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101 Things To Do 'Til the Revolution
See The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook
See Nineteen Eighty Four
The Alamo
John Wayne directed this (admittedly overlong and rather romanticized) epic about the last great stand at the Alamo, during the final days of the Republic of Texas. Wayne himself stars as Col. Davy Crockett.

Alas, Babylon
Alas, Babylon (Perennial Classics) (SCIENCE FICTION)

Pat Frank's novel of thermonuclear war is considered a classic in the field of "end of civilization" fiction.

Alien Nation
Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster
Author Peter Brimlow, himself an immigrant from Great Britian (and a Forbes magazine writer), has attracted controvercy for this book, which deals with what he sees as America's "Golden Door" having been open too long. He calls for the immigration policies to be reviewed in order for America to "absorb" the last 30 year's worth of immigrants. A number of reviewers on, however, have called the author racist.

American Militias: Rebellion, Racisim and Religion
American Militias: Rebellion, Racism and Religion
Richard Abanes has written a well-researched look at the fringes of the militia movement, and how they have bent various Biblical references to fit their ideology.
Mind you, this is the same author who has written a book entitled: Harry Potter and the Bible: The Menace Behind the Magick

The American Way
See Riders On the Storm
Animal Farm
Animal Farm (Hardcover -Everyman's Library Series) (FICTION)
(Hardcover, paperback, and audio versions available.)
George Orwell's anti-Stalinist fable about enforced collectivism in the farmyard, as well as a thinly veiled attack on the post-Revolutionary govermnent of the USSR. Source of the classic quote:
"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

Animal Farm - 1955
The husband and wife animation team of John Halas and Joy Batchelor, who produced and directed propaganda short films during World War 2, produced this cel-animated adaptation of George Orwell's book (the first animated feature made in England) for De Rochemont Films. Because of the heavy-handed drama and implied violence, as well as the mature theme to the storytelling, it was given an "X" certificate (no one under 18 admitted) when first released in England (later changed to "U" for "Universal", the equivilent of a "G" in the USA). Not recommended for young or very impressionable children.

In her book The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, author Francis Stonor Saunders revealed that this film was secretly financed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA as anti-Communist propaganda (which may explain some of the noticable thematic differnces between this film and Orwell's original book). This is explained in full in the DVD's insert.

While there are cheaper editions available on DVD, this version, distributed by Home Vision Entertainment, has been fully restored from Halas and Batchelor's own print (straight from their archives) and contains additional features including running commentary by animation historian Brian Sibley, a historical featurette presented by British actor Tony Robinson (originally produced for the BBC TV show "Stay Tooned"), liner notes by propaganda film historian Karl Cohen and a presentation of the original storyboards.

Animal Farm -1999
Animal Farm (1999) [VIDEO/NTSC/VHS] (DRAMA)
Animal Farm (1999) [VIDEO/NTSC/DVD-REGION 1] (DRAMA)
John Stephenson's direction and the workings of Jim Henson's Creature Workshop make a distubingly realistic setting for George Orwell's classic work. Originally produced for Turner Network Television.

Apocalypse Pretty Soon
Apocalypse Pretty Soon: Travels In End-Time America
(Hardcover and paperback versions available.)
Alex Heard has written several books about fringe science and fringe groups. This details fringe philosophies at the turn of the millennium, including a chapter on new country projects ("Let Freedominium Ring").

Arlington Road
Arlington Road (1999) [VIDEO/VHS/NTSC] (POLITICAL DRAMA)
Arlington Road (1999) [VIDEO/VHS/NTSC-Spanish Subtitles] (POLITICAL DRAMA)
Dubbed "a study in suburban paranoia", a history professor (played by Jeff Bridges) suspects that his neighbor (Tim Robbins) is a domestic terrorist.
WARNING: This film has a twist ending that you must not give away!

The Art of Warfare
The Art of Warfare:
The First English Translation Incorporating the Recently Discovered Yin-Ch'Ueh-Shan Texts (Classics of Ancient China)

"Lure them in with the prospect of gain, take them by confusion."
"Invincibility is in oneself, vulnerability is in the opponent."
"Though effective, appear to be ineffective."
"If you want peace, understand war."

Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu commited his genius to paper over 2,000 years ago, and his words still ring true today. Lovingly translated into English by Roger T. Ames, this is essential wisdom for anyone who wants to to run a small business, a multinational corporation, an army, a street gang, or a nation.
Other translations:
The Art of Strategy: A New Translation of Sun Tzu's Classic, the Art of War (Translated by R.L. Wing)
The Art of War (Translated by Samuel Griffith)
The Art of War: A New Translation (Translated by Denma Translation Group)
The Art of War for Managers; 50 Strategic Rules (Translated and edited by by Gerald A. Michaelson)

From the Ashes: America Reborn
William W. Johnstone's "Ashes" Series (SCIENCE FICTION)
William W. Johnstone, a prolific writer of adventure novels, has penned a series of books set in a post-nuclear scenario, based around a character named General Ben Raines. Raines is the reluctant leader of group simply known as "The Rebels", who have formed the Tri-States autonomous area. Johnstone's novels are very popular in survivalist circles, and have even spawned a Tri-States Movement.
The book that details the series, as well as explains the "Tri-States Philosophy", is
From the Ashes: America Reborn
Listed below are the "Ashes" novels, in order of publishing:
Out Of the Ashes - Fire In the Ashes - Anarchy In the Ashes - Blood In the Ashes - Alone In the Ashes
Smoke From the Ashes - Danger In the Ashes - Valor In the Ashes - Trapped In the Ashes - Death In the Ashes
Survival In the Ashes - Fury In the Ashes - Courage In the Ashes - Terror In the Ashes - Vengence In the Ashes
Battle In the Ashes - Flames From the Ashes - Treason In the Ashes - D-Day In the Ashes - Betrayal In the Ashes
Chaos In the Ashes - Slaughter In the Ashes - Judgment In the Ashes - Ambush In the Ashes - Triumph In the Ashes
Hatred In the Ashes - Standoff In the Ashes - Crisis In the Ashes - Tyrrany In the Ashes - Warriors From the Ashes

The Assault On Tony's
The Assault On Tony's (FICTION)
John O'Brien, the author of Leaving Las Vegas, left behind the manuscript of an unfinished novel when he took his life. Working from notes discovered with the manuscript, his sister Erin completed this work. The story tells of a race war consuming America, while the patrons of a middle-class bar barracade themselves against the chaos outside. What will run out first? Their sanity, or the booze?

Atlas Shrugged
Atlas Shrugged (Hardcover) (POLITICAL FICTION)
(Hardcover, paperback, and audio versions availalable.)
Ayn Rand's objectivist magnum opus and the novel that many sovereignty and new country projects are inspired by. This very long (over 1,000 pages!) and heavy-handed work about a world slowly strangling itself with planned economic structures and political correctness may not be everyone's cup of tea. Unless you plan to spend several days reading this, you're better off with the abridged audiobook version or the summary below.

Cliffs Notes of Atlas Shrugged
Atlas Shrugged - Cliffs Notes Summary (POLITICAL FICTION)
Andrew Bernstein's 96 page condensation and critique of Rand's doorstop of a novel.

The Ayn Rand Cult
The Ayn Rand Cult
Jeff Walker's (highly) critical look at the objectivist guru. An unflattering portrait of a writer who renounced both followers and zealots, yet had many of her own!

Back the Attack
See You Back the Attack! We'll Bomb Who We Want!
The Betrayal of America
The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President
Vincent Bugliosi, the retired California District Attorney who sent Charles Manson & "family" to prison, details how, he feels, the 2000 election was "stolen". Molly Ivins, who wrote one of the forwards, calls this "the modern equivalent of J'Accuse." Additional forward by attorney/activist Gerry Spence.

Related books (on both sides) by other authors:
The Accidental President: How 413 Lawyers, 9 Supreme Court Justices, and 5,963,110 Floridians (Give or Take a Few) Landed George W. Bush in the White House by David A. Kaplan
At Any Cost: How Al Gore Tried to Steal the Election by Bill Sammon
Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative by David Brock
Divided We Stand: How Al Gore Beat George Bush and Lost the Presidency by Roger Simon
Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency by Jake Tapper
Grand Theft 2000: Media Spectacle and a Stolen Election by Douglas Kellner
Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S. Thompson
Jews For Buchanan: Did You Hear the One About the Theft of the American Presidency? by John Nichols, David DesChamps (Contributor)
Too Close to Call: The Thirty-Six-Day Battle to Decide the 2000 Election by Jeffrey Toobin
The Unfinished Election of 2000 by Jack N. Rakove (Editor), Alex Keyssar and Henry Brady
The Votes That Counted: How the Court Decided the 2000 Presidential Election by Howard Gillman

Blood In the Face
Blood in the Face: The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Nazi Skinheads, and the Rise of a New White Culture
James Ridgeway's disturbing examination into the history and current activities of the modern Neo-Nazi movement.

Blood In the Face (Video)
Blood in the Face (1991) [VIDEO/NTSC/VHS] (DOCUMENTARY)
Based on James Ridgeway's book (he is credited as a co-director), this documentary is mostly interviews of Neo-Nazis at a retreat in Michigan. Co-directed by Anne Bohlen and Kevin Rafferty, with interviews hosted by Michael Moore.

Born In Flames (Video)
Born In Flames (1983) [VIDEO/NTSC/DVD - Region 1] (POLITICAL DRAMA)
It's the 10th anniversary of a Socialist being elected President of the USA...but very little has changed for women. The economy is depressed and much of the great promised social changes have been either all talk or on paper. After a globe-trotting radical feminist is arrested in New Your City on a minor charge and mysteriously dies in police custody, two militant feminist groups decide to take their message to the airwaves with pirate radio stations; Radio Regazza (run by a radical white lesbian) and Phoenix Radio (run by a soft spoken black woman). A facinating work of "social science fiction" shot on a tiny budget by Producer/Director Lizzie Borden.

Read the IMDb listing for more information (and when you watch the film, keep a sharp eye out for a young Eric Bogosian [his first screen appearance] as a TV station technician).

Also, this film is featured in Christina Lane's book: Feminist Hollywood: From Born in Flames to Point Break.

Bowling Alone
Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community
Robert D. Putnam, the author of this work, says it best:
"Television, two-career families, suburban sprawl, generational changes in values--these and other changes in American society have meant that fewer and fewer of us find that the League of Women Voters, or the United Way, or the Shriners, or the monthly bridge club, or even a Sunday picnic with friends fits the way we have come to live. Our growing social-capital deficit threatens educational performance, safe neighborhoods, equitable tax collection, democratic responsiveness, everyday honesty, and even our health and happiness."

William W. Johnstone's novel of modern-day civil war in the USA.

The Camp of the Saints
The Camp of the Saints (POLITICAL FICTION)
Jean Raspail's controversial novel deals with the collapse of European civilization from the weight of refugees. While some have hailed the book as a commentary on class structure systems, others have comdemned it as a work of racism.

Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America
Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America (OUT OF PRINT)
Thomas W. Chittum's non-fiction (and politically incorrect) work on what he sees as the "Balkanization" of the United States into ethnic fractures, and their inevitable violent conflict.

Coup D'Etat: A Practical Handbook
Coup D'Etat: A Practical Handbook
Edward Luttwak's no-nonsense book on how governments are toppled.
If you follow the information in this book, you do so at your own risk!

Cryptonomicon (SCIENCE FICTION)
Neal Stephenson's novel is based in two time periods, World War Two and the present. In the present, several characters are seeking to build an off-shore data haven for computer networking. This is apparently the inspiration for HavenCo's construction project on the offshore platform that is the Principality of Sealand.
Another book that some point to for the inspiration for the HavenoCo/Sealand project is John Brunner's The Shockwave Rider

Death of the West
The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization
"This new book deals with the vanishing white race and the vanishing European culture and the death of our culture and civilization, and these are very sensitive subjects." - Author Patrick J. ("Pat") Buchanan, interviewed in Southern Partisan magazine
Pat Buchanan, political commentator, frequent presidential candidate, and arch-conservative spokesman, has created a malestrom of controvercy with this book. Is it a prediction of the collapse of American civilization, or the racist rantings of an ignorant man?
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center's publication, Intelligence Report (Issue 106, Summer 2002, Pg 3), Pat Buchanan supports a number of his conclusions citing far-right sources. Among these are a 1993 broadcast of American Dissident Voices (a radio show produced by the Neo-Nazi group, National Alliance) as part of an attack on 1930's intellectuals for formenting "social revolution", and the discredited work of the New Century Foundation (publisher of American Renaissance), to suggest that blacks are inherently more criminal than whites.
Mr. Sam Francis, Buchanan's editor and friend, told an American Renaissance conference in February 2002 that the book's publisher, St. Martin's Press, had "removed many explicitly racial passages", and insisted that the working title of this book be changed. Buchanan's original choice for the book's title was The Death of Whitey.

The Death of Whitey
See The Death of the West
Denying History
Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? (Hardcover)
Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? (Paperback - Special Order)
Michael Shermer, Alex Grobman and Arthur Hertzberg pooled their talents and research in this book that counters the claims of Holocaust revisionists, and prove, without any shadow of a doubt, that the mass extermination of the "unfit" by the Nazi regime, really did happen!
Other books on related topics:
Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory - Deborah E. Lipstadt
Holocaust Denial - John C. Zimmerman
The Holocaust On Trial - D. D. Guttenplan
Lying About Hitler: History, Holocaust, and the David Irving Trial - Richard J. Evans

The following documentary may also be of interest:
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (1999) - Directed by Errol Morris

Dear World: A Global Odyssey
Dear World: A Global Odyssey
Written by World Service Authority founder Garry Davis (with Richard Sprayregen and Jamie Markowitz), this book details his exploits and adventures on being a self-proclaimed "World Citizen".
Other books by Davis, My Country Is the World, Passport to Freedom, and World Government, Ready Or Not can be purchased via the World Service Authority Catalog.

Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet)
See The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook
Duck Soup (VHS)
Duck Soup (1933) (POLITICAL COMEDY)
[VIDEO/NTSC/DVD - Region 1]
Also available as part of a boxed set.
"You're a brave man. Go and break through the lines! And remember, while you're out there risking your life and limb through shot and shell, we'll be in here thinking what a sucker you are!" - Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx)
Originally a box-office disaster which nearly ruined Paramount Pictures (!), this is now considered the finest Marx Brothers film ever. The immortal Groucho Marx plays Rufus T. Firefly, dictator of the tiny country of Fredonia, who declares war on neighboring Sylvania, over the love of a woman, the wealthy Mrs. Teasdale (played by...who else?... Margaret Dumont). A savage (and often anarchic) satire on politics, war and nationalism.

Earth Abides
"He doubted whether they could survive the winter, even though they piled broken furniture into the fireplace. Some accident would quite likely overtake them, or pneumonia might strike them down. They were like the highly bred spaniels and pekinese who at the end of their leashes had once walked along the city streets. Milt and Ann, too, were city-dwellers, and when the city died, they would hardly survive without it. They would pay the penalty which in the history of the world, he knew, had always been inflicted upon organisms which specialized too highly."

A re-issue of George R. Stewart's 1949 novel about a world decimated by global plague, and it's seemingly immune survivors. It still hasn't lost it's effect.

Ecotopia: Original Paperback Edition Ecotopia: Mass Market Reissue Edition
Ecotopia (Original Paperback Edition) (POLITICAL FICTION)
Ecotopia (Mass-Market Reissue Edition) (POLITICAL FICTION)
Ernest Callenbach's hypothetical novel about a secession of Washington State, Oregon and Northern California from the USA, to form an ecologically sound civilization based on steady-state economics. The book, written in the early 1970's, is told in the form of reports and a journal made by a visiting news journalist from the USA. Some of the corporate structures of Ecotopia's companies are similar to some of today's "dot-com's" (at least, the ones still operating), and many of the packaging concepts mentioned have been brought into use today. It may seem a bit dated at points, but the spirit still remains strong, and there are many interesting suggestions on how to manage companies, government, and society in general. Some have called this the Atlas Shrugged of the Green movement.
Other books by Ernest Callenbach:
Ecology: A Pocket Guide
Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias (Short story anthology of several authors. Includes a work by Ernest Callenbach)
Living Cheaply With Style: Live Better and Spend Less

Ecotopia Emerging
Ecotopia Emerging (FICTION)
This is Ernest Callenbach's "pre-quel" to Ecotopia, describing how the breakaway republic came to be.

Escape to a Small Town!
Escape To A Small Town!: Create a New Life & Fulfill Your Dreams in a Place Where You Can Breathe
Lisa Rogak has written this book for those planning to do just what the title says. She also advises you as to what to look (and look out) for before you settle down. Small town life isn't as bucolic, or as cheap, as you may think!

Fax From Sarajevo (Graphic Novel)
Joe Kubert's soul-grinding work detailing the horrors of the Sarajevo conflict of 1992-1993, told through the eyes of his friend, comic book publisher Ervin Rustemagic, and the trials his family endured. Some of the dialogue may seem hackneyed at times and the artwork may appear a bit "heroic", but this is the work of someone who is an artist first, mainly the illustrator of the classic comic book "Sgt. Rock" (Remember the logo? "MAKE WAR NO MORE"?). Strongly recommended to see what could happen during a modern "civil" war in today's technological society, as well as a reminder of the nightmare that fell on the once-idyllic city of Sarajevo.

The Foxfire Book
The FOXFIRE Series
"In the late 1960s, Eliot Wigginton and his students created the magazine Foxfire in an effort to record and preserve the traditional folk culture of the Southern Appalachians. This is the original book compilation of Foxfire material which introduces Aunt Arie and her contemporaries and includes log cabin building, hog dressing, snake lore, mountain crafts and food, and 'other affairs of plain living.'" - from the description

What started out as a single book has become a long-running series that has sold over two million copies in total!
In short, if you're going "back to the land", get and study these books!
The Foxfire Book (Foxfire 1)
Foxfire 2 - Foxfire 3 - Foxfire 4 - Foxfire 5 - Foxfire 6
Foxfire 7 - Foxfire 8 - Foxfire 9 - Foxfire 10 - Foxfire 11

Other books in the Foxfire series;
The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery
The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Toys & Games
A Foxfire Christmas

The Freedom Outlaw's Handboook
The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook: 179 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution
"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."
Expanding from and replacing her earlier works "101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution" and "Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet)", Claire Wolfe has put together a list of things the average person can do to spit in Big Brother's eye. Some are serious, some are fun. Some are quiet, others are blatant attention-getters. The levels of activity for each suggestion are in three categories (Activist, Ghost and Mole) and are insightfully written.

Other works by this author:
I Am Not A Number: Freeing America From the ID State
Think Free to Live Free: A Political Burnout's Guide to Life, Activism and Everything

If these books are unavailable from Amazon, try Paladin Press.

From Freedom to Slavery
From Freedom to Slavery: The Rebirth of Tyranny in America
Gerry L. Spence, the man who defended such notables as Imelda Marcos, Karen Silkwood and Randy Weaver, gives his take on how the U.S.A. is on the greased slide into oligarchicy (rule by a mob). He's seen the future, and it ain't pretty.
Other related books by Gerry L. Spence:
Give Me Liberty!: Freeing Ourselves in the Twenty-First Century
How to Argue and Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Every Day
The Making of a Country Lawyer
With Justice for None: Destroying an American Myth [OUT OF PRINT]

Führer-Ex: Memoirs of a Former Neo-Nazi
Führer-Ex: Memoirs of a Former Neo-Nazi
Ingo Hasselbach, son of Communist parents and founder of one of East Germany's first Neo-Nazi organizations, comes to terms with his past. A facinating look inside the mind of extremism.

The Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm: America's Militia Threat
Morris Dees (of the Southern Poverty Law Center) and contributor James Corcoran, detail the inner workings of some of the farthest fringe militant groups in the USA.

Give Me Liberty (Graphic Novel)
Give Me Liberty (Martha Washington Series) (SCIENCE FICTION GRAPHIC NOVEL)
Written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, this is the (decidedly politically incorrect) science-fiction tale of a young girl from the ghetto who must defend what remains of the U.S.A. from corporate armies, militants of every definition, and the Surgeon General (!). Winner of a Will Eisner Award (the comic book version of an Oscar).
Other "Martha Washington" books by Frank Miller:
Martha Washington Goes To War (OUT OF PRINT)
Martha Washington Saves the World (OUT OF PRINT)

Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Socities
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
UCLA physiology professor Jared Diamond's Pulitzer prize winnning work on how Eurasians influenced world civilization, not by any genetic favors, but by "geography, demography, and ecological happenstance".

Harvest of Rage
Harvest of Rage: Why Oklahoma City Is Only the Beginning
Joel Dyer, an investigative journalist, gives a detailed report on the psychological background of the helplessness felt by people who join militant groups, and how that desperation is manifesting itself into paranoia and violence.

Heart of the Rock: The Indian Invasion of Alcatraz
Heart of the Rock: The Indian Invasion of Alcatraz
Adam Fortunate Eagle (of the Ojibwa Nation) was one of the brave souls who, on 9 November 1969, occupied the abandoned federal prison of Alcatraz Island, off-shore of San Francisco, California, to draw attention to the incredibly dire conditions of Indian reservations in the USA. This book by Mr. Fortunate Eagle gives a detailed account of events on the island, the reactions by the press, and actions taken by the U.S. Government.

Hold Back This Day
Ward Kendall's controvercial (and politically incorrect) science fiction novel about the last White people on Earth, and their escape from "World Gov" to a colony on Mars. This novel (which the author described to me in an e-mail as "a powerful new pro-white novel") has received praise from "" and other related websites.

How to Start Your Own Country
How to Start Your Own Country (Second Edition)
Erwin S. Strauss' classic work on the micronational movement. Some of the information is dated, but it's a great starting point.

If I Die On the Jersey Front
If I Die On the Jersey Front: A Novel of America After the Split (POLITICAL FICTION)
Matthew Collins' novel about an ethnic break-up of the USA after the country's first black President-Elect is assassinated. The story is told from the viewpoint of a 17 year-old white girl, accompanied by a black soldier, searching for her missing father in the newly-formed Republic of New Africa. Those who have read Sam Grenlee's novel The Spook Who Sat By the Door may find this of interest.

In Bad Company
In Bad Company: America's Terrorist Underground
Mark S. Hamm (Criminology professor at Indiana State Univ.) reports on the Aryan Republican Army (ARA), which he claims assisted Timothy McVeigh in his bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. While some of his claims of connections seem only circumstantial to some critics, his reports on the ARA's militancy is detailed.

In God's Country
In God's Country: The Patriot Movement and the Pacific Northwest
Investigative reporter David Neiwert details the unusual concentration of militant fringe groups in the US Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington State), including actual interviews with their members, and the local people who stood up and confronted the hatred and paranoia in their midst.

Incident at Oglala (VIDEO)
Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story (1992) [VIDEO/VHS/NTSC] (DOCUMENTARY) [OUT OF PRINT IN VHS - USED COPIES ARE AVAILABLE]
Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story (1992) [VIDEO/NTSC/DVD-Region 1] (DOCUMENTARY)
Controvercial documentary that sets out to prove that Leonard Peltier, an Anishinabe and Lakota currently serving life imprisonment for the shooting deaths of two FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in 1975, was framed as a scapegoat because of his political activism. Narrated and produced by Robert Redford. The film's director, Michael Apted, later based these events into his feature film, Thunderheart.
For more information about the case, please visit:
The International Office of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

Related books of interest:
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse - Peter Matthiessen
Like A Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee - Paul Chaat Smith and Robert Allen Warrior
Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance - Leonard Peltier
The Trial of Leonard Peltier - Jim Messerschmidt, William M. Kunstler

NSK Logo
Laibach is an industrial music group that is part of the artist collective that formed the NSK State.

AUDIO CD'S (In order of original release)
Laibach [ROIR]
Nova Akropola
Nova Akropola [Limited Edition]
Occupied 1985 Europe Tour [LIVE]
Opus Dei (Includes a cover of Queen's "One Vision", sung in Yugoslavian)
Slovenska Akropola
Krst Pod Triglavom (Baptism)
Let It Be (Gothic-Industrial reworkings of Beatles songs)
Sympathy for the Devil (Reworkings of the Rolling Stones classic)
Jesus Christ Superstars
M.S. December 21 1984 [LIVE]
Tanz Mit Laibach [CD Single]


Lakota Woman (VIDEO)
Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee (1994) [VIDEO/VHS/NTSC] (FACT-BASED DRAMA)
Made-for-Television film based on the autobiography of Mary Crow Dog, who survivied an abusive childhood to enter inter-tribal politics, including being an eye-witness to the events of the Wounded Knee Uprising in 1973. This film features an All-American Indian/Native American cast.
The book upon which the film was based, Mary Crow Dog's autobiography Lakota Woman, written with Richard Erdoes, is back in print.

Lonely Planet: Micronations
Lonely Planet: Micronations
"Bored of visiting the same UN-recognised countries? Ready to explore somewhere unique and perhaps a little wacky? want to add some really rare stamps to your passport? Then let Lonely Planet's guide to home made nations take you to a bunch of places you've never heard of. Micronations takes a curious look at some of the most curious places on the planet. Designed to generate interest in the strange world out there, this is a fully illustrated, humourous mock guidebook to the nations people create in their own backyards. A global selection of micronations are profiled with facts and figures, cultural information, Things to See & Do, Getting There & Away, and interviews with the quirky characters who've set themselves up as presidents, emperors and serene highnesses. The book also features full colour photographs and sections detailing the historical, philosophical and most definitely satirical aspects of the micronation phenomenon. For lovers of humour, trivia and ephemera, this is a gift book, a reference text and a travel guide rolled into one."

Lucifer's Hammer
Lucifer's Hammer (SCIENCE FICTION)
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's end-of-civilization novel is about a comet slamming into Earth, and the plight of the disaster's survivors. Some have stated that this story is what the films Armageddon and Deep Impact should have been.

Might is Right
Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest
"No moral dogma can be taken for granted - no standard of measurement deified. There is nothing inherantly sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are all the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy." - from the book

Written by the pseudonymous "Ragnar Redbeard" (who may or may not have been either Arthur Desmond or Jack London [or both]), first published in 1896 and reprinted by various publishers through the years, this screed is written with equal parts ink, sweat, blood and testosterone. Unapologeticly mysogynist, racist, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic, it appears to have been written on the run, since there are more than a few contradictions in thought. Either a hymn to Social Darwinism or a parody of extremist thought, it has been embraced by some in both far right and Satanist circles as a quasi-gospel. For those interested, the book is an interesting (and entertaining) read, peppered with colorful insults in 19th century English. Since this book is in public domain, various reprintings often pop up. This edition is published by Dil Pickle Press.

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (SCIENCE FICTION)
Robert Heinlein's Hugo Award-winning novel is set in 2076, where a revolution brews on a lunar colony. Many credit this novel with the formation of today's Libertarian movement.

The Mouse That Roared
The Mouse That Roared (1959) (POLITICAL COMEDY)
Based on Leonard Wibberley's satircial novel, this film, starring Peter Sellers in three roles (the Grand Duchess, the Prime Minister and the Gamekeeper/Field Marshall), tells the story of the tiny (and nearly bankrupt) Duchy of Grand Fenwick, and their attempt of declaring war on the USA. Sending an invasion force to New York City (the soldiers are dressed in chain-mail armor and armed with longbows), their sole intention is to invade, lose, surrender and then appeal for foreign aid. The story is meant as a satire on cold-war paranoia, but this concept has been attempted by several new country projects and sedition movements in the past.
This book was followed by a sequal, The Mouse On the Moon (which was made into a film, now available in both VHS and DVD formats), and a sadly out-of-print "pre-quel", Beware of the Mouse.
(*Not to be confused with the identically titled commentary on the Disney Corporation by Henry A. Giroux.)
You can read about the film on the Internet Movie Database.

The Nations Within
The Nations Within: The Past and Future of American Indian Sovereignty
Vine Deloria, Jr. and Clifford M. Lytle have compiled historical accounts and legal decisions into what many have called one of the most complete books on Native American self-rule.

Nations Within A Nation
Nations Within A Nation: Historical Statistics of American Indians
Paul Stuart's detailed report on census findings, land holdings, population, migration, education, and other important data on demographics relating to Native Americans.

The New Madrid Run
The New Madrid Run (SCIENCE FICTION)
Michael Reisig's novel of natural disaster has attracted strongly polarized reviews from readers. They either love it and want more, or they truly hate the book.

Nineteen Eighty Four
Nineteen Eighty Four (POLITICAL FICTION) (Hardcover- Everyman's Library Series)
(Hardcover, paperback and audio versions available.)
"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever!"

This is George Orwell's classic dystopian novel of a world eternally at war, with a populace under near-starvation conditions and being brainwashed to believe a past that never happened, as their language is being whittled down into Pavlovian buzz-words and catch-phrases. The hero/victim of this work, Winston Smith, is a propaganda writer for the "Ministry of Truth". Published shortly after Orwell's death, this work could be seen as either a prediction or a warning.
This book was brought to the screen three times, but arguably the best (and bleakest) version was produced, appropriately, in 1984, directed by Michael Radford and starring John Hurt as Winston Smith, Suzanna Hamilton as Julia and (in his last screen role) Richard Burton as O'Brien.

No Logo
No Logo: : No Space, No Choice, No Jobs
Investigative reporter Naomi Klien details how our mental and psychological environments are being co-opted by corporate symbolism, as well as how workers in underdeveloped countries are being used as near-slave labor.

No cover art available
On the German Art of War (Truppenfuhrung)
Edited by Bruce Condell and David T. Zabecki. This is the textbook that Hitler's military commanders studied before going onto the battlefield. If you want to know the philisophy behind the Third Reich's war machine, read this book.

On War
On War
(Hardcover, audio and e-book versions available.)
"War is the continuation of state policy by other means."
"No one starts war...without first being clear in his mind what he intends to achieve by the war and how he intends to conduct it."

Karl Von Clausewitz's classic work on how wars are fought and won (or lost).
Other versions and works by this author:
Historical and Political Writings (Edited by Peter Paret, Translated by Daniel Moran)
War, Politics, and Power: Selections from On War, and I Believe and Profess (Translated by Edward M. Collins)
On War (Everyman's Library Series)

The Other Face of America
The Other Face of America: Chronicles of the Immigrants Shaping Our Future
Written by syndicated columnist and Emmy-award winning TV news reporter* Jorge Ramos as La Otra Cara de Am�rica, and translated by Patricia J. Duncan. A collection of 49 essays concerning the personal trails and tribulations of Hispanics and Latin-American immigrants (both legal and illegal) in the USA.
(*He is the news anchor for Noticiero Univision on the Univision network.)

Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse
Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse (POLITICAL/SCIENCE FICTION)
Original Title: "T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. (The End of the World As We Know It)"
James Wesley, Rawles (sic) has written a how-to book on preparations for surviving a nationwide economic disaster, in the form of a novel. The theme heavily favors the "sovereign citizen" movement, and casts the United Nations in a very bad light. Still, the book is both well-researched and well-written.

Passport to Pimlico (British Video Box)
Passport to Pimlico (1949) [VIDEO/NTSC/VHS - Audio description for the blind and visuially impaired] (POLITICAL COMEDY)
Classic British comic film, made just as Great Britian was shaking off World War II. Still in the midst of war-related taxes, shortages and rationing, the residents of London's Pimlico district discover an ancient document that proclaims it to be a section of the Duchy of Burgundy, and is therefore officially not part of England (and, subsequently, exempt from taxes and rationing). Read the Internet Movie Database listing for more information.
The only version available via in NTSC (North America/Japanese Standard) is one with audio description for the blind and visuially impaired. Those who wish to pay for PAL to NTSC conversion (or have a multi-format VCR) can buy a PAL version without audio description at (The United Kingdom branch of

(Note: This film is also available in NTSC format and without audio description, in both VHS and DVD formats, from Nostalgia Family Video. I've done business with them, and I'm quite happy with their service.)

People of the Rainbow
People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia
Dr. Michael I. Niman, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Buffalo (NY) State College, has written a detailed examination and history of the Rainbow Family of Living Light (aka Rainbow Nation, Rainbow Tribe).

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: How We Got To Be So Hated
"That our ruling junta might have seriously provoked McVeigh and Osama was never dealt with." - from the book
Gore Vidal's collection of essays and articles, in which he takes a long, hard and very disturbing look as to why the USA is so hated elsewhere in the world, and why the "War on Terrorism" is whittling away at the country's Constitution.

Other related books by this author:
The Decline and Fall of the American Empire
Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press (Forward by Gore Vidal)
The Last Empire Essays: 1992-2000

Similar books on this topic
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization and High-Finance Fraudsters by Greg Palast
Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire by Chalmers Johnson
Land of Hypocrisy by Kennie Anderson
Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower by William Blum
Why Do People Hate America? by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies

The Prince
The Prince
(Hardcover, paperback, and audio versions available.)
"It must be understood, that a prince...cannot observe all of those virtues for which men are reputed good, because it is often necessary to act against mercy, against faith, against humanity, against frankness, against religion, in order to preserve the state."
" is by far safer to be feared than it is to be loved."

Niccolo Machiavell wrote this classic work of politics in 1512, as a means of getting in good with the reigning Medici Family of Italy's Florintine Republic. Among the work's claims is that moral and theological imperatives are of no importance in the political arena. This is where the term "Machiavellian" comes from.
Anyone seeking to start or break away from a country should read this book, since your adversaries will probably have committed it to memory.
(This book is in public domain, so various editions and translations exist, both in print and on-line.)

Book animation
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Also known as:
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The Protocols of Zion
This book is a historical hoax as well as a plagerism (Much of it was taken wholecloth from Maurice Joley's 1864 political satire The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu). Adherants to the book proclaim it to be "proof' of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, despite the fact that many scholars have exposed it as the fraud it is.
Suggested books that refute the "Protocols" are as follows:
Dismantling the Big Lie: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Steven L. Jacobs and Mark Weitzman
A Lie and a Libel: The History of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Binjamin W. Segel
The Myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Norman Rufus Colin Cohn
The Plot: The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Will Eisner (His last published work)
A Rumor About the Jews : Antisemitism, Conspiracy, and The Protocols of Zion by Stephen Eric Bronner

The Resurrection of Aristocracy
The Resurrection of Aristocracy
"The present age is one of equality, the new age will be one of aristocracy; the present age is dominated by urban life, the new age will be dominated by a rural lifestyle; the present age is one of mass production, the new age will be one of homemade goods and craftsmanship; the present age has given us the nuclear family, the new age will return us to the extended family; the present age idolizes science and technology, the new age will be hostile or indifferent to these things."

"Life will be hard, and the commoners will have very low expectations. They will never question the permanency of their subordinate position...and their joys will be of the most basic kind, such as the birth of a child, the marriage of a son or daughter, and military success of their lord, particularly so when it involves the members of their own community, and of course a good harvest...Communial cooperation will be essential for the common people if they are to survive. No longer will they be able to beg for a living, or live off the charity of some benevolent institution or rely on the government to provide for their needs - put simply, those who do not work really will not eat."
- from the book

Rudolph Carlyle Evans has a utopian vision. A civilization devoid of any modern technology, ruled by an unopposed and unquestioned elite, managed by a warrior caste, and tended to by serfs and commoners. No "trickle down economics" here, just a return to a feudal state run by an iron hand. To quote the introduction by Robert Hertz, "In Evans' view, the main function of the common people is to beat the lily pads at night to keep the frogs quiet." Popular with the Satanists, this work is Machiavelli taken to the exteme.

Riders on the Storm (1986) [VIDEO/NTSC/VHS] (POLITICAL COMEDY)
Campy political film about Vietnam era veterans who run a pirate television station (S&M TV) from an old bomber plane, while attempting to expose an ultra-right wing Presidential candidate who is not what she seems to be! The motley band of video guerillas is led by the half-crazed "Uncle Slam" (played gloriously by film legend Dennis Hopper). Read the Internet Movie Database listing for more information.
Original title: THE AMERICAN WAY

Rollerball (1975) [VIDEO/DVD-Region 1/NTSC] (SCIENCE FICTION)
Directed by Norman Jewison and based the short story Roller Ball Murders by William Harrison (who also wrote the screenplay), this story, set in 2018, tells of a world where nations have been replaced by global corporations. To distract the masses, an ultra-violent sport called "Rollerball" is invented. The sport is designed to rely on team actions, while individual efforts are discouraged. The film details the rise of Jonathan E (played by James Caan), a man who becomes a celebrity in a sport that is not supposed to have celebrities.
Not to be confused with the vastly inferior 2002 remake.

Shattered Union
Shattered Union [VIDEO GAME]
Windows XP/2000/NT/98 Version
Xbox Version
"Following a great increase in terrorism, internal strife, and ultimately, the nuclear destruction of Washington, D.C., the United States shatters into a half-dozen nation-states that descend into war. Take the helm of one of these newfound sovereignties (or the "peacekeeping" European Expeditionary Force) and struggle to reunify America by any means necessary!" - from the manufacturer
This game was released in 2005.

Promotional Website


Book animation
This novel by Edwin Corley is described by Sir Michael De Cessna, KGCLS, KSH, Captain-General of Lemuria:
"This is a story of a black US Marine general who comes home wounded from Vietnam, to find his family massacred, supposedly at the hands of White Supremacists. In his anger and rage, he becomes the main 'mover' of a radical Black Revolutionary group's scheme to seize the island of Manhattan, to hold it hostage in trade for the US Government surrendering the state of New Jersey to form a 'homeland for oppressed Afro-Americans'. A bit dated in places, but it is a very good read."

The Spook Who Sat by the Door
The Spook Who Sat by the Door (African American Life Series) (POLITICAL FICTION)
Sam Greenlee's controvercial 1969 novel about a token black CIA operative who, after being subjected to racism and sterotyping, leaves the agency and organizes a Chicago street gang into guerilla revolutionary army.
Those who have read this book may be interested in Matthew Collins' novel If I Die On the Jersey Front.

The Spook Who Sat by the Door
After this film was abruptly pulled from theatres after only a three week run in 1973 (reportedly under pressure from the FBI and their COINTELPRO program against political activists), the only way to see this film was through Canadian VHS releases or poor quality pirated VHS tapes and DVDs...until now! Monarch Home Video has released this fully restored edition, completely remastered from the original cinematic negative. Produced and directed by Ivan Dixon (who played Sgt. James "Kinch" Kinchloe on the TV show "Hogan's Heroes"), it is a faithful adaptation of the novel, and hasn't lost its impact.

The South Was Right!
The South Was Right!
James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy's controvercial historical text on the Confederacy during the civil war. The Kennedy twins take a non-racist stand that the Confederacy was right in it's secession from the USA.
"Many myths about the South and the War are esposed and the traditional Southern view about those issues are given in this book. This effort of recording and publishing the partisan Southern view of the War makes this book a one-of-a-kind book. Ron and I have thrown down the Gauntlet to Americans in general and Southerners in particular to reevaluate the mythology of the 'Civil War' as written and enforced by the victors. As Americans, are we true to the 'unalienable' principles of the founding fathers, such as, the right of living in a government by the 'consent of the governed' if we deny to the South the very thing that the colonies fought for in 1776? As President Jefferson Davis stated, the South merely treads in the foot steps of their colonial fathers when they seceded from the Union in 1861." - Walter Donald Kennedy

The Southern Nation: The New Rise of the Old South
The Southern Nation: The New Rise of the Old South
R. Gordon Thornton's combination of historical report and manifesto, describing how the South can preserve it's social, religious, political, and cultural traditions. To quote the author: "There are many books about history, but very few on how to make history."

Steal This Book (25th Anniversary Facimilie Edition) Steal This Book (Trade Paperback)
Steal This Book: A Handbook of Survival for the Citizens of Woodstock Nation
(25th Anniversary Facsimile Edition)
(Trade Paperback)
"It's embarrassing when you try to overthrow the government and you wind up on the Best Seller's List." - Abbie Hoffman
The Bible and Constitution of the Youth International Party (aka: "Free Nation", "Woodstock Nation", "Yipster Nation"), written by Abbie Hoffman with "Co-conspirator" Izak Haber and "Accessory after the Fact" Bert Cohen. Some of the information is sadly dated (cheating vending machines with washers, "phone phreaking", contact information addresses, etc.), but some is still valid (scrounging for free furniture and food, organizing a food co-op or a political demonstration, making your own bread and yogurt). It is an excellent reference to the "Yippie!" movement, and maybe an inspiration for someone to write an updated version (hint hint).
Psssst! Like, don't tell nobody about this but, like, do what title says! Like, Dig?

Steal This Movie
Steal This Movie (2000) [VIDEO/NTSC/VHS] (BIOGRAPHY)
Steal This Movie (2000) [VIDEO/NTSC/VHS/Spanish Subtitles] (BIOGRAPHY)
Steal This Movie (2000) [VIDEO/NTSC/DVD - Region 1] (BIOGRAPHY)
Biographical film about Abbie Hoffman ("leader" and co-founder of the Youth International Party) that received very mixed reviews. Read the IMDb listing for more information.

Stupid White Men...
Stupid White Men...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!
"It used to be politicians would wait until they were in office to before they became crooks. This one came prepackaged. Now he is a trespasser on Federal land, a squatter in the Oval Office. If I told you this was Guatemala, you'd believe it in a heartbeat, no matter your poitical stripe. But because this coup was wrapped in an an American flag, delievered in your choice of red, white or blue, those responsibile believe they're going to get away with it." - from the book
Michael Moore (Roger and Me, TV Nation, The Awful Truth, Downsize This!) rides again with a book that could start a fight in an empty room. He includes his screed against the "Thief-In-Chief" and his power elite. Filled with as many facts and research as any conservative political book, it rose to the #1 position on's bestseller list shortly after publication (without a single advertisement from the publisher!). Be you leaning to the left or to the right, this book will certainly rattle your cage.

Other works by Michael Moore:
Adventures in a TV Nation (Reference work to his TV series. Co-written by Kathleen Glynn)
The Big One (Documentary)
Bowling for Columbine (Documentary)
Canadian Bacon (Political Satire)
Dude, Where's My Country? (Political Non-Fiction)
Fahrenheit 9/11 (Documentary)
The Official Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader (Supplimentary book to the above documentary)
Roger and Me (Documentary)
Will They Ever Trust Us Again? (Collection of correspondence from US Troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan)

T.A.Z. the Temporary Autonomous Zone
T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism (New Autonomy Series)
"They lied to you, sold you ideas of good and evil, gave you distrust of your body and shame for your prophethood of chaos, invented words of disgust for your molecular love, mesmerized you with inattention, bored you with civilization and all its usurious emotions." - from the book
Hakim Bey's most famous collection of essays. He calls for "poetic terrorism" (read: surrealistly-themed protests) against the established norm, and the formation of intentional communities that live outside the law.
Other related works by Hakim Bey:
Note: Most of Bey's works are published without copyright (intentionally), and may be available in other editions.

Take Back Your Government!
Take Back Your Government!: A Practical Handbook for the Private Citizen Who Wants Democracy to Work
Original Title: "How To Be A Politician"
Robert Heinlein's non-fiction work on politics was written in the months after the end of World War Two. Apparently, much of his work is still valid.

Tales From Margaritaville
Tales From Margaritaville: Fictional Facts and Factual Fictions (Hardcover) (ADVENTURE FICTION)
Tales From Margaritaville: Fictional Facts and Factual Fictions (Paperback) (ADVENTURE FICTION)
Jimmy Buffett's collection of short stories about the mythical island paradise he popularized in song.

Them: Adventures with Extremeists
Them: Adventures with Extremeists
Hardcover and softcover editions
The cover of Jon Ronson's book describes it better than I can:
"Is there really, as the extremists claim, a secret room from which a tiny elite secretly rule the world? And if so, can it be found? This book is a journey into the heart of darkness involving twelve-foot lizard men, PR-savvy Ku Klux Klansmen, Hollywood limousines, the story of Ruby Ridge, Noam Chomsky, a harem of kidnapped sex slaves, and Nicolae Ceausescu's shoes. While Jon Ronson attempts to locate the secret room he is chased by men in dark glasses, unmasked as a Jew in the middle of a Jihad training camp, and witnesses CEOs and leading politicians undertake a bizarre pagan owl ritual in the forests of northern California. He learns some alarming things about the looking-glass world of them and us. Are the extremists onto something? Or has be become one of Them?"

No cover art available
The Third Paradigm: God and Government in the 21st Century
Dr. Mark A. Ludwig, founder of the Salem Project, divides governments of the past and present into three categories; monarchal, representative, and theocratic. He argues that theocracy is the most practical.
Dr. Ludwig's other works on both politics and computer viruses (!) are available from American Eagle Publications.

Thunderheart (VIDEO)
Thunderheart (1992) [VIDEO/VHS/NTSC] (DRAMA)
Thunderheart (1992) [VIDEO/NTSC/DVD - Region 1] (POLITICAL DRAMA)
Drama featuring Val Kilmer, who plays a part-Sioux FBI agent called to investigate a murder at an Oglala Sioux reservation, and is awakened to his heritage. Very loosly based on the events surrouding the arrest (and probable framing) of activist Leonard Peltier. This feature was filmed at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, where the Peltier incident took place. Director Michael Apted also made the documentary Indicent at Oglala, upon which much of this film was based.

Transfer: The End of the Beginning
Transfer: The End of the Beginning (SCIENCE FICTION)
Jerry Furland's novel on the development of a cashless society, bringing about the death of privacy.

Tropico (Computer Game)
An excellent training exercise for would-be despots. In this role-playing game, you are the (benevolent?) dictator of the Republic of Tropico, an obscure island "banana republic" during the Cold War, and have to keep the populace, your military, your croneys and your foreign "business interests" happy. Just keep your bags packed and keep sending that kick-back money to your Swiss bank account, in case the tanks come rolling down the street in your direction.

Trust Us, We're Experts!
Trust Us, We're Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future
Hardcover and softcover editions.
John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton expose how many of the "experts" trotted out before the press are public relations pawns backed by corporate interests with anti-consumer safety and anti-environmental agendas.
Think twice when you hear some "noted scientist" saying that nuclear power is perfectly safe or global warming is a myth!
By the same authors:
Mad Cow U.S.A.: Could the Nightmare Happen Here? [OUT OF PRINT - USED COPIES MAY BE AVAILABLE]
Toxic Sludge Is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry

The Turner Diaries - Barricade Books Edition The Turner Diaries - National Vanguard Edition
The Turner Diaries (Barricade Books Edition) (This is the cheapest edition available) (POLITICAL FICTION)
The Turner Diaries (National Vanguard Edition) (POLITICAL FICTION)
The Turner Diaries (Audio Transcription on Tape) (POLITICAL FICTION)
Written by "Andrew Macdonald", the pseudonym of William L. Pierce, founder of the Neo-Nazi group, National Alliance. This much discussed, but rarely read novel is (in my very personal opinion, which I'm entitled to) a how-to book on armed revolution, thinly disguised as a very, very badly written novel about a group of revolutionary racists who overthrow a "politically correct" USA, and is dripping with racism and anti-Semitism (Copies of this book have been found in the possession of racial militants at their arrest). The story was originally published in serial format in National Alliance's publications National Vanguard and Attack. This book is recommended only for those who may be curious as to what the militant racist fringe is reading. While some consider this to be the "New Testament" of Nazism, one reviewer on says that to compare this to Hitler's Mein Kampf is akin to "comparing a moped to a Mercedes".
Ironic note: The owner of Barricade Books, Mr. Lyle Stewart, is Jewish.
Interested parties may wish to read a "Q&A" posted by the Anti-Defination League.
Those who would like to read the book for free can find it here:
(Note: Free websites with similar material have been shut down by their space providers without notice.)

The Twilight of American Culture
The Twilight of American Culture
Morris Berman, a noted cultural historian, takes a critical look at our "McWorld", and how, in his opinion, we are more intrested in being distracted and obsessed with consuming than we are about personal enlightenment and the search for wisdom. ("Survivor" re-runs, anyone?)

No cover art available
Twilight of the Forbidden City
Reginald F. Johnston, the personal teacher of Henry Pu Yi, China's last emperor, wrote this biography of the deposed monarch and the collapse of China's imperial society. This book was the basis for Bernardo Bertolucci's movie "The Last Emperor".

Uncle Sam (Graphic Novel)
Uncle Sam (Graphic Novel - Paperback) (POLITICAL FICTION - GRAPHIC NOVEL)
Writer Steve Darnall and artist Alex Ross (with letterer Todd Klein) have taken a harsh look at the "Uncle Sam" mythos in this Eisner Award-nominated work. Super-imposing the bloody history of the USA with the chaotic present, the main character is a homeless man in a ragged Uncle Sam costume who quotes political soundbites and has horriffic visions. The writing is often surreal at times, and the artwork is a facinating mix of Norman Rockwell and the high-tech, near-photo realistic style of illustrations in today's comic books.
Is this desheveled figure just another homeless man? Is he the real Uncle Sam? he one of U.S.?

"The most eloquent use of a superhuman archetype for a great many years, Darnall and Ross have with Uncle Sam produced a lumious and moving stuidy of America's iconographic landscape, at once an indictment and a reclamation of the nation's oldest and most venerable symbol. As a portrait of a fond American dream at last waking to itself, Uncle Sam is genuinely inspiring and deserves to be read more than once. Highly recommended."
- Alan Moore (Author of Watchmen and Batman: The Killing Joke)

"Uncle Sam is probably the most thoughtfully radical piece of truly popular culture I've seen in the past decade or so. Frighteningly intense and ...also sad in the most eloquent way, patriotic in all the ways that mattered, to all the things one might justifiably be patriotic to."
- Dave Marsh (Author of Before I Get Old and Born To Run)

Unintended Consequences
Unintended Consequences (POLITICAL FICTION)
John Ross' much hyped novel about a gun collector being pursued by U.S. government agents clocks in at whopping 863 pages. This doorstop of a book is very popular in the "Second Amendment" movement. Vin Suprynowicz, columist for the Las Vegas (Nevada) Review-Journal, has compared this to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

Unreal Estate
Unreal Estate: The Men Who Sold the Moon
Virgiliu Pop's report on the sale of "land" in outer space, and why it cannot be legally binding. Includes a report on James Thomas Mangan's 1948 creation of "Celestia" or "Nation of Celestial Space", which claimed sovereignty over all of outer space. Full details on the book may be read at this promotional website (where it can also be purchased as hardcover, softcover, or e-book).

Was Jefferson Davis Right?

Was Jefferson Davis Right?
In a follow-up to their work The South Was Right!, twin brothers James Ronald and Walter Donald Kennedy give their historical commentary on the first (and only) president of the Confederate States of America.

When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden
When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden: What the Government Should Be Telling Us to Help Fight the War on Terrorism
Bill Maher, former host of the TV talk show "Politically Incorrect", takes a detailed look on what our government is, isn't, should, and shouldn't do to protect us against terrorism...instead of ourselves! This book is illustrated with mock WW2-style posters that, Maher feels, the governemnt "should be making plaster everywhere".

White Man's Burden
White Man's Burden (1995) [Video/DVD/Region 1/NTSC] (SOCIAL DRAMA)
White Man's Burden (1995) [Video/NTSC/VHS] (SOCIAL DRAMA)
Desmond Nakano's unusual film set in a hypothetical America, where Blacks are in the higher social order and Whites are relegated to poverty. John Travolta plays a man who kidnaps his boss (played by Harry Belefonte) after he loses his job.

White Power, White Pride! (Hardcover) The White Separatist Movement in the United States (Paperback)
White Power, White Pride!: The White Separatist Movement in the United States (Hardcover)
The White Separatist Movement in the United States: White Power, White Pride! (Paperback)

NOTE: While the titles differ slightly, both are of the same book.

Devoid of any hysteria and hype, this book by Betty A. Dobratz and Stephanie L. Shanks-Meile is an even-handed analysis of the philosophy of white speratistism and it's adherants.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
(Paperback, audio and e-book versions available.)
Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht consulted foremost experts in various fields to determine what would be the best way of getting yourself out of various situations. Things like escaping from a mountain lion/bull/alligator, hotwiring a car (to make an emergency getaway from a disaster), jumping from a buiding into a dumpster, escaping from quicksand or a car in the water, emergency childbirth, etc. Memorize this book, and hope you'll never need the information.

Other "Worst Case Scenario" themed books:

Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: College
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Golf
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Holidays
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Parenting
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work

Other related books by other authors:
The Action Hero's Handbook by David Borgenicht and Joe Borgenicht
The Action Heroine's Handbook by Jennifer Worick, Joe Borgenicht, Larry Jost and Jennifer Worick
Don't Try This At Home by Hunter S. Fulghum
The Spy's Guide: Office Espionage by H. Keith Melton, Craig Piligian and Duane Swierczynski

Back the Attack!
You Back the Attack! We'll Bomb Who We Want! : Remixed War Propaganda
Micah Ian Wright of the Propaganda Remix Project has collected many of his controvercial posters (Detournments of World War 2 propaganda posters with darkly ironic slogans), complete with an introduction by Kurt Vonnegut, and commentary by Howard Zinn and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

You Are Being Lied To

You Are Being Lied To:
The Disinformation Guide To Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes & Cultural Myths
"If you're not careful, the media will have you hating the people who are being oppresed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." - Malcolm X

"Sometimes lying means only telling a small part of the truth." - R.U. Sirius

Edited by Russ Kick of The Disinformation Company, Ltd., this eye-opening collection of essays will throw a monkey-wrench into your established thinking. Such as the claims that there is no "hidden code" in the Bible, the "Big Bang Theory" isn't air tight, some (but not all) environmental and drug abuse horror stories are unfounded myths, Thomas Jefferson grew both marijuana and opium poppies on his farm, much of what the Bible tells of Jesus is either exaggeration or fabrication, and many of the activist efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. do not appear in your children's textbooks!

Authors include Ali Abunimah, Paul Armentano, Greg Bishop (publisher of The Excluded Middle), Howard Bloom, Charles Bufe, Alex Burns (editor of Disinformation), Barry Chamish, Noam Chomsky, Jeff Cohen (founder of Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting {FAIR}), Alex Constantine, William R. Corliss, Michael A. Cremo, Riane Eisler, Judith Ruch Morris, Jim Hogshire, Philip Jenkins, Earl Lee, James Loewen, David Loye, Thomas Lyttle, Mick Mamatas, M.M. Mangasarian, Jim Marrs, Jim Martin, David McGowan, Paul K. McMasters, Richard Matzger, Patrick Moore (founding member Greenpeace), Cletus Melson, Christian Parenti, Michael Parenti, Preston Peet, Mark Pesce, Robin Ramsay (editor/publisher of Lobster), James Ridgeway, Douglas Rushkoff, Dan Russell, Peter Russell, Sydney Schanberg (author of The Killing Fields), R.U. Sirius, George Smith (editor of Crypt, Sam Smith (editor of Progressive Review), Warren Allen Smith, Normon Solomon, David Steinberg, Robert Sterling, Marni Sullivan, Tristan Taormino, David E. Thomas (president of New Mexicans for Science and Reason {NMSR}), Kenn Thomas (publisher of Steamshovel Press), Jonathan Vankin, Gary Webb, Miachel Zezima (aka "Mickey Z") and Howard Zinn.

Additional book by the same editor:
Everything You Know Is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies

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