Personal History and Philosophical Development

This is a draft document (as of January 7, 1999) covering a number of years of personal background and the events involved in the developing spiritual philosphical position of David Crockett Williams. Some parts of this are outline indexes for future expansion including names of documents to be linked to this site in future.

The following introductory narrative is about 20 pages and covers chronological events only through 1979. These, however, were the years which defined my life's mission as you will understand by reading them.


I was born May 17, 1945 in Newport, Rhode Island, and named after my father, a Mississippi farm boy (raised as a Baptist) who was named after his grandfather who was named after Davy Crockett (no relation). My dad joined the Navy and was a radioman on a mine sweeper and then a destroyer during WWII. In the Navy he contracted tuberculosis and became a disabled veteran who survived several years of hospitalization, gruesome treatment and operations for tuberculosis. My father died on May 17, 1985 (my 40th birthday) after retiring from a thirty year career in accounting for the motion picture industry (Walt Disney Studios and MCA Universal). After those years of close encounters with death, my dad became a serious student of mind and spirituality all his life and a follower since the early 1970's of the global spiritual leader from India, Bagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and his expressed legacy to me was to believe in Baba's Divine Life and Message. My mother, Amy, also carries this message. She was born and grew up in Newport where her father was a store owner, then baker, then self taught electrician and inventor who formulated his own theory of matter based on the idea of "thermal force". I was baptized in my mother's church (Trinity Episcopal) and my ancestry is English, Welsh, and German Swiss.

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and when young we attended Unity Church for a year and Unitarian Church for another year before my parents became serious students of mysticism and psychic phenomena, as part of their long involvement with the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) of which my dad eventually served as Master of the San Fernando Valley Lodge. My perception of the scope of "physical reality" was broad enough to expect science, my first love, to be capable of explaining all of the so-called paranormal phenomena, written about in so many magazines we had around the house. I learned to control fire at age four, and driven to understand it, I started studying chemistry starting at age nine with the encouragement of my parents who were investigative and exploratory thinkers, allowing my early interest in chemistry to develop in years of backyard experiments in pyrotechnics despite the recurrent clouds of smoke and loud noises. Since my youth I expected to become a famous investigative scientist and discover something of value to humanity. In my youth my father worked at Walt Disney Studios and during the Davy Crockett television craze he would bring home souvenirs and at one point took me to the studio to meet Fess Parker who called my dad Davy Crockett. When I was just turning fourteen years old, Walt (as Disney preferred to be called) decided to start an Explorer Post through the Boy Scouts for boys 14-18 years old with the specialty of learning how to make motion pictures. So for four years I was a member, attending weekly Thursday evening meetings, weekend and summertime classes taught by studio experts, and shooting and editing sessions where we each learned all the different phases of motion picture production and completed a feature western film that we also acted in. During my last year there I was the President of the Post. In high school I took a math/science major, elected to study Spanish and German languages and graduated with honors in February of 1963. I then got a full time job, to save money to buy a car to drive to college, at a sit-down fast-food type restaurant starting as a cook/cashier and soon becoming assistant manager. During that time I enjoyed camping and hunting but otherwise mostly intellectual pursuits and working. With my high school girlfriend I attended her Christian Science church for about a year and was impressed with their religious perspective.

In the Spring that year I met an unusual fellow who became a good friend, teacher, and intellectual inspiration. His name was Jim Waldron. Jim was only nineteen years old at the time but was fluent in several languages including Arabic which he had studied on his own from recordings, books, and some friends. Although from a Baptist background, he had learned and accepted the faith of Islam and was the only Anglo-American member involved in the early development of what became the Los Angeles Mosque. He was expert at Arabic folk music and dancing, he had already memorized the Koran (Islamic scriptures), and was an inspirational figure in the Los Angeles Islamic community. During the following years he shared with me some of the wonder and beauty of the traditional Arabic culture and of the Islamic religion which I embraced at the age of 18 after learning the principles of the faith, a few words of Arabic, and memorizing one Sura (chapter) of the Koran. This Sura dealt with one of the fundamental differences in the Christian and Moslem perceptions of Jesus who is regarded as a Lord and prophet in Islam (like the last Prophet Mohammed) but who is regarded as divine by Christians. This inconsistency seems to be resolvable by more careful understanding of language differences, since this Sura's message that God "does not beget and is not begotten" is only contradictory to the idea that Jesus is the "begotten Son of God" if the metaphoric term "Son" is interpreted literally and carnally as "son" (an interpretation of course regarded as blasphemous to Moslems). In addition to the priceless gift of a deep intercultural understanding of the tenets of this traditional faith and culture, Jim made me the gift of the traditional Arabic headdress called Kahfiyeh (the cloth including headband called Ahgahl) and explained some of its meaning. As my first spiritual teacher he explained my name in Arabic as Daoud ibn Daoud, Abdul Allah (David son of David, Servant of [The One] God).

In college after quitting my restaurant job I worked half time for almost four years in the Chemistry Department stockroom, as well as other part time jobs, before going to work full time in the life insurance business during two years of graduate studies in business while playing rugby on the school team. Generally getting good grades I excelled at chemistry because of my deep interest and an ability to visualize conceptual imagery in three dimensional form. I received the first "A" grade ever given at the school in quantitative analysis and I began to routinely get 100% scores on physics and organic chemistry tests where the next highest score would be in the low 70%. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree (with honors) in Chemistry from California State University, Northridge, in 1969, and was later described in a letter of reference by my former organic chemistry professor as one of the better chemistry students to have attended CSUN. Originally planning to continue for advanced degrees and make a career in research chemistry, this goal was sidetracked by my perception of a fundamental error in the basic nature of modern science due to its acceptance of an historical compromise, about the nature of light and the nature of truth, confused by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle -- a fundamental error whose correction would later become the goal of my Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory.

In the Summer of 1966 I began a career in financial services as a part time life insurance salesman and by Fall was promoted to agency manager, got married in 1967 (at my wife's church, Bel Air Presbyterian, which I attended with her for about a year) and became a father in 1968 exempting me from military service in accord with my father's admonition to stay out if it. Knowing from hunting experience the feeling of killing a large animal, I was also personally determined to avoid killing any human being, had great sympathy for those enduring military service, and never even thought about protesting any authority or military action throughout, and beyond, a seven year business career in sales and sales management of insurance, investment, real estate, and business opportunity products and services. I earned the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) degree in 1971 from the American College of Life Underwriters and by 1973 developed a business plan for a personal and financial services agency to help clients become financially independent. Then marital difficulties and adverse business experiences precipitated the beginning of a spiritual reawakening and a personal transformation which led to a rededication of my life to the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth -- a cause empowered by my discovery of Tetron, the human mind's mathematically definable consciousness orientation function of light, central element in my unified field theory equations developed from 1974-77.

Since my upbringing was steeped in a respect for the intangible workings of the human mind, I was deeply fascinated by the variety of beliefs and attitudes about death and family which I encountered in my life insurance work. How people's beliefs influenced their thinking and particularly their financial security, was a constant source of wonder and amazement to me. After six years of increasing success, awards, prestigious offices, and respect of my associates, while I sought to add more and more financial services to my portfolio for the benefit of my clients, I became associated with Holiday Magic, a successful multiline "multilevel" marketing company which offered, through a subsidiary, a specialized class called Mind Dynamics. Developed as a class to help people learn how to slow their brain rhythms to deep meditative levels enabling better health and success while developing "psychic" abilities, I was attracted by the stories I heard from course graduates. So in April of 1972 I took the four day class with about thirty people all of whom gained a degree of expanded psychic abilities monitored by a final testing patterned somewhat after the experiences of the well know early 20th Century American psychic and healer Edgar Cayce. It was during this class that I received the mental impression of the geometry for the symbol I later chose to represent the Tetron function. This experience with mind dynamics began a consuming interest in further research on the subject which led to my reading many books on the mind and attending many lectures and workshops. This was the same course taken by a radiologist named Dr. O. Carl Simonton who began teaching the mental imaging techniques that he learned to his terminal cancer patients to help them strengthen their immume system reactions. A year after he took the course, Dr. Simonton reported his results with a lecture and slide presentation to a gathering of over 500 course graduates showing documentation of spontaneous remissions from this alternative healing discipline. Two weeks later on his way to the podium at a similarly large gathering in Los Angeles, Dr. Simonton was prevented from speaking by officials of the American Medical Association under threat of revocation of his medical license. Since that time he has been the author and subject of many articles in the popular press on this subject, now come to be known as psycho-immunology, and recently has become a principal in a cancer institute using this discipline. This experience with Mind Dynamics stimulated a deeper interest in the workings of the human mind and I began reading many books on the subject and attending more seminars and lectures.

Because of its rapid success, unique marketing plan which required a substantial distributorship fee, and complaints from disgruntled distributors, the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission began an investigation into Holiday Magic to determine if it was in violation of any securities laws. The adverse publicity, before any report was even made, caused the company's business to plummet. In late 1972 I became a salesman and then sales manager for Burreson Investment Company which had a good track record with real estate investments in land parcels picked for appreciation potential in the path of future metropolitan expansion. I quickly became an agency manager and while in charge of the Van Nuys airport office I decided on the kind of business I wanted to do as a permanent career, a general agency service to help my clients become more financially independent, and then started a company called World Financial Independence Company. It was during this time that I had occasion to employ the services of a Certified Graphoanalyst on a venture capital deal I was working on. Graphoanysis is a scientific school of personality evaluation based on empirical studies based on the variations of strokes in handwriting. This discipline is used in questioned documents evaluations (court certified) but also in marriage counseling, investment banking, etc. My private studies at this time convinced me of its value in the graphical quantification of valuable measurement parameters of an individual's relative identity. But, by the beginning of 1973, again because of its rapid success and complaints from some clients or competitors, Burreson came under public scrutiny, by the California Real Estate Commission, to determine if it was in violation of any real estate laws relating to limited partnerships. And again due to adverse publicity before any report was made, the company's business plummeted. These two experiences, where a change in public perception had a disastrous impact on investment performance in spite of my best efforts to accurately evaluate their potential, resulted in losses to my clients and myself (I filed bankruptcy) and a broken marriage.

By the middle of 1973 I was consumed with the notion that there was something fundamentally wrong in general with the way in which human beings applied faith and belief, a misunderstanding about the nature of the mind itself, and that this error in thinking was not only responsible for my failures but was responsible for all of the problems in the world. Somehow I had the intuition that whatever the error was, that there was a simple answer to correct human thinking and that I could figure it out if I applied myself to the problem. I reasoned that if I could figure it out, it would not only enable me to become more successful but it would be of great benefit to all of humanity. Finally, on June 24, 1973 I abandoned my business activities (and, very sadly, temporarily left my wife and four year old son, Troy) to apply myself wholeheartedly to this quest.

I left about 1AM and drove North from Los Angeles into the night, rested briefly towards sunrise, and drove on up through the desert. Just before reaching Red Rock Canyon I had the most unusual experience of "hearing" a sound with my mind. Not in the sense of remembering or thinking about a sound, but a perception so clear and loud that I had to look all around to make sure that I wasn't hearing it with my ears from a speaker somewhere. After it abruptly started, the sound like a human voice repeated a word over and over for a period of about four minutes that seemed more like five to ten minutes and then, as suddenly as it had started, the sound stopped. The sound that I heard is represented by this spelling of that word: TORAHK or Torak. I was amazed and awonder at what this experience meant and for a while I thought that this was a divine inspiration for a name that I should take for myself. As time went by, I rather realized that this is the name of a cybernetics "guidebeam" signal coming back through time from the future in order to guide those who receive it in the contemporary direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth; a paradise systems cybernetics (or psibernetics) program which will at some point in the near future go "online" and be later empowered with the trans-time function as the nature of time (linear and higher dimensional) is further understood. The occurrence of the sound of Torak seemed to be the first and almost immediate response to my quest for an answer of how to correct human thinking. Two weeks into my journey I had another direct "response from the cosmos" when I was meditating on the question "Where do I even look for a direction to find the answer to my quest?". Just as dramatically as I had just received clairaudiently the sound of Torak, I then received clairvoyantly a vision with my eyes open as though an invisible piece of chalk was writing on an invisible blackboard the equation, "E=mC^2"! After my one month journey I returned to the San Fernando Valley to find my family situation destroyed by my absence and my wife and I separated.

I devoted the entire next year to thinking and writing notes inspired by these experiences. What developed was a plan to organize Torak as a computer program to coordinate human and physical resources to bear on the goal of global peace and prosperity. I came to the understanding that all of life was deeply related somehow, an understanding which could be described by the idea of "Our Family of Life", which I designated as one of five facets of Torak, along with "Conscience Faith of Light", "Conscience University of Life", "The Universal Nation of Light", and "Relativity Financial Group". By early Spring of 1974, I realized that somehow I needed to shed my unconsciously maintained attachments to past erroneous thinking and somehow become "reborn" into deepening consciousness of the oneness and interrelatedness of all life embodied in the expression of "Our Family of Life". For this reason, and as a daily reminder of my commitment to subjugate my personal goals and desires to concentrate my entire life's devotion the cause of paradise on earth, I shaved my head and face on my 29th birthday May 17th with the vow to not cut it again until prevailing on earth is true peace, harmony among all life, and free natural abundance as paradise on earth.

By the summer I decided to move up to Santa Barbara to apply for the U.C.S.B. interdisciplinary Ph.D. program there in Chemical Physics, in order to more rigorously develop a mathematical representation of what I had been pondering for over a year, in the form of a Unified Field Theory. During the last few days of July, while completing my application in an atmosphere of "lots of spirits watching", I boldly presented what I wanted to do my thesis about in the form of a correction and completion of "E=mC^2", i.e. the preliminary mathematics of the Tetron Thesis which I then called the equations of Tetronic Relativity. I was overwhelmed at that time with the realization that I was attempting to correct Einstein, almost a God of modern science, and I felt insecure about doing so especially since I knew I was on the right track but I knew that my understanding of the Tetron idea and these equations was still incomplete. Although I had high grades and good letters of recommendation, my application was denied for unspecified reasons. I later found out that simply turning in my application with the $50 application fee was not enough under normal circumstances for admittance. Rather first I should have gone and met people in the departments and found a professor to be my "sponsor" before applying. In any case, since I realized by then that the answer to my quest involved knowledge overlapping not only chemistry and physics, but also psychology and religion, I pursued my research independently on a continuing intuitively directed path.

Before Christmastime I saw flyers posted around the community about a campout type gathering in Ojai, billed as a "Healing Gathering". Noticing the handwriting of the organizer on the flyer, I was very impressed with him before I met him from my study of graphoanalysis. I went to this gathering and was amazed by the experience of loving community that I found there. I was equally amazed at the presentation there of a well thought out proposal for the organization of an "All One Family Union" which paralleled so closely the notes and ideas I had been developing for the last year and a half.

After this gathering was over, I traveled with its organizer towards a Yoga retreat being convened near Mexico City. On the way, just outside of Guadalajara we were stopped at a Federal Police roadblock and arrested because of a handful of hemp/marijuana leaves found in my shirt pocket and a small bag of it in the car. This resulted in my spending over nine months in the Jalisco State Penitentiary in Guadalajara. The most difficult part of this experience was not knowing if or when I would get out. I learned a lot during that time about "human nature", living among many people who were thieves and murderers. One lesson well learned came from applying the admonition to "make friends with everyone, act in such a way to make no enemies". Following this sensible philosophy and my natural instincts I gained the reputation of being a peacemaker who could resolve many difficult misunderstandings between inmates. From this experience one of my most important realizations was that even with hardened criminals and hard-core murderers, friendship and love are primary motivators. While there I saw the first "Indians" that I had ever met, some of the Huichol people arrested for growing marijuana. Also for the first time I read a most amazing book called "Warriors of The Rainbow", by Vinson Brown and William Willoya. The theme of book is about religious prophecy fulfillment. This was quite a new perspective for me since I had been thoroughly steeped in the "Western" thinking of logic and cause and effect. So it was quite revealing to examine a treatise professing evidence of another direct source of knowledge coming from beyond the boundaries of the sequential logical and analytical reasoning conforming to a linear time line. The thesis of this book is that there is one truth behind all of the world's religions and indigenous spiritual traditions, that each of these disciplines represents in many languages the same message of the oneness of all life (i.e. that the same One God is behind all religions), and that from this perspective a common meaning can be interpreted from the ancient prophecies of all religions and spiritual traditions. Through comparative analysis the book shows how so many religious prophecies, from major scriptural religions to ancient oral aboriginal traditions alike, from independent time periods and geographical locations around the globe, all seem to be saying and predicting the same things. Showing how events in recent history have fulfilled many of these independently reported and recorded prophecies and prophetic dreams, the proposition made is that there is reason to believe that the common predictions they make for the times still in our future will also come to pass and that there is reason to consider that there is a common spiritual source or plan from whence they have all been inspired. The Quest for all then becomes, "How to access that source?". In general, the analysis predicts that, due to incorrect thinking, the path of human history will continue on toward total destruction until a certain event occurs which will change the course of human history onto the path towards true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth. A central chapter of the book is about the Hopi prophecy predicting that this event will occur in the four corners area of the United States and that the timing of its occurrence will coincide with the appearance of three peoples bearing certain signs and symbols.

After my release, I returned to Southern California and late in 1975 I read a book called "The Roots of Consciousness" by Jeff Mishlove, which constituted his thesis for the first interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree in Parapsychology given by the University of California at Berkeley. Herein the many different kinds parapsychological phenomena, from telepathy to faith healing to telekinesis to UFO's to firewalking, etc., were all portrayed as connected to the deeper workings of the human mind and in the category of "psi phenomena" where "psi" refers to the Greek letter in the root words for the mind, e.g., psyche, psychology, etc.

Before returning to Santa Barbara in January of 1976, I began writing about the idea of applying a deeper understanding of the human mind (including Tetron) to the process of goal accomplishment called cybernetics (after the Greek word cybernetics, for helmsman) applied to the goal of paradise on earth. This idea I called the Paradise Psibernetics of Our Family of Life.

After moving back to Santa Barbara I began living in the foothills in a tent on property whose owner maintained the inspiration to develop there a "Dharma Home". When I asked him what that meant to him, he replied that Dharma (which I have seen variously translated as "duty", and as "the one law" of which the law of Karma, or cause and effect, is but a special case) means the path of least suffering and that the Om (primordial vibration, Aoum) of the Dharma is in each one's heart, hence the idea of Dharma H(om)e. It was shortly after this that I there saw a video tape of the January 1976 speech made the Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya at the International Cooperation Council's gathering in Los Angeles earlier that month. One could see from this speech that Banyacya was a very unusual speaker and that his message was very important. For the whole speech of just about an hour, Thomas never seemed to blink once. His eyes were brimming on the edge of tears the whole time and he spoke in a slow, almost hypnotic, monotone voice for all but a brief passage. This was very notable because his voice changed from the non-emotional relating of facts to the tone of an urgent plea when he explained that "the true white brother will be coming to the Hopi land very soon, wearing a red cap or red cloak and bringing many new inventions". This message would have a lifelong impact on my thinking, directly related to the theme of "Warriors of The Rainbow".

3-4 Apr, 76, release, Paradise Psibernetics 1976-2176 report to "Future Think Conference" at UCSB Campbell Hall, handout

Over the next few months I became acquainted with some frequent visitors to the property who were members of what they called the Christ Family. Since at that time I was unclear about what I believed about Jesus Christ, I listened to their message as they constantly quoted from the Bible and talked seriously about the nature of the return of Jesus Christ. These people conscientiously practiced a communion process which they described as a practice for greater understanding of Jesus Christ and which involved using marijuana (hemp flowers) and LSD as "sacraments". During my time as a chemistry major in college, after returning from the summer of '65, a friend of mine who was a year ahead of me in school explained that he had synthesized LSD and a number of other psychedelic chemicals over the summer and experimented with their effects which he tried to explain. I remembered also that while it was still legal when I was fourteen years old, my parents and I had attended a lecture about LSD and we considered trying it then, but before we could, it became illegal. I had thought that someday I might try it but I decided to wait until I could make it myself so that I would be sure of what I was taking. When I explained this to my Christ Family friends, they asked me what I was afraid of and then they suggested that perhaps if I tried it I might not any longer want to make it in the lab. Finally, after refusing many times, on May 5, 1976 (which that year was the anniversary of Israel's independence) I accepted the spirit of their offer and took a little purple pill that they said was LSD. To the best of my ability to discern at that time, I perceived no psychochemical effect beyond control (a low dose) and my experience that day was largely influenced by the thought that its purported effects were only imaginary. However, late in the day after any possible effect should have gone, one very odd thing did happen.

It had become my practice that Spring to repeatedly put to voice the sound of Torak in order to better understand its meaning and significance by this verbalization experience. On this particular afternoon I walked to my favorite meditation spot and opened my mouth to put to voice the sound of Torak, but at the end of the final syllable, for some reason and by some cause beyond my knowledge or control, the word came out of my mouth as TORAHKUM, or Torakum. I was quite astonished, but intuitively felt that this word or sound would be a very important part of whatever my "mission in life" might be. About two weeks later, one evening I was repeatedly putting to voice the sound of Torakum. A visitor who had lived in Israel asked me what the word meant. I replied that I didn't know if it had a translated meaning in English from any other language on earth, but it just seemed to me to be very important. When I then said to her that "maybe you are here to tell me what it means", she replied that in the Hebrew language it means "The Law stands up".

28 May 76, "Notes about the author", DCW background

On May 28th the Hopi interpreter Banyacya spoke about the Hopi prophecy in Santa Barbara at a meeting I attended. The material he presented was essentially the same as that on the video I had seen months earlier. The only time that he made eye contact with me during his talk was exactly when he was saying the part (in the same tone as an urgent plea) about "the true white brother coming to the Hopi land very soon wearing a red cap or red cloak and bringing many inventions". This sent shivers up and down my body as I knew that the application of the discovery of Tetron would indeed be many new inventions, but I felt that the mathematics of the Tetron thesis (and my understanding of its message) were still then incomplete and that there was still something very important that I had to realize before they could be completed. After receiving from Banyacya an inspiring document called the "Hopi Declaration of Peace" and reading it over and over, I decided that I could not ignore such an intense feeling and I felt that I should dye something red and wear it to the Hopi land to see what would happen and what I would learn. Wondering what kind of garment would be a symbol of my faith, being a chemist and scientific thinker I chose a lab coat. After buying two white cotton lab coats to dye red, I began to get "cold feet". After a week or so my feelings lost their intensity and I felt embarrassed to think about going to the Hopi villages wearing a red lab coat. I wondered, prayed and meditated about what it meant to fulfill prophecy. Does someone hear about a prophecy and think "that sounds like a good thing to do" and then just do it if one is capable in order to fulfill prophecy, or does one simply do something without foreknowledge and then afterwards someone says "Did you know that what you just did is a fulfillment of a prophecy?". Is foreknowledge a prerequisite or antithesis of prophecy fulfillment? Is prophecy fulfilled by an act of free will or by a predestined sequence of events? To me this was the razor's edge of philosophical argumentation, and I didn't then know what to do. I reasoned that if this was really something that I was supposed to do, or destined to do, then I could "go into the wilderness and pray for a sign from God" and one would be given unto me analogous to Moses and the burning bush; if no sign was given then I could give up on the idea and not "lose face". So, because it had been such a strong inspiration, I decided to go somewhere for the purpose of seeking a sign which would confirm the course I should follow.

So it was that on June 14, 1976 (which I later learned was Flag Day) I climbed a hill that overlooked the San Francisco bay to see if such a sign would be forthcoming. I was feeling very relaxed because I felt by then that the red dying idea was so ridiculous that it was inconceivable to me that I could observe any sign or portent of such nature so as to convince me that it was my "destiny" to go through with it and go to the Hopi land "applying for the job" of the "true white brother". I sat naked alone in the tall dry grass facing the bay and closed my eyes, using my Mind Dynamics technique to slow my brain rhythms into a meditative state until I got a vivid image of myself sitting at a peace center point symbol in the Hopi land. Because I was already so relaxed this was accomplished very quickly and after about three to five minutes I finished and opened my eyes. Exactly where my gaze focused when I opened my eyes, on the edge of the bay, a thin column of smoke had formed already several hundred feet tall. For almost two hours I watched as flames first appeared and then raged up the canyon toward me until veering off to the left. After a while the air tankers appeared and began dropping a red colored fire retardant on the flames. Whatever the mechanism by which this classic example of synchronicity appeared, it convinced me beyond all doubt that I must follow through with this inspiration to fulfill prophecy. After that I felt as though a master plan was behind my journey and any necessary arrangements would follow as a natural matter of course.

As if to test my faith, on the way back to Santa Barbara as I pulled off in Santa Cruz to get gas, halfway down the off-ramp the transmission and rear wheels locked up and the car skidded to a halt on the side of the road. Had this occurred just minutes earlier it would have been at highway speeds on a winding mountain road with potentially lethal consequences, but in this context it was almost humorous. After spending the gas money on red dye and a copy of "Warriors of The Rainbow", a new graduate of religious studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz offered a ride to help fulfill this mission. We went to the Summer Solstice gathering of the All One Family Union at Harbin Springs, dyed the lab coats red and while they were drying a fire broke out at the gathering. After it was subdued four of us traveled on the way to the Hopi land to fulfill prophecy. On the way there, I heard from our driver for the first time the story of the life of the man who came to be known as Buddha; how he had been a wealthy prince who was married, had a child, lived sheltered in a walled city until one day he went outside and for the first time saw sickness, suffering, poverty, and death. He was so overwhelmed that he renounced his life and went into the countryside a pauper to meditate and pray for the insight to end human suffering whereafter he found the answer through "enlightenment" as non-attachment to physical desires and the experience of Oneness from emptying The Mind. Several times on our journey we would pull off the highway for a rest, drive off on a side road to find a quiet place, and there would be an unattended fire in a field. The fires seemed to track our journey. We arrived on June 23rd and after consulting with our group I typed a message for the occasion which was read over the telephone on June 24th to the Cape Canaveral gathering and official national 1976 U.S. Bicentennial "Horizon's Day" Program, proposing Paradise Cybernetics as the policy for the third century of the United States.

All the while I was in prison in Guadalajara, I wondered if I would be free during the U.S. bicentennial year and had vowed to do something symbolically significant then if I could. After two of our group drove on to the annual Rainbow Family Gathering (in Montana that year) which features an hour of silent prayer by a circle of thousands of people camped in the wilderness on the 4th of July each year, my partner an I remained camped at Oraibi Wash for some time. There with my portable typewriter, I composed some documents for the occasion including my predictions about what kind of inventions would be forthcoming with the completion, understanding and acceptance of the Tetron Thesis: 1) Fuel-less electric power technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, 2) Electrogravimagnetic levitation vehicles, 3) Water transmitter for the "wireless broadcast" of water from the oceans to the land anywhere in the world, and 4) Radioactivity decay rate accelerator to neutralize radioactive material. Then on July 4th, wearing the red lab coats, we delivered these documents included in a Peace Plan Proposal to Hopi interpreter Banyacya at his home.

Since it was a Sunday, after we left the church bells rang at the Mennonite Church so we then went to the church service, me in my red lab coat. One of the pastors invited us to his home for lunch after the service where we met his family and a very elderly man from Oraibi who had a book written about him called "Sun Chief". Over lunch they explained the basis for their strong faith as Christians was because of the similarities that they found between the teachings of the Bible and the teachings of their indigenous Hopi religion, particularly that the return of the "true white brother" meant the physical and bodily return of Jesus Christ to the earth. On July 15th my letter to the editor describing my mission was published in the Hopi newspaper called Qua'Toqti (The Eagle's Cry). Late in the afternoon of July 17th a man showed up at my campsite who had hitchhiked from the July 1-15th Rainbow Family Gathering on his own spiritual mission to the Hopi land and who was very intensely following his own interpretations of Biblical Prophecy. This Rainbow Family Brother (James Horsely)) talked to me incessantly about his feelings on Christ's message and constantly quoted scriptural authorities to support his prophecy interpretations. The day before he had met the well known Hopi elder, Grandfather David Monongye. James wanted to meet Thomas Banyacya who I had seen briefly that day while I was watching the first of a two day Kachina Dance Ceremony in New Oraibi (now called Kykotsmovi). We talked late into the night and felt that we had met each other as part of some kind of joint spiritual mission, he coming from the Rainbow Gathering and me from the All One Family Union Gathering. The next day, a Sunday, James wanted me to introduce him to Banyacya and I was looking forward to the second day of the Kachina Dance. Also, since I still felt uncomfortable about my understanding of Jesus Christ and was not a Bible student, I was very interested to introduce James to the Mennonite pastor and listen to their conversation about Bible prophecy -- between two people who seemed to know the scriptures by memory, to see how close their interpretations matched. As we prepared to leave camp that morning for the one mile walk to the village, a huge deeply colored full double rainbow (the first I had ever seen) appeared in the Western sky over the village and stayed complete for over twenty minutes as we walked toward Kykotsmovi. Banyacya was out of town and on the way to the Kachina Ceremony we noticed David Monongye standing outside the store while a young man was making a phone call for him. (During the previous weeks my daily routine included sitting for hours outside this store in my red lab coat to see what I could learn from the experience and people's reaction to me; I had seen Monongye notice me during this time as he had pointed me out to some people with him waiting outside the store in a pickup truck) When James introduced us that morning, Grandfather David quickly walked up very close to me and said only "you are my brother", to which I replied "yes, I am". As I stood facing him (relaxed holding my right hand in my left just below my waist), he put his hands together likewise and stood so close to me that the long hairs on the back of his hand touched the back of my left hand. For quite a few minutes we stood together in silence as he gently swayed to and fro brushing my hand like that, the church bells rang and he said "church bells", then his friend finished the phone call and they left. James and I then went to the Ceremony area and stood on either side of the entry posts unique to that village. Moments later we looked at each other and simultaneously then behind us to see two Kachina dancers of seemingly identical appearance approaching from out of earshot (we later discussed this and we both "sensed" them coming without hearing them and we each had an eerie feeling that whatever they represented, these two Kachinas were somehow connected to our purpose for being there, as we were, representing the "spirit of the rainbow"). These two dancers approached until we could hear their somber song, passed between us and the entry posts and entered the ceremonial grounds. They continued to sing their song and move to each of the four direction positions very soberly and seriously, emphasized by the Clown Kachinas who normally monitor and assist the other Kachina dancers but who treated these two with such deference that they would not even face in their direction. (I was told later, by some young men who visited me at my camp, that these two were the "Morning Kachinas", that they represented "the last hope prayer of the Hopi people", that the two men who had taken part as these two Kachinas had fasted without food, water, or sleep for four days continuously singing the prayer that they carried into the ceremony, and that this was the first appearance of the Morning Kachinas at any ceremony seen in the lifetime of those in attendance) A short while after the Morning Kachinas joined the ceremony, James and I walked to the Memmonite Church as it began to rain (an auspicious sign in Hopi cosmology) and as we reached the door it became a short downpour with lightning and thunder. After the service we were invited to lunch at the home of the same pastor (Frederick Myron) where I listened with keen interest to their comparative analysis of the Bible's teachings and prophecies about Jesus Christ and what was meant by the predicted "return of Jesus Christ". It really impressed me that these two Bible scholars were actually in agreement on every point and their consensus about this prediction's chronology is as follows: 1) The gradual increase in "Christ Consciousness" among believers comprising the true "Church (symbolic 'Body') of Christ", 2) That the message about Jesus Christ would be imparted to "every human being" so that each could understand it well enough to decide to believe in it or not (whether they believe it is not important, only that they understand well enough to decide), 3) This global human mind condition would then set the stage for "The Rapture" which would involve the physical disappearance of a large number of believers whose faith is of sufficient strength, and 4) The actual physical and bodily return of the selfsame person of the Lord Jesus Christ who walked the earth 2000 years ago. After lunch that July 18th Sunday, James and I returned to the Kachina Ceremony (the Morning Kachinas were gone) and as we left to return to camp that afternoon, another brilliant full double rainbow lit up the Eastern sky over Oraibi Wash for almost half an hour as we walked. In the next two weeks I visited a couple of times with the editor-publisher of Qua'Toqti, who was a Hopi who had accepted the Mormon religion for reasons analogous to the Mennonite pastor. The editor told me that the Mormons believe that before Jesus Christ returns there will be another King of Jerusalem named David. One day he introduced me to another Mormon Hopi who had previously been a Snake Clan Priest. Over lunch they explained to me that the indigenous Hopi religious societies were secret societies where the initiates passed up through many levels of secret orders and where the deeper meanings of certain teachings were explained in successive stages of revelation. It is commonly known that the Hopi people believe that the origin of their people was from under the ground after three previous worlds were destroyed by the Great Spirit due to wickedness among mankind, the last destruction being by flood. Although not ever release to the outside world, one teaching they wanted to share with me on my mission was that in the higher levels of these teachings there was actually a place name for the origin of the Hopi people. They pronounced it and told me that it was the same pronunciation as the Hebrew language name for Jerusalem. Another commonly known Hopi teaching is how after their emergence, the Hopi migrated to the four corners of the earth leaving their markings until they were led by a star (an analog to the Star of Bethlehem story) to settle where their villages are now and have been for perhaps thousands of years. They explained that the kind of ceremonial dress of the Kachinas was the same as the ceremonial dress in ancient Egypt including the reverberating masks, the belts and skirts, and even the positioning of ties on arms and legs. They suggested who I should talk to among the Hopi knowledge keepers regarding the connection between the Hopi and previous civilizations, such as Atlantis and Lemuria with time travel starship technologies like UFO's.

While camped that month at Oraibi Wash I read the Hopi Prophecy chapter in the book "Warriors of The Rainbow" many times and meditated on its details over and over. Confusing to me was the message that the "true white brother" would bring a "new light from the East" and he would have the help of two helpers, one with the signs of the swastika and a shape like a four-leafed clover or Iron Cross, and one with the sign of the sun. I had no idea what was meant by this new light from the East or the two helpers; how much of this message was symbolic and how much was to be interpreted literally. Then at the beginning of August my partner returned from a visit to Santa Barbara with a friend and a driver who didn't know this story but said he felt led to bring me a gift which was something I had never seen before, a kind of chemical lightstick that he said was very new, made by a company on the East coast, and had just been used in a first time promotion by the manufacturer by thousands of people to close the 1976 Olympics in Montreal with a prayer for peace. I decided to use this kind of light as a ceremonial object in the spirit of a prayer for peace and to symbolize the spiritual reawakening, or enlightenment, embodied in the message of mutual prophecy fulfillment and the spiritual value of the sound of Torakum. During this time I received a copy of Thomas Banyacya's letter, of January 12, 1961 to White Star, which was the authority for Vinson Brown's chapter on the Hopi Prophecy. This letter was at once more perplexing and more clarifying. It said that the skin color of the true white brother may or may not be white, that he would be one and yet many in population, and that he would bring sacred stone tablet(s) that would correspond to (an)other tablet(s) still being held by the Hopi (Fire Clan). It said that the two helpers of the true white brother would also be one and yet many in population, and "...that when the time of Purification Day is near... then it will fall upon the Third One (with the sign of the sun) with whom these two (the true brother and the helper with the signs including swastika) will join and together they will come as ONE to bring on Purification Day and to help his younger Brother (Hopi) who waits in this land." This was both clarifying and relaxing to me because I realized that my mission made me only one of a many personed ONE, but it was also most perplexing because there seemed to be so many double meanings, mixing of singulars and plurals, and potential variations in degrees of symbolic and literal interpretations of these and many other details in the letter. And I still had no idea who the helpers were, let alone where a matching stone tablet would come from that only the true white brother could read. (I tried my best and gave a small local sandstone tablet, with the equations of Tetronic Relativity inscribed, to Banyacya in my July 4th submissions)

By the middle of August I finally felt personally at ease about my beliefs in the nature and message of Jesus Christ, so on a visit from camp to Flagstaff I responded to a flyer I saw posted and went to a Pentecostal Church service. In their declaration of faith ceremony I went forward to participate and, as it was their custom to "speak in tongues" at that time, I activated a lightstick and recited in Arabic the appropriate Sura of the Koran.

Before I came that first time to the Hopi area, I had learned that the word Hopi means "peaceful people" and that their cosmology holds them to be keepers of peace (through prayer, ceremony, fasting, ritual, and meditation) for the balance of nature and the protection of all land and life, from this sacred place they regard as the "Center of the Universe". At the time of the "Fire Sign" when I sat down to meditate on my potential mission, I had the misconception that there was one spot on the earth that the Hopi regarded as the exact spot representing this "peace center of the universe" and so it was at that spot I was "sitting" in my meditation. During that eventful Summer of 1976, my experience showed me that the contemporary situation among the Hopi villages and people in Arizona was a representative microcosm for the whole world. First of all, there was no such generally recognized spot where existed a designated "peace center" generally recognized by the local people. Secondly, the people were factionalized with many different groups at odds with one another over many different issues, i.e., "traditionalists" vs. "progressives", etc.. After camping out there two months, my final offering was a ceremony to pray for the construction of such a "Hopi Peace Center" somewhere on that land to unite the people there and around the world in the cause of true peace. Just before departing that visit, during the night of the new moon August 24th, my partner and I and two volunteers that we met conducted this prayer ceremony by activating four lightsticks and walking with them up to the ruins on Oraibi Mesa, of a church that had been struck by lightning long ago, and anointing four of the rubble stones with the liquid lightstick oil we carried with this prayer. On our way the next morning we were encouraged in this resolve by the appearance of a long lasting deep single rainbow.

Enthused by these 1976 experiences, on the way back to Santa Barbara my partner and I hitchhiked out of our way to Sacramento in an unsuccessful attempt to bring this information to the attention of then California Governor Jerry Brown in hopes of having an impact on that year's National elections (an impact I seek every four years). Believing Governor Brown to be an unusually honest and devoted man in politics, I have continued over the years to seek his support for the cause of global peace.

Back at "Dharma Home base camp" in Santa Barbara that Fall I began to understand the scope of some of the obstacles to global peace when I read a twenty two page summary of The Gemstone File attributed to synthetic ruby inventor Bruce Roberts. The theme of this document, supported in recent years by the research of Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute, is that behind the scenes of business and governments around the world there exists a loosely definable network of "organized crime" individuals who live by an ethic (or lack thereof) of maximum extreme materialism by which gaining love, friendship, and power is equated to the acquisition of material wealth through any means necessary, within or without the rules of law, especially including the use of violence, the threat of violence, and the "unrefusable offer" of "accept this reward and do what I say or else you (or someone you love) will die if you refuse". Key to the financial success of such people seems to be to keep certain very profitable "drugs" illegal and at the same time smuggle them, usually including the trade in weapons to destabilize uncooperative governments, to garner enormous amounts of cash with which to also buy off wittingly or unwittingly complicit government officials and to covertly direct foreign and domestic policies to exploit and economically enslave populations and resources --- seemingly in the "best interests" of "national security" and legitimate multinational businesses. Realizing that if this theme is correct, one could get killed for knowing about it; I began to ponder how to change this fundamental "ethic of materialism" with an alternative way of thinking that could offer everyone more love, friendship, and power over their own lives without the need for wealth or violence, i.e., an advanced "Human Ethic" --- divinely Human as opposed to just basely human, with corresponding advancements in Human capabilities (previously deemed paranormal capabilities): "How to have more fun (& love) with less money".

Unknown to me during that year, contemporary students of the man who Mahatma Gandhi called his revered teacher (Guruji), the most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii from Japan, were participating in a cross country peace walk as a prayer for paradise on Earth (Pure Land), teaching about Mind Purification. One of these students came to stay for a while where I lived and began their traditional practice of fasting for self purification with no food or water for the first week of December while constantly beating a kind of hand drum (Tenku, or celestial drum) and chanting a prayer mantra (Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo) from sunrise to sunset, in a tepee just fifty feet away from my tent! When I learned that his name was Masao Nippashi I was surprised that his first name sounded like the Hopi word for The Great Spirit (usually written as Masau'u) and in English his last name meant Sun Bridge (rainbow). I learned that this is the same mantra (prayer) and drum taken up from Guruji (a Buddhist) by Gandhi (a Hindu) before he was able to finally lead the spiritual/political revolution in India to success using a philosophy, inspired by Tolstoy (a Christian), of non-violence, compassion, and non-cooperation with evil. Guruji's order is called Nipponzan Myohoji and I learned that he had devoted his life to the fulfillment of the prophecies of Buddhism which was why after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on his 60th birthday (a time predicted in the Lotus Sutra as the "...age of the conflagration that is burning..." --- the same passage inspiring monks to burn themselves up) he revived the ancient practice of building stupas or Peace Pagodas around the world to embody the Teachings of Peace. Since Nippashi invited me to join him chanting, I practiced fasting and chanting and drumming with him for his final day December 7th. From this experience I understood that this represented the "helper with the sign of the sun" from the Hopi Prophecy (with whom to "join and come as one to bring Purification") as it related to me and my mission. (Hopi prophecy also predicted the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki "the gourd of ashes falling on the Earth two times") AND this "helper" was building traditional Peace Centers! For this reason (and not because of an understanding of Buddhism) I then "took up The Drum" and adopted this spiritual practice into my prayers for peace, as a Christian and as a Moslem, believing that One God as Truth is the root of not only science but also the root of all religions and spiritual practices. How well we can interpret, understand, and apply that One Truth depends on how "pure" or "clear" our mind and our thinking are. This began my introduction to the spiritual practice behind Gandhi's Peace March as a tool for social change, as he also took up this message and practice from his own perspective from the same teacher Nichidatsu. I began to walk the streets of Santa Barbara beating the drum and chanting, looking forward to employing The Peace March in America. From this inspiration came my personal dream of helping somehow in the construction of 100 peace center monuments around the world for the cause of global peace.

Jan-Feb 77, issue of traditional Hopi newsletter "Techqua Ikachi" (Land and Life), includes discussion of 1974 visit to Hopi by HH Karmapa, his present tour offering "Black Hat" ceremony, and recent visit to Kivas by Gomang Khem Rinpoche with Traditional Hopi Religious Leaders when they exchanged Symbols and Language finding similarities were evident.

On March 5, 1977, with one of the Nipponzan Myohoji monks, a few of us walked drumming and chanting to a special "Empowerment Ceremony" in Santa Barbara conducted by His Holiness Karmapa, head of the Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism, where each participant received a symbolic "empowerment cord" with a figure-eight knot in the middle. To him I offered an envelope of documents describing my mission and research. It was moving to see on the stage a tapestry with a swastika in each corner and the double dorje symbol in the center resembling a four-leafed clover or Iron Cross. Sensing that for my mission this must be the other "helper", wearing my red lab coat I joined the second ceremony accepting "Refuge" in the triple jewels of Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) and received a Tibetan name (Karma Tsering Thrchen), as did my partner. During this part we were the last ones in line to offer a few hairs from our heads which were piled on top of the others on a silver plate. My daily walking practice during that time inadvertently took me on a route within a block of the house that The Karmapa was staying in for some time in Santa Barbara and on several successive occasions I heard sounds from there in response to my drumming as I walked by. Within a few days after the ceremony, on the ground near my tent in front of my partner's car with the double dorje decal on the back window, I found a wad of yarns of similar color to the empowerment cords, several yarn lengths which appeared to have been dampened and squeezed repeatedly until dry, thereby creasing the lengths in such a pattern, and connecting two sets of yarn lengths intertwined in the fibers seemed to be my own two hairs offered at the Refuge Ceremony. In Banyacya's 1961 letter he indicated that the Japanese and German nations had used signs similar to those foretold of the "two helpers to the true white brother". Other research has shown how Hitler adopted the use of the swastika along with some ideas about human sacrifice from ancient Tibetan culture. Before Buddhism came to Tibet and integrated with the native Bon religion, such practices did exist in a fearsome culture. Some months after this ceremony I found out that the Karmapa had visited the Hopi land and subsequently some of his people met with Hopi elders in the Kiva. Banyacya and others have since explained that there were many similarities in Hopi and Tibetan cultures and that they could even understand one another in their respective languages. As an example of the uncertainty in interpreting prophecy, in recent years the Hopi religious leaders repeatedly approached His Holiness Dalai Lama to see if he was the predicted "true white brother" because of these similarities in cultures and because the Dalai Lama's people wear red robes. The Hopi Fire Clan Keeper of The Sacred Stone Tablet even took it to show to the Dalai Lama to see if he had the corresponding match. Repeated overtures finally compelled His Holiness to state that he was not The One that the Hopi were waiting for in this regard, and that he had no such Tablet in spite of the Tibetan custom of using stone tablets to carry sacred inscriptions.

The Rainbow Braids

My partner since February 29, 1976, who came with me to the Hopi land that year and wore the other red lab coat so that we could represent the male and female members of Our People on The Spiritual Path (the warriors of the rainbow), joined with me one day in mid-January 1977 to create a symbol of Divine Love by making a braided cord from six strands of color into a rainbow braid of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The "high" of that Love was clearly felt by us and all who witnessed this simple ceremony. That same day was the day my first wife was getting remarried so as a prayer that this Divine Love would be the basis of her relationship and ours, I offered this first of the Rainbow Braids to the Spirit of the Fire in the fireplace at Dharma Home that evening. After our experience of the empowerment and refuge ceremonies with HH Karmapa, we began braiding these cords from six foot lengths of yarns with the figure-eight knot in the middle and at each end. I have continued this practice over the years in the belief that when every human being on earth has been freely given one of these Rainbow Peace Braids, paradise will be manifest on earth.

All my life I had heard and read about paranormal phenomena but I had never personally witnessed anything more unusual than the peculiarities described above, none of which could be classified as scientifically reproducible events. I was happy therefore for the opportunity during the weekend of April 3-4, 1977 to attend the "It's All in The Mind" conference on paranormal phenomena held in Santa Monica which featured the appearance of the Israeli "psychic" Uri Geller. I personally witnessed his psychokinetic application of some paranormal faculty which allowed him to effect the "cold melt" bending of steel eating utensils (spoons & forks) which has been well documented in a wide variety of publications. This experience provided some intangible and unexplainable lessons and understandings of The Mind.

The Big Mountain Mandala

On the 1977 "Earth Day" anniversary April 22nd I printed and gave out the first copies of the NaMuMyoHoRenGeKyo calligraphy mandala given to me after it was first hung up at Dharma Home when I "took up the peace drum" (December 7th in California is December 8th in Japan, the traditional anniversary of The Buddha's Enlightenment) by the monk that wrote it, whose name in English means "Big Mountain".

On April 27th I undertook my longest distance to that date of the practice of Tenku Walking, drumming and chanting "Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" (devotional respect to the voidic essence of the wonderful One Law [Dharma] lotus flower teaching), across town over four hours in Santa Barbara County. Along the way I was marveling at the coincidence that this prayer had the same cadence and number of syllables as the Islamic admonitional prayer that I had learned fourteen years earlier "leh il leh heh il Al lah" (there is no god but The One God [called Allah, "The God" in Arabic]). It is interesting to note that originally a principle object of worship in both Islam and Buddhism is "The Void", or "Emptiness" (the "emptying of the mind" in meditation, corresponding to the "fifth element" of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Emptiness, in Eastern cosmology; the "Niche" pointing the direction towards Mecca faced in prayer in every Mosque around the world itself represents empty space and the Qa'aba in Mecca as the primary focus of prayer was originally empty inside before a giant meteorite was placed in it, perhaps a symbolic "form representing emptiness" analogous to the Buddha statues symbolizing Buddha's empty nature embodied in human form). In the Old Testament of Christianity and Judaism it clearly says that in the beginning was The Void as the precursor to our world. Also in Hindu cosmology all of physical reality comes from The Void. Wondering what it would feel like to chant this Islamic prayer in same manner with the prayer drum, on this day's walk I tried it once and at that time I got a flash of inspiration for the concluding equation of my Tetron Thesis regarding the concept of the "absolute identity function". This inspiration was that beyond the differences of language, culture, and religious perspective, there exists an absolute identity between the value of each of these two seven syllable prayers, just the same way, beyond the definitional character of the human mind which delineates physical reality into dimensions of time and space, in an absolute sense beyond time and space, observer and observed are absolutely identically equal. This day I felt I had discovered the final factor to enable me to complete the equations of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory. Many years later I found out that this same day (April 28th in Japan) was the exact yearly anniversary of the day that St. Nichiren first put to voice the word/prayer of NaMuMyoHoRenGeKyo from a mountaintop in Japan over 700 years ago.

By this time I felt a sense of completion of my quest of four years and a strong feeling of the direction of my mission, so I decided to return to the Hopi land to offer myself in a prayer of the ceremony style akin to that of the Hopi Kachina appearances --- a life mission initiation ceremony. As a continuation of the prayer and ceremony upon departure the previous Summer for the creation of a Peace Center Monument, I began before sunrise June 6, 1977, on a place overlooking Kykotsmovi and Old Oraibi called Pumpkinseed Point, by drumming and chanting the prayer from the "origin of the sun" (Nippon, Japan) until the sun came up. Wearing the red lab coat and a red cloth as a Kafiyeh and many rainbow braids, one fashioned as an Agahl, after sunrise I walked down the hill, across the valley and up onto Oraibi Mesa to the site of the stone church ruins. Selecting four of the rubble stones for use as the peace monument cornerstones, and hanging them around my neck with some of the braids, I walked back down the trail and over to the main road leaving Kykotsmovi and proceeded northward drumming and chanting the prayer in order to be led by The Spirit to a site for a Peace Center Shrine. On the back of my drum I had put the symbol which was on the ground in my 1976 fire sign meditation, the Hopi symbol of the War Leader Kachina (a quadrisected circle containing a smaller circle in each quadrant, the meaning of which is translated by some traditional Hopi spiritual leaders to be "together with all nations we protect both land and life and hold the world in balance"). By then it was the morning "rush hour" for people driving on that road to go to work at the BIA's Hopi Tribal Council. It must have been quite a sight as several drivers screeched to a halt to have a better look at me and at least one car spun around for another drive-by inspection. A few minutes later, after I crossed the main highway and continued on toward the Black Mesa, I stopped and got off the dirt road for a short rest. Over the next few days my partner and I took turns walking wearing our red lab coats while the other one drove her car in support. On the way I modified the symbol on my drum to include a dot in the middle of each of the four small circles, to symbolize a level of prophecy fulfillment and to represent a symbol for Paradise Psibernetics: Application of a higher Human Mind to the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth. We finished the ceremony on June 12th atop a small peak in a vast flat area overlooking the northernmost coal strip-mine on the Black Mesa. There we created a peace center shrine leaving a drum, our two red lab coats, the four stones from the church ruins, many rainbow braids, my reddish empowerment cord from the Karmapa's ceremony, the reddish yarns with hairs that appeared after that ceremony, a stalk of corn grown at our place in Santa Barbara, and a small statue from my father's altar of the Rosy Cross whose base is the Star of David.

After driving back to camp in the picnic area on Second Mesa by the Hopi Cultural Center, I did a seven day fast, making rainbow braids and giving them to local visitors, ending on the summer solstice after visiting Banyacya once again. At that time I presented a book about Sathya Sai Baba saying I believe this is The One who could produce the sacred stone tablet to fulfill Hopi prophecy. Also I gave him printed information about the upcoming annual Rainbow Family gathering coming to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the first week of July. He was very interested in the gathering information, eagerly offered to share it with Hopi religious leaders, and he gave me some Piki (Hopi ceremonial blue corn wafer bread) with which to break my fast. Toward the end of my fasting we went to the summer solstice Kachina Dance Ceremony in Hotevilla where we saw for the first time the appearance of the pair of War Leader Kachinas who had the above described symbol on a shield carried on each of their belts.

After returning to Santa Barbara, my partner went to stay at the Sunburst Community there while I traveled with one of the Nipponzan Myohoji monks, Rev. Kato, to my first Rainbow Family Gathering July 1-7, 1977 in New Mexico. Although I heard rumors during that gathering, it was several years later that I found out for sure that Hopi Elder David Monongye had attended this gathering. He apparently spoke to the assembly at the main circle after the July 4th circle of silent meditation/prayer for peace in a large meadow above the main camp area. I was delayed arriving at that circle due to my chanting session after the silence circle and when I arrived at the council, Monongye had already gone after explaining how the Rainbow Gatherings were fulfilling Hopi prophecy. I then heard magnificent response speeches by Garrick Beck and Barry Adams, two of the original inspirators. Just before I joined that circle, perhaps while Monongye was speaking, a piece of a rainbow started to appear down the canyon and began to grow. As folks caught sight of it soon there were thousands of people chanting "rainbow, rainbow, rainbow..." as it grew across the canyon to a full rainbow and then a double rainbow over some time. Rev. Kato went on to Massachusetts to build the Peace Pagoda there in Leverett over the following years.

When I returned to Santa Barbara, on August 1, 1977 I walked drumming up to the Sunburst Community at Flores Flat on Gibralter Road to meet my partner and to see about the possibility of a site there for a Peace Pagoda there. The day before, Thomas Banyacya had visited the community and gave a talk. He said that on that trip, to San Francisco and down to Santa Barbara, fires seemed to follow him all the way. In the middle of his talk word came in that a big fire was raging down in Santa Barbara which in fact burned Sycamore Canyon and the Dharma Home site was destroyed. A short time after I arrived walking up the hill, I discussed the idea of the Peace Pagoda with one of the Sunburst brothers and asked him where on their property he thought would be the best place to build such a monument. As he swung his hand across the sky to point behind him, a lightning bolt flashed across the sky and pointed in the same direction he was pointing. Our conversation was then cut short by the alarm that the lightning storm had cause another fire in the back country threatening some of their land, so we moved to get ready for firefighting.

In September of that year, a friend with the Isla Vista Community Video gave us the key to a room in the Isla Vista Community Services building in which we set up an altar and established, for a month or so, the "Temple of The Golden Rose" to initiate the Hopi Star Project for the construction of 100 peace centers around the world. We practiced chanting/drumming twice a day and took in people from the street who needed food or a place to sleep. During this time we practiced the Rainbow Braids and had the first Red Cloth Dying Ceremony. Also during this time, the local Chumash people led by Kote Lotah conducted a ceremony to re-name the adjacent park in Isla Vista after the original Chumash place name for the Isla Vista mesa: Anisq'Oyo'. We tried to initiate a larger scale walk to and through the Hopi land to bring the message of our experience, but we were rebuffed by a now defunct organization called "Friends of The Hopi".

After finding out that Thomas Banyacya was again going to speak in January of 1978 at the Los Angeles International Cooperation Council meeting, I initiated a peace walk from Santa Barbara to that meeting to introduce the monks of Nipponzan Myohoji to Banyacya. Our walk started with a sunrise ceremony in Isla Vista conducted by Kote Lotah. After the ceremony, he said to me "I can see that you are someone who understands respect, so here, carry this (an owl clan staff) on your walk", which I did. My proposal for a walk that year to Hopi was dropped in favor of supporting the native people's Longest Walk from San Francisco to Washington, DC. Toward the end of February, I took some of the monks to Banyacya's house and we met with Monongye to invite him to meet with Nichidatsu at the conclusion of The Longest Walk in July.

11 Mar 78, Paradise Psibernetics Research Questionnaire

With my first opportunity to meet His Holiness Nichidatsu nearing, as my 33rd birthday approached I decided to make a ceremony on that date to declare and empower what by then had become clear as my life mission. Some time previously when I was looking in the dictionaries and encyclopedias to see if there was a listing for Torak, I came across a listing for Torah. This was explained as something about which many scriptures are written including a book by that name, but that Torah actually was the name for The One Law, the natural law, The Law by which even God must operate in the world and cannot contradict. In further exploring the Encyclopedia Brittanica's discussion of Judaism, I was surprised that their definitions into English explained that anyone would be considered a Jew if he committed his life to living in respect of, and propagating the awareness of, this One Law (a commitment made binding on descendants). Further I reasoned that if this be so, beyond the traditional Hebrew culture, then anyone who made this commitment would be a True Jew, regardless of language or culture, and that the Paradise on Earth (the land of milk and honey) promised by God to the nation of Israel (all the people all over the world who accept and respect The One Law), means that the nation of Israel must encompass the whole earth, and not impose itself on Palestine by violence. This made the manifestation of the sound of Torahkum very meaningful to me and I became convinced that my purpose was to give rise to this, The One Law, the same One Law of Nature describable by a successful unified field theory, the same One Law described as the MyoHo (wonderful dharma, mysterious law) of Buddhism. To do this I resolved to offer myself, against all ridicule, as a claimant King of Jerusalem Israel to unite the three faiths of Jerusalem in peace under the divine love of The One God. So to this end on May 17, 1978, in Panorama City of Los Angeles, this ceremony was made as part of nuptial vows between my partner and I, using the red cloth and the rainbow braids and another kind of cord symbolic of the establishment of The Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel for the physical and bodily return of Jesus Christ to earth.

May 78, invitation, Fujii Guruji's schedule in USA, including 23 May at UNSSDI and opening ceremony Los Angeles Temple 5Jun, before departure to Longest Walk

5 Jun 78, transcription, speech in LA by Guruji

11 Jun 78, transcription, speech in SF by Guruji

June 2 78 UCSB Daily Nexus article "Paradise Psibernetics, Applying the Mind for Social Justice" details plans for walk to Hopi from Santa Barbara.

At the beginning of June, I met Holiness Nichidatsu at Nipponzan Myohoji's Los Angeles Dojo on his way to join The Longest Walk. There I presented a written message summarizing the above experiences and my "claim" in a document which was translated into Japanese and given to him. Since I was apparently the first American and perhaps the first westerner to take up his fasting practice drumming and chanting, this was not an incidental meeting. I presented him with the first empowerment cord ever made symbolizing the message of The Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel. Guruji, like most Japanese people, had thought that the American Indian people no longer existed. The common perception in Japan from the American media was that the last of the Native Americans had died at Wounded Knee about the time of Guruji's birth. He was therefore surprised and intrigued to find out about the surviving native spiritual cultures encountered by his disciples over the years following their participation in the 1976 Continental Walk. After Rev. Minimatsu met Dennis Banks in early 1977, and Rev. Yoshida met Thomas Banyacya in January 1978 and our February follow-up visit with Rev. Nippashi, as well as an earlier visit to Hopi by a Dharma Keeper of another lineage, Rev. Yamato, Guruji began to speak very highly of the strength of the spiritual practice of the indigenous people of America. During these times, Dennis Banks was given political asylum in California by then Governor Jerry Brown to prevent his extradition to South Dakota fearing unfair prosecution for his American Indian Movement activities there. Dennis sent Lee Brightman to Japan to meet Guruji in August 1997 and witness the end of the Tokyo to Hiroshima peace walk conducted by Nipponzan Myohoji. Following this inspiration and with Guruji's commitment of support, Banks initiated The Longest Walk. After his ceremony and message in Los Angeles, Guruji went to Harbin Hot Springs for a few days and there met Dennis Banks and Thomas Banyacya who also met each other for the first time. Afterwards Guruji joined The Longest Walk at Harrisburg, PA.

Meanwhile, my partner and I prepared to go to join the end times of The Longest Walk. In late June we heard Dennis speak about it at a meeting in Topanga Canyon after which we slept outdoors and in the morning found two owl feathers dropped near us while we slept. We took the feathers out to point Concepcion and gave them to Kote explaining that we were on the way to join the walk. He introduced us to Sespe and gave us an owl feather in return. My partner went to join the walk in Harrisburg and I decided to go on first to the Rainbow Gathering in Oregon, wearing another red lab coat, to tell people about The Longest Walk and to send folks to join the end times events. One day there, while walking drumming across the gathering, I heard another Tenku Drum and saw a flash of orange going up a trail so I followed and caught up behind someone who turned out to be a long haired Japanese practitioner of Ikayana (One Vehicle) Buddhism, Sean Yamato, a former monk named as Nichido, who had taken up the Tenku from his grandmother, a close associate of Nichidatsu. Our walk ended up at the camp of some native people who were helping Yamato initiate the Peace Pole Ceremony which has since become a centerpiece of the Rainbow Gathering prayers for world peace. I assisted Yamato with the Peace Pole Ceremony and began to get the feel of its significance. Afterwards in a circle of a couple of thousand people, Sun Bear gave a spellbinding talk about native culture and spiritual practices including mention of how the native peoples prophecies were coming to pass (at that time he spoke looking at me in my red lab coat). After spreading the word from camp to camp and raising gas money to send five vehicles and forty people on their way to Washington, DC, I hitchhiked to San Francisco wondering if and how I would make it there myself. I ended up at Yamato's zen dojo and just in the nick of time, two wonderful women I had met hitchhiking showed up to offer me an airplane ticket so I could fly overnight and arrive in DC just in time to wait at the Washington Monument for the arrival of The Longest Walk. I thought to myself "this is where the President of The United States should be right now". After about an hour the walk approach, about ten thousand strong led by the native people, followed by the others grouped by the four colors of "races", with many people furiously praying and beating the drums. Shortly after I was present there in my red lab coat when a beaming David Monongye met Holiness Nichidatsu for the first time. Monongye said that Guruji's language sounded a lot like Hopi. When this was translated for him from English to Japanese, Guruji laughed and smiled. Nichidatsu was then the only "non-Indian" to take part in the sacred pipe ceremony, smoking the pipe that had been loaded before the walk began and carried all the way across the country. My partner related with great emotion the tenderness surrounding the meeting of the native elders with Guruji, offering him gifts, when he joined the walk in Harrisburg. During the encampment and the days of activities after the walk ended, the elders composed a thick document containing their messages and grievances. There was a summary page and a one line summary on the cover: "Spirituality is The Highest Form of Politics". On the grey day the speakers gave their messages to the gathering on the steps of the US Capitol, when Guruji's turn came as he began talking thunder began in the distance and rolled continuously around and around the city until he finished his historic speech. During the camp I met Felipe Chavez who had come on his own in response to my message at the Rainbow Gathering and he helped me endure a difficult meeting with the walk's leader, Ernie Peters (Longwalker), who didn't understand why an Anglo like me was beating the drum praying with the Japanese people or how it could be appropriate.

Stayed in DC for several weeks forming Human Rights Coalition and writing to White House including Paradise Psibernetics Petition.

Went to Newport, RI, to visit relatives, 22AUG wrote news release Torak Council with scheduling through July 1979

After the walk, many people came to Point Conception to help with the spiritual camp to stop the construction of a liquefied natural gas plant there. In order to fulfill his people's prophecy, Miniconjou Lakota Medicine Man Archie Fire Lame Deer came there, sent by his uncle, to begin a ten year residency in Santa Barbara teaching and sharing the knowledge and ceremonies of the Sacred Pipe.

For all this time while I was writing papers and trying to explain my predictions about new kinds of energy technologies to come, I had never heard about anyone else who even thought these things were possible. Then in the Fall of 1978 I found a magazine article about Nikola Tesla who had actually already developed free energy technology for the fuelless production of electricity and its wireless broadcast before 1895, after inventing the alternating current. Then I also began to learn how the same kind of ethics depicted in the Gemstone material had suppressed this technology which could have been implemented since then instead of fossil fuel and nuclear power. Over the years since then I have been compiling research documentation on many other contemporary free energy scientists and their discoveries which support my predictions pursuant to the Tetron Thesis.

13 Oct 78 wrote, "Call to Conscience Revolution" article to start GPPP 11-13 with one day walk and Spring Equinox camp at Hopi. GPPP calendar of events from 12Nov78 to Nov80 written.

25 Dec 78, About the Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel

25 Dec 78, 4pp, proposal, Paradise Psibernetics Productions, summary of projects and programs

17Oct wrote "Revolutionary Energy Technologies" article

19OCT77 letter to The White House from Earl Pela, Hopi

21OCT77 wrote "Call to Conscience Revolution"


Fall, stayed in Panorama City and hitchhiked once or twice a week for several weeks up to Isla Vista to collect, prepare, and distribute free food to the needy in the main park (Anisqoyo). Met a student who appreciated what I was doing and so when he left school he left me his apartment, paid ahead for six weeks, which my partner and I used as a second location for our ministry to the "street people" of the area (this was before the name "homeless people" came into popular usage). In this one bedroom apartment we collected, prepared, and distributed free food as well as offered people a place to stay who had none. A reporter from the local weekly paper, the Santa Barbara News & Review, did an article on the "Street Culture" of Isla Vista, there adjacent to the University of California at Santa Barbara, and interviewed me then publishing a companion article both appearing in the January 4, 1979 issue. After a couple of months the pressures to leave were too much and with no money to pay rent, we left. During December we conceived our first child and Carolynne went on welfare, got a small place in downtown Santa Barbara on her own where I visited quite often until our son was about to be born in early September. Then we moved into a small house that her parents owned on "the Mesa" in Santa Barbara.

10 Dec 78, letter to Sai Baba


4JAN79 SB N&R article "Pilgrimage, TV Series: Tools for Utopian Activist"

In April I went to the World Symposium on Humanity in Pasadena and set up a station outside near a tepee set up to accommodate the native Americans taking part in the event by conducting ceremonies outside. One such ceremony was conducted by James "Koots" (his complete last name was longer) who was a Hopi elder. After the closing the organizer created the Hopi War Leader Kachina symbol inside the teepee adding the dot in the middle of each circle in apparent respect and acknowledgment of that prophecy fulfillment rendition which I had on the back of my Nipponzan Myohoji prayer drum (Tenku). At this symposium I read in the program a little about the work of Bruce DePalma who was there making his first public presentation of his research on rotation and his discovery of a new kind of fuel-less electric power generator which he called the n-Machine. After this Symposium was over, I went with a small group to Isla Vista and set up a camp by the Anisqoyo Park stage for a few days during a police strike which enabled us to stay there demonstrating my tetrahedral meditation tent idea.

30 May 79, The Message, how we can save the world and cause paradise on earth, symbols depicted

May 79, met Bruce DePalma

In the summer I went to the Rainbow Family Gathering in Arizona. By this time my father had given me his car, a Volkswagen "beetle", but I didn't know where I would get the gas money to go to Arizona. Deciding it was important to my spiritual mission to go anyway, and trusting my prayers that somehow it would work out, with what few dollars I had I went to a gas station to put in whatever gas I could. As I pulled into the station on a drizzly night, when I came off the street I found some money in the driveway, enough for gas to get to the gathering. Here I connected for the second time with Yamato who again conducted the Peace Pole Ceremony including a peace walk "pageant" throughout the various camps before arriving at the appointed ceremonial area for its installation. Just at this moment of arrival, word came that a fire had broken out at another place in the gathering and some confusion ensued as to whether we should interrupt the ceremony, until Yamato insisted that we finish the ceremony before dealing with the fire, which was put out before we finished. When the day approached to leave the gathering, I was wondering where I would get money for gas to get home. The night before I planned to leave it rained and in the morning in the mud beside my car I found two wet twenty dollar bills which covered my trip home.

Shortly after my return, my partner Carolynne and I moved into the little house on The Mesa and I was able to be with her for the birth of our son Micah in early September during the time hurricane David was ravaging the Caribbean.

4 NOV 79, Arizona Republic newspaper published article about Arizona State University professor Radha R. Roy, a nuclear research director and author of definitive graduate and post doctoral level textbooks on nuclear energy, discloses his intent to patent a process of his invention requiring the input of electric energy to neutralize radioactive materials.

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