HOSANNA NSN - #1 KWPN-NA yearling, North America

What a perfect gift Bosanova NSN gave us, with the help of Totilas, producing this filly named Hosanna NSN. I don't think I can use enough superlatives to describe her, so I won't even try! Born just prior to midnight, April 20th, 2012, it was a textbook delivery, and Hosanna was on her feet, unassisted, in no time. She is solid black, except for a tiny star in the middle of her forehead.

Hosanna NSN will be retained as a future broodmare. For the time being, we will concentrate on keeping her healthy and sound.

KWPN-NA 124007 201200160
KWPN 00.06174/95364
Grand Prix
GRIBALDI (TRAK) pref elite
93.14543/309090 Grand Prix
LOMINKA elite prest
KWPN 93.1288
ELSA KWPN ster pref prest sport(dr)
KWPN 124007 200600115 STB
WPN Preferent
BRENDA WPN Ster Pref Prest
KWPN Keur Preferent

Hosanna NSN at 12 hours old. Her mother loves her!

Hosanna NSN at 3 days of age.

Hosanna NSN at 2 weeks, out in the grass pasture.

Hosanna NSN at 3 weeks. By the "3 days, 3 weeks rule", I am very pleased with what I am seeing.

The summer was too hot to get decent movement pictures of Hosanna at 3 months. She preferred to nap away the hot weather. Here she is, finally, in September, at 5 months of age. She is quite high behind at this point in time, and starting to lose her bleached summer coat.

Hosanna NSN as a 13 month old yearling.

At her keuring in September, 2013, as a yearling, and the first time Hosanna NSN had been presented to the KWPN jury, Hosanna earned her First Premium and was Top Dressage Horse. The jury complimented her suppleness and powerful carrying hindleg, as well as her long lines. Hosanna NSN went on to be named Champion Yearling dressage horse of the entire North American KWPN-NA keuring tour! She is following in the footsteps of her dam, Bosanova NSN, who was Champion Foal and Top Five Dressage mare of the North America keurings. Looking at the picture on the right, of Hosanna NSN, 17 months old, with younger First Premium full sister Inaya NSN, and dam, Bosanova NSN, it is easy to see the importance of a strong mareline, to have consistency in breeding results.

Above is Hosanna in June of her 2nd year. She has matured a lot over the winter!

A summer on good pasture really helps the horses grow. Hosanna is shown above, in October, 2014, at the age of 28 months, very bleached from the summer sun.

At 3 years of age, Hosanna NSN continues to develop well, with quick and powerful hindquarters, supple back, and free shoulder. Hosanna NSN was introduced to tack and started her ground training over the summer. As the newest member of the broodmare band, Hosanna NSN was bred to Sir Gregory (Sir Donnerhall - Don Gregory), and the result has been fetal sexed to be a colt, expected in 2016. This colt will be for sale.

In September, 2017, Hosanna, was successfully presented for studbook, earning her Ster predicate for conformation and movement, as well as passing her IBOP (under saddle performance test) with a score of 76.5, including 8.5 for rideability! Hosanna also made the KWPN-NA's coveted Top Five in North America list for the DG Bar Cup classes (Young Dressage Horses Under Saddle). The jury comments from the KWPN-NA "Report from the Road" were as follows: "This elegant mare is sufficiently developed with a long, well muscled neck. Especially her rideability and workability was notable in her riding test, correct in the connection to the bridle and a lot of go. She has 3 functional gaits with good use of her hindleg and sufficient reach." Hosanna is expecting a full sibling to Leandros NSN in 2018.

At 7 years old, in foal to Wynton Keur (Jazz-Matador-Rubinstein) for 2020, Hosanna NSN went back under saddle for conditioning. Her work was a bit sporadic due to numerous heat waves, where it was too hot to ride, especially in her pregnant state.

Below is a video of moments from Hosanna's IBOP, with accomplished rider, Leah Wilkins.

Hosanna NSN's direct progeny:

2016 - Colt, Leandros NSN , by Sir Gregory

2018 - Filly, Nadia NSN, by Sir Gregory



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