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David Crockett Williams, CLU
Chartered Life Underwriter

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Re: Introduction to General Agency Services

Since 1973, I have had a dream to create a company to help average people to further their financial independence by offering a wide variety of personal and financial agency services. This vision has been gradually unfolding under auspices of General Agency Services starting in 1982 in Santa Barbara, California, and continuing only informally --- until the Year 2000.

For over two decades I have been working with leading scientists, activists, and spiritual practitioners to help in the cause of global peace, justice, and environmental remediation -- on projects such as the Global Peace Walk 2000 now on its way walking from San Francisco to Washington, DC, and to the United Nations for its 55th anniversary to help inaugurate the U. N. Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century.

I am working on such projects such as the proposed Global Peace Park with a "Peace Pagoda" (stupa) Global Peace "Spiritual Pillar" Monument, and
New "Space Energy" Science and Technology Research and Development Center to be built at the Capital Hills Development in Tehachapi, California.

My General Agency Services are customized for clients to help fulfill their personal and/or financial goals. These services are offered on a free, fee, commission, or "percentage of results" basis for a limited number of selected clients whose efforts directly or indirectly support my quarter century commitment to a vision of "the direct cause of true peace, harmony among life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth."

These services are offered (independently from above programs) for special projects on either a formal contractual basis, or informally where they are offered gratis (on a case-by-case basis until results warrant some kind of compensation agreement) which is predominantly how I have been offering my General Agency Services over the past couple of decades.

My experience includes an early successful career in sales and sales management of insurance, investment, real estate, business opportunity, and multi-level/network marketing programs, starting while I was finishing the academic requirements for my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, with honors, from California State University at Northridge, earned in 1969 (then called San Fernando Valley State College).

In 1971, from the American College of Life Underwriters (now American College), Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, I earned the Chartered Life Underwriter (C.L.U.) degree which is the life insurance industry's professional training certification, analogous to the C.P.A. certificate in the accounting profession, based on ten two-hour written examinations in various related fields including life and disability insurance, business insurance, estate planning, economics, finance and financial planning, tax and contract law, pension planning, employee benefits, etc.

In 1972, I completed the goal-accomplishment oriented Mind Dynamics Institute course in Los Angeles on brain rhythm control techniques and understanding (basis of the "scientific Yoga" practices like Transcendental Meditation and The Silva Method) that later were developed by another course graduate, O. Carl Simonton, MD, into the emerging new science of psycho-immunology.

Also in 1972, I did some concentrated studies on the empirical scientifically developed discipline of character and personality assessment (qualification-quantification) as taught by the International Graphoanalysis Society *.

Since 1977 I have applied most of my time and efforts as a full time volunteer activist to help develop an effective global peace, social justice, and environment movement. I have produced, organized, and coordinated many small events, projects, and programs to this end, participated in many others, and developed a modest level of skills in media and human relations from these experiences.

My current campaign in this effort includes Global Emergency Alert Response and the Global Peace Walk 2000.

I was born in Rhode Island in 1945, grew up in a motion picture industry family in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles where I lived from 1948 until 1974 when I moved to Santa Barbara, California, to apply for (but did not enroll in) the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Chemical Physics at the University of California at Santa Barbara, to develop my original "chemical-physics of consciousness" theory, the Tetron Thesis. In the process of completing my application for this program I formulated the preliminary conceptualization equations of this thesis but postponed their academic consideration in favor of an independent course of ongoing research investigating their application to understanding the deeper essence of the spiritual traditions and knowledge of indigenous and religious cultures.

Even before completing these "Tetron Thesis" equations (on April 28, 1977) I began predicting the advent of new kinds of technologies that would become globally available resultant from their understanding and acceptance by the scientific community, including: (1) Fuel-less "free-energy" power technologies to replace nuclear, fossil fuel, etc.; (2) electro-gravi-magnetic levitation ("anti-gravity") vehicles; (3) the radioactivity decay rate accelerator to neutralize dangerous radioactive materials onsite or remotely; (4) the water transmitter for "wireless" broadcast of water; and (5)advanced biomedical remediation (healing) technologies.

Beginning in 1978 I began to learn about, and in some cases to collaborate with, other researchers whose experimental results seem to support these predictions. I was able to input some of this information successfully to the US Department of Energy in 1998 as public comments on its Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (CNES) national energy policy plan revision, and this year into the DOE Strategic Plan draft now under review. Much of this input to DOE (which seems mostly ignored by them so far) is now publicly available at DOE input archives.

I have established a publicly available archive for my more general postings of collaborations to an email list about
Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy.

To help implement my proposal to DOE and private funding sources, initiated by one of my respected collaborators, for a $108 million per year budget for crash-program (analogous to the Manhattan Project or Apollo Program, but not secret) to quickly finish the research and development on these new clean Emerging Energy Technologies, I am working towards the establishment of the Capital Hills Research Center here in Tehachapi, California, on land offered to be donated by the owners of the Capital Hills development in this picturesque mountain valley at the Southern tip of the High Sierra range between Bakersfield and Mojave.

More details on General Agency Services applications, practice, vision, etc.

If you want to discuss how my General Agency Services can benefit you or your organization, you may eMail me at or phone or mail:

David Crockett Williams, CLU
20411 Steeple Court
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Phone: 661-822-3309

Thanks very much for taking the time to read the above introduction.

David Crockett Williams, CLU
General Agency Services

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