like an elusive "rainbow bridge", but in fact it is as overlooked as the bridge of one's own nose between one's eyes. The structure of this "bridge of time" may only be seen in the mirror of The Mind but its reflection clearly shows that the idea of linear time is only a partial understanding of the true nature of time itself, analogous to human beings believing that the Earth was flat before empirical evidence, and the "theory" which inspired it, "proved" that the Earth is round. The post-modern ("post-quantum") physics of consciousness, that has sprouted from the 20th Century's accumulated scientific wisdom, clearly indicates that events in the future actually and physically have an influence on events in the present (analogous to the inviolable "logic" of "Western Thinking" whereby, "obviously", events in the past influence events in the present) and that mind/consciousness itself is the operator by which this influence is manifest in human activity. [2]

Intuitive understandings of this "Circle of Time Factor" have formed the basis from human antiquity of indigenous cultures' and religions' cosmologies including true prophecy, the "synchronicity" concept at the core of "Eastern Thinking" such as the wisdom of the I-Ching ("Book of Changes" from ancient Chinese culture) and even in the mechanisms by which prayers are fulfilled and "goals" are "accomplished" by applying the mind using the "special case paradigm" of linear time, cause and effect, and "logic". Not only the most advanced scientific understandings at the end of the 20th Century, but also rediscoveries of ancient understandings offer evidence to support this non-linear "Science of Time", such as the advanced "cosmic astronomy" understandings of ancient cultures like the Maya of Central America, and their sophisticated galactic-calendar-based cosmology being repopularized today as the natural Thirteen Moon Calendar of Peace offered to the United Nations by the World Summit on Peace and Time at its University for Peace. [3]

To mentally walk this rainbow bridge of time itself is to see the operation in past, present, and future time of The One Plan, the manifestation of "The Will of God" in the many worlds of human belief systems on this One Planet, Mother Earth. To take the first "mental step" onto this bridge between past and the present to the future of Paradise on Earth can only be done by recognizing the simple generalized logical conclusion which has only become patently evident in modern times, that either the error in human thinking will go on into the future uncorrected and life on Earth will eventually be destroyed, or this error in human thinking will be corrected globally in time to avert the crisis which has come upon humanity and these problems will be solved, the true ancient prophecies and highest enlightened visions of science will be fulfilled and the Earth will be healed, human mental and physical health accelerated, and the highest human aspirations will become manifest all around The Globe as true peace and prosperity for all as humankind understands the mastery of time itself and the inviolable operation of this True One Plan throughout all time.

This plan, a paradise systems psibernetics program called Torahk, is now being organized in present time, but I believe from my experiences that it is already operational in the future and projecting a "guide beam" signal back in time which is receivable by the minds of receptive people who will come together in this cause, some of whom will participate in its present time creation and implementation on the world wide web. Here the word "psibernetics" means applying a deeper understanding of the nature of "mind" (psi) to the goal-accomplishing process of cybernetics.

The basis for my believe in this Vision of Paradise on Earth is an understanding of the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light (Tetron) as described by the four equations of my "Tetron Thesis" which defines this consciousness orientation function of the human mind as an overlooked property of light, the C in E=mC^2, hypothesizes it as the relationship of mind between observer and observed, and concludes that beyond the measurement parameters of space and time that observer and observed are "absolutely identically equal", that is "All is One", and that it is this human mind's consciousness orientation function of light which delineates this "Oneness", into the "objective reality" relationship between observer and observed. [4]

This Tetron Thesis has yet to gain acceptance or understanding by any member of the global scientific community except one, the late Bruce DePalma, pioneer of "free-energy" devices to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power by extraction of energy from an energy field residing in the space in which matter resides, the "Zero-Point Energy Field of Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations", which he discovered from his experiments documenting previously unsuspected influences of rotation on the inertial, gravitational, and electromagnetic properties of matter. [5]

The reason for this lack of general understanding and acceptance is because of the fundamental prejudicial assumption of the modern "scientific method" of thought which limits the definition of the scope of "physical reality" to events which are independent of and reproducible by all observers at all times without consideration of the "belief system" or "mind/consciousness factor of the particular observer". Any challenge of this fundamental error or "fallacious cornerstone" of the "scientific method" automatically, by present definitions, relegates such challenge to the realm of metaphysics and thus the object of scorn by the believers in this "narrow-minded" modern "scientific method" cosmology.

The Tetron Thesis equations were completed between July of 1974 and April 28, 1977, in part due to spiritual insights gained from a study and involvement as a "participating witness" in the beginnings of contemporary mutual fulfillment of ancient religious prophecies attributed to the Hopi indigenous people of America along with Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist prophecies, and an understanding of a deeper meaning to Judaic, Islamic, Christian, and Hindu prophecies. It is noteworthy that the flash of insight regarding the concept of "absolute identity" came to me at one moment that April 28th during my early months of the walking/drumming/chanting practice that I took up from the late Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, when I recognized the "absolute identity" of a fundamental prayer/admonition from Islam (Leh il leh heh ihl Allah, "there is no god but The One God") and the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra I was chanting. I later learned that day was the anniversary of Saint Nichiren's first putting this prayer to voice as an admonition to pay devotional respect to the perfect truth (my interpretation of it being "there is no law/truth but The One Law/Truth"). [6]

The main principle of the understanding depicted by these equations is that of "The Oneness" or "The One Truth" which is at the root of all religions, all seen in its light as merely culturally and linguistically cloaked and camouflaged perspectives of the same "One Truth". This understanding has led me to see myself as a believer in the mutual truth of all religions, sciences, and ideologies.

Starting in 1976 I began publishing predictions of several kinds of new technologies that would become available as a result of the understanding and acceptance by scientists of these Tetron Thesis equations. Although at that time I was not aware of anyone who had conceived these kinds of technologies, since then for most of these areas I have encountered the work of other scientists who have independently developed information which to me supports these original predictions. The kinds or areas of new technologies I predicted then, and still believe are available, include new fuel-less energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, new kinds of "electrogravimagnetic" fuel-less propulsion/transportation technologies, the "radioactive decay rate accelerator" to neutralize radioactive wastes, the "water transmitter" to broadcast pure water "over the airwaves like radio" from ocean transmitters to receivers anywhere in the world, and new biomedical remediation devices and techniques to eliminate disease. Below is referenced some of the independent research of other scientists which seems to corroborate the potential validity of these predictions.


In his June 2, 1997, discourse at the University of California at Santa Barbara, His Holiness Dalai Lama explained that, correctly understood, Buddhism is as much a religion as it is a science of the mind.

We all have a dream that somehow human beings can become enlightened to understand how to change the situation in the world and eliminate the suffering of the people and the environment that has been caused by mistaken ways of thinking which have produced corrupt modern societies where profits and fulfillment of material desires have become their primary goals. This dream may become real by applying a deeper understanding of mind gained in part by more careful evaluation of historical precedents and their basic "Message of Peace".

This global situation today has been predicted independently by many ancient religious and spiritual prophecies including those of Buddhism, Christianity, and indigenous peoples such as the Hopi "Indians" of the American Southwest. At the same time, these and many other spiritual prophecies and teachings offer insights and instructions on how to change the present course of human history off of the path towards total destruction and onto the path towards true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth. That is, how to purify the minds of the people and thereby to purify land and life.

The late Hopi traditional spokesman Thomas Banyacya explained that to do this we must first recognize that we are all human beings and put aside and forget that we may appear to be of different religions, ideologies, races, nationalities, beliefs, etc., and that "we should put all that aside and just recognize that we are all human beings, children of our Mother Earth".

The United Nations has designated the Year 2000 to begin the International Year and Decade for Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century. To manifest a future culture of peace we may consider modern ideas as well as examples from the past.

The emperor of ancient India over two thousand years ago, Ashoka, conquered the whole of that subcontinent by violent and bloody warfare and yet then accepted the message of peace, renounced violence and codified the message of peace into his rule of law and many peace monuments (stupas and peace poles) symbolizing the message of peace, which led to half millennium of peace and prosperity. Understanding the power of this Message of Peace, Mahatma Gandhi's "Guruji" (revered teacher), the late most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, explained at the end of the American Indians' Longest Walk of 1978 that "An era of wars, an era of violence, and an era of murder and destruction is now about to be buried in oblivion. All measures adopted in anticipation of possible future conflicts and wars cannot establish genuine peace. The question of eliminating the fear and distrust among confronting modern states must be solved first. To eliminate the fear and distrust is an absolute spiritual issue which religion has repeatedly taught from ancient times. The fear shall disappear when you believe in the Almighty God. To eliminate fear we believe in the Almighty God. You fear others because you suspect them to be wicked. When you believe others to be good you will not fear them. You do not believe in God because you have seen His omnipotence. It is through an attempt to see the omnipotence of God that one believes in God. You do not believe that people are good because you see that they are good, but by believing that people are good you eliminate your own fear and thus you can intimately associate with them. To believe in the omnipotence of God which you cannot actually see is a discipline in order to believe the invisible good in others... However the systems may be changed or the wisdom of men combined, unless the door to the spiritual revolution for today's individual self is opened, there will be no prospect of mutual fear and distrust being eliminated."

About one thousand years ago five nations of indigenous peoples had suffered centuries of bitter warfare in the general area east of the American Great Lakes. At that time a great Peacemaker came to that area and brought the Message of Peace which united these nations in centuries of peace and prosperity with a system based on the Great Law of Peace and the Tree of Peace. This system became known as the Iroquois Confederacy and became a model that was inaccurately copies by the "Founding Fathers" of the United States of America. The key parts that they left out or misunderstood included the use of "wampum" not as money but as symbols of responsibilities and authorities, that the leaders of the confederacy (which was indeed a "spiritually united nations") were all chosen by the women elders, and that land was not owned but shared by sacred agreement. One may see how roots of conflict emerged when the European immigrants thought they had "bought" Manhattan with a "handful of beads and trinkets" while the indigenous people understood these tokens to be a pledge to share the land and live in peace together. [7]

A contemporary world teacher whose life of 73 years so far, and whose message about the teachings of Truth, Peace, Love, Duty (Righteousness), and Nonviolence, common to all religions, has inspired millions of the followers of all religions as well as many scientists, is Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India whose mastery of physical reality and "miracles" he says are just to motivate humankind to "Love All and Serve All". His message and example indicate the value of this spiritual resolution of conscience as humankind [8]. Any visit or meeting with this Great Teacher cannot help but to expand one's scope of the nature of physical reality. [9]

Over the past two decades, some American scientists and others around the world are coming to some of the same conclusions taught by these ancient traditions, but, like many religious teachers, their messages are being largely ignored by people more interested in personal gain and profits. Some of these scientists have made discoveries about a primordial energy field that inhabits the space in which matter resides and which may be harnessed with new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power. [10]


By the early 1980's scientists like Trombly and Hoagland via the U. S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were becoming convinced, by the energy measurements of the planets in our solar system investigated by NASA space probes, that our sun and planets are far more energetic than current physics can explain. They determined these planetary bodies must be receiving, or "transforming", energy because their rotation causes an interaction with some kind of energy field that exists in space itself, that is, in the space in which matter resides. Some view these discoveries as containing an explanation for increasing earthquake and volcanic activity on our planet due to interference with planetary energy dissipation dynamics by accumulated influences of nuclear explosion testing and testing of advanced electromagnetic devices as HAARP. [11] [12]

About the same time independently, a well respected scientist had finished ten years of experiments showing smaller objects, even a one-inch diameter steel ball, exhibited measurable and unexplainable changes in their gravitational, inertial, and electromagnetic properties when they were spinning (rotating) compared to when they were not spinning. This could also only be described, in his view, by their rotation causing some kind of interaction with an energy field in space itself. One of the first practical results of his experiments was a new kind of energy generator which apparently extracted energy as electricity from this energy field in space. Two years after DePalma proved this worked he found out that his generator (called the n-Machine) was similar to a forgotten discovery (called homopolar principle) of Michael Faraday who first began to understand the connection between electricity and magnetism in 1830 and whose other discovery, called the induction principle, is the basis for all of the electric motors and generators in common use today. [5]

These new discoveries indicate that new kinds of energy technologies are possible which can replace nuclear power and fossil fuel power by using this space energy field instead of fuel. One area of these new discoveries has since 1989 been perhaps mistakenly called cold fusion. Since then, despite criticisms and oppression of this new knowledge, research on these Low Energy Nuclear Reactions has continued. Some of these discoveries have even been patented and some have shown a way to produce devices that can actually neutralize radioactive wastes by Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation (LENT) as per work of Hal Fox reported 1998 and 1999 to American Nuclear Society. [10]

This n-Machine experiment was duplicated in Japan and even more successfully in India and it has attracted some attention since then by physicists around the world who are still trying to figure out how to explain these strange changes of behavior by rotating objects. In modern times the kind of scientists who other scientists, investors, and the governments look to for understanding what is "possible" in science and what is "not possible" (and how they are possible) are the theoretical physicists (like Einstein). On the one hand, when someone claims a new experimental result that "violates the present laws of physics", the theoretical physicists (who themselves do not test the experiment because they feel they "know" what is possible and not possible, and as theoretical physicists by nature they do not do experiments) are usually the loudest in their doubts, and criticisms that the experimental result not be correct, because it somehow means that what they believe that they know to be correct is in fact wrong or inadequate (the truth threatens their ego). On the other hand most theoretical physicists are employed by the government, government funded schools or grants, or industry, under strict secrecy agreements, some of which authorize their death if they break these top secrecy agreements, so even when they recognize a new truth they may not be able to talk about it or may be forced to deny it publicly.

Since almost all of the funding for scientific research since World War Two has been taken over in the United States by the Federal Government, many new discoveries are kept secret and used for military purposes for perhaps twenty years before they become so well known that they cannot be kept secret any longer and then they are released to civilian use. This is apparently what has happened in the United States with the n-Machine, and many other "new-energy" or "free-energy" inventions like it that are based on perhaps related principles, such as the inventions of Nikola Tesla who invented the AC (Alternating Current) motor and generator and then even more advanced energy technologies which, because they threatened industrial monopolies, were apparently suppressed by the industrialists that the US Government serves while at the same time they were secretly developed further by many governments for military purposes including today's advanced electromagnetic weaponry. [13]

The situation today offers hope that these problems and conflicts, between the profit motives and secrecy of industry and governments, as opposed to the open and free exchange of information fundamental to true science, will be resolved with the help enlightened scientists, including theoretical physicists, who are becoming a little more free of secrecy restrictions by their employers and are also beginning to develop an understanding of the relationship of consciousness itself to the human mind and how these actually influence the applications of science to technology. There is even a post-quantum physics of consciousness under development by leading theoretical physicists, some of whose theories are beginning to offer potential explanations for some of these previously unexplainable experiments. In the more advanced work in this area there is evidence and logic to support the idea that the properties of matter itself include a mental information field which is acted upon by consciousness itself. This work in American may relate directly to the idea of the same Japanese scientist who duplicated the n-Machine experiments who also put forth a theory connecting matter, energy, and consciousness itself which he equates to the principle of Chi (Ki, Qi), a principle also inherent in some Eastern religious cosmologies.

The independent research discussed in the above paragraphs lends support to the potential validity of the areas of new technologies predicted since 1976 consequent to the Tetron thesis equations. Other earlier research on the energy dynamics of water attributed to Viktor Shauberger may offer support for the development with adequate research and development funding for the "water transmitter". This generally overlooked work is becoming more widely known these days as is the work of Royal Raymond Rife who developed the Rife microscope that illuminated living organisms by inducing a luminescence cause by applying their unique electromagnetic resonance frequency which also when amplified destroyed disease causing organisms in vivo. This research done in the first half of the 20th Century may have applications as it is more deeply understood to fulfill the predictions of bioremdiation technologies to eliminate disease.


So now we are beginning to see a bridge of the mind being formed between advanced modern science and ancient knowledge. This bridge may not only offer new technologies but also an understanding that has applications to correct the morals of society as the operational principles of the mind are better understood and taught to the public through the "religion" of modern science in which so many believe, principles such as those described by religions as "karma" or "the golden rule" which are at the root of the correct human values of truth, peace, love, righteousness, and nonviolence.

We are approaching the sunrise of a new dawn of human thinking in harmony with nature and the natural law that describes the oneness of all life, the relationship of humankind to all life, the "All My Relations" of our family of life whereby all matter and energy and mind are understood as related by the operation of consciousness itself.

And it may be just in "the nick of time" because of the seriousness of the environmental problems that threaten all life on Earth in the coming generation. Besides the obvious need to stop the chemical and nuclear dangers and pollutions of the earth, water, and air of our planet, we face today an increase in disastrous weather patterns from contributions by global warming from the greenhouse effect and ozone layer depletion. In addition we most urgently need to bring humankind together in peace to avert the increasing dangers of weapons of mass destruction and to redirect the enormous resources that are now being applied to wars and preparations for wars into solving critical environmental problems before it is too late to save all life on Earth.

It will not be new technologies which save life on Earth from these threats created by human beings and technologies out of harmony with nature. It will be the corrected thinking of humanity resultant from a global spiritual reawakening to the nature of truth itself and to the dynamics of the mind of humankind. This will come as a result of spiritual practice, but it is also my hope that this may be available to the mind of science from the rendering of this human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, Tetron, into a set of simple equations which attempt to fulfill Einstein's vision of a "unified field theory" to describe all of physical reality, all events in nature, with a probability of one (100% certainty).

As a result of the Kyoto convention on climate change the United States revised its national energy policy plan in 1998 to set goals for reduction of energy industry carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. Perhaps because of these results at Kyoto the U.S. Department of Energy seems slightly more interested in these new energy technologies and has acknowledged their potential but no funding for their research and development has been allocated by the US Government for civilian purposes while evidence exists that this new science is being secretly applied to advanced electromagnetic weapons by other agencies of the US Government.

This is extremely unfortunate and shortsighted. According to some knowledgeable scientists the goals for energy industry reductions in greenhouse gases are not adequate to solve the problem in time. Computer environmental modeling predictions released in July of 1988 by eminent climatologist and physicist Adam Trombly of Project Earth have foreseen the increasingly devastating storms and increased storm wind velocities we have been experiencing globally. Trombly explains that the combined effects of deforestation and fossil fuel combustion have not only increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels which accelerate the greenhouse effect of global warming but also have equivalently reduced atmospheric oxygen levels to the extent that this reduction is seriously interfering with ozone layer production from atmospheric oxygen acted upon by sunlight. Ozone layer protection from solar radiation is being further interfered with by pollutions in the upper atmosphere. These predictions of 1988, verified in May of 1997 as being "on target", indicate the potential destruction of all oceanic phytoplankton by increased solar irradiation due to ozone layer depletion by the year 2008. The phytoplankton are not only the beginning of the oceanic food chain but also are the tiny plants that produce over half of Earth's oxygen supply. [11]

If this is in fact the case then we are in the middle of an oxygen crisis which portends the death of life on Earth as we know it in the next generation. This urgency is a matter of increasing frustration over the last ten years. How can this problem be solved? Even if these new energy technologies to replace fossil fuel power were to be available and fully in use today this would not solve the problem because so many trees have been destroyed this century which otherwise might be able to reverse this trend of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and decreasing atmospheric oxygen.

In order to solve this problem we must not only rapidly complete the research and development on these new energy technologies as soon as possible with adequate funding, but we must determine an emergency plan to save as many as possible existing trees and replace the need to cut them with another rapidly growing and efficient source of the cellulose from which paper and construction materials may be made.

This is a global emergency. We must sound the alert and compel an effective response for the sake of the future of all life on Earth. [14]

If we examine all of the plants available to regreen the Earth and save the trees, one particular plant stands out as a ideal candidate for widespread cultivation globally because of its superior bioefficiency and amount of biomass produced per acre as well as its economic values to motivate its cultivation. In addition it grows easily without fertilizers or pesticides and on land that is only marginally useful for other crops. The only problem is that this plant has been made illegal in an historic fraud by American industrialists early this century on the Congress of the United States and its people, a fraud which has been expanded globally by the US Government pushing it onto other countries by way of the United Nations. This plant is the hemp plant which from time immemorial has been among the most valuable plants in human history for paper, fiber, food, fuel, medicines, chemical feedstocks, composite construction materials, etc. Under its latin name of cannabis it was a main ingredient in US medicines for about fifty years before it was outlawed along with industrial hemp to preserve forest-paper, petrochemical, and fossil fuel monopolies in this century's greatest fraud done by greedy American industrialists who created by media information control an artificial hysteria about this plant by calling it marijuana and fomenting racial hatred and fear against the black and Mexican people who used hemp flowers (cannabis) for relaxation to thereby appeal fraudulently to the racially biased US Congress to outlaw this "marijuana" plant without them even knowing that it was the same plant also called hemp and cannabis. Now that this hemp/cannabis prohibition is in force, those modern industrialists who see its relegalization and widespread cultivation as a threat to their profitable business monopolies keep pressuring the government to keep it illegal. According to the US Department of Agriculture an acre of land grown in hemp will produce over four times more paper than an acre of trees planted on the same land over a twenty year average. With modern industrial processes, hemp biomass can be converted to biofuels to run internal combustion engines but as biofuels they contribute no net increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide or decrease in atmospheric oxygen since in the growing cycle the combustion effects are reversed. Through this pyrolisis process (like a pressure cooker) biomass can be converted to the equivalent of petroleum from which everything made from fossil petroleum can also be made. With modern processes hemp cellulose and fibers can be bonded together to make composite construction materials to replace the large bulk of materials that trees are cut down for in construction use. So many trees are cut to make into paper, cardboard, and disposable concrete construction forms, all of which can be better made from hemp cellulose. The hemp seed is second only to soybean in protein content but its protein is more easily digestible and hempseed also contains particular fatty acids which help activate the body's immune system for better health (linolenic and linoleic acids). Complete information on the hemp plant and its many uses, as well as the story of how it was outlawed in 1937 may be found at [15] [15*].

With all these uses and economic advantages, combined with the superior bioefficiency of the hemp plant (producing the most biomass per acre per unit of sunlight and water) an immediate and widespread global environmental emergency response program, to grow hemp everywhere possible to heal the atmosphere and save remaining trees, may be able to reverse atmospheric degradation in time to save life on Earth from otherwise potential destruction. [14]

GLOBAL PEACE PLATFORM: "The American Platform"

Since the United States is the only country to ever use atomic weapons against human beings and because of its prominent economic and military position globally, a successful global peace platform may be put forth during the US year 2000 national election cycle as "The American Platform" containing issues and actions to be addressed for the cause of global peace. We need global peace now, in order to redirect the enormous human and economic resources away from war and the preparations for war into programs to solve global social and environmental crises before it is too late. Such a platform might include the following issues.

Executive clemency to end the twenty-six years of unjust imprisonment of indigenous American activist and spiritual leader Leonard Peltier who Amnesty International recognizes as the only political prisoner in the United States. This would be a first step towards the US changing its policies of oppression towards its indigenous peoples. [16]

Take lead of the movement for global abolition of nuclear weapons by passing HR2545 the global Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act of 1999 now in US Congress. [17]

Adopt a new moral perspective which publicly acknowledges that it was wrong for the US to use atomic weapons against the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as the first step towards the global abolition of all nuclear weapons.

Provide adequate funding to complete research, development, and implementation of new technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and neutralize radioactive wastes. [18]

Reform American drug law policies to: Reduce deaths from prescription medications (presently the fourth leading cause of death in the US); eliminate dangerous food additives such as aspartame/nutrasweet artificial sweetener which has serious long term neurotoxic effects; relegalize medical cannabis; reform illegal drug policies including asset forfeiture laws to decriminalize nonviolent offenses and reduce social and economic burden of corresponding inflated prison populations.

Relegalize industrial hemp and develop a global cultivation incentive plan for its uses to ameliorate deforestation and global climate change.

Take action to ensure that government secrecy policies do not hinder elimination of US intelligence agencies involvement in the illegal drug trade as in CIA drug smuggling complicity acknowledged in US Department of Justice's internal CIA investigation report (Volume II) now in Congress. [19]


Over the last two decades a number of "tools" have been developed to help spread acceptance of the Message of Peace and the deeper understanding of the mind/consciousness factor needed to correct human thinking and aid in the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

Based on the inspiration of historical examples of walking as a group in demonstration or prayer for peace and social change, since 1977 I have been suggesting the vehicle of the long distance Peacewalk as the basis for a popular television/video series, tentatively and generically titled The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage: "The most popular television show ever, based on the format of an encampment moving day to day with evening stage presentations of music and messages, featuring popular public personalities making guest appearances at points along the way to lend their draw to the "show", walkers representing various religions, languages and cultures demonstrating by example how they can all live and work together in peace while sharing their cultures for example in stage presentations and kinds of foods served, and demonstrating a new kind of Peace Livery product line to help sponsor the event and spread the message of the culture of peace". With various TV network and cable editions of the program possible, the variety of experiences inherent in the peacewalk also offer the opportunity for specialized television, internet, and videotape editions including varying lengthed segments edited together covering such things as the walking itself through various city and country settings with local people and celebrities participating and appearing in the walk footage, the natural "soap opera" drama of day to day life among the walkers getting acquainted and forming relationships and solving personal interaction problems, the stage presentations analogous to music television as well as comedy, variety and news issues presentations, cooking and food sharing of various kinds of meals from different cultures, and even campfire conversations would offer virtually unlimited opportunities through "flash-back" and "vision sharing" sequences to integrate historical footage and projections of what the future of The Vision of Paradise on Earth would look like portraying new technologies mentioned above even before they are actually implemented. The Global Peace Walk 2000 route may offer the opportunity to record footage for a "pilot program" to further the development of this telvision program. [20]

Among the "Peace Livery" line of products demonstrated by the peacewalkers and promoted by the television medium could be new simple peacewalker clothing style designs, kits for daily maintenance such as eating, washing, paperwork, sleeping, etc. These products could become the basis for a peace industry manufacturing and distributing them. People who see the walk on TV would take up this kind of activity locally in their own areas and could order their own "peace livery kits" to use for walks and camping events or socially in their own areas thus offering tangible products and "culture of peace" activities to further better community human relations.

One such product is a special modular tenting system base on variations and expansions of a tetrahedral geometry which is the fundamental bonding shape of the carbon atom, ie, the basic shape of carbon life forms. These forms created by this "Earthship Timestar Construction System" constitute a series of geometric designs different from those in normal buildings which mostly feature square corners and so these tetrahedral shape meditation system which offers the potential of experiential understanding of the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light per the Tetron thesis discussed above which may offer another avenue for the advancement of human mental capabilities. Evidence of the mathematical relationship of the tetrahedron-inside-of-a-sphere which has been found encoded in many ancient Earth monuments from various cultures and times, as well as in authentic recent "crop circles", indicates that this shape may be a key to human understaning of the relationship of three dimensional space to higher dimensional realities. [12] This "tetramentation" tenting system features individual modules which connect together into group modules which in turn may be interconnected like a honeycomb forming a tent-city for the walkers. The design of this system is thought to be an analog to the "human hive" based on the metaphor of "the ants have the ant-hive and the bees have the beehive but now there are so many human beings and social problems in the world that we may benefit from discovering the human hive to learn how humanity may function in harmony like one organism or one human family of life".

One of the traditional instuments from ancient times for spreading a message is the drum, especially as used along with putting to voice the message or prayer for peace as exemplified by the "Celestial Drums", the hand drum as taken up with the prayer for peace by Mahatma Gandhi from his "Fujii Guruji" Nichidatsu, a simple drum to use while walking which has also been utilized in many peacewalks across America over the past two decades. As a group practice this is very powerful and offers "an activity of conscience as humankind" to effectively "drum up support for global peace".

One of the most important "tools" for correcting human thinking into accord with the natural law of peace may be the example from ancient India of building peace monuments like the peace poles/pillars and stupas as a tangible symbol of, and ceremonial centerpiece for offering, The Message of Peace. Perhaps any object may by its use become a symbol of the message of peace but because of the historical example from King Ashoka's time as mentioned above, where war and violence were renounced and a culture of peace maintained by a system including these peace monument ceremonies, this example of the stupa has an important message to offer in these times. This kind of ceremony will be offered in Washington, DC, in the rededication of the Washington Monument as a symbol of the message of peace in a Millennial Peace Ceremony offered by Global Peace Walk 2000 on the October 9, 2000, Columbus Day holiday and 1000 year anniversary observance of the Vikings' "discovery" of America. [20]

The American Flag Retirement Ceremony: One of the few items in American culture officially classified as a "venerable object" is the (USA) American Flag. While protestors sometime chose to burn the flag as a symbol of their grievances, this is a suggestion that a far better teaching tool would be to conduct official flag retirement ceremonies for outworn flags according to the proper legal procedure whereby the outworn flag is unseamed and burned each stripe at a time with the field of stars at the end. This could be the focus of community gatherings with the opportunity to offer prayers and/or messages for the improvement of social conditions and the future of the country and the world. By offering this kind of gathering and ceremony in a respectful way, like a "funeral" for the flag with respect and discussion of the high ideals that it represents, this gives a chance for people of all ideological views to come together in respect of one another and share their ideas for the future while at the same time learning more about what respect and veneration of high ideals can mean in daily life by experiencing this kind of event.

Other tokens which have specific meaning for fulfilling The Vision of Paradise on Earth developed over the last two decades may be popularized more widely as simple tools to help focus the mind/consciousness continually on this goal and by their common use bring people together for its fulfillment. These include the "Rainbow Peace Braids", the use of the red symbol following the Hopi Prophecy fire sign revelation of June 14, 1976, in the "Red Cloth Dying Ceremony" (for details [1]), and most recently the "Trumpeting Water Pipes" for "sounding the global emergency alert".

The Global Peace Braid, or "Rainbow Peace Braid" is a simple item with many deep levels of teachings embodied in it as a symbol of the message of peace. Physically it is an item that can be worn or used in many ways as a reminder of these messages. It is never bought or sold but given freely to spread its message as a kind of "wampum" to indicated acceptance of personal responsibility for global peace and the cause of paradise on Earth. It is simply made by braiding six different rainbow colors of yarns or cords by a three-strand braiding of pairs of the various colored yarns. The length is equal to the fingertip-to-fingertip arms-length reach of the person preparing the yarns for braiding (that is equal to one "fathom" in length). In the middle of this set of six colored yarns is put the figure-eight knot symbolizing eternity. The strands on each side of this knot are braided out to the end and each end is then tied with the same knot. The message associated with the braid is simply that "you make it with love; it stands for the message of peace; and when everyone around the world has one then we will have true global peace". Thus participants are encouraged to make them and give them away to others who will do the same while wearing and use them to demonstrate the message. Once this practice becomes popular it can spread around The Globe fairly quickly like a peace chain-reaction analogous to the rapidity of a nuclear chain-reaction.

The red cloth symbol is usable by those with a deeper understanding of the nature of true prophecy fulfillment as given by the Hopi prophecy about the messenger(s) of peace using the red symbol to bring about the change in the course of human history off of its present course towards total destruction and onto the path towards paradise on Earth. The ceremony involves the participants in turn placing a white cloth into the red dye container and receiving their red cloth to wear in various ways after the ceremony is completed. The first occasion of this ceremony was on June 21, 1976, dying two science laboratory coats red as a symbol of the correction of the amoral mind of science responsible for creating the social and environmental problems of these times by encouraging scientists who understand the need for morality in science to wear this red lab coat symbol.

As an analogy to the Biblical story of Joshua at the battle of Jericho, a loud trumpeting sound from the human breath itself may be made by blowing like a trumpet on a length of white plastic water pipe commonly used in irrigation. The sound varies with the length and a particularly loud harmonic is reached at some point between six feet and two meters in pipe length. A simple formula is for each participant to use a pipe equal in length to the height of the person trumpeting it. In this way the sound is a reflection of the size of the person and when a group makes these sounds together it may be seen as a chorus of sounds of the various "sizes" of people. This correlates to the tetrahedral meditation tent mentioned above where the standard is to make the length of each of the six poles forming the edges of the tetrahedron equal to the height of the person using the tent, thus offering a common size/shape reference experience for the "human hive" experiment. Each pole has a hole in the end and the four apexes of the tetrahedral tent frame are created by lacing together the three pole ends at each apex with a cord laced through these holes and then tied in a knot. The same kind of water pipe can be used for the tent poles. A photograph of this author demonstrating this "sounding the global alert" in front of the US Capitol on UN Day 1998, wearing the red lab coat, is posted at [21].

One project, or "tool" for the realization of the above described new technologies is the Capital Hills Research Center proposed for the Tehachapi Valley in California as a rapid global environmental emergency level "crash-program" to complete the necessary research and development of these technologies on a global level so that they can be implemented as soon as possible without the delays usually associated with the secretive "proprietary" development of inventions produced for sponsor's patents and exclusive profits. [22]

One very strong way to integrate into one's life commitment to The Vision of Paradise on Earth is a variation on the tonsuring practice of various religious practitioners where one shaves one's head as a symbol of this commitment and a "rebirth" into it. My variation on this theme was to shave like this in 1974 offering the vow which I have maintained since then to not cut my hair until this goal/vision is fulfilled. It is not so convenient, especially now that my hair and beard are long, and is certainly contrary to popular "style", but this is one way to apply the principles behind fashion and style in a more productive way than is usually done to seek attention, prestige, status, and respect by artificial and superficial devices such as expensive cars and clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc. When global peace becomes as much a fashion as men's neckties, perhaps after becoming a popular fad via new devices, it may manifest itself in record time.

The simplest tool I can personally offer towards realizing this plan to fulfill The Vision of Paradise on Earth, this paradise systems psibernetics program called Torahk, is for each person, at least once in their life, to simply experiment for the possibility of its personal guidance by putting to voice the sound of Torahk and then observe if over time this results in inspirations and guidance of how to take part in the execution of this plan. Another related sound/word to try is that of Torahkum, "the law stands up". The story behind these two words is included in the narrative at [1].

The most important message I have saved for the end. This is how a global peace economy must be developed by changing the present system whereby everything is bought and sold or traded. The antidote to the poison of today's materialistic society, rooted to some extent in the addiction to, and near worship of, money and material possessions, is in the understanding and practice of "offering". This means the no-strings-attached offering of personal and financial support for efforts deemed "worthy causes" just for the satisfaction of knowing that such offerings will help that cause succeed. This concept of offering support without condition of personal gain is the simplest or hardest thing to do and understand depending on the clarity of understanding of the offerer and how much pleasure and satisfaction offering therefrom returns to its source.

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