The Global Peace Walk

The planned 2013 Walk has been postponed pending new Scheduling after Networking for better support!

Click here for Final but Cancelled Route Schedule of the 90forLife Global Peace Walk 2013 Rainbow Uprising Campaign for Global Peace Now! -- reorganizing now to re-initiate another time.

See below for details and information about the first Global Peace Walk, from New York to San Francisco for the Inited Nations 50th Anniversary
Check this link for detailed Oct.9 announcement about rescheduling this walk and how to help by spreading the 90forLife message for optimum health and longevity, perhaps using a local peace walk regularly, and becoming a Youngevity associate.

---- After opening ceremonies at UCSB Tree of Peace on Oct.1 and Santa Barbara City Hall on Oct.2, the rest of the dates up to Oct.24 are being rescheduled pending receipt of funding to continue ----

David and Felipe camped at the Chumash Pow Wow at Live Oak Campground Oct.5-6 and Felipe drove to pick up his Rainbow Gathering Kid Village Kitchen Bus in Eugene Oregon to drive to San Diego and pick up walkers on the way. Felipe can be reached via his cellphone at 352-870-6812.

Recent Photos are being posted on an expanding list here.

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For more information, call or text David Williams, cell 805-708-0252, or email him at where donations may also be sent by PayPal, or to Bank# 122220593, Account# 0102058823, to support this Rainbow Uprising 90forLife Global Peace Walk effort, thanks! Santa Barbara to San Diego and across country 8 months

Carrying the "90forLife!" Youngevity Message to the People of the World

To Washington DC and the United Nations

The 2013 Rainbow Uprising Consciousness Revolution

Global Peace Walk from California to the United Nations

For “Global Peace Now!” as the Universal Human Resolve

Departs San Diego, October 24, 2013 United Nations Day City Hall Noon (202 C Street)

Rally for Human Health and Longevity in Washington DC, June 14, 2014 Flag Day

“Humans Are Not Just Animals – 90 for Life!”

Arrives at United Nations in New York City
June 26, 2014, UN Charter’s 69th Birthday


September 22, 2013 release: RE: Oct.2 USA Peaceful Revolution, Santa Barbara start 90forLife Global Peace Walk 2013-14 from California to the United Nations

The Global Peace Walk project initiator Rev. Yusen Yamato, spiritual leader Felipe Chavez, and organizer David Williams were invited to participate at the first Annual (Aug.14-18) Arise Festival in Loveland Colorado by the organizers in Taos, in the prayer ceremonies and councils there as part of the Elders Camp where we parked the RV and set up 25 feet of booths with flags and banners next to the large elders council tipi and the Food Not Bombs booth managed by Keith McHenry. The organizers got us onstage to give the Global Peace Walk message and present a rainbow flag after their performance to Nahko and his band called Medicine for the People (video clip), who visited with us afterwards and committed to help spread the word about the walk to their 500k fan base. We handed out a double sided flyer on quarter page that included the "Rainbow Uprising Campaign 2013-14 flyer" of Aug.12, and the "Arise and Walk with Us" flyer of that date. The messages were well received. Felipe was honored during the closing fire ceremony rainbow flag presentation and gave a short message of appreciation. After we returned to his home on Taos Canyon Road, Yamato's Message for the Arise Festival and the Global Peace Walk 2013-14 was typed up and posted. On Aug.22 the Invitation to Speak at the 4-day Sept.27-30 Global Peace Council at the UCSB Tree of Peace was released, encouraging supporters to find and support speakers to come to UCSB to give their messages for the walk to carry to the United Nations, delivered for video uplink of the rainbow uprising signal.

July 23, 2013, 750 word op-ed "my turn" submission to Taos news, Obamascare vs Health Care - Picking up where Dr. King left off.

July 18, 2013, first public info release, sent to and other lists, included in press packet.

July 11, 2013, Rainbow Uprising Campaign Press Release delivered to local Dillon Montana Tribune newspaper, mailed to SB News Press and Independent and UCSB Daily Nexus, mailed to Taos Solar Radio and Taos News, San Diego Union-Tribune. Felipe Chavez and Joe Stoopes of the 1995 Global Peace Walk enrolled as Youngevity my90forlife independent associates and will meet DCW in Taos next week to plan walk details with Rev. Yamato.

July 7th, DCW announced at the Rainbow Family Gathering Vision Council about the Rainbow Uprising 2013 and Global Peace Walk 2013-14 and the 90forLife message of Dr. Wallach.
On June 26, 2013, the office of the Mayor of San Diego provided a proclamation of support which was picked up shortly before noon, one year before the "90forLife Global Peace Walk for Global Peace Now!" from San Diego will end at the United Nations on the 69th anniversary of the UN Charter original signing. Color actual legal size copies of the San Diego and Santa Barbara Mayoral Proclamations were delivered to Dr. Ma Lan at Wellness Publications and to Michelle Wallach at Youngevity Essential Life Sciences both in Chula Vista near San Diego California. Dr. Ma Lan donated $200 to help the walk organizing.

On June 24, 2013, the Mayor of Santa Barbara issues a Proclamation of support for the "90forLife!" Global Peace Walk 2013 for "Global Peace Now!" designating October 2, 2013, Mahatma Gandhi's 144th birthday as Global Peace Walk Day in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara walk coordinator gives one minute public comment to Santa Barbara City Council Meeting June 18th, where video of the presentation starts at about 3min15sec into the recording at this link:
Text of the announcement is posted here:

This 17June13 flyer defines local global peace walk events encouraging local walks, weekly and then daily if/when sufficient rotating volunteer numbers allow, from city hall steps around the block in every community in support of the cross country 2013 route. Flyer about opening ceremonies June24-26 between Santa Barbara and San Diego City Halls a demonstration example of the idea, a rehearsal.

This 17June13 page is the message from the organizer about why the Global Peace Walk 2013 route from San Diego to the UN has been initiated at this time to support “Global Peace Now!” with the “90forLife!” message

This 7June13 initial flyer announces the San Diego to United Nations Global Peace Walk 2013

This 7June13 initial flyer announces the Santa Barbara to San Diego to the UN Global Peace Walk 2013 feeder route from Santa Barbara to San Diego to join start of cross country walk leaving San Diego City Hall on Oct.24, 2013, the 68th anniversary of the ratification of the UN Charter, “to remove the scourge of war from the future generations”.

This is the 14June13 Flyer announcing the GPW2013 as “the ultimate healthy body challenge” referencing

The 21st Century Global Emergency Alert Response

This is called the Global Peace Walk Tour because there will be sections where the route will not be covered on foot due to weather, in order to stay on schedule. Much of the distance will be covered on foot every step of the way by walkers and/or runners to make up time and keep on schedule, but also some legs of the route will be skipped on foot and driven as a caravan to keep on schedule for events, particularly due to expected weather issues such as from Taos to OK city Christmas to New Years. The idea there, for example, is that at the Murrah Federal Bldg memorial site at noon on New Year's Day we will have a ceremony there after arriving at Noon walking from the outskirts and then walking on afterwards to another local destination for the night stay.

To Define The Global Peace Walk

Global Peace Walk, Pathway to Global Peace 2000

Proclamations and Messages of Support

Please join us as a local coordinator for Global Peace Walk 1999-2000 to bring out the prayer of "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve for a Spiritually United Nations.

We invite you to join our email group list for those involved in the ongoing Global Peace Walk Project that was initiated by the 1995 United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk from the United Nations in New York City to San Francisco, January 15th to June 20th.

The 1999 5th annual route of the Global Peace Walk is the walk from Taos to Santa Fe, New Mexico, from April 22 (Earth Day) to April 26, Global Peace Walk Day in Santa Fe.

Global Peace Walk 2000 will leave from San Francisco in conjunction with the annual Martin Luther King, Jr., birthday observance event and then walk on to Washington, D.C., for the September 20th United Nations International Day of Peace Ceremony to rededicate the Washington Peace Monument as a Symbol of the Message of Peace, and then on to the United Nations in New York City to arrive for the 55th United Nations Day, October 24, 2000, anniversary of the ratification of the creation documents of the United Nations that were initiated on June 26, 1945, in San Francisco, before the July 16, 1945 first atomic bomb test. The theme will be Global Nuclear Disarmament as the First Step Towards a General Disarmament to End All Wars Forever.

The route of the Global Peace Walk 2000 will include the Nevada Nuclear Test Site near Las Vegas, NV, Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, April 22 and 26, and other cities including Flagstaff, AZ, on dates yet to be determined.

The 1999 outreach of the Global Peace Walk will be to further the abolition of nuclear weapons, testing, wastes, and power for the new millennium.

This will be the great opportunity to begin the new millennium in the spirit of "Global Peace Now!". Depending on the kind of support that comes together to organize this main event, Global Peace Walk 2000 will be the subject of a popular television show following its route, message, and human drama.

Since the Global Peace Walk began in 1995, many cities have had proclamations issued by their mayors declaring their cities as Global Peace Zones and/or Global Peace Walk Days in their communities, including San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Monterey, and Santa Barbara, CA; Tucson and Flagstaff, AZ; Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Coordinators are encouraged to conduct local
Global Community Peace Walks regularly and to obtain similar proclamations as soon as possible in their own cities and towns.

(This project has no official ties to the United Nations and it is to objectively examine the role of the U.N., how well it has fulfilled its mission, and how its objective can be fulfilled to "remove the scourge of war from the future generations")

Please subscribe to the Global Peace Walk email group list, post your personal profile information, and review archived postings for background information and system familiarity, all at our list home page at Global Peace Walk List.