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Empire of the Realm of PACIFICA
Renamed the Empire of PACIFICA
Link moved to the New Country Projects page.

Republic of PASSAS (New URL)

Inner Realm of PATRIA (Antarbhumi Ramrajya)
Patria's Capital City, Castoropolis (Kashipura)

Free Commonwealth of PENGUINEA (Discussion group)

Website is in Spanish.

PONDEROSA Territory (cowboy-nation.info)

"A real cowboy belongs to no one gender, race, or no one nation. We are joined together by our love for the range, the freedom we feel when we ride, and the simple truth we know ... no hat is required, but it never hurts. - Shaun Kasimir (from the website)

Commonwealth of PORT COLICE

Kingdom of PORTO CLARO

Free State of PROMETHIA


Multi-lingual website. Click on the arrow under the globe to choose a language. According to the website, this is both a "Labroatory of Psycho-Politics" and a "community of those working for Immaterial Welfare".

Synergized Debentured Netdom of QUATLOOSIA (Satirical/Informational Website)

A satirical micronation established by the good people at Quatloos, an on-line guide to debunking investment, tax-shelter and "off-shore" financial scams. (Quatloos is run by Financial and Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc.)


United States of ROADKILLS-R-US

See Imperium Romanorum

Kingdom of SAINT-PAUL (Website is in French)

Republic of SAINT JAMES

Principality of SARMATIA (Website is in Polish)

See Society for Creative Anachronism

His Majesty's Archduchy of SCOTIA

"His Majesty's Archduchy of Scotia is seeking to reestablish the Spanish Monarchy in any and all of the former colonies of the Spanish Empire. Until this is achieved H.M. the Archduke of Scotia Don Nicholas de Nixon y Meador (A Hapsburg and Borbon (Also spelled Bourbon) family descendent) will reign as the viceroy for these rebellious nation-states that do not recognize the Spanish Crown as their Head of State. May the lands from Tierra Del Fuego to California, and from the Philippines to Spanish (Equatorial) Guinea recognize Su Majestad Don Juan Carlos de Borbon y Borbon el Rey de todos los espa�oles, sin excepci�n!" - from an e-mail by HM Nicholas of Nixon and Meador

Kingdom of All the SEDANG

Serene Principality of SERENDIP
Fomerly the Principality of Monastico

Province of SHUMA

"It is here to mention the final annexation to planet earth. Located just of the isles of Tolja. A country settled by inhabits, who direct all their attention to fixing the echo-system." - from the website


"Slobovia is an online, 6th World Micronation. Slobovia is a federal constitutional monarchy, with a strong pre-World War One German cultural theme. It's capital is Grossenberg. Slobovia is not a seccessionist group. It is an online community of people who enjoy the romanticism of the 1871-1918 German Empire. The Slobovian Kaiser, HIM Troy Robert I, is considered to be Slobovia's constitutional monarch and chief of state. Slobovians are thrifty, hard-working, and obedient to their Kaiser. But they also enjoy life, and love music, dancing, good food and beer, and fellowship. They also enjoy vacations in their nation's scenic areas. Slobovians love new people, so we'd be happy if you joined us in this community trying to find its place in the sun." - from the website

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)

"The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history." - from the website
This organization holds events around the world themed in Medieval time periods, and has even mapped out 16 different virtual kingdoms in the world. Taking into consideration the sheer number of the group's membership, as well as the scale of the organization's management, this is the largest model country organization in the world.

SPONTOON Island Archipelago
Link moved to Related listings

(Swisdomanian Seperate Republic for the Arts)

"This new nation is one very much based from Issac Asimovs FOUNDATION series. It is a gathering of about 126 people who record events and dicoverings of our world. We are the cosen helpers and have seen the light. Our governmnet is a Chancellorship where two chancellors are voted from and rule for 5 years, along with a City Council and mayor. - from an e-mail


"We are a sino-German micronation from 1999 and we changed the name in 2011. We have own flag, crest, website, currency, passport and we have more than 250 residents. - from an e-mail by Prime Minister Danny H. Zhang

Link has been moved to the New Country Projects listings.

Kingdom of TALOSSA

"Talossa is an ongoing political and social adventure, and we invite all persons worldwide to become Talossan citizens and participate. In Talossa, you can become anything, from the lowliest pauper to the Senesch�l (Prime Minister) of the Kingdom. Say the word, and you become a major figure in Talossan politics! (Talossan politics is real-life politics, only smaller and more accessible.) Learn to speak and write Talossan! Draft legislation and shepherd it through the Ziu (Parliament)! Design and register a Talossan Coat of Arms! Crack silly jokes on the Kingdom's bulletin boards! Make friends, share ideas, run for office, have fun!"
"WARNING: Talossa can be habit-forming. But it's a good habit. You know, like breathing."
- from the website

(Original entry page)

Kingdom of TAR SHAKAN

"Tar Shakan is a Discordian Micronation designed to bring to reality the Dirt of the Mundo with the e-space of Tar Shakan, the e-nation. We invite all to "remember" and participate in a feudal e-society with the aim of evolving to a state where e-world meets claimed dirt." - Sir Aelthred of Snicker Downs

"Tar Shakan is an absurdist, performance art, creative collective of scribes, knights and others. The nation holds dubious land claims in the world and even more dubious supernatural claims of prophesized events. We are definitely like a model nation in that we have mechanisms to simulate Life, War, Politics, Diplomacy, Economic Principles, Social Customs, Conflict, Learning and Debate in the feudal age and to witness a natural progression or evolution in social structures, all with a heavy Discordian/Absurdist Twist." - Gus, a technician of the DCC, the Discordian Construction Company

Kingdom of TARSICIA
Moved to Seditionist and Sovereignty Movements in the USA

Republic of TAYLAND

"When I was a child I made up the Tays and had a Tay name for all my friends and when I learned it was possible to start micronations I figured tayland was a good ideal. So Tayland now exists. It has its own culture, songs, flag and language. Long live Tayland!" - from the website

State of TEXTOR (Website is in German)

Empire of THRACE
(New Website)

"The Empire of Thrace (Traus Rezodon) is a sovereign, non-territorial nation founded in 23 August of 1992. The Empire of Thrace is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy following in the great democratic tradition of civilized nations. On account of the small size of our national community, Thrace is often referred to as a 'micronation'." - from the website

Free Republic of TIR NA NÒG (Website is in German)

Kingdom of TÍR NA NÓG

Kingdom of TORHAVN (TorHavn) (New URL)

"We are an evolving sovereign nation-state in the planning phase of its development. By others, we have been called a micronation, ephemeral state, secessionist government (or movement), model country, etc. (and, less complimentariy, imaginary state, or even counter-country), ... unrecognized by the majority of world society. Yet, more importantly, WE call ourselves a future nation (and we ARE patient; we can wait): a country in the making, a warrior nation & the world's first 'green country'." - from the website

Sovereign Order of TREESIA

According to the website, this is "...the successor by Charter to the United Baronies of Treesia and the Palatinates, itself formerly known the Barony of Treesia and Fabon, and successor to the Republic of Treesia.

See The Tallini Family

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