Electra NSN - SOLD

Electra NSN, foaled July 29, 2009 is an exquisite almost solid black filly by Soprano (Sandro Hit x Contender) out of Rhumba, by Idocus, an Olympian. Her only white is a small patch at the back of her left hind pastern. She is very correct, leggy, and full of energy. She is already showing a super canter for her age. Electra NSN is shown above at four years of age, standing 16hh, and winner of her KWPN-NA DG Bar Cup Class with a score of 72.5%.

Unfortunately, Electra was born too late to be entered for this year's KWPN-NA keuring, but one only has to look at her to see her quality. I had every intention of offering this foal for sale, but decided to keep her for my broodmare band.

UPDATE: With the arrival of Hosanna NSN, some difficult choices have to be made. I love Electra, but I cannot keep both young mares. I am not looking to expand my program. So, my loss is someone else's gain. I have no doubt Electra has what it takes to be competitive as an upper level dressage horse, as well as be an outstanding broodmare. Electra's sire, Soprano, is really proving himself as a sire of very rideable and talented dressage horses. Soprano (by Sandro Hit) has had three offspring qualify and compete for Denmark at the World Championships for Young Horses. He produced the highest scoring mare at the World Championships in 2010. This year, Soprano has one offspring in Denmark who has made it to the qualifying finals for the 2012 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. He also has a young offspring who went to the Swedish National Championships. Currently, Soprano has at least four offspring competing and placing in the upper levels in Europe, including two 7 year-olds winning Championships at Prix St. George level.

With a conformation score of 70%, Electra NSN is eligible for her Ster predicate with the successful completion of her final requirement, either by passing her IBOP (under saddle performance test) or by obtaining required scores in dressage competition.

KWPN-NA 124007 200900284
33 0214399 OLD
KWPN-NA 84002519951603
KWPN Crown 90.9363 STB
ERETHA Keur Preferent WPN
KPWN-NA Keur Preferent

Electra at two days of age.

Electra at 4 days old

Electra at 4 weeks old

Electra at 5 months old

It has been awhile, but here is Electra at 15 months of age. I was blown away by her movement, not having really paid much attention to her in her yearling "fuglies". The power, body mechanics, and extreme self carriage are clearly visible in the photos. In the standing shot, her resemblance to her sire, Soprano, is remarkable!

Electra, at 2 years, continues to impress me with her superlative body mechanics.

Electra, at 3 years, is shown a few weeks into her training with a rider on her back. Her rideability would have to be a "9"! She is learning the aids and tries to please. Her balance will improve once her front end catches up to the recent growth spurt behind.

The weekend of August 4-5, 2012, was a weekend of "Firsts" for Electra: her first trailer ride; her first time off the farm; her first sleepover, her first show, and, notably, her four First Place ribbons. Electra competed at training level, winning all of her classes and scoring up to 70%. Pictures and video posted below. At her second show, Electra once again won all of her classes and was Champion of her division, with one score in the high 60's and the rest 70%-74%. She was awarded 8's and a 9 for her gaits, with very nice comments from the judge.

Electra NSN is pictured below at her KWPN-NA inspection, at the Sumac Farms keuring, September, 2013. She won her DG Bar Cup class with a 72.5%. It was a busy week as only days earlier Electra was being tried out by Claude Morier, a level 2 dressage coach in Quebec, who has purchased her. Claude is a very young 71 years old! Electra is lucky to have found such a loving home with a gifted horse person.

Electra is shown below with her proud new owner, Claude, the day after her arrival at her new home in Quebec.



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