Global Emergency Alert

The environmental situation around the world today is in crisis, from social and ecological perspectives, and we must sound the alert and compel an effective response from humanity in time to save life on Earth from otherwise certain destruction.

This is what the Global Emergency Alert Response campaign is all about. We invite students/activists to help by learning and sharing information about the nature and scope of the problems and solutions associated with this multi-faceted global crisis.

Most people understand that the combined effects of deforestation and fossil fuel combustion now imperil the Earth with global warming induced catastrophic climate changes evidenced by the recent devastating storms like Hurricane Mitch and the February tornados that left US cities looking like they were bombed out. What most people are still unaware of is that there are solutions to global warming that have been kept from public attention by government secrecy policies, disinformation, and the corporate controlled media information censorship.

While the scientists paid by the fossil fuel industry still claim that global warming is no big deal, others feel that it may already be too late to save life on Earth. Not only is the greenhouse effect of excess carbon dioxide contributing to the problem, but so also is the critically depleting ozone layer which threatens all the phytoplankton in the oceans with total destruction over the next ten years from increasing solar irradiation. These one-celled plants provide over half of Earth's oxygen production and if we lose them, Earth may wind up looking like Mars.

To solve this major problem we must figure out a way to stop deforestation, regreen the planet, and stop burning up oxygen with fossil fuels. To reverse global warming we must radically reverse the present trend of reducing atmospheric oxygen and increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is not enough to just slow the rate of the present trend. With the added problem of the chemical pollutants upsetting the ozone layer's natural balance, we must massively increase the atmospheric oxygen from which the ozone layer is naturally produced.

How can we do this? By a two-pronged approach that includes a global scale revival of the USDA's 1941-45 Hemp for Victory program to replace the need to cut down more trees while healing the atmosphere, and by ending the Federal Government's secrecy orders under which the new so-called free-energy technologies have been kept from the public while this new science is applied to more devastating weapons of mass destruction.

To understand the depth of information control in our society we can look at the historical example of how the most valuable plant in the history of humanity, the hemp plant, was fraudulently outlawed as marijuana and the truth about it still kept from the general global population.

It was the industrialists of the early 20th Century who realized that competition from new machinery developed to separate the woody "hurds" from the cellulose-rich bast fibers of hemp threatened the dominance of their investments in forests to make paper and building materials, in the fossil fuel industry, and in the synthetic drug and fiber industries. To prevent this, these special interest groups fomented a racist hate campaign against the Mexican and African American populations who were beginning to popularize the smoking of the flowers of the "India hemp" grown by our founding fathers. This tactic allowed them to demonize and ban the entire species under the slang name of marijuana, without telling the public its English name hemp, or its latin name cannabis, as commonly used in U.S. medicines of the era. Under continuing pressure from these same industries, the truth of this has been expunged from our history books and kept from the public until recent years when it has been rediscovered and documented in books like Jack Herer's "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" and Chris Conrad's "Hemp, Lifeline to the Future". Until slavery and the cotton gin made cotton more profitable, most clothing was made from hemp in the United States.

By the sophisticated pressure cooker process of pyrolysis, everything that can be made from petroleum can be made from biomass. Since hemp produces prolific amounts of plant biomass and fiber per acre, experts like Herer and Conrad suggest that its relegalization and industrial recommercialization would rival the timber, cotton and petrochemical industries. If grown for paper, fiber, food from the seeds (better than soybeans), chemical feedstocks, etc., its widespread cultivation can be motivated by its enormous economic value. Every acre of hemp agriculture efficiently consumes carbon dioxide while it produces more oxygen for the atmosphere. Conrad contends that with modern technology, virtually everything made from trees or fossil fuels can be made from hemp, thus preserving the remaining forests. Details on this unknown history are available at and including their books.

From this bit of background it may not be hard to understand what has also happened in the history of science. When James Maxwell developed the mathematics to understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism discovered in the 1830's by Michael Faraday, Maxwell's equations had to be simplified, or "rounded off" to bring them to a level of simplicity usable by engineers. Nikola Tesla understood the whole story and was able to not only invent Alternating Current (AC) but also a "free-energy" technology to power the whole country with fuel-less wireless electricity. But his system was scuttled by the industrialists of the time in favor of more profitable copper mining and fossil fuels. Today more and more related inventions have been developed to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power but they have been classified as secret by our government as "dual use" inventions whose potential military applications make them a perceived danger to our national security in the wrong hands. General information on these technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power can be found in books by Jeane Manning, "The Coming Energy Revolution" (Avery books) and by Dr. Brian O'Leary, "Miracle in the Void".

The good news is that even our government is now concerned enough about global warming that it seems these security restrictions are beginning to loosen. In the new US national energy policy plan, the Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (CNES) issued last year by the DOE, these "Zero Point Energy" (ZPE) technologies made passing mention (p.57) in the public comments section. This year the first international Conference on Free Energy will take place at the U.S. State Department in Washington, DC, April 29 to May 1st, including an expert from the DOE. Yet the general public is still unaware of these devices.

The phenomenon originally called cold fusion was vigorously debunked by the popular media but has quietly gone ahead and now the DOE is looking seriously at it again. I turns out that an observed side effect of these reactions is the transmutation of radioactive materials, offering a method for on-site remediation of radioactive wastes as an alternative to the "Mobile Chernobyl" idea of shipping these deadly cargos across country to be buried inside of Yucca Mountain, NV. A recent authoritative article on the cold fusion situation was published by Wired Magazine and is available online at The general public is not aware of this and so the mobile Chernobyl plan is moving ahead.

All it will take to solve these problems is for the general public to become aware of the seriousness of our environmental problems and that there are solutions at hand which can be quickly implemented with adequate public support. What is happening instead is that government scientists on secret weapons projects are using this knowledge of the original Maxwell's equations to produce advanced scalar electromagnetic weaponry involving weather control and physiological disabling devices that have already produced a significant number of present day victims of these weapons tests, as documented at

Some experts are even warning that the misuse of these weapons may bring on the holocaust of a Third World War.

The choice here is: Do we use this knowledge to bring gobal peace and prosperity to the Earth, or to destroy life as we know it. You can help make the choice and take appropriate action. Get in G.E.A.R. and help us respond before it is too late!

(this article was written for, and submitted at request of, editor of Threshold magazine of the national Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) by:)

David Crockett Williams, February 16, 1999
B. S., Chemistry (with honors), California State University Northridge 1969
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