Contact Information

I welcome any correspondence about this website and micropatriology in general.

Should you wish to interview me about the micronation movement, please contact me in advance.
If you want to interview me by telephone or Skype, please contact me at least a day in advance.

Also, please contact me if you wish to send me something through the mails.

gopher_barqoue AT
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There is a bit of confusion as to why I don't use the "@" symbol when I list my e-mail address on this website,
and why there is no direct link to any HTML that allows direct linkage to writing e-mail.

This is because there are companies with special software programs
that do nothing but scour websites for e-mail addresses to sell to bulk advertisers.
Anything that has an ampersand ("@") is sought out, and the e-mail address that surrounds it is recorded and compiled.

I have had THREE previous e-mail addresses that were over-run with
Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE, also known as "spam"), and I don't want it to happen a fourth (fifth and sixth) time.

Death to Spam by Alchemy Mindworks
(Not to be confused with the meat product made by Hormel Foods.)

Therefore, if you want to send me e-mail, please feel free to do so at:

gopher_baroque (AT)

And replace the (AT) with a "@".
Thank you for understanding.