Never Say Never, Keur Preferent - R.I.P.

Never Say Never keur preferent, suffered a sudden death June 14, 2016, with her 6.5 week old colt, Leipzig NSN, at her side. All horses of this farm's KWPN breeding program stem from this single mare. While her great legacy will live on in her progeny, she will be greatly missed. "Winnie", as she was fondly called, is shown above only weeks before her death, with her 12th foal, Leipzig NSN, by her side.

1995 - #2 foal in North America, NA/WPN keuring

2002 - 9th in North America, free jumping at studbook inspection 5th in North America, IBOP (under saddle performance test, both dressage and jumping. Awarded Keur predicate. Champion of 3'6" hunter division at first show - retired to breeding (sound).

2004 - Awarded Preferent predicate


Due to our location, we are unable to present foals at keurings every year because of the considerable distances involved.

RHUMBA - 1998 filly by Idocus, First premium yearling, - her first foal.,
Awarded Ster predicate and 5th in North America at NA/WPN studbook inspection in 2002. Dam of Versailles, Zeta, Bolero, and Electra.

TANGO - 2000 colt by Idocus, First Premium and 6th in North America as a 2 year-old.

At studbood inspection as 4 year old gelding Ster quality; 6th in North America for conformation at studbook inspection

4th in North America DG Bar Cup (young dressage horses under saddle), scoring 77.4%

Competed 2nd level dressage in Blainville, Que., 2009, scoring mid-60's and placing.

Sold to a jumper home in 2009, competed later that year at 1.10 meters, at a large National Show, and was Reserve Champion. Tango continues winning in the jumper ring, at 1.25m and placing or winning most of his classes.

ULYSSES - 2001 colt by Olympic Ferro, First Premium and 3rd in North America as a yearling
At 2004 studbook inspection Ster quality; 1st in North America for conformation, top moving 3 yr. old gelding/stallion; 5th in North America for ages three and over.

Competed successfully as a jumper in Brazil, winning his 5 year-old class; qualified for and competed in FEI Young Jumper National Championship as 5 year-old in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

ZENDA - 2004 filly by Olympic Ferro, Second Premium at studook inspection in 2008, presented as a jumper.

Winner of DG Bar Cup (young dressage horses under saddle) at 2008 New England keuring , scoring 70%;

PROK predicate awarded December, 2008.

At age 5, awarded Ster predicate as a result of passing jumping IBOP with a score of 76.5%. Also scored 76.5% in ISF Cup. Reserve Champion of both jumper IBOP and ISF Cup, 2009 KWPN-NA keuring tour of North America.

Competed as a jumper in 2010, winning and placing at shows up to 1.10meter, including a Miniprix, with student rider.
Competed First Level Dressage in 2012 with working student rider, winning all her classes, scoring into the 70's.

BOSANOVA - 2006 filly by Olympic Ferro, First Premium foal and Best Young Horse award (foals to 2-year olds) for Eastern Canada keuring.

#1 foal in North America, 2006 KWPN-NA keuring tour.

In 2009, top dressage mare at keuring for east coast Canada; "Top Five" ranking of North American keuring tour, earning both her Ster predicate and becoming Keur Eligible.

PROK predicate awarded February, 2010.

ELITE predicate awarded September, 2011 after performing a successful IBOP. Champion of 5yr-old DG Bar Cup class and Champion Adult Dressage Horse of Ontario keuring; "Top Five" ranking (3rd) in North America for the KWPN-NA's DG Bar Cup class for 5 year-old young dressage horses under saddle, September, 2011.


VERSAILLES - 2002 Orame x Rhumba/Idocus filly; First Premium foal;

At studbook inspection, 2006, Ster and Keur Eligible, 1st place in class, mares 3-7 years old. #2 of "Top Ten" mares for conformation. Awarded her PROK predicate as a 4 year-old.

In 2009, awarded Elite Sport predicate after competing successfully in 3rd level dressage.

BOLERO - 2006 Sir Donnerhall x Rhumba/Idocus colt; First Premium foal.

At 2009 keuring for east coast Canada, awarded Provisional Ster and high point dressage horse, scoring 75% for conformation and 80% for movement. One of top scoring adult dressage horses of entire keuring tour of North America.

PROK predicate awarded December, 2009.

STER predicate awarded September, 2010, as a result of successful dressage IBOP. "Top Five"ranking in North America for the KWPN-NA's DG Bar Cup class for 4 year-old young dressage horses under saddle.

"Top Five"ranking in North America for the KWPN-NA's DG Bar Cup class for 5 year-old young dressage horses under saddle, September, 2011.

Competed First Level dressage, scoring consistently in the 70's with a high score of 76%, with 9's for gaits and 8's and 9 for impulsion, with working student rider, under a senior Equine Canada judge. He was overall "High Point Champion"

ELECTRA NSN - 2009 Soprano x Rhumba/Idocus mare.

Competed as a young 3 year-old in 2012, Training Level dressage, winning all her classes, with only one score at her first show in the high 60's. After that, scores ranged between 70% -74%, with working student rider. Electra was awarded 8"s and 9 for her gaits. She was Reserve High Point Champion for the R.I.D.E.R.S. dressage series shows for the entire summer!

Earned her PROK predicate in 2014, and a conformation score of 70% at her KWPN-NA inspection.

HADIYA NSN - 2012 Sir Gregory x Rhumba ster/Idocus mare, not yet inspected by KWPN-NA.

Reserve Champion of the USDF (United States Dressage Federation) Regionals, Open Training Level. Qualified for, but did not compete at Nationals.

HOSANNA NSN - 2012 Totilas x Bosanova NSN elite/Ferro mare,not yet inspected by KWPN-NA.

Champion Yearling of the KWPN-NA North American keurings, 2013, the only time she has been inspected, to date. Hosanna NSN has been retained as a broodmare.

INAYA NSN - 2013 Totilas x Bosanova NSN elite/Ferro mare.

First Premium foal at her KWPN-NA inspection, 2013.

North American Champion 3 year-old of KWPN-NA's DG Bar Cup for young dressage horses under saddle, 2016, with a score of 80.5%.

JOVANI NSN - 2014 Totilas x Bosanova NSN elite/Ferro colt.

First Premium and North American 2 year-old Reserve Champion of North American KWPN-NA keurings, 2016.

"Winnie" is a 16.2hh. 1995 Dutch Warmblood mare, out of Talk of Gold by Wanroij. She was 2nd in the "Top Ten" NA/WPN keuring as an XFB foal and is a full sister to champion "A" show hunter "Money Talks", aka "Talkative" ridden by Tommy Serio. She is the dam of Rhumba, Tango, Ulysses, Zenda, Apollo, Bosanova, Calypsabloom and Faust, and grand-dam of Versailles, Zeta, Bolero, Electra, Farazana.

At her 2002 NA/WPN keuring, Winnie was awarded the coveted Keur Predicate, after displaying her rideability in a successful IBOP and presenting not one, but three, 1st Premium offspring! Winnie's talent for jumping was noted by the jury. She received high marks for her carefulness, technique, and scope, scoring 8's for technique and jumping talent, and an 8.5 for scope. The jury commented that she was an easy horse to ride with a good attitude.

Winnie was 9th in the"Top Ten" list for the 2002 NA/WPN keuring tour for her free jumping. She placed an impressive 5th place in the "Top Ten" for her IBOP, competing against many "imports"!

At her very first show, a hunter primary, Winnie was champion of the 3'6" division.

As of the 2004 NA/WPN keuring in Vermont, Never Say Never completed the requirements for her "Preferent" predicate, at only 9 years of age!. Ulysses, by Ferro, and Tango, by Idocus, were the second and third of the required 3 Ster quality offspring to be presented at their studbook inspections. Rhumba, Ster, also by Idocus, was presented in 2002. Winnie made this feat seem easy, considering she produced three consecutive Ster predicate offspring, from 2 sires. Not only this, but her first grandchild, Versailles (Orame x Idocus, ster) was also awarded her First Premium as a foal.

Winnie's 2005 colt by the Oldenburg stallion, Rosario (Rubinstein x Cantos), named Apollo NS, was gelded as a yearling. "Spectacular!" was the only description for this guy for both movement and type. Unfortunately Apollo was lost to colic early in his third year. Winnie did not disappoint us with her 2006 filly, Bosanova, by Ferro. This filly is very much like her full brother Ulysses. For 2007, we went in a slightly different breeding direction to produce a jumper. The sire of this 2007 foal, Calypsabloom, was Balou du Rouet, and she sold in-utero. Winnie's 2010 colt foal, Faust NSN, by Balou's son, Banderas (Balou du Rouet x Grannus x Beach Boy) is another great addition to her line of progeny.

A special thanks to Karin and Carlos Jimenez, of Sporting Chance Farm, for selling us such a great mare!!

KWPN 840025 199516036
Keur Preferent
KWPN 80.7504 STB
WIDORA 36624 A NWP Model
NOLDA 10336
STB Keur
HILDA Kroon Pref WPN
8329047 XXA

At one year of age:

At 4 years of age.

Champion of 3'6

At 10 years old and twice over a grandmother, "Winnie" in foal to Rosario - her fifth foal. Look at those well defined legs!

For the summers of 2008 and 2009 Winnie went back under saddle to strengthen her back and keep her in condition for being a mom again. Here she is, Winnie at 14 years of age. Winnie was never much of a dressage buff, so we let her free jump to keep her happy. Why is it, that at 14 with no recent jump training, she has finally decided to tighten up her knees? I'm happy to see it, but too bad she never did that for her IBOP.

Winnie's direct progeny:

1998 - Filly, Rhumba, by Idocus

2000 - Colt, Tango, by Idocus

2001 - Colt, Ulysses, by Olympic Ferro

2004- Filly, Zenda NSN, by Olympic Ferro

2005 - Colt, Apollo, by Rosario - deceased

2006 - Filly, Bosanova NSN, by Olympic Ferro

2007 - Filly, Calypsabloom NSN, by Balou du Rouet - deceased

2010 - Colt, Faust NSN, by Banderas - deceased

2012 - Filly, Hera NSN, by Banderas

2014 - Colt, Jax NSN, by Banderas - deceased

2015 - Colt, Kalou NSN, by Bon Balou

2010 - Colt, Leipzig NSN, by Banderas



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