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"Ab Roma's society is comprised of everyday people who are passionate and serious about the study and revival of ancient Roman culture. We aren't just a group of people who get together and role-play every once in a while, some of us dedicate our lives to this. We wish to spread our knowledge throughout to help our society grow and prosper.
"Another important aspect of Ab Roma is the concept of reviving ancient Roman philosophies, virtues, and ethics that would apply to everyday life. Virtues - which define the ideal state of being and behaviour."
- from an e-mail by Quintus Caius Aurelius

Democratic Republic of ACELAND

"Although we claim to be a democracy we are not quote there yet, although it is an admirable ideal. We are also looking for a place to put our country but this is only a minor problem." - from the website

Republic of AEDELAND

"Aedeland is a model nation, paracosm, ephemeral state, or fictional country. It is an island nation located in the North Atlantic about 127 nm northwest of the Azores." - from an e-mail by Biǫrn Silfrtunga, Director of Digital Media, Foreign Office, RoA

AERICAN Empire (New URL!)


"Alphistia is a model country. It began as a 'neighborhood nation' which I created when I was a nine-year-old boy in 1967 in a town near Cincinnati, Ohio. Various houses on a working-class street were designated as 'provinces', and local children joined up as 'citizens'. A proto-Alphistian language was created, complete with its own alphabet. This childplay continued until 1974, when the first 'real, existing' Alphistia ended. For the next 20 years or so, Alphistia has existed on paper in various incarnations. Currently, Alphistia continues its status as a 'virtual' country". - from the website


"Almazonia is the first of a new generation of nations based on original political and philosophical concepts. Since the 'old political recipes' failed all over the world because they led to war, injustice and exaggerated materialism, we thought of building a nation based on totally different principles. A first approach may be disturbing to our minds used to 'politically correct' ideas, but a deeper study reveals all the richness and originality of our enterprise."
"Though our enterprise aims at achieving serious goals, you will find many graphical and pseudo-historical elements of humor on our website. Seriousness does not exclude humor and one should not forget that many 'serious looking' leaders were great deceivers to their people.
"In the hope to have in the future a real nation of ours, we invented fictitious history, population data and history just for the sake of entertaining the flame of your imagination and the will to make it real. Dreams that do not come true are flowers which never blossom."
- from the website


"Alteria once listed itself as a Micronation, a small nation-state. but now it strives to become than a micronation, an identity in its own right. We are a community of like minded persons who have found common ground based around our ideals, values, and beliefs and formed a nation around those terms."
"Alteria stands for freedom, Equality and Democracy, but it also promotes living clean and green, looking after the environment we live in, in a peaceful, tranquil, free, majestic, and fun setting."
- from the website

People's Republic of AMADOR

Dual Principality of AMAGI

This website is Stephen Houghton's web-based log, or "blog", devoted to his views on starting a new country.

Republic of AMERADA (Website still up but group is reportedly defunct.)

AMOKOLIA (Royal Amokolian Republic)

"Amokolia is a new micronation That offers a place to practice law,meet new people, and mostly have fun. Our current King Jess X, is devoted to making your citizenship very fun. We invite all people to join our magnificent micronation." - from an e-mail

Republic of ANSCONIA
(Another Ansconia website)

Deomcratic Republic of ARTEÑYA

United States of ASTOR (Website is in German)


Link moved to New Country Projects

Kingdom of BABKHA

"Babkha is a dynamic micronation which aims to bring back the glory of a bygone era. Within the borders of Babkha a traveller will find a touch of the exotic, a taste of the Orient, and a feel for the Near East. The glorious Kingdom is overseen by the Shahanshah of Babkha (King of Kings), Shah Babak Kapav Mehr (King Babak, the Light of Kapav).
"Babkha was borne of the dream of a time long ago in a land rich with diversity and culture, the dream to return the glorious days of the ancient near east, where the worlds cultures intertwined to form something great.
"The Internet has made it possible for Babkha to become a micronation where people from all around the world can join together to develop a new kind of nation, a new world which gains its strengths from the past and looks to its opportunities in the future."
- from the website

Republic of BAJA ARIZONA

Kingdom of BAHOUDII
Listing moved to New Country Projects

Kingdom of BANNESLED

"On June 12, 1998 after much thought, Emily Sarah Lindsay Denyes started a small chain of events that would eventually lead to the creation of the Kingdom of Bannesled. The first thing she did was buy her bedroom from her parents. The room was sold for $3 Can. on June 12, 1998. She then roughly sketched out a nation. On June 24, 1998, Emily, by signing The Declarations of the People of Bannesled, successfully separated her bedroom from the Dominion of Canada, creating an independent nation: The Kingdom of Bannesled." - from the website

Democratic Commonwealth of BERGONIA


A fictional continent that is the base of "Blood Royal", a fantasy role-playing game by James Doyle.

Kingdom of BORAGOVIA

"The Kingdom of Boragovia is a small nation in the eastern Atlantic." - from an e-mail

Rakanate of BRACTARIA

"I am planning to create a new country by the name of Bractaria. Bractaria will be a nation that is governed by a ruling council of 7 members. 2 of the ruling members, the Rakan and the Rikime, serve on the council for life. When they die or resign, their next of kin or appointed succesor beomes Rakan/Rikime. The other 5 members of the council are elected by the people of Bractaria and will serve 2 year terms. Bractaria is essentially going to be a democracy and will be based anywhere we can aquire sovereignty of some land. - from the website


"The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida is striving for Dominion Status as a Commonwealth Realm, on a par with Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and The Bahamas. We advocate the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union and the restoration of close political and economic links between Commonwealth Realms. British West Florida rejects any attempts to reduce the Royal Prerogative, holding fast to the British tradition of a Strong Monarch, and Free Subjects, with each respecting the Rights, Duties, and Privileges of the other." - from an e-mail

Listing moved to New Country Projects

CHEECH Republic

CHOCONYA (Choconyan State)
(Formerly the Kingdom of CHOCONIA)

CONCH Republic
Listing moved to Sedition and Sovereignty Movements

Sovereign Principality of CORVINIA

Virtual Commonwealth of CYBERIA (New URL)

Free State of DARRYL

"The Free State of Darryl aims to be a loose association of sovereign individuals. TFSOD claims no land, only claiming 3 feet square around each independent citizen. Each citizen has the right to do anything he/she sees fit, so long as they do not interfere with another person's right to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness." - from an e-mail by Darryl W. Perry

Kingdom of DARUNY

"Daruny is a small country in central Europe where even the most masculine-looking man can be completely accepted as a woman and even the most feminine-looking woman can be completely accepted as a man if they are so inclined, because gender is defined entirely by how a person presents; physical appearance doesn't figure into it at all." - from an e-mail

DEMOKRATISCHE UNION (Democratic Union) (Website in German)
Formerly the Democratic Union of Ratelon


"Humankind has turned its back on the magical in favor of a new dream - a dream of a sterile, banal world with no mysteries or wonder. A world where all the questions have been answered and all the puzzles of the universe solved. And yet, in the quest for this Utopia, much of humankind has lost a little of themselves. They have forgotten how to dream...."
Quoted from
"Changeling: the Dreaming",
Second Edition
Introduction, first paragraph
- from the website


The following is taken from an e-mail received from Nathan Bowen (Zya Swa Ny Ya La):
"(S)ince 1995 the Ejah International Organization (International added in 2000 when members from outside the USA joined and it seemed wrong to make it sound like they weren't really members) has used the creation of the Ejah Nation (Illustrious Royal Ejah Nation) in helping to achieve its many goals. It was started May 28, 1995 (officially) just a month a few days after the horrible destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Twelve of us in Enid, Oklahoma gathered together to see what we could do. Using a game we used to play together we created our own nation for the purpose of finding solutions to the problems in the world today. Albert Einstein once said "the problems that exist in this world today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." Thus we created the Ejah Nation. Ejah has continued to grow and achieve popularity, mainly still in the Enid, Oklahoma area but others have taken notice. We work at creating fundraising events for charitable organizations, creating fun events for people in our hometowns to enjoy and perhaps even learn something from (such as a party with a msg about Human Rights or Enviromental Protection).
"We do have many yahoo groups, the most popular being groups.yahoo.com/group/ejahorganization in which many of members participate online to share the organization there until the website is relaunched. I'm not exactly sure if The Ejah International Organization and the Illustrious Royal Nation of Ejah have a place on a page with other micronations since they are seemingly opposite concepts brought together for the purpose of doing good for the world. And we do a lot for an organization/nation that every event is funded completely by the creators of the event. For example when a member was creating a human rights fundraiser to raise money for the Matthew Shepard Foundation she used her own money to create many of the decorations and information that was needed for the event. Another member used her own time to try to get a Gay-Straight Alliance started at her high school and yet another member used her time to organize art festivals so that fellow members with artistic talents could express and share their works with fellow members and those interested. Of course, that was the intent. I personally believe part of the success of the organization is that it doesn't require you to pay a membership fee, a due, a tax, or anything directly to the organization/nation, but instead members are allowed ot use their money or time or whatever they can for the organization/nation as they see fit and as they choose if they choose at all."


ELPOEPIA (Discussion Group)

"Elpoepia is a micronation for pagans to discuss current issues in pagan culture and spirituality. It is my hope to build a pagan community on-line and develop our own culture. We will discuss poetry, thoughts, practices and hobbies. Each member should come away with greater awareness. - from the website


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