Breeder and sales of Royal Dutch Sport Horses


Never Say Never and her 2006 filly by Ferro, Bosanova NSN - #1 foal in North America, 2006.

Martha Haley of NeverSayNever Farm, 2009 KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year.

Breeding superior mares to world-class bloodlines of Totilas, Olympic Ferro, Idocus, Sir Donnerhall, Rubinstein, Sandro Hit, Contender, Baloubet du Rouet, to produce horses capable of competing at the highest levels of sport.

Hi! Welcome to this site about our small breeding farm located in Wellington, Nova Scotia, just outside the capital city of Halifax. Situated on about 200 acres, our farm is only a 10 minute drive from the Halifax International Airport. We breed mainly premium Royal Dutch Sport Horses, although we also have a Jockey Club thoroughbred or two.

Our breeding goal is to produce horses capable of competing at the highest levels of sport, with an emphasis on dressage. With this in mind, we started with top quality mares (Ster, Keur Preferent, Elite), and then bred with what we considered to be the best sire crosses for our mares. Our stock also has the strong jumping lines of sires like Voltaire, Le Mexico, Indoctro and Ulft to keep the powerful "engine" in the hindquarters required for the upper level movements. As a result, many of our horses show great talent as jumpers, as well as dressage horses. NS


July, 2021: New photos of Leipzig NSN are up on his page. He is progressing very well in his training as a jumper, and has really developed both physically and mentally since last year. Now five, he is very fit, with considerable scope, power, combined with a super work ethic and rideability. Someone will be very lucky to incorporate this gelding into their jumping program. He has what it takes to be a serious GP prospect. Did I mention he is still unshod?

October, 2020: Congratulations to Stephanie in Ontario on the purchase of Maestro NSN ! This tall bay gelding will be partnering with her in the hunter ring in the future.

June, 2020: I am pleased to report that both Hosanna NSN Ster PROK and Bosanova NSN Elite delivered healthy black colts by the outstanding sire, Wynton. Their new owners are very pleased!

March, 2020: I am beyond devestated to report the sudden inexplicable death of Nadia NSN. On the morning of February 12, 2020, Nadia had sudden onset of symptoms of lethargy, quickly followed by multiple seizures and death. This happened in the span of less than 50 minutes, before the vet could arrive. Nadia was surrounded during this ordeal by her pasture mates, especially Nikita NSN and Nuryev NSN, her best Amigos. Initial necropsy results showed an otherwise healthy filly, with no visible cause of death. Histology results, which came later, determined that Nadia died of acute toxic poisoning, resulting in kidney failure, lack which led to heart failure. We were never able to identify the toxin or origin. All horses eat the same feed and hay. There is no vegetation in the paddock this time of year. Ground is frozen. I am heartbroken.

December, 2019: Bosanova NSN Elite and Hosanna NSN Ster PROK have both been sold to good homes. Hosanna left first for her new home in Ohio, and Bosanova left later in December for her new home in California. Both mares were confirmed in foal to Wynton before departures.

July, 2019: As I have decided, after 22 years, it is time for me to retire from breeding, all my horses are for sale, save Rhumba, who will remain with me in a well deserved retirement. I will be looking for especially good homes for my two prized black broodmares, Bosanova NSN Elite, currently back under saddle for conditioning, totally sound, and in foal to KWPN Keur stallion Wynton for 2020, and her Totilas daughter, Hosanna NSN Ster PROK, also in foal to Wynton, back under saddle and riding sound. These are exceptional mares for any breeding program, and Hosanna NSN is still young enough to pursue a career in sport.New photos of yearlings, Nadia NSN, Nikita NSN , and Nureyev NSN are posted on their pages. They are for sale.

October, 2018: In September, Nureyev NSN was presented for inspection at the KWPN-NA keuring in Prince Edward Island, where he earned his First Premium and was Champion Dressage Horse of the keuring. The jury liked his long lines, refinement, powerful hind leg, and suppleness. Unfortunately, with the long drive, I was not able to take the other two foals, Nadia NSN and Nikita NSN for inspection.

June, 2018: It has been a busy few weeks. Rhumba Ster D-OC delivered her llth and final foal before being retired from breeding. Being the 5th time she has been crossed with Sir Gregory, the resulting chestnut filly, Nikita NSN , is true to her breeding, in looks, temperament, and movement. This spicy filly is very outgoing and bold, super friendly, demonstrating a lovely canter and keeping poor Rhumba busy chasing her down every time she takes off on her own in the pasture. As with all the recent foals, Nikita NSN is for sale. She is expected to mature about 16hh. Last, but by no means least, Bosanova NSN delivered her much anticipated foal by Florencio, in the early morning of May 29. This outstanding tall, refined, bay colt with matching hind socks and small star is surely going to live up to his name, Nureyev NSN , after the great ballet dancer, Rudolph Nureyev! All 2018 foals are for sale.

APRIL, 2018: The first foal of 2018 has arrived! Hosanna NSN delivered a perfect black filly, April 5, by Sir Gregory, a "mini-me" of herself. Check out Nadia NSN!

FEBRUARY, 2018: Certificates have been trickling in slowly from the KWPN-NA office. Hosanna NSN now has her PROK predicate, after the required 22 radiographs were passed by the KWPN veterinary committee in Utrecht. Hosanna is expecting her second foal, a full sibling to Leandros NSN , by Sir Gregory, this year, after taking last year off to train successfully for her IBOP. Bosanova NSN Elite and her half-sister, Rhumba Ster, were both awarded their D-OC predicate, which is a DNA test for heritability of Osteochondrosis. Bosanova is expecting a foal by Florencio, Keur, this spring, while Rhumba is back in foal to Sir Gregory, for the fifth time. Can you tell I like this cross? All foals are for sale.

SEPTEMBER, 2017: September was a busy month for NeverSayNever Farm horses. Hosanna NSN was presented for studbook in Ontario, where she had been training under saddle. This elegant mare, earned her Ster predicate, easily passed her IBOP with a score of 76.5%, and won the DG Bar Cup class for young dressage horses under saddle, making the coveted KWPN-NA's Top Five list in this category. The jury were especially impressed with Hosanna's good contact with the bridle and rideability! Special thanks to Leah Wilkins, who trained/rode Hosanna NSN. Not to be outdone, Hosanna's full younger sister, Inaya NSN, owned by Sandy Harper, California, passed her IBOP with a great score of 80%, and made the KWPN-NA's Top Five list for both the IBOP and DG Bar Cup (also 80%) classes! Special mention also, to Hadiya NSN, with owner/rider, Brandi Benedict, who passed her IBOP, and Jovani NSN, with owner Maile De Goeij, who passed his IBOP. Some photos/video are up on the horses' webpages, with the rest to follow as they become available.

JUNE, 2017: May was a busy month, so news is late being posted. Rhumba foaled a spectacular bay colt by Soprano, Maestro NSN , his name keeping with the musical theme of both parents. Soprano's offspring under saddle are doing very well in the show ring, especially in dressage, showing high rideability along with exceptional gaits. Maestro NSN is for sale. In other news, Leandros NSN and Lisandro NSN left for their new home in Ontario. They loaded well and were very good for the entire 3 day journey! On the breeding front, after spending the winter under saddle, Hosanna NSN is confirmed to be back in foal to Sir Gregory, for a full sibling to Leandros NSN. This foal will be for sale. Hosanna is now training for her IBOP in September.

APRIL, 2017: Lalita NSN left for her new home this month in Virginia, where she will join her full sister, Hadiya NSN. Meanwhile, Lalita NSN's dam, Rhumba ster (Idocus - Wanroij), is expecting a foal by Soprano (Sandro Hit - Contender) in the coming weeks. This foal will be a full sibling to Electra NSN. It will be for sale.

NOVEMBER, 2016: Leandros NSN has been sold and will be travelling with his "Uncle" Lisandro NSN in the spring to their new home in Ontario, with Leah Wilkins, professional trainer/rider, listed on the Canadian Dressage Team. I look forward to following the development of these two outstanding colts with such a talented and dedicated rider. Late November also was weaning time. Foals are now adjusting well to being on their own, without their mamas.

OCTOBER, 2016: Lalita NSN has been sold to repeat client, Brandi Benedict, of Virginia, who had a very successful show year with Lalita NSN's 4 year-old full sister, Hadiya NSN. Started late in the previous winter, Hadiya NSN only competed in a few shows, and was Reserve Champion of the USDF Regionals, Open Training Level, and qualified for the Nationals. Brandi chose to skip the Nationals, and instead focus on Hadiya NSN's training, by applying to, and being chosen, to participate in the USDF Forum for Young Dressage Horses Under Saddle, with Willy Arts and Scott Hassler, clinicians. I was fortunate to be able to attend this event. Brandi did and excellent job, and Hadiya NSN was a star! Willy complimented Hadiya NSN's gaits, forward-thinking, Brandi's riding, and later complimented me on my excellent breeding program! There is video of this clinic on the NeverSayNever Farm YouTube channel.

SEPTEMBER, 2016: While there was no KWPN-NA keuring in our area of the country, two horses bred by NeverSayNever Farm did participate in keurings with their owners. Two year-old colt, Jovani NSN, was presented by his owner, Maile de Goeij, at the keuring in Alberta. When KWPN-NA Top Fives were announced at the end of the tour, Jovani NSN was Reserve Champion 2 year-old! Not to be outdone, Inaya NSN, owned by Sandy Harper, California, was Champion of the DG Bar Cup, 3 year-old division, for North America with a score of 80.5%! Photos from both keurings can be seen on the horses' respective webpages.

AUGUST, 2016: The months of July and August have been hot and humid. Hence, the mares and foals have very little energy, with the foals preferring to nap rather than bounce around. Leipzig NSN is doing well, despite his orphan state. He and Lalita NSN are very close. Lalita NSN , at 3 months, was kind enough to show her movement early one evening, which I was fortunate to capture on camera and video. See the results on her page. Leandros NSN still prefers to canter and gallop, rather than trot, but glimpses of his trot are extremely encouraging. Lisandro NSN continues to be a very tall colt, very typey, and is saving all his energy in this hot weather. He has a lovely walk, and a super extended canter. I am still waiting to see his trot.

JUNE, 2016: It has been a month of extreme highs and the lowest of lows. Hosanna NSN decided not to wait to deliver her foal, and did the job herself out in the pasture, June 13, only two days after Lisandro NSN's arrival, while I was trailering Never Say Never and her foal, back from the vet hospital, 4 hours away, where she was bred. Hosanna delivered a beautiful bay colt, likely to darken, named Leandros NSN . Hosanna is a a great mom, but a bit overly protective still, likely, in part due to her being a maiden and not having any humans present at the time of foaling. She is coming around. Leandros NSN, however, is very friendly and inquisitive, and has the softest, kindest, eye.

The morning after Leandros NSN's birth and return of Never Say Never (aka. Winnie) and Leipzig back home, the vet was in for Leandros' health check. Healthy as a horse should be! Soon as vet left, I turned out Winnie and Leipzig. Knowing they would likely be kicking up their heels after several days confinement while at the hospital, I took my camera up to the pasture for a few photos. True to form, they had a bit of a run, obviously revelling in being back on grass. But joy quickly turned to shock and disbelief as Winnie came to a walk, faced me, looked a bit unsteady, and fell to her side. I ran to her, but she was gone within 2 minutes. Necropsy results determined likely cause of death either a blood clot in the lung or heart attack. Leipzig was allowed to remain with her until he decided to wander away, realizing, most likely, that his mama was never getting up. I give credit to Leipzig NSN for his good brain, and adapting as well or better than could be expected, as an orphaned 6.5 week old foal. He is now eating well, a mixture of mash and milk replacer, and hanging out with Lalita NSN . Losing Never Say Never is a devastating loss, but such is the world of horses. I am thankful she died doing what she loved, running free, and in the place she loved, the big green pasture. What breeder could ask for more? She will live on in her progeny, as all the KWPN horses bred here at Never Say Never Farm, are progeny of this outstanding mare.

The latest Totilas - Ferro creation arrived in the first hour of June 11, 2016, and what a beauty he is! This chestnut colt, named Lisandro NSN , was pre-sold to Canada's short-listed dressage rider, Leah Wilkins, as a future partner. How exciting is that? Pictures will follow in the coming days. Meanwhile, there are a few photos on NeverSayNever Farm's Facebook page.

MAY, 2016: Our second foal arrived in the evening of May 22. Rhumba ster (Idocus - Wanroij) is pleased to present Lalita NSN , an elegant chestnut filly with lots of chrome. Like her full siblings before her, Lalita already shows great elasticity and an outstanding canter. Lalita is for sale. APRIL, 2016: He's here! The first foal of the season, out of our foundation mare, Never Say Never , arrived April 29, at the civilized hour of 5:15 p.m. He was up right away, and hasn't stopped since. This handsome chestnut colt, named Leipzig NSN , is tall, expected to mature over 17hh. More photos of Leipzig NSN can be found on NeverSayNever Farm's Facebook page. Leipzig NSN is for sale to a suitable show home.

NOVEMBER, 2015: Kalou NSN leaves for his new home in the U.S. at the end of this month. He is a big boy, and expected to mature around 17.2hh. Good thing he has such a sweet temperament! Hosanna NSN, bred to Sir Gregory, has been fetal sexed to be carrying a colt for 2016! What a combination of bloodlines: Sir Donnerhall, Totilas, Ferro, Gribaldi, Don Gregory! Hosanna NSN was CHAMPION KWPN-NA yearling of North America at her only inspection to date, while her dam, Bosanova NSN, is an ELITE mare and was "Top Five" KWPN-NA mare at her inspection. Grand-dam, Never Say Never , still producing foals and sound at the age of 20, is KEUR PREFERANT, was also a "Top Five" KWPN-NA mare in her IBOP. Included in this lineage, in the damline, are sires, TOTILAS, 3-Time World Dressage Champion, his sire, GRIBALDI, #2 dressage sire in WBFSH 2015 (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses) rankings, and FERRO, Olympic Silver medalist and multiple years in the "Top Ten" dressage sires of the WBFSH . Sire of this coming foal, SIR GREGORY, winner of his 30 day test in Germany, is listed in the Top 1% of all German dressage stallions, based on his own scores and the 2 foal crops there, has a dressage index of 152 points. Sir Gregory's sire, SIR DONNERHALL, sire of multiple rising stars in the dressage world, is the most famous son of DONNERHALL. More can be read about many of these stallions on our Sires page.

OCTOBER, 2015: All mares are doing well with their pregnancies. Just before Kalou NSN started the weaning process, he had a photo and video shoot. Check out his page to see how well this jumper colt is developing!

AUGUST, 2015: Breeding season has finally come to a close with an exciting line-up for next year. Bosanova NSN elite (v. Ferro), is comfirmed in foal to TOTILAS! This will be her 4th foal by 3 time World Champion, Totilas!! Our foundation mare, Never Say Never , keur preferent (v. Wanroij), is in foal to Banderas, fetal sexed to be a colt. Rhumba ster (Idocus - Wanroij), is expecting a foal by Sir Gregory (v. Sir Donnerhall) once again, and finally, our newest member of the broodmare band, Hosanna NSN (Totilas - Ferro), who was Champion KPWN-NA yearling of North America, is also expecting a foal by Sir Gregory!

APRIL, 2015: Never Say Never (aka. Winnie) is pleased to present her latest offspring, Kalou NSN, by Bon Balou (Balou du Rouet - Argentinus). Kalou NSN is a tall chestnut colt, with lots of chrome and a super friendly personality. In other news, Zenda NSN has been sold in Florida to the Stupinski family, where she will partner with Anne Marie in the junior jumpers. They have already won a class in their first competition together!

NOVEMBER, 2014: Our dear Jax NSN left this world too early. He was humanely euthanized after a sudden onset of Wobbler's Syndrome, only a few short weeks after his fabulous photo shoot. His dam, Never Say Never (aka. Winnie), such an intelligent mare, knew Jax NSN had no future and did not mourn him - so much better than we humans. On the brighter side, Winnie is confirmed in foal to Bon Balou (Balou du Rouet x Argentinus), a fabulous jumper stallion standing at Dreamscape Farms. Read all about him on our Sires page. Fetal sexing says this one is a colt! Last, but not least, Jovani NSN left for his new home. This stunning colt was kind enough to allow a few movement shots prior to his departure, which are on his page.

SEPTEMBER, 2014: Since we were unable to take this year's crop of foals to a keuring, because of the extreme distance, photoshoots are being done at home, complete with braids. Check out Jovani NSN and Jax NSN. Jax NSN even has some video! Jahina NSN will follow shortly, hopefully.

JULY, 2014: Jahina NSN has been sold! This tall, elegant filly with three exceptional gaits is a super dressage prospect for her new owner. Unfortunately, Rhumba did not catch on a rebreed to Sir Gregory. She will remain open and be bred back to Sir Gregory in 2015.

In other news, I hear En-Tout-Modestie NSN (formerly Electra NSN), another daughter of Rhumba, by Soprano, earned a score of 71% at her first dressage show of the season, with very positive comments from the judges. Despite wind and rain, she remained very calm.

MAY, 2014: With the arrival of Jahina NSN, a gorgeous chestnut filly with chrome by Sir Gregory out of Rhumba , all the 2014 foals are on the ground, healthy and sound! Once again, this is a "three-peat" breeding. Jahina NSN is the full sibling of both Gauguin NSN and Hadiya NSN. She is very similar in type and personality to her siblings, showing the extreme suppleness they have, as well. Jahina NSN is for sale and should be an excellent upper level dressage prospect.

APRIL, 2014: What a special birthday present Inaya NSN got for her first birthday, April 12 - a new baby brother! This is a full brother to both Inaya NSN and Hosanna NSN. This handsome colt, Jovani NSN out of Bosanova NSN elite, is chestnut, with just the right amount of bling. Check out NeverSayNever Farm's page on Facebook, where many more photos are posted. Jovani NSN has already sold as a stallion/upper level performance horse prospect.

Less than one week later, late night April 18, Never Say Never (aka. Winnie) graced us with her jumper foal, another colt! This handsome boy, Jax NSN , is blood bay with bling - star,stripe, matching hind stockings and front low stocking. Other foot with have black point. Jax NSN, by Banderas, is a full brother to Faust NSN and Hera NSN. He is for sale.

JANUARY, 2014: Sometimes I am negligent in passing on news of achievements of my breeding program in a timely manner. Better late than never. When scores of the KWPN-NA keuring tour were finalized last year, Hosanna NSN was the Champion KWPN-NA Dressage Yearling! I already knew she was very special, but it is nice to have the KWPN-NA jury agree. Hosanna NSN is looking forward to a full brother to arrive in 2014. Also expected in 2014, are a Sir Gregory x Rhumba ster/Idocus foal, and a Banderas x Never Say Never keur pref/Wanroij foal. Both are repeat breedings.

SEPTEMBER, 2013: In the horse business, things never go exactly as planned. The summer was very busy, as we hosted a keuring September 9 at Sumac Farms in Trenton, N.S., which was a considerable undertaking, to get the required entries and prepare the facility, which is a western reining stable. Combine that with the working student rider of Electra, leaving a month prematurely so she could have a vacation, and Electra, being prepared for her IBOP, having no rider in the final weeks (except for the last week) leading up to the keuring. To top it off, Jana, a former working student and most capable rider, scheduled for the final training of the last week and for the keuring, arrived with a broken foot from a work-related accident. She rode the IBOP using one stirrup! Consequently, Electra NSN was not in top form, but she still managed a very respectable IBOP/DG Bar Cup score of 72.5%, which was just short of the required 75% to earn her Ster predicate. She did have the required 70% conformation score, and the jury encouraged us to bring her back another time for her IBOP. Also, in the week preceeding the keuring, Electra was being tried out for purchase, and has subsequently SOLD. Congrats to her new owner, Claude Morier, a level 2 dressage coach in Quebec!

Inaya NSN earned her First Premium and was the winner of the dressage foal class. Hosanna NSN was also First Premium and winner of her yearling dressage class, and Top Dressage Horse of the keuring overall. Neither filly showed their true movement. Despite not showing them the arena prior to their classes, the fillies were very laid back, and not properly excited to really show themselves. Did I say how bold these fillies are? Not much gets them properly excited. I guess I needed a flock of Canada Geese in there! The jury commented on the fillies' suppleness, carrying hindlegs, typiness, and power. Unfortunately, the ring did not have enough light to allow for movement pictures. I must add that the staff at Sumac Farms were extremely accommodating and very helpful, which made made us feel very welcome.

JULY, 2013: The mares of NeverSayNever Farm were very co-operative in the breeding shed this year! Rhumba was bred back to Sir Gregory (Sir Donnerhall - Don Gregory) and despite the timing being a bit off, with Rhumba ovulating earlier than ideal, she is confirmed in foal to this wonderful stallion, standing here in North America at Dreamscape Farm. The foal will be a full sibling to Gauguin NSN, now in Germany, and Hadiya NSN, now in Virginia - both wonderful show homes. It is expected that all 2014 foals will be offered for sale. Not to be left out of the news, Electra NSN passed her PROK exam, the same radiographic exam as for KWPN Approved stallions. Electra NSN is for sale. Electra is the third offspring of Rhumba, by 3 different sires, to be awarded her PROK certificate. Good genetics!

JUNE, 2013: Never Say Never (aka. Winnie) keur preferant is pregnant! She caught on the first cycle this year. Many thanks to the staff at the Atlantic Veterinary College, who managed Winnie's breeding, and were able to keep on top of her fluid rentention issues post-breeding. This will be Winnie's 10th foal. Sire is Banderas, so this will be a full sibling to Faust NSN and Hera NSN. It's a no-brainer that this foal is bred to jump.

MAY, 2013: Bosanova NSN elite is once again in foal to Totilas for a 2014 full sibling to Inaya NSN and Hosanna NSN. Special thanks to the Atlantic Veterinary Hospital whose staff did the repro work.

APRIL, 2013: She's here! Bosanova NSN elite delivered another gorgeous black filly by Totilas, a full sister to Hosanna NSN. Her name is Inaya NSN, which gives power, wisdom creativity, beauty and emphathy. Inaya NSN sold before she was two weeks old to a great home in California. She will make the long trip to her new home in the spring of 2014. Meanwhile, Hadiya NSN arrived safe and sound at her new home in Virginia, where I am sure she was happy to find green grass waiting for her, as well as a very happy owner.

FEBRUARY, 2013: Hadiya NSN has also been sold to a wonderful show home! Hadiya's new owner, Brandi, a young trainer who believes in classical dressage, has both her Bronze and Silver USDF medals, and is halfway to earning her Gold medal. The future looks very bright for this new partnership!

DECEMBER, 2012: Hera NSN has been sold to a wonderful show home! She will be joining her half-brother, Tango, at Coveside Stables in Chester, N.S. Congrats to Jackie and we look forward to seeing the pair in the jumper ring in the future! Jackie and Tango had a very successful show season in 2012, capped off by winning the 1.25 meter Championship at our Maritime Fall Fair in October.

OCTOBER, 2012: October has been busy. Hosanna NSN has been weaned. She wasn't happy about it the first few days, but settled into her new situation well. Gauguin NSN, now a yearling colt, finished his quarantine and was shipped to Germany, where he arrived safe a sound, to the relief and delight of his owner, Jana. In the final days of October, Hera NSN was weaned. Winnie (aka. Never Say Never), Hera's dam, makes this separation so easy because she never calls back. I wish weanings with all my mares and foals were this easy.

SEPTEMBER, 2012: What a summer! After barely two months under saddle, Electra NSN went to went to her first show in early August, competing Training Level dressage. It was a weekend of "firsts" for her: first trailer ride, first sleepover, and first competition. Electra rose to the challenge and demonstrated her great character and rideability. She won all four of her classes, and scored up to 70%. At her second show, Sept 1-2, Electra, more confirmed in her gaits and self-carriage, consistently scored in the 70's, and was again Training Level Champion.

The September show was Bolero NSN''s first show, and he totally rocked! This gelding demonstrated his immense talent and love for the spotlight by scoring virtually all in the 70's, with a high score of 76%. His gaits were 9's and impulsion, 8's and 9. He was overall High Point Champion.

Zenda NSN also went to the August and September shows. Our rider, Jana, was a busy girl! Zenda was First Level and overall Champion of the August show, and First Level Reserve Champion of the second show where Bolero was Champion. She scored high 60's and low 70's.

JUNE, 2012: It is a time of making some hard decisions as to the future of my broodmare band. There is no way I am willing to part with Hosanna NSN and I do not wish to further expand my band. So, with great reluctance, I am offering Electra NSN for sale. This young mare has three quality gaits with a very powerful quick hind leg. She was started under saddle only weeks ago, and is w/t/c now with a rider. Her rideability score would have to be a "9". Soprano, Electra's sire, has had three offpsring qualify and compete for Denmark at the World Chamionhips for Young Horses. He has four offspring competing and placing in the upper levels in Europe.

JUNE, 2012: It has been a year of fillies. Both Rhumba and Winnie (aka. Never Say Never keur pref) delivered fillies four days apart. The first to go was Rhumba on June 10, delivering a gorgeous chestnut filly, named Hadiya NSN, by Sir Gregory. This filly has "dressage" written all over her! Never Say Never followed in the wee hours of June 14, with a bay filly named Hera NSN, by Banderas. Hera is bred to jump. Pics are up on Facebook. The foals, both for sale, will have their pages up on this site as soon as I get some well needed rest.

MAY, 2012: Great news! Bosanova NSN is confirmed to be back in foal to Totilas for a full sibling to Hosanna NSN! We will try later to fetal sex. I don't generally keep colts, so if it is a boy, it will likely be for sale. Not sure yet about a filly, but I will consider offers.

APRIL, 2012: She's here!! Welcome Hosanna NSN, by Totilas out of Bosanova Elite, by Olympic Ferro! She is perfect in every respect, black, leggy, with a very pretty head.Be sure to check out NeverSayNever Farm on Facebook for more photos of Hosanna NSN and the other horses!

DECEMBER, 2011: It has been a busy couple of months. In November, Zenda NSN had the privilege of being ridden in a clinic conducted by none other than Ingrid Klimke! This was Ingrid's only clinic held in North America in 2011! Ingrid complimented Zenda on her great hind leg and her forwardness. The work with Ingrid was very helpful not only for Zenda, but for all my horses. There is a video clip and picture from this clinic on Zenda's page.

Gauguin NSN has been SOLD! This has been in the works for quite sometime. It was love at first sight for Jana, my working student from Belgium, who was there at his birth. Jana is a dedicated rider who hopes one day to compete Gauguin at FEI levels. Jana's parents came to see Gauguin in person last September before agreeing to support their daughter in this endeavour. She's one lucky girl! For the time being, Gauguin will remain in Canada. I had many people interested in this marvelous colt, including some GP riders/trainers. Hopefully, Gauguin's full sibling expected in 2012, will be just as nice. Gauguin's sire, Sir Gregory, is now in training with Shannon Peters in California.

SEPTEMBER, 2011: Bosanova NSN is home after travelling to the KWPN-NA keuring in Ontario where she successfully completed her IBOP - the final requirement for her Elite predicate. She also came 3rd in North America, making the KWPN-NA's coveted Top Five list for her performance in the DG Bar Cup Class. This mare overcame much hardship in the process. The day before we were to leave Bossy's trainer's in Prince Edward Island, I got a morning call that the mare had cast herself overnight in her stall, resulting in a very swollen hock/hind leg. Other than cold hosing, I directed that she be given bute. WORD OF WARNING! There is a form of Phenylbutazone that is CONCENTRATED (triple strength). I had never heard of it. My instructions for dosage were by scoop size, not grams, not realizing the strength. Poor Bosanova was overdosed for 2 days, just prior to our departure for Ontario. I noticed a change in her demeanour at our stopover, but her appetite and water consumption were good. But by the next evening, after we reached our destination in Ontario, I knew Bossy was more than just tired from the trip. A vet was called first thing the next morning. A blood panel confirmed my suspicions. Bosanova was admitted to Guelph Animal Hospital. As a result of the thorough exam process, we finally found the source of Bosanova's discomfort. She was suffering from an inflamed right colon, typical of NSAID overdose. I thought perhaps Bossy was hypersensitive to the drug. Only when we showed the container to the attending vet did we realize our mistake. With hydration of 25 litres and an antacid, Bosanova came around quite quickly after the first day. We picked her up late Saturday afternoon. She had been off grain since Tuesday, and was still only allowed hay. The keuring was MONDAY! Saturday evening she rested. We weren't sure if she would compete. Sunday we shipped both Bosanova and Bolero to Prima Equestrian. Bosanova was lunged lightly that evening, and ridden only walk/trot to conserve her energy - her first ride in eight days! The next morning, Bosanova rode both her IBOP and DG Bar Cup classes, scoring 75.5%. I had not informed the jury of Bossy's situation. One of the jury remarks was that she could have been more powerful. We were grateful she had as much power in her reserve tank as she did. Now, she will get a well deserved rest while we work to fatten her back to her previous self. That is the thing about some mares - they have such fortitude and resolve to go the extra mile when it really counts.

Not to forget Bolero NSN, he was in great condition for the keuring. However, with the jury already running late for the IBOP classes, and us having one rider/one saddle for both horses, Bolero only got the benefit of a brief lunge prior to going into the ring. The first half of the test was essentially his warm-up. Both David Marcus, his trainer/rider, and myself were pleased with Bolero coping so well. His score for the DG Bar Cup class was 71.5%, with a 7.5 for his canter and an 8 for his trot. Bolero was also a Top Five horse in his DG Bar Cup Class.

AUGUST, 2011: It took three tries, but I am very pleased to announce that Never Say Never, keur preferent, (aka. "Winnie") is back in foal to Banderas! This will be Winnie's ninth foal, and a full sibling to Faust NSN, who sold as a stallion prospect. Rhumba, Ster, Winnie's daughter, has also been confirmed in foal to Sir Gregory. She had twin embryos and one was pinched, so she will be checked again. This is another repeat breeding, with Gauguin NSN as the full sibling. Both foals will be offered for sale. Meanwhile, Bosanova's fetus by Totilas has been sexed. It is a filly! Don't know if I can part with that one.

JULY, 2011: Very good news! Bosanova NSN is in foal to Totilas! For anyone not familiar with this incredible stallion, you can read about him on my Sires page. It was not without considerable trepidation I chose this stallion, as the price of semen is so dear. But I feel confident in this cross and fortunately, Bosanova conceived. WHEW!! Now comes the long wait . . .

JUNE, 2011: He's here! Rhumba presented us with a chestnut colt June 11, GAUGUIN NSN. This was not an uncomplicated birth, as the placenta came first. Fortunately, we were there at the time and acted quickly. Gauguin received a clean bill of health from the vet and he is thriving. Check out his webpage for pictures. More on Facebook.

MAY, 2011: Faust NSN arrived at his new home in Kentucky April 29, after about a week layover in Toronto, Ontario, due to tornado and storm forecasts. In the words of his owners, "Wow! Faust is so great! He was such a good boy! He stepped right off the trailer cautiously and confidently." and two weeks later, "(Faust) is doing really well! We absolutely love him! He has such a wonderful personality. You did a great job with him! . . . Robert held him last night for some clipping, he did great with that also. I even clipped his ears!!! LOL! Overall, he is an absolute pleasure to be around. He definitely knows his name, (and "NO!") which is really great." Faust is a lucky boy to have such great owners! Meanwhile, at home, all the mares have come into heat. Time to think about breeding! The only foal expected for 2011, Rhumba's foal by Sir Gregory, is due next month.

APRIL, 2011: The KWPN-NA has informed me that I have achieved the Silver Level Breeder Award! This award, sponsored by Rabobank and based on a point system, recognizes breeders who have accomplished significant results throughout the years with their breeding program. I have done so with a total of fourteen foals out of my program of which the youngest three have yet to be inspected.

NOVEMBER, 2010: FAUST NSN has been sold! This exceptional colt will be moving to Kentucky in the spring where he will be raised as a high jumper/stallion prospect. Congrats to his new owners, Jessica Stoots-Reuthe and Robert Reuthe. Banderas, Faust's sire, recently completed his North American Stallion testing, with great scores! They called him the "jumping machine", but he also scored, Character "10", Temperament "9", Willingness to work "9.50", Constitution "9", Ridability "8.5". Thanks again, Dreamscape Farm, for bringing such a great young stallion to North America!

OCTOBER, 2010: The KWPN-NA's "Top Five" lists are out, and Bolero NSN was "Top Five" in the DG Bar Cup class, for young (4 year-old) dressage horses under saddle. Rhumba, Bolero's dam, is confirmed in foal to Sir Gregory (Sir Donnerhall x Don Gregory). This in-utero foal is available for sale. Unfortunately, Never Say Never did not get back in foal when bred back to Banderas. We will try again in 2011.

SEPTEMBER, 2010: Bolero NSN has his full Ster predicate! Not without some trepidation, I entered Bolero earlier this summer for his IBOP for the 2010 KWPN-NA keurings in September. While mature enough physically, Bolero is still a bit of a delinquent teenager mentally at times, so whether he would settle to the work at hand was always a question - that, and searing heat this summer which affected training and having as his rider a working student. But Bolero showed he is of the right stuff. He travelled very well to the keuring in Maine, a 12 hour drive one way. While I agreed with the jury that Bolero was not quite ready for this test, he still demonstrated his immense talent for dressage enough to garner a score of 75%. Pictures from the keuring are on Bolero's page. He is one handsome boy and he is for sale!!!

JULY, 2010: Bosanova NSN graced us with her foal by Soprano June 15 - it was a bit chaotic as she chose to deliver outside in the paddock with the herd while her stall was being cleaned. But fortunately, she had no problems and we were there just after the foal hit the ground, cord still intact. I had my son, Ali, scoop up the filly (not so easy as she was still partially covered in amnion and wet) while I carried the attached placenta inside, and our working student led Bosanova, who we shortly took outside again to completely hose down she was so dirty. Being completely new to being a mom, Bossy was fine with leaving the newborn foal in the stall while she went out for her quick but thorough bath. Yes, it is a filly, named Farazana NSN - solid black except for low socks on both front feet with ermine. She was up and nursing in no time. See pictures of "Farah". Farazana has already been sold!

Three days after Farazana's birth, Zenda NSN, a full aunt to this filly competed in her second jumping show ever and was a superstar! Of her three classes, Zenda was First Place twice including the Mini Prix, and Third once. This mare demonstrated her scope, boldness, quick reflexes and rideability. It was a great day for me! Pictures and video from the show soon to be posted on Zenda's page. Faust NSN continues to amaze me, he is so very handsome and well put together. What an athletic and typey colt, and a real sweetie pie to boot!

JUNE, 2010: Another busy month! In the wee hours of June 27, Winnie (aka. Never Say Never) graced us with her latest produce, Faust NSN - a tall very handsome chestnut colt with lots of chrome - sire is Banderas (OLD - Balou du Rouet x Grannus x Beach Boy). Pictures of Faust can be seen on his webage, linked at the bottom of this page. This year is Banderas' first foal crop and I am very impressed by what I have seen, including my own. Faust is for sale to a good show home. Meanwhile, Zenda competed in her first show, jumpers .9 to 1.1 meters. She had no problem with the excitement of the showgrounds and ring. There were a few mistakes but she still managed to place 6th in one of her classes. Her rider, Chrissy Wilson, is a working student of Zenda's trainer, Susan Fraser of Fraser Equestrian Center.

MAY, 2010: Told you this month was going to be busy! Harma, Bolero's trainer, took Bolero to his first clinic with Cindy Ishoy. For Bolero, this was the first time away from his new home of five months, but you wouldn't know it. Video from the clinic on his page. Show season is around the corner! Next weekend, my daughter Alex Hosein and her GP gelding Lucky Star have the extreme privilege to ride in a clinic with Steffen Peters!! Steffen is coming to Nova Scotia for the first time ever!

MAY, 2010: This is going to be a busy month! Zenda NSN just particpated in her first jumping clinic and she was a star! Clinician was none other than Beth Underhill! Zenda demonstrated her superb ability and her rider received some very positive feedback. Pictures and video on Zenda's page. This uber-talented mare is for sale for someone looking for a Grand Prix jumping prospect!

MARCH, 2010: What a month it has been! Bosanova NSN earned her PROK predicate, after passing the KWPN radiograph requirements. I just returned from the Annual Meeting of the KWPN-NA held in Wellington Florida, where I was the very proud recipient of the coveted KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year award! This award, sponsored by Shooting Star Farm, is granted to a member that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in meeting the goals of the KWPN-NA with exceptional success. Recognition such as this is definitely one of the real highs of my life as a breeder. What makes it even more special is that I am the smallest breeder - having my program based on a single foundation broodmare, Never Say Never, and the first Canadian to have ever received this award. All the mares in my broodband are progeny of Never Say Never. This mare is creating her own dynasty.

FEBRUARY, 2010: As a result of passing the same radiographic and endescope exam as required for KWPN approved stallions, Bolero NSN has been awarded his PROK predicate . . . one step closer to getting his full Ster predicate as a Register A horse.

DECEMBER, 2009: The final results including the "Top Fives" of the KWPN-NA keuring tour have been published on the KWPN-NA website. Zenda NSN (Olympic Ferro x Wanroij) was Reserve Champion of both the Jumping IBOP and Iron Spring Farm Cup for young jumpers of the entire keuring tour. Bosanova NSN (Olympic Ferro x Wanroij), Zenda's younger full sister, tied for 5th place for all adult dressage mares. Not to be outdone, Bolero NSN, (Sir Donnerhall x Idocus) had an overall score which tied the #1 dressage gelding/stallion of the "Top Fives" and tied 2nd place of all adult dressage horses. Bolero, as a Register "A" KWPN-NA horse, did not qualify for the "Top Fives" as he has not yet fulfilled the additional requirements required of the "A" horses. All three horses received special mention in the KWPN-NA's Individual Keuring Reports - check out the keuring tour here, and click Gingerwood Stables. Happy New Year everyone!

SEPTEMBER, 2009: Three horses presented at the KWPN-NA keuring for east coast Canada in Prince Edward Island and three First Premiums! Zenda NSN (Olympic Ferro x Wanroij) passed her jumping IBOP with a score of 76.5% and became Ster. Due to travel delays of the jury, the keuring didn't start until 7:00 p.m. and by then it was already dusk with the temperature dropping significantly - not the best environment to show any horse in an outdoor ring with no lights. All IBOP horses and their riders deserved extra brownie points! Bosanova NSN, Zenda's full sister, presented for studbook as a dressage horse, was top mare, Ster, and also deemed to be Keur Eligible because of her superior quality. Bolero NSN (Sir Donnerhall x Idocus), presented as a dressage horse, earned his Provisional Ster. He has to fulfill further requirements, being Register A, in order to earn his Ster predicate. Bolero was also named high point dressage horse of the keuring. With the two Ferro siblings becoming Ster, Never Say Never has now produced a total of five Ster Quality offspring!

SEPTEMBER, 2009: After a two year hiatus, Winnie (aka. Never Say Never) is finally back in foal. The sire is Banderas (Balou du Rouet x Grannus x Beach Boy). This cross should produce an exceptional jumper. We have already seen through Calypsabloom how well Balou du Rouet blood crosses with this preferent mare. In-utero sale is available. Also, Bosanova, the top KWPN-NA foal in North America in 2006, is confirmed in foal to Soprano (Sandro Hit x Contender).

JULY, 2009: Finally, Rhumba's foal by Soprano is here, and was the wait ever worth it! What a stunner this filly is! Electra NSN is jet black with only a tiny patch of white on the back of a hind pastern, very typey, correct, and full of energy. See her page link below for pictures. Soprano may well be Rhumba's "nick". Rhumba will be bred back to Soprano for sure.

JULY, 2009: Congratulations to Susan Fraser and Royal Dancer who were Fourth Level Champions at the Blainville International Classic last week!

JUNE, 2009: Breeding season is upon us. More about that later. Bosanova and Bolero had a photoshoot last week, so check out their pages for updated pictures. Both horses are being backed this summer. Rhumba, in foal to Soprano is looking great. We have to wait until late July/early August for the end result of this cross.

DECEMBER, 2008: Zenda NSN (Olympic Ferro x Wanroij), Keur Eligible, is now PROK, having passed the same radiographic requirements as demanded by the KWPN for the Stallion Approvals.

OCTOBER, 2008: A Soprano x Idocus foal is expected for 2009! Rhumba has been confirmed in foal to Soprano, by Sandro Hit out of the famous damline of Contender. Balou du Rouet, the sire of Calypsabloom, also has Contender as his damsire. Soprano already has offpsring competing at the FEI level in Europe. This will be a late foal - late July/early August. Rhumba graced us with twin embryos early on in the summer. We pinched one, lost the other. After that, it took a couple of tries to get her pregnant again. You can read more about Soprano on the "Sires" page. This foal will be offered for sale. While bred for dressage, there are very strong jumping lines on both sides of the pedigree of this coming foal.

SEPTEMBER, 2008: Zenda (Olympic Ferro x Wanroij) has been entered into the KWPN-NA studbook as a result of the New England keuring in Maine. Because of her conformation, which is neither clearly dressage nor jumping according to the KWPN specialization standards, I decided to present Zenda as a jumper. The long trip of 12 hours, took its toll and Zenda was still too fatigued the day of the keuring to show her form. Still, she managed 7's or more in her gaits and jumping ability. Zenda then went on to win the DG Bar Cup class for 3 & 4 year-old young dressage horses under saddle for the New England keuring. Not too shabby for an all-rounder! Details and pictures on Zenda's page.

APRIL, 2008: Very sad news to report. Apollo NS, our beautiful Rosario x Wanroij gelding was lost to colic April 26. The vet at home and those at the Atlantic Veterinary Hospital where he was rushed for surgery did their very best to save him. Unfortunately, it was an impossible situation to correct and the decision was made to euthanize him while still under anesthetic. I am heartbroken. Apollo had started his ground training this past month and was doing very well. He had matured so much over the winter and was looking fantastic and really took to the work. I don't even have recent pictures - figured I had time for that at a later date. He will be missed, for sure. Hug your loved ones. Life can be fleeting.

DECEMBER, 2007: Calypsabloom NSN was picked up by her owner last weekend and is now settling into her new home in Ontario. She had a 10hh. pony, Tuckson, as a travelling buddy to keep her company on the long drive. Her new owner Suzanne wrote: "Even with her thick hair, I recognized her beauty, I am in love with her. . . I am very glad to own her and thank you Martha for having taking such good care of her." I've added a picture of Calypsa with Tuckson on her webpage.

OCTOBER, 2007: With a busy summer behind me, I decided it was time to get some updated pictures of the youngsters. No foals are expected for 2008. Although this hiatus was not planned, I could use the rest as could Winnie (aka. Never Say Never). Rather than a late foal in 2008, I prefer to get an early start for 2009.

JUNE, 2007: BALOU DU ROUET FILLY HAS ARRIVED and what a stunning creature she is! Never Say Never snuck this one in the night before I was to leave to take my daughter and her horse, Lucky Star, to their first dressage show of the season. When we discovered her about an hour after birth, she was already up and nursing and very strong on her legs. Never Say Never seemed quite pleased with herself that she had handled the whole process on her own out in the pasture without any interference from humans. This filly was pre-sold in-utero. She now has a name: CALYPSA BLOOM NSN. Congrats to her new owner, Suzanne Trickey of Ontario!

APRIL, 2007: ROYAL DANCER HAS BEEN SOLD to my daughter's coach, the trainer of my horses, and good friend Susan Fraser, a level 3 Equine Canada certified coach. Sue has had a long-term love affair with this magnificent nine year-old gelding by Idocus and they have a special bond between them. I am delighted to be able to make her dream of owning Dancer a reality. Under Sue's tutelage, Dancer is schooling Fourth Level dressage. Susan plans to compete Dancer in the future.

MARCH, 2007: Check out the TESTIMONIALS page just recently added to the links at the bottom of this page. I always enjoy hearing from my horses' new owners!

JANUARY, 2007: As a result of a successful radiographic exam according to KWPN standards, Jodi, Versailles' owner informs me that Versailles has been awarded her PROK predicate!

DECEMBER 21, 2006: VERSAILLES ARRIVES SAFELY! After 10 days of travelling from one end of the country to the other, Versailles finally unloaded at Vancouver Island, safe and sound. According to Jodi, her new owner, "She is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!" Versailles had a walk, a roll, a long drink and a special treat of 6 large apples before digging into her hay and getting a good brushing which she loved. She probably had begun to think her permanent home was "on wheels". Jodi promises to keep in touch with V's progress. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!

NOVEMBER 28, 2006: VERSAILLES SOLD! In the coming days, Versailles will be travelling across Canada to her new home in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Can't get much further west than that and still be in Canada! Details on Versailles' web page.

NOVEMBER, 2006: FILLY OPTION ON NEVER SAY NEVER'S 2007 IN-UTERO FOAL BY BALOU DU ROUET SOLD! The colt option is still available. Just take a look at Ulysses' latest jumping pictures from Brazil on his webpage and it's hard not to get excited about a half-brother or sister by a "Jumper" sire.

SEPTEMBER, 2006: BOSANOVA IS #1 FOAL IN NORTH AMERICA! The KWPN-NA tour is over and the "Top Ten" list is out. Every year the bar gets raised as the quality of horses being presented keeps improving. Still, BOSANOVA (Ferro x Never Say Never/Wanroij) was the top foal in North America of over 100 foals presented. This is the second time one of Never Say Never's produce has been 1st in North America. VERSAILLES (Orame x Rhumba/Idocus) was no slouch either, earning #2 in the "Top Ten" of mares for conformation.

SEPTEMBER, 2006: VERSAILLES (ORAME X IDOCUS X WANROIJ) RECEIVES STER PREDICATE AND IS KEUR ELIGIBLE as a result of our keuring at the Atlantic Dressage Development Center, Mount Uniacke, N.S. As well, both foals, Bolero (Sir Donnerhall x Idocus) and Bosanova (Ferro x Wanroij) were awarded First Premiums. The jury were quite taken with Bosanova, awarding her High Score Young Horse. In their words: "This excellent foal with a beautiful body showed three outstanding gaits with suppleness and expression." Pictures are up.

SEPTEMBER, 2006: SIR DONNERHALL WINS BUNDESCHAMPIONATE in Warendorf, Germany, for 5-year old dressage horses, with a total score of 9.04. We are proud to already have one of this fine stallion's sons on the ground - our 2006 colt Bolero, who exhibits the same suppleness and reach as his sire.

AUGUST, 2006: SIR DONNERHALL SILVER MEDALLIST AT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! Sir Donnerhall, ridden by Dr. Ulf Moller, won the first round of the 5-year old division at the 2006 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden with a score of 9.1. At the finals, he made two mistakes, finishing up with a score of 8.54 and the Silver Medal. Sir Donnerhall is the sire of our lovely colt, Bolero NSN, listed for sale. Price upon request.

JULY, 2006: BALOU DU ROUET FOAL EXPECTED FOR 2007! Never Say Never, keur preferent, is confirmed in foal to Balou du Rouet. This mare's offspring from mainly dressage sires have exhibited great jumping ability. So I thought it was about time to breed her in this direction. Balou du Rouet is a son of Rodrigo Pessoa's 3-times World Cup Champion Baloubet du Rouet. This foal will definitely be a super jumper prospect. Read about "Balou" on the "Sires" page. This foal will be for offered for sale. "In Utero" contract possible.

JUNE 13, 2006: ANOTHER FERRO FILLY! What a great match Ferro is for my foundation mare, Never Say Never. Yesterday we were presented with a beautiful black filly, so robust that she was on her feet before her mother. Bosanova NSN will be added to our herd, which means her full sister, Zenda will be offered for sale. It is a tough choice, but don't need two mares of this fantastic lineage. Zenda will make a super performance mare and broodmare for some lucky owner. Check out Bosanova using the link at the bottom of this page.

NEWS FROM BRAZIL: It is always nice to hear about horses I have sold. I just received an e-mail from Ulysses' owner in Brazil informing me that Uly won the Blue Ribbon in his second competition ever! More details and a picture can be found on Ulysses' page if you click the link at the bottom of this page. I am so proud of my boy!!

MAY, 2006: IT'S A BOY! Rhumba's latest is a handsome chestnut colt, Bolero NSN, by Sir Donnerhall. Foals by this famous Sandro Hit son are commanding high prices at the auctions in Europe, and no wonder. Bolero is beautiful in type with a super friendly and bold personality. He's already doing canter pirouettes in the stall. Check out his first photos through the link at the bottom of the page. More pictures coming soon!

APRIL, 2006: ORAMÉ COMING TO NORTH AMERICA! Oramé (Indoctro x Ramiro z), the sire of Versailles, is coming to the U.S. in a partner ownership between VDL Stud and the syndicate of sponsors of Olympic rider Chris Kappler. We look forward to seeing the pair compete in North America. Read about Oramé on the "Sires" page.

MARCH, 2006: ANTICIPATION . . . That Carley Simon tune keeps running through my mind. As both mares become quite heavy with foal, I am receiving inquiries on the upcoming foals. If you are interested in purchasing either (Sir Donnerhall x Idocus; Ferro x Wanroij), drop me a line. My breeding choices for 2007 are not yet finalized, but Never Say Never may be bred to a special guy with expectations of producing a fabulous jumper prospect. More on that later.

DECEMBER 20, 2005: ULYSSES ARRIVES SAFELY AT HIS NEW HOME IN BRAZIL! What better Christmas present for Ulysses' new owner than to have his horse arrive safely from such a long distance! For more details, click on Ulysses' page below.

HE'S HERE! Never Say Never delivered an exquisite colt June 24. His name is Apollo, and his sire is Rosario, by Rubinstein. This typey colt is for sale. Check out his pictures. On the breeding front, Rhumba is in foal to Sir Donnerhall (Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) and Never Say Never is back in foal to Olympic Ferro for 2006. Both these foals will be for sale.

ALERT! There seems to be some problem with people not receiving replies from e-mails they have sent me. Be assured that e-mails are usually answered within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply after 2 days, please e-mail me again with your phone number and location, or call (902) 860-1422. Thanks!

NEVER SAY NEVER IS NOW KEUR PREFERENT AND ULYSSES IS #1 IN NORTH AMERICA! With the awarding of Ster predicate to both Ulysses and Tango at the 2004 NA/WPN keuring in Vermont, Never Say Never has completed the requirements for her "Preferent" predicate, namely producing three offspring of Ster quality at age three and older. For Never Say Never, these were consecutive offspring. To date, she has only produced First Premium babies. Tango, by Idocus, went on to win the DG Bar Cup class for young horses under saddle, with an amazing score of 77.4%. This score put him in the "Top Ten" (4th place) for the 2004 NA/WPN North American keuring, in addition to making the "Top Ten" list for conformation (6th place). Ulysses also made the "Top Ten" list twice. He was 1st in North America for his studbook class of geldings/stallions, for conformation and 5th for movement.

Check out the page for our daughter, Alexandra Hosein. Along with Canada-East teamates, Véronique Lavallée of Québec and Julie Watchorn of Ontario, Alex was awarded the Team Silver Medal at the 2004 N.A.Y.R.C. (North America Young Riders' Chamionship) for dressage. This is Canada's first team medal for dressage at the N.A.Y.R.C. since 1989! Alexandra was riding her very special gelding, Lucky Star.

OUR METALL FOAL HAS ARRIVED! Zeta, a beautiful blood bay filly with three socks and a large diamond star was born May 30. Bloodlines of this filly are: Metall (by Olympic Ferro, preferent x Idocus, Crown). We may just have to part with this darling filly, so contact us if interested. Pictures coming soon.

OUR FERRO FOAL HAS ARRIVED! Zenda, a dark bay filly arrived in the first hour of April 30, 2004. More pictures coming soon.

COMING IN 2004: Our keur mare, Never Say Never, has been bred back to Olympic Ferro, and is expecting a foal in May, 2004. If she produces another colt, it will be for sale. This will be a full sibling to Ulysses. Sadly, we lost Rhumba's gorgeous bay Metall colt in June. However, we were so impressed with his type that Rhumba was successfully bred back to Metall for a June, 2004, foal.

UPDATE: Never Say Never, and her three offspring, Rhumba, Tango, and Ulysses, all made the "Top Ten" list, for the "Best of the Best" of the 2002 North American Keuring! Never Say Never made the "Top Ten" list for both her free jumping and her IBOP (riding test).

NEWSFLASH!! September 16: The NA/WPN (North American Dutch Warmblood) keuring, Porter's Equine Centre, Stewiacke, N.S. was a resounding success. Although the number of entries was small (only 10 horses), six 1st Premiums were awarded! Of these, five were awarded to Never Say Never and her progeny.

The following excerpt is from the NA/WPN "On the Road Report":

Never say never when someone invites you to judge horses in Nova Scotia. Never Say Never (Wanroij x Talk of Gold xxa x Milkie xx), the foundation mare of Martha Haley's breeding program, was presented along with her 4 year old daughter (by Idocus), 2 year gelding (by Idocus), yearling colt (by Ferro) and granddaughter (Orame x Idocus), and all received a first premium. Never Say Never, bred by Dr. Carlos and Karen Jimenez received a star in the morning due to her good conformation and supple movement as well as her good technique during the free jumping. Under saddle, she proved her ridablity and not only showed good jumping technique, but showed that she had scope as well. The final score for the riding test was 73. All of the Never Say Never offspring had extremely good necks and polls.


Our Horses:

NEVER SAY NEVER, Keur Preferent (Wanroij x Talk of GoldXXA/MilkieXX) R.I.P.
RHUMBA, Ster (Idocus, Crown x Never Say Never, Keur, Pref./ Wanroij)
TANGO, Ster (Idocus, Crown x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
ROYAL DANCER (Idocus, Crown x Pour Le Sport XX/Sportin' Life) SOLD
ULYSSES, Ster (Olympic Ferro, Pref. x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
VERSAILLES, Sport(dr) Elite (Orame x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
ZENDA NSN, PROK, Ster, IBOP (Olympic Ferro, Pref. x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
ZETA (Metall x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus) SOLD
BOLERO NSN, PROK, Ster-Q (Sir Donnerhall, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
BOSANOVA NSN, Elite (Olympic Ferro, Pref. x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
CALYPSA BLOOM NSN (Balou du Rouet, OLD x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
ELECTRA NSN (Soprano, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
FAUST NSN (Banderas, OLD x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
FARAZANA NSN (Soprano, OLD x Bosanova NSN, Elite/Ferro, Pref.) SOLD
GAUGUIN NSN (Sir Gregory, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
HOSANNA NSN (Totilas x Bosanova NSN, Elite/Ferro, Pref.), SOLD
HADIYA NSN (Sir Gregory, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
HERA NSN (Banderas, OLD x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
INAYA NSN (Totilas x Bosanova NSN, Elite/Ferro, Pref.) SOLD
JAHINA NSN (Sir Gregory, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
JOVANI NSN (Totilas x Bosanova NSN, Elite/Ferro, Pref.) SOLD
KALOU NSN (Bon Balou, HAN x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) SOLD
LEIPZIG NSN (Banderas, OLD x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij) FOR SALE
LALITA NSN (Sir Gregory, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
LISANDRO NSN (Totilas x Bosanova NSN, Elite/Ferro, Pref.) SOLD
LEANDROS NSN (Sir Gregory, OLD x Hosanna/Totilas) SOLD
MAESTRO NSN (Soprano, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) SOLD
NADIA NSN (Sir Gregory, OLD x Hosanna NSN Ster PROK IBOP/Totilas) R.I.P.
NIKITA NSN (Sir Gregory, OLD x Rhumba, Ster/Idocus, Crown) FOR SALE
NUREYEV NSN (Florencio I x Bosanova NSN, Elite/Ferro, Pref) FOR SALE
EVE (Jockey Club Thoroughbred)
In memory of: Pour Le Sport
In memory of: APOLLO NS (Rosario x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij)
In memory of: JAX NSN (Banderas, OLD x Never Say Never, Keur Pref./Wanroij)
Alexandra and Lucky Star
Dancer's foals
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