The manager of this website is Steven F. Scharff. I have had a long-standing interest in micronations and maintain one called the Principality of Nova Arcadia, which was started as the Baronetcy of Pendragonia under the aegis of the Free Territory of Ely-Chatelaine.

This project began as a single page of links on Nova Arcadia's website. However, due to intense interest in micropatriology on the World Wide Web, as well as questions posed to me about micropatriology in general, this website was founded.

This website is maintained out of a casual interest in micropatriology and sovereignty projects, and is not a commercial enterprise. No support, endorsement nor promotion of any particular organization, project, group, movement, campaign and/or nation/state is intended, implied nor suggested. This website, as well as its manager, does not support the violent overthrow of nor sedition from any government.

The manager of this website takes no responsibility should anyone be inspired to commit himself to a sedition, micronation or independence organization, project, group, movement and/or campaign after visiting this website.

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