Bosanova NSN, ELITE, #1 foal in North America,

Bosanova, foaled June 12, 2006, is a black filly by Olympic Ferro out of Never Say Never (Winnie). She is a full sister to Ulysses, who led the 2004 "Top Ten" of the North American keuring in the studbook stallion/gelding class and is now competing successfully as a jumper in Brazil. Zenda, born 2004, is her full sister. "Bossy" is also the half-sister of Rhumba, Tango, Apollo, Calypsabloom, and Faust. Bosanova will be added to the broodmare band.

Bosanova was awarded First Premium and High Point Young Horse at her KWPN-NA foal inspection. She went on to be #1 foal in North America of over 100 foals inspected. The jury commented on her excellent topline, good use of hind leg, suppleness, and three outstanding gaits with expression. She is truly a very special girl!

Bosanova was presented for KWPN-NA studbook inspection in September, 2009. She was awarded her Ster predicate and because of her high quality, declared Keur Eligible. Bosanova also tied for 5th place in the KWPN-NA's coveted "Top Five" list for adult dressage mares of the North American keuring tour. Click the video at the bottom of the page to see her in action at the keuring. Bosanova was awarded her PROK predicate in March, 2009, after having passed the same radiographic requirements as for KWPN approved stallions. She delivered her first foal, Farazana NSN, by Soprano (Sandro Hit x Contender) in 2010. Bosanova was backed in the summer of 2009. Her dressage training took a break for Farazana, until after weaning.

In September, 2011, Bosanova made the long trip to the KWPN-NA keuring in Ontario in order to do her IBOP (under saddle performance test), the final requirement for her Elite predicate. You can read the "News" section of the home page about Bossy's ordeal just prior to the keuring. She passed her IBOP with a 75, and also did the DG Bar Cup class (Young Dressage Horses Under Saddle). Bosanova was 3rd in North America, making the "Top Five" list, in the DG Bar Cup class for 5 year-olds. Pretty amazing, really, for a horse only two days out of the hospital. She is now home resting and fattening up, enjoying being back with her family herd.

On April 20, 2012, Bosanova delivered her second foal, Hosanna NSN, by Totilas!

On April 12, 2013, Bosanova delivered her third foal, also by Totilas, another black filly, Inaya NSN, followed by a liver chestnut colt, Jovani NSN, also by Totilas, in 2014. Lisandro NSN , born 2016, was the resulting foal from the fourth cross to Totilas. Bosanova delivered a handsome tall bay colt, Nureyev NSN , by Florencio in 2018.

KWPN-NA 124007 200600115 STB
KWPN 87.151 STB
WPN 86.8002 STB
PIA Keur Preferent WPN
WPN Ster Pref Prest
FARN Preferent NWP HOL
KWPN 84002519951603 STB
Keur Preferent
WPN 80.7504 STB
8329047 XXA


At 5 days she is already showing her ability to sit on her hindquarters

Growing up!

Photo credit Catherine Aresenault

At long last, pictures from the 2006 keuring.

How time flies! Here is Bosanova as a yearling. Even as a yearling, she is still beautiful.

Here is Bosanova, early in her second year, enjoying the big pasture. She hadn't fully shed out her winter coat yet.

Fall colors! Bosanova as a two year-old.

Here is Bosanova, just turning 3 years old and the last shot later in the summer. She has been started under saddle.

Below is Bosanova doing her IBOP/DG Bar Cup in the KWPN-NA September 2011 keuring. She was a star!

Bosanova has regained most of her weight and is better muscled now. In another few weeks she will be retired to enjoy her status as a broodmare. Her belly is filling out already with her Totilas filly on board.

Below are photos of Bosanova NSN, 11 years young.

Bosanova NSN, 13 years old, in foal to Wynton Keur (Jazz-Matador-Rubinstein) for 2020, back under saddle for conditioning.

Click the video picture below to see Bosanova NSN at her studbook inspection at the KWPN-NA 2009 keuring:

Bosanova NSN's direct progeny:

2010 - Filly, Farazana NSN, by Soprano

2012 - Filly, Hosanna NSN, by Totilas

2013 - Filly, Inaya NSN, by Totilas

2014 - Colt, Jovani NSN, by Totilas

2016 - Colt, Lisandro NSN , by Totilas

2018 - Colt, Nureyev NSN , by Florencio



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