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These are groups that are actually trying to start brand new countries.
Some are rather quixotic, while some are already underway with true and serious intention.
Not surprisingly, some are inspired by the works of Ayn Rand (Alissa Rosenbaum),
most notably her (admittedly heavy-handed) novel Atlas Shrugged.
(Both the novel and author are not without their critics).

Also, not all new country projects last.
A few that have either disbanded or gone bankrupt.
Click here for a listing of vanished new country projects.

There are a number of dishonest people who have been using the names of some new country projects
to sell fake passports or other documents that have no validity.
For more information, please go to the Warnings and Notices page.

Legal DisclaimerLEGAL DISCLAIMERLegal Disclaimer

Most recent additions/corrections: 26 September 2015.

A1 Flag
Federated Republics of A1
Formerly "Most Glorious People's Republic of A1"

This project is described as "a micronation with territories and citizens right across the globe, such as in Melbourne, Australia and Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia."
Government website
Micronational Assistance Office
A1 News Service
A1 YouTube Channel

Achaean Flag

UPDATE: As of 30 June 2004, this project has been reorganized as Westarctica.

WARNING: It has been reported that passports for the "Achaean Territory" have been made available for sale in Kenya. THESE ARE ALL COUNTERFEIT AND THE PEOPLE SELLING THEM ARE FRAUDS! If you have been offered one for sale, or have purchased one in Kenya, please contact the Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

African American Sovereignty
See International African American Caucus

Nation of ALTERIA

At the request of this project's organizers, this listing has been moved to Micronations and Model Countries.

Angyalistanian flag

"The Empire of Angyalistan (French: Empire d’Angyalistan) is a micronation founded on January 31, 1999, and whose sovereignty was proclaimed on October 7, 2000. It extends its territory along the horizon ; it claims too since October 2012 garbage patches in international waters (North and South Pacific, North and South Atlantic, Indian Ocean), with the aim of making disappear this physical territory. For practical reasons, the people of Angyalistan live in exile and the empire is administered from its permanent territorialized embassy to the European Union, located in France near Paris. The Empire of Angyalistan is an absolute monarchy, considering itself as a performative pantopia: this means that the mere fact of stating the principles of the Basic Law of the Empire is sufficient to achieve them. Any reader of the Basic Law itself contributes to its materiality. - from an e-mail by HIM Olivier, Emperor of Angyalistan

Anodynian flag
Republic of ANODYNE

NOTICE: As of 27 May 2009, this website's domain is for sale. Any information about this project will be welcome.

"As the world welcomed the dawn of the twenty-first millennium, the founding fathers of the Republic of Anodyne established a formal government and declared independence for all Anodyne citizens and sovereignty for the government and nation of Anodyne. Subsequently, a constitutional committee was formed and set about the critical task of creating a firm foundation of guiding principles for the difficult task of nation building and governance as Anodyne continues to grow and gains recognition and acceptance among the community of brother and sister nations.
"Until such time as a permanent homeland is established, the Republic of Anodyne will continue to exist and function as an extraterritorial Constitutional Democracy. The government of the Republic of Anodyne is committed to establishing its homeland and statehood through peaceful negotiation with other sovereign nations and the United Nations rather than through the use of armed conflict. Anodyne's refusal to use armed aggression for the purpose of capturing territory for our homeland is absolute, and is an integral part of our Constitution. No existing sovereign nation has any just cause or reason to fear the emergence of the Republic of Anodyne."
- from the website

Identity documents are available.

Artemis Project

A rather idealistic project that involves lunar colonization.

Atlantis Flag
United Kingdom of ATLANTIS
The link to this website has been removed from this page.
Please visit the Warnings Page for more information


Atlantium Flag

"The Empire of Atlantium is a primarily non-territorial state with an immanent, virtual global sovereignty. The purpose of Atlantium is to provide a functioning model "future state" based on these ideas which, in time, can absorb and supercede existing state forms.
"Atlantium is a self-declared State possessing the fully functioning apparatus, institutions and representative symbols of an independent, sovereign entity, including a population, a Constitution, elected legislature and judicial system."
- from the website

Ausland Crest
Princedom of AUSLAND

"Sovereign Princedom of Ausland is a virtual state formation proclaimed by the Convention "On the Rights and Duties of States", and is the subject of international law. Sovereign Princedom Ausland is extraterritorially and has no territorial or any other claims to any of the existing states of the world, as recognized and self-proclaimed. Sovereign Princedom of Ausland is a legal and cultural autarchy, unitary and self-sufficient." - from an e-mail by HSH Prince Andrew of Ausland
Website is in Russian.

Bahoudii Flag
Kingdom of BAHOUDII (New URL)

What began as a model country project in 1977 has grown into a serious project to establish a sovereign nation.
More information about Bahoudii's goals can be read in King David I's proclamation Call To Nation.
"The old world is passing and the new world is emerging. Along with this emergence comes the pain of new birth. When we come to the end of one time and the beginning of a new time, it's a period of pain and turmoil.
"We face this change with the patterns and institutions of the past, mankind bumbling into the future backwards. We cling desperately to our dead traditions, but it is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things. The time has come for a new paradigm."
- from "Call to Nation"

Bouvet flag
BOUVET ISLAND (Much of the website is in French)

"Bouvet Island is a proclaimed republic since 1964. The state is presided by Mike Morton. Existence of living habitants on Bouvet Island is revealed to the world in 2011 and became Bouvet Islands. The government started a big program, the Bouvet Ambassador Program, to get an international recognition. This Program aims to find new ambassadors for the bouvet islands in the world. Mike Morton has been to France, Indonesia and Japan to promote his country." - from an e-mail by Mike Morton
(CIA Factbook listing for Bouvet Island)


Not a micronation, but a sovereignty project.


"Byzantium Novum is a historical based micronation, dedicated to the rebirth of Byzantine sovereignty and culture. We are claiming limited sovereignty and are seriously working on obtaining real-world property. Our goal is to reestablish as much of Byzantine civilization as is possible in the modern world." - from an e-mail by Senator Marcus Cassius Julianus

Seal of Caledonia
Principality of CALEDONIA

This appears to be one of several self-proclaimed states within Australia, affiliated with Reclaim Australia. If anyone has further information on these groups, and this movement, it will be more than welcome.
NOTE: Website shut down as of 23 June 2003.
Also, the link to Reclaim Australia has been removed due to anti-Semetic content (The "World Order" link opens up a copy of the historical fraud "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"). For those interseted in seeing this website, it can be found at:

UPDATE: According to an e-mail from "Oldfella", received verbatim:
"(T)he Principality of Caledonia has changed form slighty after a brawl inside the inner santum which has resulted in a breakaway group calling itself the Principality of Caledonia Australus which the other original forming members of Caledonia changed the name to The Principality of Camside. Camside are excited as a court case on behalf of the Australian people against the Australian Government is set for hearing by the High Court of London Thursday March 6 (,2003)."

Calsahara flag
Kingdom of CALSAHARA
(Alternative link)

"We are attempting to build a kingdom on the barren plain of the California Valley, a kingdom which will be completely self-reliant and independent of the United States, by which it is completely surrounded. As a nation, we do not seek, nor desire, a formal recognition of our sovereignty. We own, control, and are developing the land: therefore we already exercise sovereignty, and that's good enough for us." - from an e-mail from Travis McHenry aka His Majesty, Montague I, King of Calsahara, Prince of Rhye and Bohemia, Duke of Chutney and Hazard, Count of Monte Cristo and Sandwich, Baron of Bastanchury, Brandenburg, and Biscuit, Dey of the Desert, Laird of the Wombassels, Sire of Hesse, Thane of Condor, Warden of the Marshes, Viceroy of Goose Island, Protector of Westarctica, Protector of Cynthia's Dynasty, Pretender to the throne of England, Grand Knight Commander of the Royal Order of The Desert Heart, Grand Thespian of the Illustrious Order of Thespians, General of the Legion of Peace, and Master of the Universe

Principality of CAMESIDE
This link has been moved to the Warnings Page.

Flag of the United Nations of Catan
United Nations of CATAN

"The United Nations of Catan was set up by His Majesty Prince James Klaassen-White I (King) with the help of then constituational government Carr Era. Over the years the UN of Catan has simply expanded, now looking to take over a island of the east coast of Tanzania. The island would be perfect for the enviromental and ethical of ownership of official state land." - from the website

Celestial Empire flag Flag of the A.N.S.E.

Plans for establishing a nation state have been abandoned for now. The organizers of this project are putting their effort into a model country project; "Aryan National Socialist Empire". The flag is posted above, net to the old Celestial Empire flag. The website for the project, as of 23 July 2007, is no longer functioning.

Non-Ratified Flag of the Colonial Alliance

"Citizens of the Colonial Alliance and its colonies are Egalitarians, Anti-Capitalists, Socialists and some say Anarchists. Colonial citizens believe that all individuals should be absolute equals regardless of social standing and their differences, these being the basis for Egalitarianism. Citizens are Anti-Capitalists because the citizens as a society reject the greed and corruption that is often inherent with capitalism. Citizens of the Alliance are somewhat Anarchists because we reject any form of totalitarian government; we believe that absolute power should reside with the citizenship." - from an e-mail

The Republic CyberBunker

"CyberBunker was built as a NATO base in 1955. In 1995 it was sold to a company under the control of it's present royal family and government. It never officially became dutch territory after 1955 again and was sold as is."- from the website

Edanian Flag
Kingdom of EDAN (Restored project)
(National weblog)

"Online home of a micronational Constitutional Catholic Monarchy focused on building a better world through education, charity, and faith." - from the website

(Animated) EnenKio Flag
(Flag from the above-listed website.)
The link to this website from this page has been removed.
Please go to the Warnings and Notices Page for full information.

Principality of Erks
Principality of ERKS

A new country project located in an Argentine valley.
NOTE: As of 27 November 2001, this website has vanished.
Any information about this project will be welcome.

"The Principality of ERKS is situated in a valley dominated by the magnificent and mystic Uritorco Mountain, well-known throughout the world for the wide variety of paranormal phenomena that have been observed and interpreted there for 400 years according to the tendencies of the different periods.
"Templars, alchimists, UFO specialists, cabalists, Hermetics, astrologists and others are specific groups that study these phenomena without official support. These groups and us are united and we know that we are million of people all around the world who are convinced that there exist more things on earth and in the sky."
- from the website

See Federated Commonwealth of MALATORA

Finismund Flag

"Finismund's kingdom is a micronation that it does little it was constituyed, on November 9, 2009, nevertheless, his representatives have worked for it from years behind." "It is a constitutional monarchy, which claims a few territories that have not been claimed in the Antarctica to the south of the land of the Queen Maud and others in Marie-Byrd, in which negotiation we meet Westarctica." - from an e-mail
The following websites are in Spanish, but may be approximately translated through AltaVista.
Listing on "Wiki Micronacional"
Blog: "Reino de Finismund"

UPDATE: According to Niels Vermeersch (Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis), this project disbanded on 1 December 2009.

Flandrensis Flag
Grand Duchy of FLANDRENSIS

"The Grand Duchy Flandrensis was founded on 4th September 2008 and is a Belgian-Antarctic micronation. Flandrensis is located on five small islands: Siple Island, Pranke Island, Maher Island, Cherry Island & Carney Island in West Antarctica. The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis is a sovereign and independent micronation inside the Kingdom of Finismund (another micronation in Antarctica), just like Gibraltar in Spain. Flandrensis is a constitutional monarchy, has a population of 34 citizens and Dutch is the official language. The nation is now mostly Catholic, followed by Protestant followers. The environment conservation of Siple Island and the Christian values are our priorities."
"The Grand Duke of Flandrensis claimed Siple Island (73°39'S, 125°12'W ) in West-Antarctica on 22nd November 2008. We have contact the important countries of the Antarctic Treaty and also contact Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Gambia, Barbados, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco and the Vatican City for inform them about our claim of Siple Island."
"The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis is a young but proud nation and we take it very serious."
- from an e-mail

(Dutch Language Website) (AltaVista translation)
(English Website - Under Construction)
Micronations Wikia listing

Free Nation Foundation
Free Nation Foundation

A libertarian-based group seeking to form a new country. There are a number of articles on freedom, libertarianism, and the formation of a new country at this site.

Free Nation Foundation Logo
Free Nation Foundation

UPDATE: As of 25 October 2008, this website as well as its Wiki and Forum have vanished. As of 28 June 2010, the domain enters to the State of the Union Address Library. Any update will be welcome!
This is, or was, another group with the same name as above, but apparently not connected. This group sought Non-Profit establishment, and made the following mission statement:
"To establish, through science, reason and cooperation, an ecologically sustainable society where the principle of freedom is paramount."
The group also had a Wiki and a Forum Site.

See Build

Proposed View of the S.S. Freedom

"Nearly a mile long, 750 feet in width and 25 stories high, Freedom will be the largest vessel to ever sail the seven seas." - Popular Mechanics (Feb. 1998 issue.)
One of two ocean-based operations. This one being a literal floating city.
"Freedom Ship is not a cruise ship, but a fascinating and unique place to live, work, retire, vacation, or visit. The ship will continuously circle the globe, covering most of the world's coastal regions. Its large fleet of commuter aircraft and hydrofoils will ferry residents and visitors to and from shore. The airport on the ship's top deck will serve private and small commercial aircraft (up to about 40 passengers). The vessel's superstructure, rising twenty-five stories above its broad main deck, will house residential space, a library, schools, and a first-class hospital in addition to retail and wholesale shops, banks, hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities, casinos, offices, warehouses, and light manufacturing and assembly enterprises. Finally, a wide array of recreational and athletic facilities, worthy of a world class resort, will make Freedom Ship a veritable 'Community on the Sea.'" - from the website

Freedonian Flag
Principality of FREEDONIA

"The Principality of Freedonia is an effort to estabish a new nation with a government following libertarian principles. Maximum Freedom for all citizens, and ultra low taxation. Our nation seeks to give people true liberty; that is the freedom to do anything which does not cause direct harm to others or to other people's property. Our government is a minimilist one, whose sole concern and authority relates to the preservation of law and order, national defense, and some aspects of infrastructure. With such a government, there is a very low need for taxation, well below the 35% or more of GDP required by most governments today." - from the website.
Silver bullion coins are available.

G&L Kingdom Flag
Note: Website missing as of 27 November 2010. Yahoo groups forum can be found here.

"Scattered over some 1 million square kilometres of ocean. The Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands was first administered as an overseas territory of England. In the 1960's it was administered from Australia by the department of the Environment, Sport and Territories as an overseas external territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. In June 2004 it declared it's independence from Australia and is currently the smallest Kingdom in the world." - from the website
Related website: Unified Gay Tribe

Ghanland flag
North American Provinces of GHANLAND
NOTE: Website missing as of 27 November 2010.

"Ghanland is a 'new country project'. Our goal is short and simple: secede our square foot of Alaskan land from the United States. We have a new constitution and have recently updated our website. The people of Ghanland recognize the importance of foreign relations; to this end we are reaching out to other micronations. Our purpose: to protect the people of Ghanland, advance economic prosperity, promote human rights, gain an understanding of the values and polices of other micronations, support Ghanland officials who work at home and abroad to promote the success of Ghanland. In turn, the North American Provinces of Ghanland is ready and willing to share its ideals with other micronations." - from an e-mail by President Ryan Sudhop

Tsarist Empire of GISHABRUN
(Micronations Wiki entry)

"The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun, is a Canadian-based, Tsarist micronation intent on gaining sovereignity to oppose most of today’s macronations, because it considers them corrupt and unfair. Gishabrun has three official goals outlined in the constitution, which are to:
-Preserve the natural environment
-Preserve cultural traditions
-Institute non-corrupt and fair government.
As well as its' unofficial goal; to advance scientific knowlege whenever possible, and to fulfill these goals in a better and more effective manner than most current nations are. Gishabrun also strives to create a functionial non-capitalist, meritocratic society in which cultural assimilation, environmental neglect, and injustice are illegal.
- from an e-mail by His Imperial Majesty, Kuri I

Greenia Flag
The GREENIA Project

"Greenia is being formed as a new Country Project with the goal of Gaining some type of full independence sometime in the near future.
"Greenia is a nation of people who wish for something better. While citizenship is a legal way to becoming a member of Greenia we do however only allow citizenship to persons who live in a geographic region. This region is Oceania. This is because Greenia also contains a large offline area as well, so this site only contains information for the greater Micronational community and no interactive area."
- from the website

Holly Hill Flag
Independent Republic of HOLLY HILL
(Formerly the People's Democratic Republic of Holly Hill)
Listing moved to Model Countries.

Holy City Project

"The endeavor to establish wholly Christian cities throughout the world which will be united under one central government and thus will function as city-states. This union will form a country which will be known as the New Jerusalem Kingdom (NJK). Each of these cities will be a place which will wholeheartedly, fully incorporate the principles, values, ideology and theology of Christianity in its society. Like the coming Heavenly Kingdom of God, it will be a place "in which righteousness dwells" (2 Peter 3:13). In short, it will be a foretaste of Heaven, on Earth. This project will initially establish 24 Holy Cities. " - from an e-mail

Hutt River flag
Listing has been moved to Self-Proclaimed States

Ibrosian Flag
IBROSIA (Great Commonwealth of the Ibrosian Democracy)

"The Ibrosian Democracy is a federal direct democracy, uniting sovereign persons and private lands under the Ibrosian flag, creating a new approach to statehood. The Ibrosian Democracy presently possesses all of the popular measures of statehood, from our own currency to a national security force to a national language." - from an e-mail by Prime Minister David J. Gardiner DGC MLA
As of 28 May 2008, the above URL routes to an active LiveJournal on Ibrosia.

Infinia' Seal Infinia' Flag
Kingdom of INFINIA' (Pronounced "in-Fin-knee-ah')

"On December 7, 1999 We received a decision from the State of Wisconsin Court of Appeals which stated that the Constitution and Laws of The Republic of The United States of America and Our Consitutional Rights under such had 'No Merit'. It was at this point in time that by the order of this Court We ceased to be a Citizen of The Republic of The United States.
"The State of Wisconsin Court of Appeals had done the unthinkable and stripped Us of Our Citizenship without any legally sane rational justification. Our voice was sillenced because We dared to file a criminal complaint against a corporation that had knowingly exposed Us to a toxic substance which is slowly killing Us.
"The State of Wisconsin Court of Appeals in rendering this decision made Us the unwilling
Messenger of the Dissolution of The Republic of The United States.
"The Message We were given was to let the world know that The Republic of The United States of America had committed Judicial Suicide. We realized the consequences of delivering this message would cause destruction on a scale never before experienced by planet Earth so We changed the contents of this message.
"The New Message is that The Republic of The United States of America had still committed Judicial Suicide and was Dissolved despite Our best efforts to prevent it from happening. Instead We created a legal document where at the very same instant that The Republic of The United States of America was Dissolved We established a new government to take it's place.
"Being that a Monarchy is in fact the easiest of form of government to legally bring into existence, The Kingdom of Infinia' was born. This is how We became the Sovereign Ruler of The Kingdom of Infinia'.
"We realized that no one who was Citizen of the former Republic of The United States of America would tolerate the Tyranny of an Absolute Monarchy with Absolute Power.
"So We did something that has never been done by anyone in history. We reinstated the former Republic of The United States of America as the Designated Government of The Kingdom of Infinia'. In effect We gave back everything that was legally possible to give back.
"This series of legal actions were brought together in a document which We entitled
'The Zeros' Solution' which was legally activated on January, 23rd, 2001.
- from the website
NOTE: This is listed tentatively as a "New Country Project" since the actual classification is uncertain.

(Website link)
(Forum link)

"The International African American Caucus (IAAC) believes in the unalienable right of the African American people to establish a sovereign homeland in Africa. The IAAC is committed to working with African Americans and the African continent, to establish a homeland for those African Americans that wish to return to the land of our ancestors, and establish an Independent Democratic Nation." - from the website's mission statement

Republic of KALISZIUM

"The Republic is a new micronation, currently building an infrastructure and recruiting citizens to build a productive community. The Republic is also diligently writing laws and entering into economic, cultural and political relations with several other nations." - from the website

Kemetian Flag
Sovereign Kingdom of KEMETIA

"The Sovereign Kingdom of Kemetia, founded in 2005 by His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I and his supporters, is a country located primarily in the Southern British Isles, with additional territories throughout the world. Established on the principle that a People makes a country, and that the goals and dreams of those People form the national identity, Kemetia has always striven to promote an ideal of international cooperation and mutual respect. We are the International Nation, with a population from many diverse locations and a territory that spans many seas and cities" - from the website

Kerguelon Flag Kerguelon Seal
Kingdom of KERGUELON
The link to this website has been removed from this page.
Please visit the Warnings Page for more information

Lassairi National Authority
LASSAIRI National Authority (States of LASSARIA) (New URL!)
NOTE: Website missing as of 27 November 2010.

"The Lassairi National Authority seeks to be among the world's first and foremost in providing civil, national and international services to the global community, by uniting, advocating and connecting the individuals and communities that are often disenfranchised by the existing nations due to their culture, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other minority status; in doing so we gratefully acknowledge and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each and every individual, thereby promote peaceful and free interchange between people." - Mission Statement

Lemurian flag
Empire of LEMURIA (New URL!)
(Older website is here.)

"The Empire of Lemuria is a peaceful new country project founded in 2001 CE, dedicated to shining a light in the darkness to guide people homeward.
"We currently claim no territory, but are exploring a sea-based community, either aboard ship or on constructs similar to those proposed by the Atlantis/Oceana Project."
- from an e-mail by Sir Michael DeCessna, KGCLS, KSH, Captain-General of Lemuria, Prime Minister Pro-Tempore

" is new project for single members to buy and jointly run an island, officially as a company, but practically as our own country. We are very very real, and trying to do the unthinkable, even the unrealistic, but in a realistic world, with realistic goals." - from an e-mail by co-founder Gareth Johnson. Shares are available for sale on the website.

Lomarian Flag
Regency of LOMAR
(Formerly the Republic of Lomar)

NOTICE: All the pages to these links appear to have vanished as of 27 May 2009. Any information will be welcome.

"Regency of Lomar (ROL), first founded in 1997 as 'Republic of Lomar' as an New Country Project, has emerged into an worldwide recognised NGO. ROL is an sovereign international humanitarian Council of People fighting for the Dignity of all humankind. It is also a non-governmental organization (NGO) providing medical,humanitarian and educational assistance, and documentation aid to refugees and other unrooted, deprived and unrepresented people. This also includes local and rural development, sustainable economy and ecology (energy), healthcare, etc. ROL has a membership of volunteers representing 85 nations and established missions and registered offices in more than a dozen countries worldwide." - from an e-mail by Dom Klaus Schlapps OPR, President ROLF/FHRL

"Important Notice: We are not a micronation. We DO NOT SELL any passports or citizenships! We are 100% cooperative with all nation state governments and comply with international laws. In the past, there were also Nigerian scams which purported to "sell" FAKE ROL passports, which were uncovered and resolved by the highest legal means and exposed in the media. Those incidents greatly impacted the genuine and sincere nature of ROL and its accredited corps in helping refugees. Nonetheless, the diplomatic corps pressed on till today. ROL works closely with international legal institutions to protect its legality, credibility, especially in protecting the hard-earned trust by benefactors and beneficiaries. Any fraudulent claim should be reported to your local police authority, and simultaneously to our diplomats, or directly to our President and Secretary General." - from the website
Alternative Website
RoL Foundation - China & Hong Kong SAR
RoL Foundation - France (In French)
RoL Foundation - Italy (In Italian)
RoL Foundation - South East Asia

Federated Commonwealth of MALATORA

"The Federated Commonwealth of Malatora (commonly called 'FedCom') is one of the smallest and least-known nations on Earth. This tiny African proto-nation is made up of sovereign citizens, who work together in their common interests, protect each other's freedom and rights, and share the responsibilities of society equally and fairly." - from the website

Mars Flag
MARS Sovereignty
NOTE: Website now opens to "Crown Colony of Antarctica".

An apparently serious project aiming to start a country on Mars, once technology allows for appropriate transportation and terraforming (They also make several claims to Antarctic territories).

(Animated) Flag of the Dominion of Melchizedek
(Melchizedec, Melchizedech, Kingdom of Melchizedek, Sovereign Order of Melchizedek, Kingdom of Salem)
The link to this website from this page has been removed.
Please go to the Warnings and Notices Page for full information.

Flag of the City of Microna

While not exactly a new country, this was to have been a joint project of two model countries, the Kingdom of TorHavn and the Republic of Veshault, to form an actual town. The property, 40 acres of undeveloped land in Elko Country, Nevada, USA, was secured, but nothing ever became of it.
The project has been resurrected in 2002 with 32 acres located 7 miles North of Montello, Nevada, and is back on-line.
UPDATE: As of 19 October 2005, the websites for Microna and Veshault all appear to have vanished!

Minervan Flag
Republic of MINERVA
See listing on Governments In-Exile

Molossian Flag
Republic of MOLOSSIA (Pronounced "mo-LAH-see-uh")

This is a rather unique project. It is a quasi-model country with actual physical territorial claim in Nevada, USA, with real citizens. Unlike many other model country projects, this is all done quite seriously.
Molossia has its own time zone (PST +39 minutes, MST -21 minutes), its own standard of measurement (Kokintz, with length & area in Nortons, weight in Fenwicks, volume in Simms and temperature in degrees Zenda), and uses the Deseret alphabet as an alternate English writing method.
"The physical territory of the Republic of Molossia is in fact owned by myself (private property, as it were). Inasmuch as the territory remains within the United States, it is otherwise undisputed nor is it claimed by any other nation, micro or macro. It is fully occupied by the citizens of our nation; we have no "virtual" citizens." - from an e-mail by His Excellency President Kevin Baugh
Kevin Baugh and Molossia are the subjects of the Franco Sacchi documentary "A Tiny Spark".

Morovian flag
Kingdom of MOROVIA (New URL!)

"The Kingdom of Morovia is a legitimate, functioning, and non-territorial micronation that possesses immanent, virtual global sovereignty. We are not a separatist or secessionist movement but we seek to form a community that will effectively simulate nation building.
"Our goal is to build a community of like minded individuals who do not rely on an accident of birth or geography to define themselves as compatriots, but instead share a common belief in the values of democracy, freedom and self-determination."
- from the website

New Atlantis Flag
Republic of NEW ATLANTIS

This was an attempted new country project by Leicester (pronounced "Lester") Hemingway (brother of writer Ernest Hemingway), who attempted to start his nation on a 8 X 40 foot bamboo raft anchored with a Ford engine block 8 miles southwest of Jamaica, making his claim of sovereignty under the Guano Islands Act of 1856.
In-depth articles can be read here:
Harry Ransom Center - The University of Texas at Austin
Sealand News
Footnotes to History


See Holy City Project

New Pacific Flag
Principality of NEW PACIFIC
NOTE: Website missing as of 27 November 2010.

This appears to be an artificial island project, planning to establish a landmass on an atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

New Utopian Crest
Principality of NEW UTOPIA
The link to this website has been removed.
Please go to the Warnings and Notices page for more information.

Photo of Niemandsland

"Created on August 6th 2004. Neighbor states (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) were informed at the same time.
No man's land can be occupied. In the civil right it can be handled as an finder's reward. In this case this no man's land was proclaimed by its own discovered theory (the third theory, Germany has none).
It was started as an artistic project but from this day 'niemandsland' (no man's land) proclaimed to exist also as a sovereign state which is constantly forcing the German, Austrian and Swiss government to clarify the border situation in Lake Constance (Bodensee), which is a geographic oddity since about 350 years. The goal is to be legalised and also to receive its one part of the territory, even if there is one spot in the lace (in the world) where humanity and freedom can have their homeland.
This new stat is not acting as all the other states. As a symbol for 'niemandsland' there is no flag, no hymn, no passport, no number of inhabitants, no currency but nothing the less there are existing citizens of 'niemandsland', mainly artists who'd like to dedicate this land to mankind.
The European Parliament is still handling my petition with number 1014-08!"
- from an e-mail by Christian I. Peintner

Northern Forest Archipelago

"The Northern Forest Archipelago (NFA) is a constitutional monarchy made up of several dozen chunks or 'islands' of wilderness existing within the northeastern states of the USA. Due to it's isolation and wild nature, the Northern Forest Archipelago is sparsely peopled, but rich in biodiversity and natural beauty. - from the website

Nova Roman Flag
Republic of NOVA ROMA

"We are seeking to establish a Culture and People on an international basis and establish a 108 acre 'world headquarters' for it, (somewhat along the lines of a cultural Vatican) rather than attempting to be a secessionist state or founders of a new 'homeland'. Our hope is that at some future time our cultural headquarters will be able to achieve serious sovereign nation status and international recognition as the Vatican and the Knights of Malta enjoy." - from an e-mail

Proposed View of Oceania

This group has been planning a floating "free-city" based on libertarian principles.
UPDATE (from Gregory Flanagan of Libertocracy): "Some of my associates were involved in Oceania: the Atlantis Project, but that went bankrupt 5 years ago (in 1995), however the dream remains alive in other projects. Eric Klien wants to keep the site up for inspiration so it would be better to mention on your link that its not currently operational. But there is the chance of it being restarted in the future."

Flag of the O.C.R.

"Dear future Citizen Captains, Subject Citizens, and Subjects, Greetings! While it is true that my tongue is firmly in my cheek, take note that I'm biting down real hard! There comes a time when men and women of conscience have to shrug the load, stand up and say that we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more! If 60,000 like-minded dreamers from coast to coast and around the world can come together with common cause, we can make a place to go and we'll sail in the sun forever!" - from an e-mail by His Excellency John Wohlwend

Oceanus Logo
Government of the Country of OCEANUS (New URL!)

An ambitious project, this group claims all territory in international waters, and issues a number of identity documents, mostly based on the geographic location of the person's birth (longitude & latitude), rather than by country.

Principality of the ORIENT

According to an e-mail by a representive of this project, they plan to "start a new country based on old ethical principle the real principle of nobility, spirituality, honesty with the respect of all living entities". At the present, they have no territory, but are seeking some, and have signed an alliance with the Knights of Malta. The website is mostly in Italian, but an English website is in the planning stages.

Pangean Flag
MySpace account
PetitionSpot account

"This nation was formed in 2009 as a global way to end territorial disputes, promote freedom, and to give a hope and culture to refugees. We currently occupy many territories around the world. Though we are not member's on UN, we do respect their rule of law and have based our constitutional rights off of them. All of the territory has a reason for being claimed by the Pangean Empire, from territorial dispute to refugees. It is often regarded as the "most legal micronation" because of its active attempt to prove itself through the law. Google Maps has added the Pangean Empire's name to one of it's claimed territories known as Katchetheevu Island." - from an e-mail

Grand Duchy of PINSK

According to an e-mail, this is a "self-proclaimed independent neutral country ruling by heritage monarch Grand Duke of Pinsk. The sovereign peaceful nation project claim the part of west-east side of Antarctica Coast 'The Antarctic Project', but will start in 2006 another libertarian uninhabited or artificial island project claimed in High See water and will raise found through issue stamps, coins and other sources. State will providing humanitarian, charity, cultural and educational assistance, any documentation aid and medical help to refugees and unrepresented people and rural development as well. Sustainable use of natural resources set up economy and ecology energy."

United Nation of RASTAFARI
(Nation of Rastafari, Rasta Nation)
The link to this website has been removed.
Please go to the Warnings and Notices page for more information.

Proposed View of the Cruise Ship, S.S. World

Of all the projects listed on this site, this and Freedom Ship have the most promise, simply because they have something the others don't...sound financial backing!
The S.S. World, a multi-million dollar cruise ship, is a floating condominium (complete with what are the world's most exclusive shops, night clubs and restaurants), perpetuially cruising the world, stopping every so often at the world's port cities, mostly to participate in various international events (film festivals, sporting events, etc.). The Norwegian-registered ship's "residents" would literally be "permanent travellers" (or "PT's"), and could enjoy unprecidented freedom from personal taxation (if they have the proper paperwork and citizenship).
The problem is that the membership costs a huge amount of money. But if you have the cash on hand, can pass the entry examination and are willing to spend months on end aboard what may the the most luxurious ship ever built, the S.S. World could be your next home! It's already built and sailing the seas. Bon voyage!
You can read an article about ResidenSea on Travelpage.

Réunion flag
Holy Empire of RÉUNION (Sacro Imperio de Réuniao)
(Website is in English and Portuguese)
(MicroWiki Listing for Réunion)

This began as a Brazilian model country project, and now claims the island of Réunion, an overseas department of France, as well as the Island of Mauritius.
The following related Yahoo groups are in Portuguese:


Rukoraian Flag
Principality of RUKORA
(MicroWiki Listing)

"This is the website of the Principality of Rukora, an country independent from the United Kingdom aspiring to become a member of the UN at a later date. It is located in various counties in England. It is run by President Tom Turner who also runs the MUSC. Rukora is currently classified as a 5th World Nation under the Boodlesmythe-Tallini system. This is because Rukora is Bricks & Mortar - Sizeable - Statehood." - from an email by Minister James AwayeJones, Homeland and Citizenship Affairs
This new country project also has its own currency, the Ruk, the value of which has been pegged to a basket of fractional currencies (USA$0.50 + UK£0.50 + €0.50 = 1 Ruk)

Ruritanian Flag

Kingdom of RURITANIA

"Ruritania is a Micronation tracing its history to that described by Anthony Hope in the novel "The Prisoner of Zenda". It is a monarchy based on the Divine Right theory. At first glance, the Kingdom of Ruritania would appear to be a comic opera farce, but its citizens are devoted to the ideals of bygone eras such as dignity, manners and personal honor. The country lies between Dresden and Prague and an Embassy is maintained in Decatur, Georgia." - from an email by HM Anastasia Sophia Maria Helena von Rubinroth-Elphberg
UPDATE: According to the national website, Ruritania also has 0.4 acres (0.14 hectares of land surrounded by the US State of Georgia, and maintains consulates in the US States of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

State of SABOTAGE (SoS)

This is an "artitsts state", apparently an off-shoot of the group "Sabotage Communications".
"SoS is not a geographic place, but rather a concept. SoS is also primarily an idea and only secondarily a concrete territory. SoS has no pre-defined territory, but one that is characterized by constant, and theoretically unlimited, growth. SoS has no indigenous population, but is open to all those who wish to join of their own free will. The territory of the State of Sabotage grows with each new citizen." - from the website
Passports are available from this website.

Kingdom of SALEM
(See Dominion of MELCHIZEDEK)

Principality of SCOTIA

"The Principality of Scotia is a micronation built on the foundation that it will one day become a country in its own right, by obtaining land and citizens and creating a haven for its residence." - from the website
Sealander Flag
Principality of SEALAND [Fixed Platform Off-Shore of England]
Due to the large amount of information about this controversial nation-state, a separate page has been established for all information pertaining to it.

See ResidenSea

Snake Hill Crest
Principality of SNAKE HILL

"The Principality of Snake Hill was formed by secession from Australia on 2nd September 2003 after the Australian Government assisted in the theft of 2 of our properties. We then declared our independence and renamed our remaining properties as our Principality. This declaration was acknowledged by the Australian Head of State. Our Principality is almost as large as Monaco in area." - from an e-mail

Listing moved to Model Country Projects at website owner's request.


"TTF-Bucksfan no longer exists in a meaningful way, and the only component that remains alive is The Tallini Family (TTF), which is a building, and part of the Fifth World Community diaxenospitia." - from an e-mail by Cesidio Tallini

(See Build

Terran Flag

"The Terran Empire is a non-territorial global sovereignty established for the eventual formation of a global union both socially and politically. We are united as one people striving to develop and maintain a national community in which all citizens are free to fully participate and to advance as far as their talents and aspirations will allow." - from an e-mail

Trumanian Flag
Micronational Principality of TRUMANIA

"The Principality of Trumania is a territorial micronation of 42 acres on Puget Sound with a beautiful rocky beach, a sandy cove, and dense alder forests. We are a nation held together by order and peace. Our primary goal is to attain the reputation of being a dependable and friendly nation in the inter-micronational community. We allow our citizens the right to choose who is in government and to participate in that government, without taxation. We believe in loosely-based yet orderly government where our citizens are free to live in any part of the world." - from an e-mail by the Trumanian Ministry of Information

Flag of Two Chairs
Kingdom of TWOCHAIRS

"TwoChairs is a small patch of land which was declared a sovereign and independent Nation on the 6th of October, 2007. Though it is not recognized by most larger countries, it functions just as a recognized Country would. TwoChairs does not 'campaign' for recognition or 'true independence' partly because we believe we already are independent and that recognition is an honour, and also because Tchairians are the type of people who don't really want to cause too much of a stir." - from the website
The nation's motto, "Cenedl Gref a Dwy Gadair", is Welsh for "A Strong Nation with Two Chairs".

UPDATE: As of 16 July 2009, the folloowing was posted on the website:
"NOTICE: The Kingdom of TwoChairs is now a dormant project. Its founder left quite a while ago, a lot of the pages of the site need to be updated etc." ... "If you apply for citizenship, you will be placed on a list which will be updated should TwoChairs come out of dormancy."

Federated Commonwealth Flag
Federated Commonwealth of VALHALLA (FedCom)
Website now opens to the Federated Commonwealth of MALATORA

Venox Flag
Nation of VENOX

Described on its website as "a serious model country with real goals". The site also states:
"(T)his web site serves the purpose of being very information oriented, so one should not expect this web site to be glamorous and having unnecessary information, despite the formality and restricted appearance of this web site, Venox is a very flexible, entertaining, and potentially powerful country. Our current country motto is 'One can always make a difference.' The government type is a Limited Government with a mixture of Polity and Aristocracy. "

A recent (11 May 2008) visit to the website reveals this messsage:
"We're sorry, The Nation of Venox will have a complete government web site with its own domain name near the end of the summer of 2004. Thank you for your patience."
As of 20 July 2010, the website has vanished completely. Any information will be welcome.

Vehshault flag
Republic of VESHAULT"

"Republic of Veshault was started in 1999 by Albert Zeller whom is acting President.. has ties with TorHavn thru a joint venture from 2002 in which they were purchasing approx 40 acres near Montello, NV.. the plans gave way after about 9 payments.. Republic Of Veshault then purchased 10 acres in Texas near Van Horn.. that as of 6/2010 was found to be more than 1 mile from road/power.. sold the 10 acres in Jan 2011.. then Feb 2011, purchased 11 acres in the same general area.. City Of Microna is a subsidiary of Republic Of Veshault and had coins minted in 2002 for use in the 'developing' city." - from an e-mail by Albert Zeller

Vikeslandic Flag
Principality of VIKESLAND

"We are a declared sovereign democratic monarchy, a nation of people who have come together as citizens and wish to be involved in the operation of a new micro-nation. Our Territory is comprised of privately owned land that is declared Vikeslandic land. However these lands still reside within the jurisdiction of other nations and are still beholden to their laws. It is our hope that someday through peaceful negotiations and or purchase, that we will have a defined sovereign territory in which the Principality of Vikesland may permanently establish itself. We are currently looking at various locations. Please do not mistaken us for rebel seccesionists. We are peaceful people who are proud dual citizens with the other countries in which we reside." - from the website

Vinlandic Flag
Heathen Republic of VINLAND
See listing on Related Websites

Westarctica Flag

"Westarctica was founded on November 2nd, 2001 as a new country project by Travis McHenry in an effort to create a new country in Western Antarctica, one of the most desolate and inhospitable regions on the planet. On December 5th, 2014, Westarctica was incorporated as a nonprofit public benefit corporation in the state of California with the express goal of increasing conservation efforts in Western Antarctica." - HRH Travis McHenry Executive Director of Westarctica

Wirtland flag
WIRTLAND (Internet-Based Micronation)

"Wirtland is a political experiment into legitimacy and self-sustainability of an internet-based sovereign country. Wirtland's concept is a country that transcends national borders without breaching or lessening the sovereignty of any involved."
"Though it is also a web-based country, Wirtland differs from virtual worlds (Second Life, etc.) as its main purpose is not game or entertainment. In Wirtland, there is no computer-simulated environment, citizens do not use avatars; Wirtland issues real passports and other documents. In fact, it is more correct to compare Wirtland to a small real self-proclaimed state. We also compare it to an internationally recognized entity with no land, such as the Order of Malta."
- from an e-mail by Cris Luengo, PR Attache, Foreign Office, Government of Wirtland

Witizens of Wirtland (Social Network Site) (New URL)
The Times of Wirtland (Official News)
Wirtland Insitute (Policy Think-Tank)

(See ResidenSea)

YAN (whY A Nation?)

"This is the site about the philosophical project created by Yan Pagh, that your own body is a nation that turned into a world wide project of interactive individuals, and inspired several other projects across the globe." - from, the website

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