Websites of some New-Energy Researchers

Over the past couple of decades much progress has been made in theoretical and experimental physics pointing the way to availability of new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, neutralize radioactive wastes, and provide advanced propulsion systems capable of deep space travel.

The problems of reconciling the observed experiments with expanding modern theoretical physics theories to explain these experiments with seem to defy the known laws of physics are being resolved by a global internetwork of collaborators connected by Internet Science Education Project. These technologies now under development go by many different names, and may operate on related principles not all of whose mechanisms are known or reconciled with one another, including devices called "free-energy", Zero Point Energy (ZPE), Space Power Generation, cold fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), Low Energy Nuclear Transmutations (LENT), "anti-gravity", "space-drive", "vacuum propeller", etc.

Of notable interest is that the advanced "post quantum" theoretical physics understandings that relate to explanations of the principles of these technologies seems to be related to a physics theory of the nature of consciousness itself that has immediate ramifications for understanding the spiritual unity of the various religions and ideologies, thus offering immediate benefit in the cause of global peace.

Below are some websites of related researchers.

More discussion of these ideas and links may be found on Global Emergency Alert Response homepage

Bruce DePalma (deceased), keystone experiments documenting anomalous influences of rotation on gravitational, inertial and electromagnetic properties of spinning objects leading to his invention of the n-Machine:

Hal Fox, Institute for New Energy co-founder, working on cold fusion, LENR, and LENT device to neutralize radioactive wastes. Many related articles and links at:

Eugene Mallove, editor Infinite Energy Magazine and cold fusion research networker:

Joseph Newman, early prominent contemporary new energy inventor with controversial electromagnetism theory of "gyroscopic particles":

Brian O'Leary, former NASA scientist/astronaut, science and energy policy advisor to four US Presidential candidates, now lecturer and author on free-energy and the "consciousness factor":

Jack Sarfatti, President of Internet Science Education Project, theoretical physicist with a rigorous post-quantum physics of consciousness theory:

Adam Trombly, former NASA consultant, director of Project Earth initiated by Buckminster Fuller, co-inventor of Zero Point Energy devices: