Bolero NSN, PROK, Ster - SOLD

Bolero, shown above at six years old, is by the rising star Sir Donnerhall (Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) out of our Ster and "Top Ten" mare, Rhumba. Born May 22, 2006, Bolero was gelded as a yearling. Read all about Sir Donnerhall on our "Sires" page.

Bolero is bred to be a dressage superstar, and he already demonstrates a sweet and friendly temperament. He was awarded First Premium status at his KWPN-NA foal inspection. The jury found him to be long-lined, long-legged, with suppleness, suspension and reach.

At his studbook inspection in September, 2009, Bolero once again impressed the jury with his longer legs, superior front end, reach, and extreme suppleness. He was declared Provisional Ster . Being a Register A horse, Bolero had to complete radiograph, endoscope, and under-saddle performance requirements in order to be awarded his full Ster . Bolero was also declared high point dressage horse of the keuring for east coast Canada receiving a 75% for conformation and 80% for movement (walk-7.5; trot-8.5; canter-7.5; self-carriage-8). For the entire keuring tour of North America, Bolero tied the top-placed gelding/stallion and tied second place for all adult dressage horses. As a Register A horse, Bolero was ineligible for the "Top Five" placings. Late in 2009, Bolero passed the same radiographic and endescope exam as required of KWPN approved stallions, and was awarded his PROK predicate. Bolero is expected to mature at 17hh. As of October 2010, Bolero measured 16.3 hh.

Bolero was backed in the summer of 2009. He is in training as a dressage horse. In September 2010, Bolero successfully completed the final requirement - his IBOP (under saddle performance test) - for his Ster predicate. He also ranked "Top Five" in North America for KWPN-NA's DG Bar Cup Class for young dressage horses under saddle. Bolero is a very intelligent and athletic horse who requires a skilled rider with soft hands and seat. Stall manners are excellent and he loads well onto the trailer. He is for sale to an exceptional dressage home.

After a very successful summer in 2012 training at home, with working student Jana, and my daughter, Alex coaching, Bolero joined John MacPherson in Ontario late in the fall to continue his training. John is a level 3 Equine Canada dressage coach, FEI Grand Prix rider/trainer, and M level judge. The updates from John on Bolero's progress are very positive, and John says Bolero has quite the fan club at his barn.

KWPN 124007 200600116
Ster Quality Prok
33 0214399 OLD
KWPN 84002519951603
KWPN Crown 90.9363 STB
ERETHA Keur Preferent WPN
KPWN Keur Preferent

At barely 2 hours of age - look at those legs!

At 3 weeks he is already practicing his piaffe!

Below, First Premium, at the KWPN-NA keuring. In the picture on the right, you have to admire how Janko, our incredible handler from VDL Stud, is in perfect alignment with the horses!

photo credit Catherine Arsenault

Bolero at 5 months. My, how he's grown!

Here he is! Bolero at three years of age. He is being backed under saddle this summer.

Bolero, early in his fourth year, is now in dressage training with talented rider, Harma Germs-Fraser.

Bolero, 4 years old, in training with working student Lucia from Germany.

Bolero is shown below at 5 years old. He spent 2011 training with David Marcus in Ontario. David rode Bolero in the KWPN-NA's DG Bar Cup class at the 2011 keuring. Unfortunatley, due to time constraints of the jury and David being the sole rider for both Bosanova and Bolero, Bolero did not get a proper warm-up under saddle. He was briefly lunged, then David hopped on and rode him into the ring for the test. Under such circumstances, both David and I are extremely pleased with Bolero's performance of 71.5%. Bolero still managed to make the KWPN-NA's "Top Five" in North America list for his performance.

At six years old, Bolero is confirmed in his counter canter and all First Level dressage work. Photos taken August, 2012, with working student rider Jana.

Bolero went to his first show September 2012, showing First Level, and he totally rocked! Despite being green, and competing in a former ice rink with plexiglass for walls, Bolero scored 68.28%, 74.48%, 75.41%, and 76% with 9's for his gaits, and 8's and 9 for impulsion! He was overall High Point Champion, and clearly demonstrated his love for the show ring. At a clinic with judge Dorita Peer Kozak, the next day, she told us not to be satisfied with the 76. She commended Bolero's excellent basics.

Bolero and Jana had the chance to clinic with EC level 3 and "M" level judge, GP rider, John MacPherson September 15,16. John was very impressed with Bolero and Jana, and said if he won the lottery, he would be taking Bolero home with him. The exercises for Bolero were varied and excellent - from getting a bigger step behind to more jump in the canter.

Bolero NSN at 3 months

Watch Bolero NSN as a three year-old at his KWPN-NA studbook inspection, September, 2009, and under saddle, August 2012 with working student rider, Jana Schamphelaere.


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