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Kingdom of KAMBERRA

Republic of KAJSTERANIJ (Website is in German)

According to Christian Butterbach: "It is a virtual state and a game. They say that it's orientation is slavonic-neareastern. It seems to be meant to train people from that area in how democracy works."

Kingdom of KAUPELAN

"Kaupelan is a tropical country, located cose to Indonesia and Australia. It has a well developed language, history, geography and culture and intends to be as 'realistic' as possible." - from an e-mail by Paulo Eduardo França Padilha


"...(In) the leading countries and the other big world countries more and more human rights are being abused and high tax rates and stress take average 10 years from our lives. Is this what we want to do or move to somewhere where it is green, hot and quiet with its own government where you will have all the rights to direct the country. I am not saying you don’t have this rights but sometimes when countries get bigger things start to get out of our hands. High density, high pollution and stressful jobs can lead to health problems and I don’t want that.
"I believe many of you would think the same way and don’t worry we will not move to the middle of nowhere. It will be close to one country and in need of travel this will be provided. This project can take up to 5-10 years and once we buy the island that island would belong to all of us. We can build on it ,trade or just relax. I am thinking about arranging a meeting for those who live in UK before we go any further so we could at least get to know each other and build some trust."
- from the website

Freistaat KLE (Website is in German)

Kingdom of LANDRETH

Free Republic of LAPUTA (New URL)


Republic of LUCASTAN

A comic micronation page, with tongue placed firmly in cheek.
The national motto is "We Will Not Be Undersold!" and the national flag depicts a poker hand (Four 8's and a Jack of Hearts) by which the country's founder, Stu Lucas, reportedly won the deed to 1/3rd of Mangajang Island (9° 47' N, 140° 7' E) in the Ulithi Atoll, "in the South Pacific, 108 miles ENE of Yap Island, in the middle of bloody-damn-all".
"The principal businesses of Lucastan are offshore banking, tax shelters, gambling, bootlegging, and illegal discharge of firearms. Lucastan has no income tax, relying for its support solely on bribery and corruption. The official currency is the U.S. dollar, because we are not stupid." - from the website

Realm of LYKOSHA (New URL!)

The Realm is a socio-political experiment that combines extreme honor, and warriorship with the theories of packlaw as applied to people. It is felt that, as more people become dissatisfied with “things as they are,” different ways can be shown to be better than “the norm.” Except for the laws already written, any Lykoshan can do as s/he wishes, and become anything s/he wants to be, including Jarl. System of government a combination of absolutism & parlimentarism, for although the Jarl (head of state) can simply make decrees, before they become law, the citizens have the opportunity to veto his/her decrees. Also: heirs are chosen by elective Challenge, as in the wolf pack. 'The Pack-Leader rules by consensus.'
Website also includes the home of a constructed language called “Litaja,” a runic artlang where the ending of each word tells you what kind of word it is (l=animal word; k=verb; etc.)
Citizens wanted, many positions in the administration still available; the first ten citizens may choose their next Jarl from among their own number … "Tey vaar, Pernem Ujat gef per Likosal".
Public face to face meetings can be arranged with RSVP (email or via phone message) almost any weekend. Please call now!
- Yngvaar Ulfsen, Jarl & Guardian of the Law

ADDENDUM: "Now we're on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lykosha --- and you can buy our flag."

United Provinces of the MARELIAN EMPIRE

Republic of MANIA

""The Republic of Mania was declared an independent state by its only citizen, and therefore undisputed President for life, Manny Neira, on the 3rd of February 2006. It claims all territory "closer to me than anyone else at any given moment", creating an island of sovereignty which moves around with its population.
"It's extensive website describes the country's history, constitution, name, currency, and much else, in a rich mixture of humour and political satire. It seems that the real purpose of Mania is to express in a more imagination form Neira's arguments for the abolition of states and the adoption of true internationalism."
- from an e-mail

Principality of MARIAHOLM

Website in Norwegian and English

MARTIAN Government-In-Exile

A joke website, claiming to be a governing body of Martians on Earth.

Free and Democratic Empire of MAURÉSIE (Website is in French)

Republic of MEDEA

Principality of MONASTICO
Renamed the Serene Principality of SERENDIP



A gay-themed micronation project.

See NSK State

Democratic State of NEW AMERICA

Tim Brown of Bellevue, Kentucky, USA, mentions that he and his friends "...were skipped in Census 2000 for not being Republican enough, so we have declared ourselves a separate nation called NEW AMERICA." He formerly ran a low-power radio station, "Tantrum 95.7", and currently publishes a newsletter entitled The Last Word.

Commonwealth of NEW ISLAND

"The Commonwealth of New Island is a 12,000 square mile playing field for a free mind. It is intended as a tool for your imagination; as a fun way to think about what you would like to do or how you would like to live if you could live somewhere else. It is somewhere between a game, an interactive art experience, and a real community."
"Presented as an imaginary island nation in the southern Indian Ocean, New Island is more 'real' than one might think."
- from the website



"My site is primarilly intended for collectors of coins from micro-nations and other unusual places. I have minted my own coin as well. My micro-nation was founded in January of 2003; my type of government is a "state". The most that I can hope to offer is that more people become interested in coins from these interesting places, and that more coins are minted from other places." - Erik McCrea

Principality of NOVA ARCADIA

Formed as an attempt to restore the traditions and chivalry of the older orders, without their tyrrany and oppression.
Website presently in suspension, but is scheduled to return to full activity in some form in 2010.

NSK State
Link moved to Sovereignty Projects and Governments In-Exile

See New Etruria

Kingdom of ODECIA

"Odecia is a state founded in 2002 on the basis of the libertarian (and often surreal) attitudes of its Heads of State (King Joseph and First Minister Gareth). Why two? Well, we view them as an important constitutional safeguard for each to have vetoes, while it also serves to emphasise the kinship and sense of community held dear to the Citizens of Odecia. - from the website

Sultanate of OKUSI-AMBENO (Occusi-Ambeno)
(Stamps of Okusi-Ambeno)

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