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Republic of Medea

Republic of Medea

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Republic of the City-States, ally

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"Strength in times of need,
compassion in times of doubt."

Love always and forever, The Medea~


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Judson A. Manuel
3404 Boring Lane
San Francisco, CA

Summary of Qualifications
Graduated With Honors from The University Of Toronto
10 years of writing experience (especially for Online audiences)
Stunning competency in Latin and Spanish
Devoted, company-oriented member of staff with a aptitude for details

Employment Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Staff Leader
In charge of coordinating a worldwide team of authors to fit a demanding set of growth aims.
- Set unprecedented records for efficiency, increasing production by 20% throughout the world
- Properly managed continuous logs of job distribution
- Managed quality control for world-wide creation across a substantial team of writers

Additional Abilities

Proficient in Latin and Spanish
Innovative competence with a huge choice of office software programs

Samples of Released Writing