Capital Hills Research Center

Capital Hills Research Center is the name of a proposed advanced scientific research and development facility to be built at the Capital Hills Development as part of its planned "Technopolis" featuring state of the art telecommunications technologies integrated into a professionally designed residential, business and commercial community located on 2,000 acres at the northern edge of the Tehachapi Valley off Highway 58, at the middle of three freeway exits (Mill Steet), the main thoroughfare between San Francisco and Las Vegas. The location is about two hours drive north from Los Angeles, five to six hours from San Francisco, four hours from Las Vegas, 45 miles east of Bakersfield, 21 miles west of Mojave, at 4,000 feet above sea level offering four seasons in a community located at the southern tip of the Sierra Mountains.

This is the temporary homepage for the Capital Hills Research Center project and will regularly updated with information and networking information.

The first major public announcement about this project, including more details on its scope, was released on September 9, 1999, to the local newspaper regarding the CHRS presentation at the September 16, 1999, Tech Forum at Tehachapi City Hall.

Chronology of Recently Posted Messages

Check out the website for the Capital Hills Development in Tehachapi.
For more information on the overall Capital Hills Development, contact owner John Guthrie at 661-822-0550, or via email.

If you are interested in joining an email group list to further the success of this project, send an email to with some information about yourself and your interests. Archived posts to this email group may be viewed at this egroup website.

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David Crockett Williams, CLU 661-822-3309
Interim coordinator, Capital Hills Research Center project