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Last update: 4 July 2011

NOTICE: A new micronational organization is being formed, described as follows:
"This new international organisation is seeking accreditation from an international organisation in order to have the full rights of a genuine international organisation, and "does not exist to foster dependence on the United Nations or on any other generally malefic international organisation, but to generally foster independence from such organisations, and to focus, in turn, on relations with international organisations which do exist to protect human beings, which do exist to protect the environment, objectives which are beneficial to the well-being of human beings, as this philosophy is compatible with the primary purpose of human government, and not necessarily compatible to the economic and geopolitical interests of multinational or government corporations."
Full information can be found here.

See Fifth World Accreditation Agency

See Fifth World Health Organisation

DMOZ Open Directory Project: Micronationalism

Listing of micronationalist and related links.

Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA)

The Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA) is a Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World institutional accreditation agency. Certain kinds of institutions (real service providing government agencies, professional registries, employment agencies, chambers of commerce, universities, schools, news agencies, root nameserver systems, etc.) are eligible for accreditation through the 5WAA when they meet the highest standards as real and reliable public services. Institutions of foreign nations that are members of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) and UMMOA/AMOMU can apply for 5WAA accreditation, but they must meet the highest standards as real and reliable public services.

Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO)

The Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO) is an alternative health organisation. It intends to evolve into a Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World health organisation. The 5WHO intends to provide Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Worlders with up-to-date information on real health professionals operating within the Official World in various capacities, but who also hold authentic Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth World citizenship. The 5WHO was founded in June 2007 and already has 6 qualified members as of March 2008. The 5WHO recognises the Herbalists' Charter, which was granted by King Henry VIII in 1512. This forms the legal basis for the 5WHO itself. The 5WHO recognises all real health professionals 21 and older, and does not otherwise discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, national origin, micronational allegiance, sexual orientation, family composition or type, religion, disability, or veteran status. Also, the 5WHO recognises all real health professional companies, institutions, clinics, and does not discriminate on the basis of registered or incorporated status, institutional or national accreditation, territorial status, or UN/UNPO Membership.

Images of Majesty (Intermicronational Monarchistic Archives)

A directory of flags, devices, and information on various micro-monarchies.

Institut Franšais de Micropatrologie [French Institute of Micropatrology] (IFM)

Page is in French. An approximate translation in English can be read via the AltaVista Online Translator.

Institut Mondial de Micropatologie [Worldwide Micropatrology Institute] (WMI-IMM)

The link to this website from this page has been removed.
Please go to the Warnings and Notices Page for full information.


According to the Montevideo Convention, in order to be considered a state, you must have the capacity to enter into relations with other states. How do you even start to fulfill that function when you do not even respond to emails out of courtesy? LiveNations.net is a listing of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World nations which have been verified live and active nations or micronations in the past 6 months. Any nation, virtual or territorial, Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth World, macronation or micronation, can join the LiveNations.net list. LiveNations.net members can be members of any micronational organisation, or none at all. LiveNations.net simply exists as a point of contact, a node of diplomacy facilitation, and has no other purpose.

League of Micronations (LOM) (New URL!)

League of Monarchist States (LMS)

Page last updated 7 June 1999!

League of Successionist States (LOSS)

Macedonian Monarchist League

"The Macedonian Monarchist League was founded as a non-party, non-government and non-profit association."
"The goal of the association is to advance democracy, spread the concept of Constitutional Monarchy, cooperate with similar societies and associations in the Republic of Macedonia and elsewhere. The aim of the association is to develop a civil society, spread civil awareness, and the reestablishment of Constitutional Monarchy in Macedonia."
- from an e-mail by MML President Thorsten Cvetkov

Micronational Professional Registry (MPR)

The Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) is an alternative nationalist community resource, which intends to evolve into an alternative nation employment agency and/or chamber of commerce. While the MPR is supported by several Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World governments, it is not a government agency, but an independent agency whose primary purpose is the development of an independent Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World economy. The MPR also issues independent intellectual property instruments such as Print Monopolies, Enterprise Names, Enterprise Marks, and MPR Patents.

Micronations Online

For discussion of all issues concerning micronations, micronationalism, and the world at large. Formerly known as Micro-Nations.org - from the website
Also features free website hosting for micronation projects who do not have (or cannot establish) their own websites.


Micronational portal with news, resources, forums and much more.

See Micronational Professional Registry

Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia (SPUM) eGroup

United Micronations (UM)

"The United Micronations exists to serve the micronational community as an open forum for civil discourse on matters relating to micronational standards and practices, growth and development, conflict resolution, and the intermicronational relations of all member states."
"There are no dues, membership will be open to all micronations and NGOs and observers in accordance with the UM mission and the charter, there are no closed sessions, the mission statement and charter are only starting points for the UM, change will come about through majority-decision votes led by member-states, no single person runs the UM (the moderator is a non-voting position), freedom of speech and thought will go hand in hand with respect and tolerance. "
- from the website

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO)

This organization based in the Netherlands runs an excellent (and recently renovated) database of struggling nationalities and tribal organizations, most having no representation within the United Nations. Highly reccomended.

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Comity of Peoples (CP) (This was an inter-micronational communications forum.)
Committee for the Establishment of a New Micronational Organization (CENMO)
Grand Alliance (GA)
HOMELANDS "Autonomy, Secession, Independence and Nationalist Movements." - from the website
League of Unrecognized Nations (LUN)
Micronations Today
Organization of Non-Territorial and Emerging States (ONTES)
United Association of Micronations (UAM)