Zenda NSN, PROK, Ster, IBOP - SOLD

Zenda, foaled April 30, 2004, is a gorgeous dark bay mare by Olympic Ferro out of Never Say Never (Winnie). She is a full sister to Ulysses, who led the 2004 "Top Ten" of the North American keuring in the studbook stallion/gelding class and is now competing successfully as a jumper in Brazil. Bosanova, foaled 2006, and #1 foal of the KWPN's North American keuring is another full sibling. Zenda is the half-sister of Rhumba, Tango, Apollo, and Faust. Zenda's dam, Never Say Never, Keur Preferent, placed 5th in North America in her IBOP (both dressage and jumping). Her jumping scores under saddle were mainly 8's with an 8.5 for scope.

Zenda has been professionally started under saddle with dressage training. True to her nature, Zenda makes herself a favourite with everyone in her new barn. She is very kind, extremely bold, with three very good gaits moving off a very powerful hindquarters. She is suitable for the competitive amateur rider as well as a professional. In type, Zenda bears a lot of resemblance to her dam, but Ferro's influence cannot be denied.

While Zenda is showing potential as a dressage horse with her correct gaits and extreme suppleness, her true calling is more likely the jumper ring. She is forward, very athletic, and loves to jump. She started her jumping training in June, 2009. In September 2009, Zenda successfully completed her jumping IBOP, with a score of 76.5%, earning her Ster predicate, and was Reserve Champion of both the jumping IBOP and ISF Cup classes for the North American keuring tour. The judges praised her willing attitude, high rideability, and quick reflexes. Price upon request. Conformation pictures below were taken at the September 2009 keuring.

KWPN 124007 200400268 STB
Ster Prok IBOP
KWPN 87.151 STB
WPN 86.8002 STB
PIA Keur Preferent WPN
WPN Ster Pref Prest
FARN Preferent NWP HOL
KWPN 840025 19951603 STB
Keur Preferent
WPN 80.7504 STB
8329047 XXA

In May 2010, Zenda particpated in her first jumping clinic. Beth Underhill was the clinician! Although Zenda had by far the least experience and was the youngest horse in her group (3'6" division), she more than held her own. Comments from Beth were very positive for this powerful and very willing mare. Pictures below:

Zenda as a foal:

At 3 years old, Zenda has been backed and started light training under saddle.

At her studbook inspection in 2008, Zenda scored no less than 7 in all gaits and for conformation. Her walk was an 8. This, after a twelve hour journey to the keuring site in Maine and the unfortunate absence of my regular professional handler, Janko, of VDL Stud who missed his flight. Zenda's large stride was a challenge for her last minute handler, Phil, who thankfully stepped in to save the day for those of us left without a handler. Unfortunately, Phil was not as fleet of foot as Janko to be able to match this mare's stride. She earned 2nd Premium as a jumper mare, then went on to win the DG Bar Cup class for 3 & 4 year-old young dressage horses under saddle for the New England keuring.

While showing fatigue from the long trip and not in her normal form, Zenda's jumping scores were all 70% and above. We had tried to arrive at the keuring site in time to allow Zenda adequate rest prior to this important day, but the host could not accomodate an earlier arrival as requested. When we did arrive, a lately gelded stallion was stalled across the aisle. Guess who came into heat? After the racket of the first night, the ex-stallion was moved the next day. All in all, not one of our better keuring experiences, but Zenda handled the situation like a pro.

December, 2008, Zenda was awarded her PROK predicate. This predicate is based on an extensive set of X-rays (22 in all), the same radiographic requirement as for the KWPN Stallion Approvals.

Zenda winning her Mini Prix at 6 years of age, her second show.

For 2011, Zenda has lived at home, under the watchful eye of my daughter, Alex Hosein, who has been coaching working student, Jana, to develop Zenda's topline and to have her carry more weight on her hindlegs. This will serve Zenda very well in both the jumper and dressage ring. The hard work is paying off! Zenda was in a clinic with Ingrid Klimke early November. Ingrid remarked on what a powerful mare Zenda was, with a very good hind leg. Ingrid helped in teaching Zenda more patience and more self-carriage, through lots of transitional work - something we had already been doing at home, but Ingrid's suggestions really hit the mark for this mare! Below are pictures of some of Zenda working at home, in a longer lower frame to develop her topline. Note her powerful hindleg!

Zenda who has been training in Florida, has been sold. Congrats to the Stipnish family, and especially Anne Marie, who will be jumping Zenda NSN in the juniors!

Zenda scoring 71% at First Level dressage, September, 2012.

Zenda in the Ingrid Klimke clinic, November 2011.

Zenda in her winning Mini Prix Jump-off.



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